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Chapter 25: Obsessed...

Leap for 4 months

Everything changed – Riddimaa didn't remembered much but the suspense that what happen in a week was just nothing. She was beind injected more – and due to sameer getting involved in his plan – didn't gave him much time with her. She was left alone in the room though the boys were around her but mostly sameer took them away for planting of Bombs – so when eve they would come back home sameer would tell them to inject her as he wanted her to forget most of the past he surely wanted her to forget Arman Malik. Though he surely did that – Riddima had forgotten the time she Actually in real spend with him.

But Sameer Didn't knew that Riddima was after Arman from like 16? yea.... 16. That surely worked out for Arman. Atul and Anjali were quite happily married from last 3 months – and Riddimaa got engaged in Anjali's and Atul's marriage place. Two things at one place. You could say that a saving money policy. That was what Riddimaa black mailed her parents on !

Though it was only a joke. Life never had been so satisfying For Riddimaa. Her wish came true which is soo unreal. Like mostly people die but the wish never come true and her Surely came true. She wished for a very great family. That she got – she wished for a great education – she is one of the best intern of asia – and surely stepping as a senior doctor after 3 weeks.

Arman and Riddimaa after returning from Trip had surely consulted a doctor, who called Riddimaa every week and she had a session with him. Though which surely help her to be mentally stable and not make up things on her own ! Or not even join reality or imagination!

Arman had been very supportive in the whole journey and Whole Gupta family apprecaited it... Arman would usually be busy with Business trip – I mean building the emperor was not a cup of tea. He was working day and night, Sujhal was there but Arman always took most of the work over his shoulder. Which would result in small nok-jhok between Him and his beloved. But soon his charm would do the magic and the girl, Riddimaa would slip over heel on him.

Riddimaa herself concluded that she would want to get married when she becomes a good doctor and it had a distance of 3 weeks now – and she told Arman that she really was ready for the next stage – though Arman was ready four months back but Riddimaa told him that she was just a mere intern and she really wanted to get over the tag of Intern and be one of the senior doctor – then she would be obliged to marry him.

Arman was ok with till she was beside him – bringing up the marriage issue was another happiness for him but it brought a lot – a lOT of Complication.

The Elders shouting and saying NOW you can't meet each other before marriage.

Friends teasing No kissing and smooching guys.

You won't be any where near Riddimaa's presences ! Padma shouting at Arman.

No Parties – No disco – No dates with Riddima till Marriage Shahank Warning

I mean – teri koi izzat hai? Billy saying – they throw you out of the house and you still go – you have turned out to be a shame for Maliks!

Annoying Billy and Sujhal and esp Kashish not leaving a single moment of Commenting !

Shopping ! A big problem

Calling Riddimaa but a churailli – named Anjali ! Picks it up ! Hate Salli's !

"I DONT WANNA GET MARRIED !" Arman shouted his lungs off - outside Riddima's house as he was kicked out yet again – saying that he moved to his car while talking to Riddima over phone – she had locked her room and called him to cool him down

"ARMAN ! Patience naam ki cheez hai app ka pass !" Riddimaa giggled hearing him groan "Nahi ! Aur please don't do this App App With me !" Arman replied annoyingly "Mom said to give you respect" she pouted her lips while talking "IS your Mom behind you or beside you" he asked sitting in the car.

Riddimaa turned and saw that no was in the room and then remember that she had locked herself in the room. "uff – I had locked the room and I am alone ! No she is not here bhuddu!" she replied "Then stop doing this App ! When she near you only then eat my brain with YOUR App thingy!" he said annoyingly driving slowly while talking to her.

"Riddimaa can't we go out !" Arman spoke, moaning "Arman ! Not again – you hav been eating my brain with the line of your from last I guess..." she made thinking voice "particularly 9 days!" he helped

"YES ! Please Relax it's just about 3 weeks then we our togther !" she said. "aww man ! 3 weeks means 21 days moree ! Shit shit ! Whose idea was to get married – I will him" he commented not now what just said "You saing that you will Kill me ?" she asked "why would I kill you?" he frowned

"BECAUSE I was the one who told you to get hooked up!" she blasted and close the phone "Aww man – I am surely a knuckle head" Arman groaned and went home


"Tch Tch Tch..... Koi Self Respect hee nahi hai ! Besharam ! Everytime you go at Her house and come back shamelessly !" Billy ate apple while teasing him "Papa how is this Saree for Riddimaa for her first morning here?" Kashish showed a saree to billy and he appreciated it – so did Arman. He would surely want to see her in this saree early morning when they wake up from their First night

"Bhabhi Arman got kicked out yet again – Shahank called and told me right now" Billy announced. Arman groaned and went to kitchen

"Kyun – Arman? Sharam nahi atii tujha?" Naina walked behind him to give him lunch "Nahi naa maa ! I sold my sharam in that bazar... uhmm what was the namme? Ahhh I forgot it !" Arman settled while naina served him and hit him over his head for a rubbish comment

"What's new in it ? Shameless creature !" Kashish said by him and served herslef tooo "Bitch ! Pregnant hai ! But masti nahi chorege !" Arman hit her over her arm "maaaaa ! He is hitting me" Kashish acted "Arman! She is Pregnant FOR GOD sake !" Naina scolded and from back Kashish showed him her tongue.

Right now he was annoyed by everyone ! No was with him he felt piety for himself ! Even Riddimaa showed no concern. He remained quite and ate his food. After eating his food he went up to his room with out looking – glaring – talking to any of those three monster – shutting door with thud

he smirked and thought to take revenge! He promise to get the score equal.


5 days went by Arman didn't went to Riddima's house nor he called nor he picked up her phone – Shahank and Padma got worried if their teasing session had been pulled up a lot – Billy's and the other two devil's comments were being lessen as Arman didn't do much – he would leave early for work and would come late from work – won't eat food and as he always eat food from outside.

Riddimaa got tensed and fought with parents though softly under her limits – that she really want to meet him and talk about it – he is getting all fidgeted . Seeing the situation – her parents didn't want them to move apart by a teasing session. She said – she would meet him and talk to him

No one dare to stop her – but she promised that last 7 days before her marriage she won't meet Arman as its a ritual ! So, calculatively – Arman and Riddimaa could meet up for 9 days and afterwards Riddimaa would be locked up for 7 days.


Knock knock

"come in" Arman said, looking over a file – his eyes went up to see Riddimaa at the door step pressing her lips together and stood in a green saree. She walked up to his chair – he was about to get up when she bend over him and kept the hands over his arms holds – blocking him. Her hair were all over on side. She moved closer with a glint of blush and smile she turned his face in a way that his face was hidden in her long jet black hair "Hie Arman..." she mumbled as she felt him inhaling in her hair

"Gosh... you smell so good so fresh...." he mumbled – he couldn't keep up the hold – his hand went up to her waist and pulled her over his lap – his hand went in her saree – grabbing hold of her abdomen – and turning her face towards him and she cupping his face – both kissed eachother with passion. "ohh..." he mumbled feeling her soo close - "OH god... ! Thanks..." he tried to speak but Riddimaa was kissing him hard – totally proving that she missed him equally – these 9 days would just be 9 days for others

but for them it was equal to a pregancy 9 months. "Thanks for.... coming..." he mumbled "jaan" his hand went over her back bringing her even more closer – she was all over him – his lips left her petals but it went down – kissing her as a bear which was getting all hungry for his prey "Arman …. chodo.." she mumbled... feeling his hand pulling of her saree and exposing her more

they felt a knock.

Which Made Arman get of his chair along with Riddimaa she straightened her sare and ran in the washroom attached in his room. "Come in!" he rubbed his lips pulled his shirt and combed his hair with hand "Sir, sorry to disturb you but there is an important call" Sectary informed and went out.

While Looking at her self once more before stepping out of the washroom … in mirror she blushed highly and went out. Too see him on phone – she was about to take a seat in front of his main – boss chair when he ordered her to come and sit over his lap through hand. As he was still on phone. She shook her head in no. he glared at her told the other line that he will call him in an hour "Riddimaa yahan aoo!" he said with annoyance "nahi ! Mujha kuch hota hai ! And its all because of You ! I won't come !" she spoke stubbornly. "Riddiamaa" he spoke, in a final tone

"Promise me – you won't do anything" she asked getting up from the seat and walking up to him. Though she was sacred of his this tone but equally love his roughness – possesiveness and all "Promise" he replied making her side in lap - "I will do extactly what you don't want me to do !" he smirked and kissed her cheek

"Arman ! You are really bad !" she commented hitting his arm – seeing his phone ringing – he told his P.A to cancel all the meeting for today and no one should disturb him today. "Arman no need to do that – I am here for a while only, actually I wanted to talk" Riddimaa started "I know – you came here to say that we can't meet !then why are you here any way" he sit stiff "Arman gussa mat hou please – dheko I have talked to Maa – Paa. They said that I have to sit at home for 7 days before marriage. I said ok then I would meet him for 9 days which are left" she manipulated him

"really?" he got happy and hugged "haan – look how embarssing things I do for you !" she teased him "i love you jaan" he kissed her hair "i love you too – tou lets go for lunch?" she got up and so did he.....

Over Lunch – Arman told her that avoiding was all his plan as he knew everyone was connected in teasing him and he wanted it too end – Riddimaa told him how scared she was – thinking that he was actually mad ! They told eachother everything – while Promised to conti the drama till marriage as Both knew their life would be hell – if they didn't do this ! Both Gupta and Malik's weren't going to leave them in peace....................

Next Chapter: function and masti !

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