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Chapter 26: Obsessed...

Next Day – as per decided.

Riddimaa would meet him for few hours and she was getting ready. As usual she didn't wanted to wear a saree but every morning she got a message with a color in it saying wear a saree in this color. She sighed and wore what Ever pleased Arman.


Good Morning... do wear a red saree. :-D

No Arman, Not red ! I am not married yet Please ! She replied back

Ok. then blue..........!

she didn't replied that mean's yes.

Getting ready she heard few comments of Anjali, who had just walked in to annoy Riddimaa. As per Arman – Riddimaa thought to just ignore ! As they aren't going to stop. "bahoon k darrmiyan Dou pyarr mil rahe hain...." Anjali sang the song. "Di... Atul Jeez drop kar ka gaye? How's your marriage life going? Do he keep's you happy?" Riddimaa asked after hugging her -

IT was almost a week that had came back from honeymoon but couldn't come home much due to work and married life. "haan Atul just dropped me hear – he had work at Hospital – My life is going perfect and Yes he really keep's me happy. Sometimes I really think back and wonder – it looks like tomorrow. We went to Malaysia – so you could give Arman a surprise and in up coming 15 days you are getting married too … mom dad would be soo lonely without us." Anjali concluded sitting on the window and riddimaa keeping a hand over her sister's hand which was over her own thigh

"Di – I wanted to talk about this too – Dii – Mom dad – I mean


"Loa – He is here ! Don't he leave's you for a second?" Anjali looked down and frowned at him while passed a full teeth – childish smile to her salli "Gandii Salli chodo meri Riddimaa kou" he commented – mumbled couldn't dare to put his hand in tiger's mouth – yea Anjali the tiger. "RIDDDIMA COME DOWN !" he saw a bit of Riddimaa standing beside the window by Anjali.

"OK bye di..... I will catch with you at night – lots to talk about" Anjali gave a hard glare to Arman – and he did the same. Making Riddimaa sit in the car – he looked up to see Anjali's eye's getting moist – he asked what happened. In Reply she shook her in no and waved him to goo...

"Riddimaa what's wrong you look tensed" Arman asked while they drove in his car "Kuch Nahi Arman – bss... acha tell me where are we going?" Riddimaa changed the topic "Well, we going to office first – I have to answer few call's and meet a guy – who is the offical builder of my factory. And then we be eating over their itself – and then ….. we would go for a long drive. Then beech and then as per padma aunty – bridal dress shopkeeper had called you for the trail – I would take you their !" arman concluded

"Jii Nahi ! You won't come and see me in that dress ! You would have to wait for the D day !" Riddimaa strictly told "No way ! I can't wait that LonG" Arman and Riddimaa stepped in his cabin "You have to ! I don't care ! Arman you really annoy me at times ! What would be fun if you saw me now !" she frowned

"But I can't wait for 15 days too naa ! Yea tou sarr asar Torture hai ! I mean, I want to see it now and then too ! You can't stop me!" Arman walked forward to her while her back was over the door of the cabin "Yes I can ! And if you forced me naa tou – tou ..." she fumbled and moved back "tou Kya? You challenging Arman Malik" Arman moved his hand up placed over her shoulders and banged her with the door – locking the knob in click – he leaned his body over her. "tou …. tou I would tell mom to cancel the marriage !" Riddimaa said

"ohh noo ! Its was totally offensivE! Miss Gupta !" he spoke, annoyingly "Good For you !" she pushed him and walked up to his table. Holding a paper mat in her hand and looking at things on the table. Her back faced him. He walked up to her – her hair was already falling off to one side as she was tilting her head. He tip-toed her back with fingers over her down waist...

she straightened up – when he moved his warm-palm from the back to her side waist "I have this feeling right now to make you get pregnant and than no one plus you too won't even tell to cancel this marriage!" he remarked while kissing below her ear lobe. "Arman!" she looked up – horrified "what do you expect from me haan" he whispered moving his hand over her bare part – she gasped feeling his finger making animated circle over her abdomen – which some how moved due to his touch. Every part inside her jiggled with his this move

"Arman please" she moved his hand and went to the glass Wall to look around the world – that was behind his main chair. "is Soon to be Riddimaa Arman Malik scared?" he smirked and walked up to her. "why on the earth I would get scared by a dum-head like you" she teased turning around "Really.....!" he grabbed her – turning her he locked her in his arms. "then lets do it!" he teased her "Shut Up Arman" she got all red. Turning twisting in his hold

"Arman leave me !" she pushed his shoulder – to get out of is hold when he grabbed her more tighter - "Arman mai gussa hou jaoon ge chodo!" she warned "Ok..." he left and she fell back on his seat that was right behind her "Ahh... Arman !" she glared when their was a knock and a short skirt P.A of Arman Malik walked in

"Good Morning Sir, the builder you wanted to meet is here!" while speaking to Arman – P.A notice a hard glared From Riddimaa – Riddimaa was actually scanning the P.A – Arman frowned when P.A was talking to him but side waylooking at Riddimaa – he looked back at his main chair – where Riddimaa was settled and was Actually Glaring at P.A

"Ok susei – get the builder in...." arman told the P.A to go – he smirked and walked up to Riddimaa "Riddimaa – you go and sit over the their couch – I would talk to builder right now" he pointed to the couch in his room that was on the side – placed with the wall – she went and sat over their – looking at Arman, who sat over his chair – and a guy walked in – passed a smile to her and then went a head to Arman.

Riddimaa was all worried – Arman had been talking to the guy for like 40 minutes and whole Time Riddimaa was thinking about the P.A... soon the P.A walked in again up to Arman and goes to his side. Giving him a glass of water she stood beside him – bending over the desk. Talking to Arman and to the guy both – tell them something – while a chart was opened up on the desk.

Riddimaa saw the girl leaning a bit close to Arman side – her eyes don't why – just because of insecurties got moist. Arman couldn't make out much – as he couldn't see her eyes from so far. "Ok – so get started with the work. Susei will be their to help you ! And you are surely invited to Our wedding. Arman walked out with the guy – builder outside the office while the P.A walked behind them with her head bowed – Riddimaa looked the three walking out of the room.

She sighed and shed few tears – her phone buzzed and she picked it up "hello?how are you jiju...." Riddimaa talked while sobbing - "I am good – No I am not crying – why would I lie" she remain silent and stayed with her head bowed

"R............" Arman walked in and saw her sobbing. "No we didn't had fight – I love him" Riddima told to atul over phone. Arman smiled hearing her cute confession and side way rubbing her face "No don't say him anything – I am just feeling bad about something....." she remained quite hearing Atul "Vo... his P.A....." she stopped feeling Atul laughed "Jiju – if you laugh naa tou I wouldn't tell you my any problem Again!" She was about to cut the call when a hand brushed her face and took hold of the phone

she looked up shock enough – Arman heard the other line "hey Atul – don't be sorry ! Its ok … I would take it from here! Yea – I heard.... its ok.... no don't worry. I would meet you in the evening Gupta house!" Arman spoke and disconnect the phone. Riddimaa leaned over the edge of the couch he kept her mobile over the glass table in front of them, sighing he moved closer to her.

She didn't spoke and pressed her self a bit away from him – he leaned more close to her "Promise me?" he spoke seriously "huh?" she looked at him "Promise me you would share all your insecurities – your doubt's your confusion your Love ON LY with me" he leaned over – making her bend over the arm hold "arman...." she fumbled feeling him so close.

"Promise me Riddima – I don't want any one to know you more than me – no one not even your sister" he kissed her cheek and then forhead "I Promise Arman... " she mumbled "and about my P.A … she is married have a child !" he smirked while nibbling her lips – she felt embarssed "how can she wear such small cloths !" Riddimaa commented "Her husband wants her to wear western clotths..." Arman told cooly

"Haww such a jerk !" Riddimaa commented trying to push Arman off her "Yea ! Seriously...." he agreed again nibbling her lips – taking hold of her palms "i wouldn't have wored such clothes!" Riddimaa told "Even if use said me too wore !" she added

"And why do think – I would let you wear such ? When I can have you with out cloths!" he commented and laughed looking at Riddimaa face – who soon kept her both hands over her face – and cursed him for saying such thing.


Gupta House -
"OK you guys carry on – we women will be leaving to Bridal shop" Padma told – Arman, Atul and Shahank – while the other three walked out of the house....

"Papa – lets drink – mom and anjli is gone" Atul got up seeing the women going out "Yea ! I guess it's a good time to drink Whisky" Shahank said – while Arman looked confused "oh Arman welcome to the Family acutally these Gupta girls are pain – When ever they see a bottle they break it !" Shahank told while taking out a big bottle from the shelf "Really? Do Riddimaa do that too?" Arman looked at his father in law

"Yes Son ! Its in gupta girls blood – poor Atul came 5 days back at my house saying Anjali mercilessly broke all the bottles – by throwing them off the balcony." Shahank filled three glass "But Papa... Riddimaa is not like that !"Arman said taking a glass for himself and saw the other two laughing – Riddimaa is the main spy of other too ! when I use to drink at night – with hope that all are a sleep ! Riddimaa would come down – stand over the couch and Shout – PAPa drinking whisky MAMa..." Atul Laughed at Shahank's acting "Oh crap !" Arman mumbled

"beta – she is one of a strict hitler." Arman fell over the couch while holding another glass. The boys were totally engrossed in talking and drinking while On the other hand, Riddimaa purchased her dress and now they were shopping ! Looking around the mall

"I would just call Atul – to know what they are up to ! I hope no drinking!" Anjali said while dailing Atul's number "Hello? What you doing pumkin!" anjali spoke while Riddimaa giggled. "WHAT !"


Gupta house

"Papa ! You Made Arman drink too!" Riddimaa looked at her father accusingly "Beta he himself asked for it !" Arman was laid over the couch fully drunk and so was Atul – Shahank was too but not like the other too – he was pro . He could handle it …

"Anjali take Atul to Your room !" pause "and Riddimaa take Arman up to your room! Shahank go up to your room ! I would bring the lemon soda in every room !" Padma firmly talked.

"Dii – I would help you in taking Jiju in room and then you could help me with Arman" Riddimaa suggest holding Atul from one side and Anjali from otherside – Took Atul up to his room

After a while, "Arman here drink this..." Riddimaa gave him a glass – which frank dreamingly and ran in the bathroom the very next second to puke. "Good ! Now I would be hearing puking voice from all over the house" Riddimaa shouted and pour another glass for Arman – she soo wanted him in sense right now! "No moree Please" Arman pleaded weeping his mouth with end of her saree "Arman !!" she shouted pulling her saree away

"Riddimaa...." he called cutely "What do you want?" She replied annoyingly – sitting at the edge of bed and looking at him standing infront of her. "Tooth brush – my mouth stinks and a towel please" he said in a bit daze "wait..." she melted at his request and opened her wardrobe

In a while Riddimaa went down to help her mom for food – Padma scolded Anjali and Riddimaa for giving their man so much freedon while Anjali said "It was all because off dad !" Padma turned off the stove once the food was done "Shahank told me the boys themseleves came up to him for drink – he didn't forced them !" Padma scoled Anjali – to which Anjali got quite and sobbed

"Maa.... its not dii's fault either. You should not scold her...." Riddimaa was stuck between the two – while she took a sobbing anjali in her arms "Mom" Atul walked in all fresh "We are really sorry – we didn't wanted to get sooo High – we just wanted to drink once in a while." Atul spoke while Arman came behind him

"Beta, I never object on drinking – but I don't my son-in-laws to fall over places like this – you know I felt so disgusted when I saw you on floor and Arman over the couch ! It's a shame ! Really – I really don't stop you from drinking – even I drink occasionally but.... this was wrong" Padma walked out leaving the four behind

"Anjali...." Atul walked up to sobbing "Don't talk to me!" Anjali shouted while walking out with Riddimaa – Arman also tried but to get a hard glare from Riddimaa – he pouted his lips.... 'Ab kaya karun? Meri jaan tou naraz hogaye' Arman thought and bit his fingers.


Lunch went by in silence – Padma talked over the phone with Naina and told her anything – they both appologized but soon realized it was all boys fault and they should be the one saying sorry – soon Padma told her details about her shopping and all – while Shahank sat in the corner and looked at her upset wife.

So was Atul sitting beside Shahank – with same gloomy face – and Anjali beside Padma -busy with her phone.

Riddimaa, was busy making tea and cleaning up the kitchen when Arman walked in – Riddimaa tried to go out when he stopped her and pinned her on the fridge – her hands up beside her face – a cloth piece in her palm from which she was cleaning counter. They both looked up in each others eyes... no one spoke – words were never needed

he trailed his hand down while Riddimaa kept her hand up – he touched her beside her chest side – which was coming out going to he felt the curve and a sensational running over their spinal cord. His finger past brushed her bare curve to her waist – which came out yet again... she had felt his cold finger over her body. Did nothing but stared back with the same passion he had in his eyes …

"Won't you forgive me" he whispered engulfing her in a hug his hand went over her back "I am the major character of your fantasy!" he teased feeling her hands moving over his back and hugging him tight enough.


she smacked his hip for talking about "Fantasy"

"Ow – that was the last wrong thing you did Miss Gupta" Arman was amazed but gained control and pulled her closer through waist "take it as your punishment!" she whispered close to his lips – they were face to face. She moved forward to kiss him when he moved his head back, with a cheeky grin – she moved her lips closer to kiss him but he kept on moving back "You testing my patience Arman!" she whispered holding his collor from both hand she smacked her lips over his -

Parting away they heaved for breathe..... "So I get the forgiveness?" He asked taking out a water bottle from the fridge "I was never angry at you" she smirk back and got back to her word


"Owww Mama – Arman ?" she looked back and kept on rubbing her hip.... to see him drinking water and laughing at her horrified face "you tortured me for like 3 hours ! That's your punishment" he ran out – laughing when Riddimaa ran after him with a wood spoon in her head

the four in lounge stare at them with frown while the two ran out of the house – laughing shouting at each other ….

NEXT CHAPTER: More masti with Shaadi pre...

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