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Chapter 27: Obsessed...

Days went by – sometimes Maliks getting together at Gupta house or Gupta's getting together at Malik house. It all looked so not like today. It felt home on both side. No rok tok – every one can do what ever they wished for. No one actually needed permission to go upstair or to someone's room....

Life had never been so enjoyable – so fun loving. And so happening for Arman and Riddimaa – they both equally didn't left a single minute – a single chance to love eachother. Though caught up thousands times but they cared less – eventually Riddimaa gained that much confident to say she Loved him and she has that right. Which left the other gang speechless but no matter what they imitated her and teased her more.

Like recently,

when both were kissing eachother and Arman had locked her hands over the wall – beside her face and was kissing her hard when Rahul walked in whistling "Chee …. kya zamana agaya hai ! Chodo Riddimaa kou ! Laal laal hogaye hai !" Arman left her hand and stood in front of her while she arranged her saree in his shield "Rahul You Bas****" Rahul ran out while Arman ran behind him.


8th Day Left for marriage.

So logically, Arman and Riddimaa's last day to meet Legally to eachother "Arman – I mean, how would I live without you not in my presence for 7 days" Riddimaa Arman 5:00 in morning sitting near the beech on rocks in their track suits. "hmm well, that's the same I am thinking." Arman said climbing a place beside her after doibg his exercise

"Arman -why don't you climb my window – Like Like Romeo" Riddimaa got excited and turned towards him. "What? Are you crazy?" Arman looked at her with funny-horrifying expression "Kyuuuuuuuuuun?" she whined "Riddimaa beta jii your room is quite high – it will break my arms and feet !" Arman confessed while she giggled "Koi baat nahi – I will manage with a man WITHOUT hands and feet" she laughed hard while Arman got hold of her and tickled her

"Ok let's make move" Riddimaa added as soon he left her. "Riddimaa – on second thoughts – if..." he left the word and sat on the driving seat "If – I climbed up to your room – what would I get?" he smirked. "Kiss !" she replied belting up her seat "Oh that tou I would get any how like now" Arman walked up to her kissed her "uhmmm" pause "uhmmm" his hand caressed her sides

"ARMAN !" she pushed him back "ahhh.... such sweet kiss !" he licked his own lips "uhmmm deleicious!" he commented just to get a smack over his arm by her. "Arman you are very bad!" she commented and looked out side the window. He smiled and dropped her – as she had some work and then she had to go for shopping as now for 2 weeks she on a permenant leave. Not like him – he HAS to go to his office.


Dinner – 9:00 !

she read and replied in OK …..

she frowned stepping in - "Mom – why is song being played?" she heard some sweet melody in home "Aree Anjali selecting some songs for your wedding" Riddimaa rolled her eyes and walked up to her room

'I guess all are so excited about this wedding – I hope everything goes well !' she made a silent prayer "Hello Juliet" She heard his voice. "OMG" she turned and a hand over her mouth – she ran and closed the door first before Anjali walk in "Jaan – I would be needing a hand over here!" he tried to pull himself a bit more

"OMG !" she again looked at him from a distance of few feets "OMG" she again shouted but that loud "Riddimaa help !" he whined he looked up to see her jiggling and looking at him with a hand over her mouth. "OH my Romeo" She acted totally dramtically and then giggled on her own "Help!" he replied

"Oh yes yes ! Sorry!" she ran and hold his hand – Arman pulled up his one leg which Riddimaa took hold of and pulled him in – he fell over the ground while Riddima jiggled on her feet with happiness "OMG – you came ! Imean ? Wow !!!" she didn't help him get up . He pulled himself straight on floor of carpet – leaning over the wall behind him below the window and legs straight he looked up at her.

"you know when I would tell out Children that your daddy, jumped up from the pipe to in your mum's room through window they would feel soo happy" Riddimaa entwined her both hands and kept it below her chin making a dreamy – cute face while down on floor Arman chuckled at her face "Pagal" he mumbled and pulled her leg to wake her up from dream

"Come here now" he smiled showing his dimple – Riddimaa sat on his lap – leg over other side of his leg – facing him direct "wooohooo Some is turned on For the babies Right away"

"That hurt's Riddimaa !" he rubbed his arm making a painful face "Arman ! I am warning you for the last time ! If you don't leave this bad habbit of talking disgusting things naa tou tou" she provoked him by point a finger – his hand went around her waist – and pulled her more closer. Her legs were his other side – which touched the wall behind Arman and her body crushed up with his

"What Tou? Dhamke Da rahi hoou?" he kept on pulling her with jerks. "haan tou I would tell mom right now to cancel this marriage" she touched his wrong nerve – his hand went up to her center back – feeling his fingers parting away from eachother over her back – he slightly pulled her off ground. Seeing his serious face – she got scared.

He made her lay on the floor and he on top of her – she gulped her legs still molded beside his chest "I would really like make you pregnant then !" he giggled seeing her scared face which was now red "Armannnnnnnn!" she hit him over his chest

His body was half in air but now he fell down in his arms - "hmmm jaan" he kissed her pulling her track suit shirt up – feeling her bare waist and her gasp. "should I get you pregnant? Or the marriage is on?" he smirked kissing her below her ear – keeping his nose over the crook of her neck - "Marriage was never off !" she whispered feeling his hand wondering over her bare waist

"I can't wait for the D-day!" he whispered and got off her before he looses control. "Me too" she blushed and took hold his hand to get up from the ground. He smiled and soon left with lots of difficulty. Through window.


Gupta house

4 days Left –Sangeet. Both Boys and Girls

Whole house was in mood – dancing over their children's marriage Billy and Shahank hit the floor and soon did others – While Arman and Riddimaa sat over the chair's watching their family dance. When A girl walking in.All dress up in jeans and a tank top...

"Bass... bohat hua" The girl shouted. "yea shaadi nahi hou sakti !" girl added. The songs and dhol wala all stopped. "Excuse me beta – but who are you" Naina walked up to her "Mama.... app mujha bhool gaye – Mai Nupur Malik – Arman Malik ki wife!" the girl shouted

"WHAT" Arman got off his seat and shouted

"WHAT" Riddimaa copied looking at girl and than at Arman.

"Listen Lady, you are kind off mistaken – I am bachlor !" Arman walked up to the girl "Arman app yea – app yea kya keh rahe hain....." Nupur cried loudly. "Oye Drama band karo ! Proof hai !" Arman got angry and asked her "Ahhhhhhhhhh – Ab mujha proof bhi dena hoga" Nupur shouted more loudly like always.

"Arman ! Yea kya hou raha hai !" Riddimaa walked up to him "Riddimaa you know everything about me – more than anyone Right?" Arman asked, while she made a confused nod "This is all a lie ! Some is Trapping me ! Sameer Mehra Ki Behen tou nahi hou!" Arman glared at her

"ba ba ba... Pagal ho gaya ! Sameer Mehra ? Mera bhai ? Ewwwww" Nupur got nervous for a moment and then got control – from back some one was glaring at her – and she glared back. Which Made Arman turn back and saw his gang giggling under their breathe. "Oh – Like that." he mumbled, grinning

"Haan bhai – she is wife – Bass I accepted. Chalo my wife... we should go up to our room and have some time alooonne ! I mean, its been Lonnnnnnnnnnnng" Arman said

Riddimaa walked up to him "ArmAN!" she shouted hitting him – over his chest "you cheat ! You scoundral" she shed few tears "Riddimaa jaan … please … listen to me" Arman hold her wrist

"STOP !" a guy walked in all turned and looked at the guys "Mayank..." Riddimaa mumbled and then her mouth left open as she understood "Nupur – tum na dusri shaadi kab ki – kal tak tou tum meri patni thi !" Mayank spoke while all of them hit their head

"Mai na kaha tah ! Bacha buri acting karta hain ! I would find a great girl for this roll but nahi – Kisi naa meri nahi suni !" Billy his mayank by kicking his hip from back "Ouch Uncle ! Nupur ! Yea sab acting thi?" Mayank asked "AUR NAHI TOU KYA !" Nupur hit him too "Ouch – tou phele bata deti naa !" Mayank said while he looked at Arman and Riddimaa "hhehee Contiune ! Mujha nahi pata tah yahan Shooting shooting kheli ja rahi thi !" Mayank stepped back as he felt he was going to be hit badly by the whole gang

"Nupur Mayank ! You guys here after 10 years ! Aur aur …. shame on you guys !" Riddimaa scolded her old friend

"Oye yrr – IT was All Rahul and Anjali's idea" Nupur told while hugging her tight "Mujha tou hang till death ki saza bhi dea di thi Riddimaa na" Arman said "and Billy I didn't expectted that !" Arman glared at his Chachu "Uff chalo bass bohat hua – We will tell you the whole prank at night – abhi I think the real Sangeet should be started Before the whole Sangeet show is over.

They dance did lots of masti – Arman and Riddimaa couldn't live without getting on floor and dancing very close.

And later at night Nupur told the whole prank that they Thought to play but just because of Mayank it totally failed. Though arman told that he found out but no one believed

"Guys – I really found out …. I saw you all talking through eyes." Arman said holding Riddimaa, who was leaning over his lap. All had changed in to comfortable cloths and were sitting in lounge having chit chat

"Oye chal chal ! Acting mat kar" Nupur commented "Seriously nupur – I found out ! Really !" Arman said "Oye jab nupur na kaha nahi tou nahi !" Muskan bullied "OK fine !!" he retorted. And pouted his lips "Tumhari sari friends bohat buri hain" Arman told Riddimaa in her ear and she giggled and shook her head in no.


Mehndi Day – morning.

Riddimaa had placed whole mehndi over her self – her hands were all filled up – feets filled up till; below her knee. She was made sit on her bed – to rest for a while as she was tired – the girls had been making her mehndi from early morning to mostly afternoon

the mehndi girl went out – after leaving the door ajar.

After few hours – Arman walked in... "Arman ! What are you doing here....?" Riddimaa saw him walking in through the door "Relax padma mom sa pooch kar aya hoon" arman said smiling – closing the door behind but not locking – he walked up to her – she felt werid – her feets were up on the bed – bare – covered with henna – up to her knee... she looked away – not making any gaze with him "You shouldn't have come..." she whispered as he sat near her feets …. mvoing his gaze as slow as he could from her feet to her arms.... "kyun? Mujhsa shaadi sa phela tang hogae?" he teased

"nahi – asa tou nahi hai...." she whispered – feeling him coming closer – she moved her head away... as his breathe brushed her "acha mai chalta hoon" he got up kissed her forehead and turned towards the door. His hand reached up to knob "binaa kiss diya ja raha hou...." she spoke with a bowed head.

He turned and looked at her – at the same moment she looked up "Mujha lag tum – shayad" he fumbled taking big step his hand went at the back of her hair – which were knot in a bun. He grab it …. pulled her close, smacking his lips on her – prvoking the inner demons.... she could moved her hands … he was kissing her while standing bending over her and her head tilted up "I soo can't wait for tomorrow..." he whispered over her lips nibling it. "neither could I ….." she whispered kissing him quick before he back off.....

"Oopps I am sorry... I didn't saw anything" Anjali turned herself in a way her back faced them "Its ok Anjali – uhm... I am leaving" Arman moved away. Arman bend over to her ear "i can't wait for tomorrow Especially !" he whispered to which Riddimaa turned scarlet – she meant the D-Day hold I great importance and she couldn't wait for that …. but his mind always turned to his own angle.

"Ok bye....." he kissed Anjali over cheek – said bye to her and went away. "hmmm... tou" Anjali walked up to Riddimaa "Nervous?" anjali asked to which Riddimaa nodded

Love Maha

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