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Chapter 3 : Obsessed...

"Sister, mai abhi ghar ja ke atti hoon – 2 hours ka baad meri reporting hours hain naa?" Riddimaa confirmed, while signing on register "Jee Dr.Riddimaa, App ki ab duty 9:00 bjha hai -" pause "ok sister. Aur Koi bhi emergency hou tou mujha inform kijeaya ga" with that Riddimaa walked out of the hospital with a smile – remembering the events that she had gone through from last 24 hours – she knew this was a particular 24 hours which she would cherish forever. "Taxii..."


"maa – papa. I am Home..!" She walked in happily to see her parents having their breakfast with a bit chit chat and 'off-course, Dad's second love 'Newspaper' just beside him' she thought while hugging and planting a kiss on her parents cheek, respectively. "So tired? Riddimaa..." pause "Off course mom... need something good too eat - make it fast till then I be going up stairs to freshen up." Riddimaa made her way upstairs to her room.

Just to see 'Muskan??' she thought "Muskan Tum yahan Kya Kar rahi Ho?" Riddimaa asked, while shutting the door behind "Oh hey, Mai Anjie kae sath Hospital Ja rae hoon... So? How was day errr night at hospital?" Muskan spoke up in her own creepy-jolly voice. "shut Up Muskan, And Why the hell you even told Rahul at first place – its soo embarssing do you know?"

"Aree yrr at that time I was 19 only ! Immature -" Muskan went and settled on Riddimaa's bed and opened her drawer to see to 'Cut – pieces' of Arman Malik's interview – pictures. "Aree wahh new interview of his?" Muskan added "No not his – his Girlfriend spoke about their break up – its just here because of his Picture in it... Don't change the topic, did I ever told Rahul that you had a crush on Emraan Hashmi.? - I was 19 at that time too – I never spoke up … U cheat … Dosti ka naam par dhaba hai tu muskan – Kala Dhaba" Riddimaa went and threw her duppatta on bed and walked up to her wardrobe.

"Ha haha haaaa" Muskan laugh, trade mark laugh "he already knows...."Muskan added with much of her laugh "urghhh !!" Riddimaa stomped her feet and knocked the bathroom door "Dii Jaldii nikloo !" Riddimaa shouted "Ohh Hooo Some one is very angry … kya huaa Hospital Mai?" Anjali walked out in a tight jeans with a pink shirt. "Not Again ! Yrrr" Riddimaa said pushing Anjali a side "Oyee Anjie sae pooch auss Na Atul ko Kyun battaya ?" Muskan shouted.

"I didn't told him Muskan !" Anjali glared "tou phir?" Muskan investigated.... while Riddimaa had stood under the shower to relax a bit "Aree one night Atul came too Meet me through window and we both, sister were talking about Arman and Esp. Riddimaa telling about Arman Malik when Atul walked in and started teasing Riddimaa – that he will tell every one about this – Then Riddima took an oath my him. If he Ever told this too any one she will tell mom dad about him sneaking our room !" Anjali combed her hair and walked down stair with a laughing comedian...


8:oo – Hospital. :- Room 243

"hey Chachu – app kab aye?" Arman passed a smile too Billy, who was settled on the couch kept on the left side of the room "bass thori dera phela." he replied teary "Aree Chachu – I am good ..!" Arman replied, when Billy's phone rang "Haan Sujhal Beta? Haan deta hoon dant Kyun Rahe hoou?" Billy looked at the phone angrily and passed it to Arman making a disgusting face … "Hayee Kash Shujal mera Beta naa Hota – Arman Mera beta hota aus ki Jaga Par" Billy prayed loudly. "Chachu, Sujhal saying … he heard that" Arman tried to suppressed his laugh. This Was their daily banter

Sujhal Malik cousin cum friend more ….Son of Billy Malik; but not interested in business, a famous Artist... of England. And married to her love Kashish...

"Haan tou – I said it because I want that Dum-head to hear it !" Billy fumbled first and regained the situation.

"I Am good yrr – Sujhal Thand rhak ! It was a mere Acident." Arman replied to his frequent questions. And suddenly pulled the phone away as Sujhal was blasting through it... "Uff – CHUP !" finally Arman spoke after a good 5 minutes. "Chachu app bahar jao – private Talk" Arman kept a hand on speaker. "Mjha sa kya chuppa hua hai" Billy Set on the stool kept beside Arman's bed but Stood up as Arman glared, patiently "JA Raha hoon Ja raha Hoon" pause, he added "Kassh inna dono kii jaga koi achi see Beti hoti meri" Billy spoke going out "WE Heard That Chachu !"Arman spoke

"Haan tou – I said it because I wanted you to listen" Billy fumbled and walked out, chuckling to himself...

"haan Sujhal – Aree Yarr Bring Kashish here – yea I will sort it out between you too – Aree noo she will not leave you yrr – I promise..." pause "How do I know mat-lab? She is MY best buddy yrr – I know it ! Hey listen – say her that Arman is critical and wants too meet us both ..." pause "Aree no yrr its a white lie – just learned from here and there" Arman chucked as his own words...

"You both just come here – I will sort everything out !!! Whats that? Yeaa Cross my Heart and Hope to Die" Long pause "Aree don't ask – I have found a great – hot smoking gal; as my doctor here – I can say that I am actually enjoying here … in hospital...." pause "oh yes --- she is good looking – don't you feel I am Actually happy in hospital; mostly hospital are filled with sick – fat doctors and nurse – but I find gorgeous doctors all around my bed..." Arman spoke all out – about his experience in hospital

"Oye Shujhal – bye now haan ! Someone coming here.. out here" Arman shut the phone and kept in beside the table.


"OH God – please when I walk out through this door – I don't want to see those two devil Out there – vanish them !! or Or Take them up back to again … keep them their and don't forget Rahul and Atul too !" Riddimaa made a silent prayer while standing below the hot gush of steamy water... 'Arman... oh shit' she thought about him and quickly draped a towel around her and walked out to see the magazine that her mom just kept beside her bed – though she noticed; the new latest magazine off this week but ignored it due to the presence of two devils 'yea pointing too Muskan and my Sis !' she thought

"Arman Malik, went through a Major accident... and her Girlfriend was found sticking up too some other guy." Riddimaa read out the headline loudly "Huh? Such a creep o ! Left ARMAN Malik For a dimwit !" She commented and got indulge in details... "The Accident could be the cause of the girl betraying Our Arman Malik??" she read the last line "I tell you magazine wala bhii naa ! Jhutta ! He went through an Accident THE accident never happened because he was betrayed by her girlfriend ! Weirdo Magazine wala !" she cursed some more and after changing to something she walked down to have her breakfast...


Hospital 8:55

"Oh my – I am late..." she ran and hushed towards her residence, "You are Safe Dr. Riddimaa – three minutes left for your Duty call" The residence Doctor smile and left after, telling her the duty and her other fellow friends...

"Soo, Riddimaa.?" Rahul approached her... "Shut Up Rahul.. !" she went away angrily. "Oye Kohtta Kaha naa Ab Koi tang nahi kare ga ausa … !" Muskan hit him hard on his upper arm "Haan Guys bass bohat hua ..." Anjali Stepped in "Sorry naa !" Rahul took his file and went away to apologize ..

"Riddimma" Rahul shouted while rushing towards Riddimaa, who walked angrily in the corridor. "Sorry yrr..." Rahul came in front while holding his ears, pouting "Its ok – chill dude" she ruffled his hair and went away "Thanks kiddo" he replied "Shut up Rahul – I am not your kiddo" She replied. And walked towards where she had been dieing to go and flaunt herself

'Oh God... give me courage to handle myself and loose it at all' she prayed and walked in after making a slight knock.

"Hello Mr. Malik" Arman opened his eyes too See her draped in Light pink suit – hair opened. With a cute smile 'ahh that smile is always their … "Good Morning" she added politely, while walking up to him "Hey Doc... You Look Se.... I meant Nice..." he baffled at his loud spoke... and found her looking at him shock – she slightly placed the strand behind her ear – with cock eye brows, joining a little through center... and a confused yet beautiful smile played on her lips through with she mumbled a thanks.

'God she a soul- striking women ehh!' You must have put a great time while making her' he thought and felt her looking at the chart and talking to him randomly when Billy walked in too see Arman staring at her... but Arman Just snapped out As billy coughed immaturely – like a unsanitary person

"kya hua Unclee" Riddimaa walked with a glass in her hand towards billy "Nahi nahi Beta mai theek hoon – I am perfectly healthy yea tou bass – I did too make you 'Both' realize my Presence" Billy spoke, "uff hoo Uncle" Riddimaa went, chuckling and performed her daily check up

"Acha Mr. Malik – Did your pain improved...?" he shook in noo "okk..." she inserted some names over the chart and spoke to nurse regarding it.


7:00 In evening,

"Ok Mr. Malik.... its time too leave – and yes do have your Medicine ..." Riddimaa spoke before taking the leave from Hospital "But Why are you going soo Early" Arman spoke, irritatingly as hold day – he had not seen her face and when she came – she said she is going... "Because my duty hours are over Mr.Malik" She replied... holding his wrist to check his heart beat

"Doc. Please yrr Mera itnaa acha naam hai Arman – Call me Arman... pakk gaya hoon Mr. Malik sun suna krr … I feel tum meri koi Bhuddi si agent ho... jou mujha sa agreement ki baat kar rae hai.." Arman spoke irritatingly "huh???" Riddimaa looked at him with an utter Shockley "Kya Mai app ko Bhuddi Lagti hoon?" She looked down at herself

"OH Now, Miss err DR. Riddimaa Gupta want's me To praise her ..? Ehhh?" he teased her "How could even say that Arman !! I mean … why would I want you to praise mee..." she walked up to him when he took hold of her arm – right over her elbow and pulled her to his level

"Oww... " he felt her hand bang on his chest where he had a bandage... " You want me to Praise you" he looked at her face, his thoughts were provoking him to kiss her luscious lips but he controlled and spoke "because you wore this Particular dress – just too flaunt in front of me..." she looked down – shy of the intimacy "Arman …. you are getting it wrong... why would … I be flaunting..." she fumbled, as he tightened grip over her elbow.

"i can read your face Dr. Riddima..." He replied huskily... while rubbing his nose over her cheek. She dis tangled herself and looked at him while passed a shameless Grin "I am not one of those Mr. Malik !" she replied, Angrily "One of who?" He asked while keeping a head under his head "one of those – who are roaming around you..." she said looked at him angrily... "Fine I can roam around you. Only if you say yes" Arman spoke, confidently.

"pardon!" pause "its ok – I understand, its your first time – I completely understand You, don't feel shy. You will have a good time around me" he spoke, challengingly "Are you offering me too..." She spoke unsurpassed "yea asking you for a date Dr.Riddimaa..." he said, grinning at her shock face. "You low scumbag ! GO to hell !" she hushed out angrily

"Oh Goshhh – I thought he never took me, one of those ! I am such a idiot – Dimwit !" she spoke to herself and ran out with a slight tear coming out of her eyes... "I made a complete fool out of myself.. he thought I am dying to spend time with him" she thought and sat in the taxi..........

"I don't like this Arman Malik – I only liked the one who was part of my Fantasize...' pause 'he is breaking my own world... why did he ever come here' she thought over the way he talked to her

she felt ashamed off herself – to give an idea that she could date him – have that sort off fun and then bye bye.... she cried and soon drifted off to bed... without even having her dinner

The Childish Crush or Attraction, was fading up just due to one mistake......


Love Maha

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