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Chapter 4 : Obsessed...

Next Morning, 8:00

"Riddima, you were suppose to wake me up not the vice verse" Anjali shook her. "Good morning Di, Sorry, sleep late at night." Riddimaa spoke yawning and coming out of her dreamworld. "Huh? But you slept even before the timing..!" Anjali pointed while picking up a dress "No, actually – I was In the bed but not Sleeping...." Riddimaa crossed her legs in the bed, looking down. Anjali cocked her eyebrows and looked at her sulking over something and she did guessed that it was about 'Arman' she thought

"Riddima, Do you want to tell something too me?" Anjali asked – holding her dress in her hand "Hmmm" Riddimaa shook her head in yes "Do you feel like talking now or later...?" Anjali spoke maturely. "Later, I guess...." Riddimaa trailed off.. "Okay. GO and change and freshen up while I am going in mom's washroom to freshen up..." Anjali smiled and went out to her mom's room. Riddimaa smiled at her sister, who really sweet 'That is some kind off a magic... she is behaving like a sugar..' she thought and giggled while walking in the washroom



"Hello." she spoke and walk in the room "How you feeling today Mr. Malik?" she asked looking in his chart. Not making any sort of eye contact with him "Hey doc, I am good – and don't call Me Mr. Malik seriously – I am tired of that word." he spoke; trying to get up when Riddimaa came forward – moving a hand under his armpit... she helped him in sitting up and keeping pillows behind his back

At that moment he shut his eyes when her soft – hair brushed his face... he slightly nuzzled in the smell of her hair. While she adjusted the bed "You like making me go faint?" he spoke "Huh?" she looked at him as she moved back and took hold of his wrist.. "I mean – if you come this close – it will be hard for me too control" he spoke impenitent "Do you have anything called Shame?" she looked at him pathetically... "well I use to have that, but I passed it too the person – who was born on the same day when I was born" he grinned and took the medicine and glass on it's own...

"So, Mr. Malik You are improving very well – and in afternoon your legs and head's stitches will be opened up – and the other near your waist at night" she told him "hey Guys." Billy Walked in "Hi Chachu" "Hi Uncle, As I was saying MR, Malik – will be kept for an extra day for observation purposes..." she spoke to billy – who nodded in reply

'shit yrr .! Have to leave -.... wanted to hang around this chick' he sulked inwardly. Riddimaa was busy in doing his check when Billy received a call and he went out - "So? Doc. Yea bahana hai naa?" He came to his own cheekiness "Huh.?" Riddimaa looked at him, and rolled her eyes... "Mujha rokna ka bahana hai naa? Mera sath time spend karna chati ho. Right?" He added "Yrr, lets have a hang out after I get out of this Hospital" he offered her. "Mr. Malik – it would very kind – if you could just Shut Up and let me do my Work" she glared at him; "Oh God ! Now don't act like 'sweet-innocent-gal'" he spoke.

"Well, in that case – Let me remind you – I don't act and I am not interested at All … Jeez you are a pathetic person – I have ever came across-ed." he turned to leave when he hold the end of her duppatta. "Oh Come on now..." he made a puppy face "Mr. Malik – I would rather tell you too Behave properly or else I would be happy to leave the charge of this case" she pulled tried too pull her duppatta from his fist.

"Riddimaa, You Are over reacting" He spoke, not leaving her duppatta "And you are making me feel Filthy Mr. Malik." She spoke in anguish, she sighed and tried to calm her self "I Am Not That type of Girl !" she told the matter of fact "Fine !! you are not ! I get it …. but spending time for a while.. is it a harm?" he spoke, justifying himself "I don't go around like that" she spoke politely. "ok then we go around as you want" he spoke with a smile "But I don't want to go around in any way with you ..!" she spoke with a frown

"OH jeez - ! Riddimaa. tum kitnaa Bahou kah rae hoou !" Arman said pulling her dupptta. "ah" she spoke stumbling a bit towards him, Gulping – and holding her duppatta from the neck side. "Arman..." she spoke, nervously. Arman couldn't help but smile after hearing her melodious voice – her voice was creating a rumpus in his body – stirring up those parts which were not meant to be stirred at all – yes, His Heart, it was flaming up like fire after hearing his name through her mouth.

"Yes Riddima" he looked at her with infatuation and extravagant admiration. She was a just a few feet away. A bit, bit bending over him – not looking vulgar from far... but from near the two felt a havoc going in their hearts. "Arman, Please..." she mumbled – looking in his passionate-burning, shallow eyes. He couldn't help but nod on her pleading, how can he say No to such a soul-striking girl.

Her Duppatta slipped off his palm falling down – Riddimaa turn to go "Hey ! Mene isliye Thori choro tak ka tum chali jao" He gripped her duppatta again. She rolled her eyes and looked back him "idhhar aoo" he told her too come close while pulling her duppatta softly "Nahi... k--kkyun" she mumbled but stumbled over the stool kept beside his bed – and took hold of the pipe handle of the bed behind arman's back. "Dhekaa aa hee gaye na mera kareeb.." he whispered near her ear.... his hand reached near her face.... he cupped her one side of her cheek and made her look in his eyes … she was probably was two inches away from his face...

his eyes trailed down to her lips – which glowed with a pinkish gloss... making it look mesmerizing; he so want too rub it off, through his own lips... but controlled and turned her face to other side – planting a sloping kiss – he lingered his lips there for a while on the other hand Riddima, clutched the pipe tightly... her face had turned white – pink, as if her blood had stopped to circulate or she had stop to breath

It was merely nothing for others – It was just a kiss for Arman, but For Riddimaa it had been a wishful Dream come true – She doesn't know, if you could ever Get Him in her life – but she Felt like Going around with him – even for while – Today she didn't minded. She knew it was love for her and She even knew that it was a mere attraction for him.

But she had promised her self to live in this obsession till the last day of her life – till the last breath of her. She still knew that their will be a day when he would walk on her – but don't know why her heart was saying too accept his offer and enjoy the moment she might get while hanging around him.

She slowly but with open eyes backed away. Eye contact was never broken. "OK" she mumbled tucking the strand behind her ear. "i will go out with you" he couldn't help but smile. "great Soo Dr. Riddimaa finally accepts that she is infatuated towards me..." He spoke teasing, staring at her blushing face. 'You Don't know Arman, how much I love you' she confessed her deep feeling for him in her heart.

"I have to Go For my Work Mr. Malik – I will meet you later." She spoke looking down at her pager – avoiding any sort of contact after his comment "At least Now call me Arman, Riddima" he spoke looking at her weirdly 'gal, why can't she take my name – for heaven sake !' he thought. "oh yes … sorry will keep that in mind..." she turned to go - i he grinned and kept a hand behind his head 'Gosh it was hard – but You Did it Arman Malik !' he thought 'let see where this lead us too ' he was indulge in his thought while on the other hand

Riddima, Couldn't help but smile while remembering the whole scene again and again. "hey Riddimaa" Atul spoke as he saw Riddimaa walking in the locker room with a smile. And passed by Atul to her own locker – every one looked at her weirdly and walked up to her "Riddima kya huaa?" Anjali asked "tum tense lag rae hou..." Anjali added, keeping a hand on her shoulder

"huh ? Nae tou di – I am ok … kool ..." she fumbled and sat on the bench while others with a confused smile sat around her "Bata Kya huaa? Arman Sae Related hai !! I know !" Muskan said, worrying "Did he said anything.?" Rahul asked, boiling "I will break his face !" Rahul added.

"Guys Chill !!! Vo asa Nae hai...." she spoke with shyness "oh Tou kasa hai" Atul spoke, copying her just to get a smack from Anjali "App log Asa karoge tou mai nae bata rae" she said irritatingly "Ok ok Sorry Bata" Anjali said. "Arman naa... he asked me Out" Riddima started with all shyness and ended with all excitement

"WHATT" all shouted.

"Chill guys" Riddimaa looked at them, glaring at her with shock "Ridz, I hope you Didn't said yes ..." Anjali spoke "Di, Actually...." Riddima trailed it while biting her lower lips.

"OH Jeez, I should have know that !!" Anjali slummed herself beside Riddimaa "Di, Listen – I did avoid his offer last night." Riddimaa started to explain to Anjali as well as other, who looked not so happy with the idea. "That's why you couldn't sleep last night and didn't eve ate Dinner" Anjali spoke angrily, while Muskan chucked "haan dii – I felt bad. He counted me in those type of Girls. But today naa, he really looked up too me – and even he said, though indirectly but he said – that he accepts that I am not like those …. so I couldn't help but say......" Riddimaa spoke.

"But say yes?" Muskan helped. TO which Riddimaa nodded in yes "But Riddima, You don't know what will happen – when you hang around him – He is a Casanova" Rahul spoke angrily "Rahul !!" Riddimaa glared at him for calling Arman that, though she knew that... but didn't wanted to accept

"Guys listen, every one dates around and I am sure Di app na bhi kiya hai atul sa phela aur Atul ka sath bhi tou App Date pa jaati thi before you even realize that you love him" Riddimaa pointed out

"That Was different ! He didn't roam around with girls" Anjali spoke "How do you know di.? App tou university mai mile thi – Phela Atul Kya karta tah App ko kya pata" Riddimaa spoke with tears. Every one was against her – no one supported or understood her – what she want - she felt like, it was her wish. And she wanted to live it as others like her – are dying to do that too

"Anjali chor naa – she has point – Aur wasa bhi Riddimaa know's that Arman is just hanging out for a while Right Riddima?" Muskan spoke in reply Riddima shook her head virtuously "and she know, she won't do any thing that will her own pride or family pride fall down. Right Riddima" Muskan asked TO which Riddimaa again shook her head in yes "she won't even let him touch her. Or kiss or what eve." Muskan said "Right Riddimaa?" Muskan added To which she again nodded in yes with a innocent face

that was it – Muskan's plan had worked – She had told everything TO Riddima That SHE CANNOT do ! And Riddimaa had understood it correctly "Ok then – I am ok With it" Anjali understood Muskan's way and acted along "Oh Di, thank you" Riddimaa hugged her then Muskan.

"Acha tou – when ever she goes out some one will be with her" Rahul spoke at last "WHAT?" Riddimaa looked at them "what what?" Anjali looked at her sister angrily

"I meann Diiii ! How will I take some one along with – it will make me look bad ! He will feel that I don't trust him" Riddima spoke with detached face. "Good – he should realize he couldn't be trusted at all" Atul pointed "Parr Atul – it will feel like you guys are baby sitting me" she pouted, and crossed her hand.

"Fine Guys ! Don't force her – let her be on her own. She is 21. she can take care of herself" Muskan pointed and now everything was settled up – Riddima was excited about her first ever boyfriend and that to her dream man !

Soon everyone trailed of too their duties....


In terrace

"Anjali chill – kuch nae hoga. I had too Give Riddimaa's side warna she would have started hiding things from us .! Atleast if I am at her side – she would come to me and tell me. Then I can inform you people. If we are all against her – then she could be misused by that Casanova. !" Muskan pointed out

"I think its better no something than nothing guys" Rahul stood by the wall – railing of terrace "Riddima, Kuch Ghalat karae and we don't know. So its better she tells us every – every single thing and when we find something wrong. We can beat the hell out of that Malik !" Rahul added

"Fine – I agree with you two. But If - Riddimaa get's an inch pain. I am going to kill that good for nothing Malik !" Anjali turned her hand in to fist and banged it on the wall railing.


Room 243:

"Chachu – Sujhal aur Kashish kab arahe hain...?" Arman asked while his mother kept on passing apple piece to him. "Ajj raat kou – Subha ayein ga tujha sae milna.."Billy spoke keeping the newspaper back beside the couch "Arman, Tumhe Pata hai aun dono ka beech..." Billy spoke seriously " haan Chachu Don't worry Mai hoon naa..! I will work it out everything between them – let them come first... App fikar matt karo." Arman spoke and his eyes fell on the clock which stroked to 5:00 pm

'Kab aye gee!' he thought

"Arman tum bar barr ghari Kyun dhek rahe hoou?" Atlast his mother pointed out "Oh nae mom – bass asa hee.... subha ka wait kar raha tah hehheee" he spoke. "Kya... pagal ho gaye ho Arman...." His mom spoke incredibly.


"Hello Aunty – hello Uncle … Hello Arman." she wished every one " Hi..." he mumbled "itnaa late – I was waiting for you" he whispered as she came forward to give him medicine...

Ahem ahem...

'Chachhuuu' Arman screamed inwardly while his mom had got up to keep the plate of fruit away

"Riddimaa beta – I will just come" Billy spoke and walked out with Arman's mother "Arman Abhi Tumhara stitch khulaan ga tou relax ok …." Riddimaa spoke "Nurse...." She called and said Arman to keep his head on the pipe of the bed... he smiled and stayed their with close eyes --- soon professionally Riddimaa opened it … while just stayed calm ….

his leg's stitches were opened up too when Dr. Shahank walked in "So DR. Riddimaa your part done?" he spoke "yes sir – my work is done – now its your part of job left" she spoke, confidently... and went to wash her hand – when she heard Arman shout as loud he could she ran back in the room

Too See nurse – ward boy trying to ease him down as Dr. Shahank tried to open up his waist stitch !

"Arman – Calm …. relax... nurse choreya aus... Papa ek minute.." Riddimaa told Shahank to stop and he moved away. "Relax Arman – tum eyes band karo – I will do it in few minutes..." Riddimaa eased him while in one corner Arman's mom sobbed in billy's arm – seeing his son in pain while Shahank looked at Arman and then at her daughter, who looked at him angrily and did the job by her self

there were a bit oww and ouch but not like the one which he did at the time of Shahank...

every one appreciated Riddimaa and Shahank apologized Arman.... Arman was given a pain killer after wards – he was off to sleep … and Riddimaa had gone home as her duty hours were over....

everything was going smoothly...


what happened between Sujhal and Kashish ? How will Arman help them? What will the next step between Arman and Riddimaa...?

keep on reading my Love..

Love Maha

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