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Chapter 5 : Obsessed...

Next Morning. 9:00

"Hello Arman." she walked in his room, wearing a shocking blue suit, hair left open. "hey... Good Morning..." he woke up with her cheering voice and tried to get up, when she rushed to help him... moving a hand around him she made him sit.. while he placed a light kiss on her cheek "Arman !!" she looked at him, flabbergast. "what...?" he frowned, rubbing his eyes to get a good look of her - "what? What? Why do you do that?" Riddimaa frowned and asked.

Arman's hands went up and took hold her upper arm and pulled her down to his range and kissed her right on the same place "Arman !" she pushed him back "Oww Man !!" he kept a hand near his heart, where he had a wound – not deep but a bit …. "Oh sorry I didn't knew – it wasn't intentionally... I am sorry" she fumbled at words "Its Ok" he replied with a deep frown.... easing the pain by rubbing the place. "Arman I am sorry...." she mumbled sitting on the stool kept beside him

 "Its fine !" He replied, angrily – controlling his anger not to put it out on her ! "Arma..." She tried to speak when, "Said Naa." he blasted, and tried to clam him self "Its … ok" he looked at her face – which was full of frightfulness... "Relax... I am Ok!" he repeated.She gulped and got up and went away – with a slight sob... 'you over reacted Arman...' he thought and rubbed the place... 'Riddima, ek kiss hee tou kiya tah – over react karne ki zarrorat nai thi' pause 'but why was he soo angry – mene phela Kabhi ausa gussa karte nahi dheka' she thought and bumped into a guy

 "Oh I am sorry – are you ok?" he asked hold her through her shoulder - "I am sorry... yes I am ok" she hushed his hand away and turn too Walk.. "Hey.... could you tell us – where we can find Arman Malik..." the guy spoke, Riddimaa turned rubbed her teary face.... and looked at the couple, who looked at her sympathetically. "Yes but you … are..." She spoke "Oh I am sorry, I shouldn't have asked... Its Room 243." She added, quickly – passing a cute – meekly smile. "Thank You – and its ok … I am Sujhal and this is my wife Kashish. I am Arman's cousin." Riddimaa nodded and walked away.

 "such a sweet girl ..." Kashish, in blue dark jeans and white shirt. "yea – was she crying..?" Sujhal asked "I guess so...." she replied and walked a head while Sujhal walked behind her, looking at her with longing "Sujhal never – never again introduce me as your wife …!" Kashish kept a hand on the door of Room 243; and spoke before walking in .. he looked at her with a hurt expression – it had pierced his heart – those sore words were damping his eyes

 "Hey Arman..." Kashish spoke contentedly. "Hey beautiful..." replied, while chafing his chest "Hey Arman..." Sujhal stepped in, with a broad smile "you look fit and fine Malik – why did you said that its critical !" she hit him on his arm lightly... while placing a caring kiss over his head "I missed yo people – a small lie won't harm any one" he replied seriously. While once she moved away Sujhal hugged him – slightly bending over "Miss yo bro too..." Sujhal replied.

 "Sit Sit guys s" Arman came to his own funky way "so, Arman – you are getting discharged today...?" Kashish asked while sitting on the stool "Yes...." he replied "Hello Every one" Billy and Shahank walked in "hey!" three replied. "Shahank this is my son Sujhal and his wife my beti Kashish" Billy introduce. "Hello beta..." "Hello uncle..." they greeted each other "Soo Arman – ready to leave?" Shahank asked. "I guess yes uncle...." Arman replied meekly.


Evening – 4:00.

"Billy uncle – I have done paper work …. Arman can go now – he is discharged." Riddima replied, with not so happy look. Its didn't went unnoticed by Arman but avoid to make any confront with her, as if now. "Ok that's great Naina babhi – is eagerly waiting for him to come home." Billy replied happily. "Thanks for all the care Riddima" Billy added keeping a hand over head. And walked up to Arman to help him.

"Thanks Riddima..." he looked at her while walking pass her to the washroom to change; Sujhal helped him. she replied in a nod and walked out 'what's happening?' she thought 'does that mean that he is upset and doesn't want to go out with me any more?' she thought. While a tear washed by the corner of her eye.

"Riddimaa.." hearing herself being called she turned to look at the person "Yes..." Riddima replied.

"Hey – remember we met in the morning? Kashish?" Kashish spoke "Oh yes...! Hi" Riddima moved her hand forward. "Riddima, did something happened between you too?" Kashish investigated "je? Kya.... I mean no... mera aur Arman ke beech – nahe asa kuch nai hai" Riddima looked up at her shocked "When did I said Arman..?" Kashish smiled fully "You are a nice girl Riddima..." Kashish kept a hand – cupping her side face and went away.

'Why doesn't your Friends Arman Malik notice – that I am a nice girl – every one ! I mean every one likes me but he...' she went out to her duty with a heavy heart thoughtless over thoughts will she meet him again or was it a bad end.....


Around 5:00 Pm. They all reached Home – Arman was in the house and settled with plenty of pillow on couch – in lounge....

"Chachu – Every thing good in office?" Arman asked. "oh yes – everything is good – don't worry. Kashish Beta how is your going on their !" Billy asked "Oh Papa – its going good... ! Fashion designing is not a piece of cake I must say" Kashish settled beside Arman. While Sujhal was no where in the range.

"I know – Kashish you never choose the easy way" Arman pointed. "well thats what I am !" pause "And mister whats going on between you and Riddimaa. Huh?" Kashish spoke up "huh? What nonsense" Arman hushed her away and glared at her silently "Now ! Wasn't I right ?" Billy spoke grinning helplessly "OH Chachu – you don't even start ! Kashish you know – he created the most embarrassing moment at Hospital..." Arman pointed keeping a hand over the Kashish shoulder.

"Really Now Papa..." Kashish spoke in not soo happy tone "Aree -Kashish tum naa bhi" billy kept a head over his head in a dramatic way "Tum na bhii apna papa kou akela chor diya? Ab mera issa duniya mai kon hai?" Billy spoke with crocodile tears "Koi Nahe ab app uppar chalta bano" Sujhal commented while walking in the huge lounge with Naina – Arman's mom "Badmash" Naina hit him lightly over his shoulder "haan haan Tum tou yahe chate hoo mai marjaun... aur sarii Property tumhari hojae" Billy got up and made space for naina...

"Arreee Papa – app tou bare intellegent hou" Sujhal slummed down beside Kashish – she sat in the center of Both the guys. "Shut Up yrr !" Arman said, with a smile

"haan dheko – Sujhal na hum ko topic sae doora kardiya – WE were talking about Riddimaa" Arman hit her shoulder "stop it Kashish !" he whispered "What stop it? Tell us whats going on" Sujhal boost up

"Riddimaa? Arman ki doctor?" Naina spoke up. "Haan Naina Chachi..wahe Riddimaa" Sujhal pointed out to Naina. "Tou aus ka bare mai kya baat hou rae thii – kitni pyari bachi hai nai Billy Bhai sahab?" Naina told

"Haan na ! Naina Chachi Apke Beta aur aus ka beech mai kuch hai !" Kashish said "Hayee Sachi ! Phir tou dera hee nahe karni chaya ! Billy bhai sahab app tou aus ka papa ka bhi acha dost hai aur mujha larki pasand...." She was interrupted "Hold on mom hold on – breath!" Arman spoke "asa kuchh Nai hai ! OK There is Nothing between me and Riddimaa -we are JUST Hanging out – for a while" Arman told, irritatingly "Tou Chachu Aur Mom Soch naa bhi mat !" Arman said

"Arman – woa aus type ki nae hai beta" Billy spoke, politely "Oh come on Chachu – she herself said yes for going out with me !" Arman said "acha now leave that !"

After plenty of more pulling each others leg they retired to their respective room's – Sujhal went in Arman's room – too talk over issues.


Arman's Room

"Tou ab ? Tum kya karna chate hou Arman..." Sujhal asked helplessly sitting on a rolling chair. "Hmm – I will ask Riddimaa too come over to a date" Arman spoke after the whole discussion about 'Kashish and Sujhal's' problem "Shit" Sujhal helplessly hit his own head "Kya huaa?" Arman asked looking at him weirdly

"Kutta – inna sab mai Riddimaa kahan sae beech mai aye ?" Sujhal asked, hypering up "Thand rhak ! Thand bata hoon – I will tell Riddimaa to come on date – Double date – Kashish knows that I don't know about you too she even thinks know one knows" Sujhal Interrupted "that's why she said ok for sharing a room"

"I know – chup kar and listen, tou she will come on date with you … and from their our Plan starts – too finish up the misunderstanding between you too ! But – but Sujhal, now its high time that you realize that Work is not the only thing in life !" Arman exclaimed. "Arman – but.. aCha you tell me ? Will you leave your work for any girl?" Sujhal spoke up "NO..." Arman replied while biting an apple. "See..!" Sujhal slummed back in his chair "But I will forget my whole work for my wife !" Arman replied

"huh?" Sujhal looked up "Look Sujhal We don't get the true love every now and then – so don't talk about me ! Talk about yourself... you got one – but you will loose it – if you did like that ! Seriously, I should have been with Kashish on this thing ! But knowing that you both love each other and time and work has created some problem between you..... that's why I am helping you – you just relax and make your wife your first priority and rest lay behind..." Arman explained. "Ok – I agree – what will you do –?" he was interrupted "I will make you both live the old times" Arman replied while passing a grin and taking hold of his mobile "and initally make you fall in love again!" he added

"Hello? Riddima? Yea this me Arman... Remeber" he chuckled. "Yea soo tomorrow night 8 sharp ? Double date... oh my bro suhjhal and Kashish …! ok cool be ready at time we will pick you up... bye take care …... Love" Arman kept the phone and soon both the boys jingled up together


Next Day Gupta House – 7:00 pm

" Di, I am late – shit shit..." Riddimaa ran upstairs while Anjali followed her "di I am late" Riddimaa mumbled and ran up to her closet "Shut up Riddiz..." Rolling her eyes at her nut case sis. Closing the door behind. "Di what should I wear ?" spoke while biting her nail "You go and freshen up – I have a prefect dress for you, which will blow off that Malik" anjali replied "But Di – if he bl-owed off – who will take me too date..." Riddimaa asked while being pushed in the bathroom by Anjali "Jeez – Shut up!"

'Hmmm Mr.Malik get ready to see a new riddimaa too night' Anjali thought and opened her closet – after very good 15 minutes Riddimaa walked out in a small towel drape around her "here wear this.... while I be back with some water" Anjali gave and walked out "DII stop – I won't wear this !" Riddima looked at the dress

"Why its such a beautiful Piece – you Are wearing this or you are not Going !" Anjali walked out


"Dii – You Sure naa?" Riddima asked for the final time as the door and the bell rang again "Yes Riddiz – you look charming – now relax- shoulders up – walk with confident – don't even think off flattering in front of him ! And don't blush much in front off and yea take good care ok..." Anjali open too see the person's hand right in front of face "Heyy sorry" Arman took his hand back as he was about to bang on Anjali's face as the door open – on whom he had been banging

 "where's Riddima?" Arman asked when Riddimaa came out From Anjali's back "Look Arman...." Anjali started "Di, I will do as you have said – now please." Riddimaa whispered. But it was audible to Arman. But he looked up in the sky as if he didn't know what they were talking about "Ok – have a nice time – and do come back before 12" Anjali gave her a hug and Riddimaa, finally stepped a step and crossed Anjali – Arman gave her a hand – which she accepted happily "You look gorgeous Riddimaa" he commented as he made her sit in the front see. "thank you" she mumbled and sat in...

"Hii Riddimaa" The back seated spoke. "Hi Kashish – hey sujhal..." Riddimaa greeted. "So first date?" Kashish could help but notice how nervous Riddimaa was – it was soo much visible ! "yea..." she mumbled as Arman started the journey...

"So – you like Arman..." Kashish came a bit forward from back "Uhmm..." Riddima fumbled and looked in her lap... "Stop it Kashish !"



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