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Chapter 6: Obsessed...

Reaching at venue. Sujhal and Arman came out of car towards their beauties – opening doors they passed in their hands which was accepted delightfully "Its a beach on the other end..." Riddimaa Exclaimed while others chuckled. "sorry" she whispered and tucked the hair behind her earlobe. "Relax Riddima – You don't have to be nervous Around us..." Sujhal commented and walked a head with Kashish, who passed a relaxing smile to Riddimaa....

 "Riddimaa...." Arman tired to pull the attention of her "Haan?" she looked at her side "I want to talk to you..." pause "alone..." he added, making her gulp. "Later Arman.." she replied – avoiding the topic alone... "Ok fine Later – but today !" he replied. She made a small nod and took a step to get close to other duo. "Listen, Riddimaa.." he again whispered lightly "sorry About Morning – I am
really impulsive you know – no one, I mean it no one has ever rejected me like that.." he explained his morning act while she looked at him with blank face. "Its ok Arman – I guess I over reacted too..." she replied 'I mean – seriously does this guy has anything called 'shame'? He is indirectly telling me that he has err had kissed many time. And no one – I mean No one has ever objected ! Shameless jerk. Riddimaa Zorr sa bol naa... darti hai? Haan Darti hoon warna Kab ka boldeti aus koo urghhh' she Thought and took place on four table sit opposite to Arman and beside Kashish.

"Tou guys kya kya loge Jaldi bolo I am straving ..." Kashish commented "Sujhal I want chinese – anything in it !" Kashish commented leaning back in his chair. "Same for me.." Arman replied pulling out his mobile to receive a call "and you Riddimaa?" Sujhal asked "same..." she whispered.

"Riddima you don't have to force your self if you are not interested in Chinese – for our sake." Arman spoke looking at her side way while typing a message to a friend/colleague. "No – I am fine... Chinese good with me." she replied a bit hurt with Arman's comment. "Ok Kool – Sujhal order kar...." Arman added.

"acha tou Riddima...." Sujhal started only to be interrupted "Oye teri Kashish hai Aus sae baat kar !" Arman Commented, as Riddimaa giggled herself. "Oh Sorry – Sorry Kashish..." He replied with double meaning "so, Riddima – you enjoying?" Arman leaned closer to her across the table and cupping her entwined hands... "y-yyea.." she replied, "Acha tou – tell me about your self...?" He asked "what should I tell you? You already know...." she told "accept what I know !" he spoke. "Oh this Sujhal is not the same – I am bored" Kashish commented while Arman left her hands and leaned in his chair and looked at Sujhal, side way – who had a hurt full expression "Acha? Now he is boring? You know Riddimaa, they both were sooo Chipku in college life – I tell you..! I literally had to beg them to apart for a while but these both shameless person – use to hush me away. Saying we will see you when you get a true love !" Arman commented "Sujhal is not so boring" Riddima exclaimed while Kashish passed a lightening glare to her "It was out blue – I just felt telling you, the time I met him – he is a nice guy" Riddimaa fumbled "Seee?" Arman pointed "See now, he is making my date – attracted towards himself !" Arman added "No... I mean." Riddimaa looked at Arman, he pouted "Relax – he is pulling your leg... hey Lets go dance till food arrives..." Kashish stood up and made Sujhal stand. "shall we?" Arman passed his open palm across the table – yet again "Hmm..." she gave it and they walked up to the dance corner. "Arman, mjha kuch Kehna tah..." Riddimaa kept a hand on his shoulder while his hand rounded her waist pulling her in, she gulped as he placed his hand in hers. "haan bolo Riddima.." She replied looking at her

"Arman – I don't want media too know about me..." she replied – avoiding his gaze "why don't you want your name in tomorrow's paper.?" he chucked, she looked up "no..." she gasped in horror... "Arman, please understand..." she added behind nervous. "ok ok.... I will try too see to it... bss?" he asked "hmm – please do look up to it..." she again said – while putting her both hands on his shoulder, encircling his neck.

"sir … dinner is served" A waiter came up to them – they soon joined table and "Riddimaa – do you wanna know – how they both met?" Arman spoke biting the food."yes...its been long nae?" she asked "yess 5 years relations and then marriage total 9 years." Kashish pointed while looking at Sujhal with hurtful eyes "and I still Love Kashish as the day I fell in love for her" he commented with same painful eyes – though is was noticeable to other couple "i don't think so Sujhal..." Kashish replied "do you want me to prove?" he asked encouragingly "yeas why not...!" Kashish ate another bite when he got up and walked across the hall

"KASHISH" he shouted – gaining all the light on him "I LOVE YOU – I CAN DIE FOR YOU …. I CAN EVEN … uhmmm" Sujhal got confused while Kashish chucked "See didn't I tell you he is not the same !" Kashish busied her self with food. Riddimaa looked at Sujhal hurtful face and commented loudly "SING?"

"YES SING FOR HER" he exclaimed and walk up to the stage.. "OH gOd ! Riddima – what have you done – he will embarrass us harshly !" Arman commented hiding his face "Arman voice doesn't matters – the words that he will sing for her will tell the depth of his love for her" she commented and diverted her whole attention to Sujhal and Arman's gaze were locked at her strong – confident face. "You don't Riddimaa..." Kashish spoke, teary "Kashish harr Rishta mai dhuk hota hai.... pyar bari kismat waloon ko milta – and you both are lucky you got it ! Please sort out this small difference before it gets late..." Riddima commented

"this is for You Kashish....

Dil ne kaisi harkat ki hai,
Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai,
Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai…

Hmmm khawab ke bhoj se, kapkapati hui,
Halki palkein teri yaad aata hai sab,
Tujhe gudgudana… satana yuhi sote hue,
Gaal pe teepna… meechna bewajah besabab.

Yaad hai peepal ke jiske ghane saaye the,
Hum ne gilehri jhoothe matter khaaye the,
Yeh barqat unn hazrat ki hai.

Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai,
Aakhiri baar mohabbat ki hai

Love you and only you – till the last breath" he commented while every one stood up to clap for them--- "i can even die – but this will break us apart which I don't want ! Forgive Kashish and I want to ask you. Right Now..."he settled on his knee

While Riddima kept a hand under her chin and looked at them with longing – just to feel Arman poking his finger near her shoulder "ssshuussh Arman" she glared at him and turned her attention to Them "okay" he pouts

"won't you give this idiot – dumb ass" he spoke, interrupted by Kashish "asshol* - scumbag – rascal" She added in the list "yes all that a bloody chance?" he looked at her with pleading face "Fine – promise me you won't hurt me again..." Kashish commented "Promise - !" she placed her arms around Sujhal and hugged him – while he was still settled on floor …. "Thanks Kashish …." Sujhal said aparting and getting up - "You sing good bro.." Arman commented and they all got busy in finishing their food – though they passed a thankful look To Riddimaa, which went unnoticed by her and she was busy in her plate enjoying her food with longing sigh... and the three kept chuckling at her "desert?" Arman asked.

"Yes....I want a simple ice cream with Lots of chocolate melted over it..." Riddima told the waiter – others passed a look at her,before Arman could comment "Make it two" Kashish said "Three!" Sujhal said "Ok fine Make it four" Arman spoke to waiter "Bhaiya --- lots of melted chocolate ok!" Riddima said, excitedly. "Yes ma'am..." Waiter went suppressing his laugh...

"hmmmmmmmmmm" she hummed lightly placing a spoon full in her mouth – with closed eyes. "uhmmm" they again looked up to her and got embarrassed as the people passed looks to them – finally Riddimaa looked at the three who stared at her "kya huaa ?achi nae hai ?" she spoke popping her eyes out – in most adorable manner and talking with a dip falling out of her side mouth

when Arman, on an impulse took the tissue paper and rubbed it off neatly "Riddimaa – sweety I am loving the way you eat – actually I am adoring you right now – but the people around us are looking at us in a very – veryy horrible manner …. and please stop eat liking that – or else I will loose my self" he commented at-last and the spoon fell of her hand.

"Arman !" Kashish glared and Sujhal hit him on his arm "what?" he asked. "Behave yourself !" Kashish spoke and took another clean spoon and passed it to Riddimaa, who looked at her ice cream melting "Look Riddimaa – you eat. Ok? Relax. Forget about this stupid person in front off you" Kashish eased her "you ok?" Kashish investigated as she saw riddima gulping the ice cream without enjoying it "hmm...." she replied and left the half ice cream in the dish.

"You not finishing?" Arman asked "No – I am full – don't feel like eating" Riddimaa looked every where except Arman."Ok lets go – to beech guys" Riddimaa abruptly got up "Yes yes... lets go" She walked ahead... when soon Arman matched up with her. "Riddima are you like this always?" he chuckled at her brighten smile "like what?" she asked. "nothing – forget it ..." Arman sighed.

"hey Riddimaa – don't go deep ok" Kashish pointed and walked beside sea in sujhal's arms... "Yea – yea..." Riddimaa pushed her words away and walked in the sea - after pulling off her shoe... "Riddimaa, I hope you heard Kashish." Arman pointed out and quietly stayed close to her "About what?" she randomly asked and kicked a high splash of water in air – which threw some splashes back at her too – and in reply sequel. "Arman … why aren't you coming in Arman..." she walked in deep as the water stroked her knee... "No thank you very much and now I would want you to come out !" he spoke, strictly "Oh don't such a mean person Arman Malik … come on step in !" she encouraged him while turning her face and faced him. Not getting in response she placed her hands on her waist and kicked hard in water up in the air – splashing hard over Arman "Goshh ! Riddimaa -Come out rite now !" Arman stepped in took hold of her hand and literally dragged her out … "Arman noooo" she whined while splashing water at him – wetting him "Stop being a baby !" he scolded, angrily – pointing a finger at her "behave and walk now!" he added angrily and notice her frightened face.

They walked far away behind Sujhal and Kashish – in silence and Riddimaa had folded her hands over her chest and looked down at her feet which was dipping in wet sand making her feel good. "Ok sorry – lets go and sit over those rocks..." Arman held her hand softly and walked up to the rocks. Riddimaa looked at the sea with longing and then At Arman... "Ok Fine we will go over the sea while we leave Happy?" she nodded "ok shall we go up?" riddimaa nodded and stood near the rock …. while Arman took her over their … and they settled while facing the sea – right in front.

"Riddima, Remember I wanted to talk to you?" Arman started the conversation. "hmm..." Riddimaa looked at the sea while listening to him "I need your help..." He spoke "I need your help in bringing Sujhal and Kashish more close … they had even decided to take divorce while if you talk to them alone- they will say to you – they want to save this relation. They love each other and they want to live together but work and time had created misunderstanding between them..." Arman explained

"why are you tell me Arman? What can I do in it...?" she looked at him confused. "Look Riddimaa – If you will be together – we could you know – help them." Arman replied "why me...?" she grinned."Ok fine ! I mean you are the Best ! You could do this in clicks Right Now You just make Kashish say yes – for giving this relation a chance – and I know you could do this ..!" Arman raised his hand in air.

"Good... you know I like being praised – If you ever – ever need any kind off work from me, Praise me.!"She replied, confidently "Will Remember !" Arman smiled and looked at Sujhal and Kashish talking animatedly and walking beside the sea. His eyes fell to the girl, whose eyes were still fixed on the sea – he smiled and moved near her. Making his hand reach towards her chin – he took hold of her it, and turned towards himself – she gasped – closed her eyes for a mere second and then looked at his face nearing her – she gulped and stared at him with confuse eyes

'Rok Riddimaa, U promise dii – No kiss or wateve... but that is what all I have dreamed off ! Tobe kissed by my dream man.." she thought and then rethought

"Riddima – you know this is wrong... stop him ….! Stop him' she thought and moved his over his shoulder to push him back when he kissed her near – her check. Her eyes fell down, covering her eyes with lids... he could her her deep sigh... he felt more passionate when it passed by his cheek to his neck... his hand touched – cupped her cheek. Making her go red in the shade of his passion.

'stop him Riddimaa – he is using you … you just know it …. why can't you push him' she thought but ….but it was late he stroked her lower lips and she – she was in a daze … he kissed her while she remained unconscious of what to do ? What not... when some one tip toed his shoulder he turned and got a tight slap over his cheek "What the F...." Arman got up and saw "Anjali Di...?" Riddima too got up "Mujha pata tah .. I knew it something will happen – I just knew it !" Anjali pulled Riddima, harshly to her side while Arman was burning with rage - "How dare you Hit me !" Anjali tried to hit him again when Sujhal and Kashish came up their too "hey hey hold on miss !" Kashish came in between and hushed her hand away

"You don't what he did..!" Anjali said .. "Di..." Riddima tried to hold her "Shut up Riddima..!" Anjali retorted "he kissed my sister !" Anjali added "OH so wasn't your sisTER Kissing...?" Kashish blasted "Kash...." Arman tried to make her quite as Riddima sobbed behind Anjali "chup kar Arman ! Riddima is not a child – she knows what she is doing and I don't think you should stalk her all the way here – Our Arman, knows his limit ! If he had kissed her – she must had encouraged him ..!" Kashish spoke

"Kash – its not like that ." Arman tried to speak.. "Fine – my Sister at fault... Sorry my mistake and Please Arman Malik – stay away from my sis !" Anjali glared and took her away.


Gupta Residence

"Di... app na ghalat kiya..." Riddima spoke while throwing her accessories on her dressing "What ? I did wrong? Riddimaa ? Have you lost it? I mean he is a mere crush and you are loosing it for him ….? I am not a stupid girl like you ! I know what's right for you and what not ..!" Anjali spoke angrily

"OH Di Please ! Don't get on the lecture – I mean its OK ! If I kiss ! I am 21 .! and let me remind you – you kissed Atul when you were 19 ! weren't you small and and don't even get on you knew Atul was not Bad … in one week you knew him to be a good person... Atul Joshi – Worlds best Man ! Who is faith full to you – and all." Riddimaa pointed out

"stay here – don't walk on me ! And listen – you aren't meeting him !" Anjali subsided her talks and told her decision "Fine ! I won't – but Di – if not him then some else … every one date around meet people – go out and all and You will NOT interfere in my problems from now on wards … its not like I don't know what I am doing" Riddimaa exclaimed

"You telling me Not to tell you whats right and what not...?" Anjali looked at her "Yes Di – you never asked me about Atul – When you chose him – now let me choose if I want to go around Arman or not !" pause "and if you could go – I can change..." Riddima replied.


Two days had passed away but she didn't received a mere message or a phone call from him – she had skipped few meals just to receive a call from him – she knew he will hate her after what had happened. She had stopped talking to her friends.... even Anjali – while she was the old Riddima in front of her parents... most of her lonely times went in tears. but she never complained she never poke a finger at Anjali because she knew whether Anjali had done that or not – Arman would not ever ask her for date again – as she had turned out to be a total jerk over their first date...

Anjali had seen her cry at night while drifting off. She knew her little sister. Had fallen in love with Arman – but the thing is Arman will never accept her love. He is not a person of heart and Anjali had decide that till Riddimaa doesn't understand it by herself – she wouldn't get over this Person - 'I hope Riddima – tum kuch bare ghalti matt karo... jisse tumhari sarri zindage asuoon mai jaye...' Anjali thought


Next morning. 11:00 am

Arman Malik calling

Riddimaa's phone flashed - she sequeled and picked it up – calming her self, she politely said "Hello..." Riddimaa said

AR: Hey – uhmm Riddimaa could we meet up – at Pasco cafe near your hospital -? its important...

Ri: Ok... I have a lunch break at 1... after 2 hours...

Ar: ok great I be their at 1 … bye..

Ri: bye.


sujhal and Arman – Malik Residence

"So? Everything good ?" sujhal asked

"haan – she said yes..... thank god ! I have gone mad remembering her from last three nights. I guess I am atrracted towards her now ! Aur do teen martaba milna hojae ga tou meri bechane bhi khatam hou jae gi..." Arman said excitedly...

"But Arman tum itna bechan kyun hou aus sae milna kou? Auski behen na tujha Thappar marra..." Kashish pointed out "Auki behen na marra naa – Riddimaa na tou nahi marra na... she is important at this moment not her bitchy sister !" Arman commented and took the best dress for his second date...

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