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Chapter 7 : Numb



 Hearing the sound of Eva's voice Armaan and Riddhima who had been lost in each other came out of their dreamland and backed away from each other. They had never been so embarrassed in their life. How could they have forgotten that Eva was still in the room. God knows what she was thinking.

"Wat doing?"

 What were they doing? Oh god. How am I going to answer that one. Riddhima thought as she saw Eva looking at her dead in the eye waiting for an answer.


"He he Mommy lie."


"Yesh mommy lie. Eva see."

"What. Did.You.See?"

"Eva see Aman Kissie Mommy."


"Aman Kissie Mommy!"

Riddhima couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her innocent 3 year old had just caught her being kissed. She wanted to drown into a hole. But before that she wanted to kill Armaan. It was all his fault. Why did he have to kiss her?



"Mommy love Aman?"

"Yes she does baby. Your mommy loves me!"

"YAY! Eva love Aman 2!"

-Flashback End-

Riddhima smiled for the umpteenth time as she recalled her moment with Armaan a few hours ago. She just couldn't believe how her life had changed in an instant. She had gone from being a single mom with no one to support her to being in a relationship with a man who truly loved her.

She had been terrified to say the least when she had seen Armaan read her diary. She had been worried about what his reaction would be and how he would feel towards her after he had learned the truth about her. But he had once again surprised her. He had not only accepted her whole heartedly but he had accepted Eva too. After all that's all she had ever wanted. She had wanted that someone who would love her for who she was. And now that she had found that person, she could finally live in peace. And with that Riddhima closed her eyes dreaming about her future.

Eva on the other hand was not only miles away from sleep but she was miles away from her mommy. Eva being the naughty child that she was had tricked her mommy into thinking she had fallen a sleep. She had waited patiently and when she saw that her mommy had fallen a sleep she opened her eyes and climbed off the bed. And now here she was walking down the big white hallway in search of her best friend Aman. Why you ask? Because Eva had a very important thing to ask him and she just couldn't wait. At the age of 3 Eva was a very adventures child. She wasn't scared of anything and would face whatever scared her head on. She was the only child who  liked to figure out things on her own. She didn't want people helping her. Some would say she had gone on her mom in that regard. But Eva? No. She was her own person. She did what she wanted. If she wanted something she would find a way to get it. And right now at 2 in the afternoon she was going to find Aman and ask him her important question. Eva looked around at the door's as she passed them. She tired to remember which door it was that Rawhol uncle had opened and Aman had been inside. She knew it had to be one of them because as far as Eva knew Aman lived in the hospital or at least that's what she thought.

Finally after checking about 5-6 doors Eva stopped in front of the last one in the hall. She peeked through the window on the side of the door and finally seeing who she had been looking for knocked on the door.


Armaan sat back into his chair smiling to himself. He just didn't believe what had transpired between him and Riddhima. He had been a little scared when Riddhima had told him that she wanted to tell him the truth about her. He didn't know what to expect but when she had told him to read the diary everything had become clear. He had finally learned about her past. He hadn't thought that she would have told him anything about herself but she had proved him wrong. He had not only gained a new respect for Riddhima but he loved her even more and now that they were finally together he was going to make sure that the future would be filled with nothing but happiness. Suddenly hearing the sound of someone knocking at his door Armaan came out of his reverie and sat up to allow the person in.

"Come in!"

Armaan stared at the door waiting for it to open. Why wasn't the person coming in? He had just given them permission then what was going on? Maybe they didn't hear me? Let me try again.


He yelled louder this time but once again the door didn't open. He was about to yell again when he heard a tiny voice coming from behind the door.

"Door no open. It shtuck."

Eva who had been standing behind the door had tired to turn the door knob but because she wasn't that strong the knob hadn't moved.

Armaan hearing Eva's voice got up from his seat and went to open the door. And yes sure enough there standing in front of him was Eva.

"Well hello there Miss.Eva."

"Ello Aman!"

"What are you doing here baby? And where is your mommy?"

"I come ash shomthing. Mommy shleep."

"Oh. And what did you want to ask me?"

"Chan Eva pay Daddy?"

Armaan froze hearing Eva's words. She wanted to play with her dad? Where was he going to find him? Forget finding how was he going to tell her that her dad was a bad guy.

"Um..Eva. I don't know where your dad is so you can't play with him. I'm sorry."

"Mean Eva no pay Aman?"

"WHAT! Wait. Eva. Who's daddy?"


"Did...Did you just call me Daddy."

"Yesh.Aman Eva Daddy."

Armaan hearing Eva's words just didn't know how to react. He hadn't expected her to think of him as her dad. And yet she had not only surprised him but had given him one of the biggest joys of his life. He wanted to share his news with everyone. He wanted to tell the world that Eva was now his daughter. And so picking up Eva into his arms Armaan walked out of his cabin towards Riddhima's room to share with her his new found happiness.


With the round metal circle placed between his thumb and index finger he stared up at the love of his life. His heart was racing and his mind was spinning with a million questions. He had finally with a lot of courage asked her to marry him. Yes Rahul Grewal had finally asked his girlfriend of 4 years to marry him. He didn't know what had come over him but he just couldn't wait anymore. He didn't know why but he just felt as if the time was right. He just prayed and hoped that her answer would be yes.


Muskaan who had been lost in her thoughts snapped out of them as Rahul's voice came booming into her ears.

"So? So What?"

"Yes or No?"


"Will you marry me or not?"

"Oh. I don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I guess I just never thought about marriage."

"Oh. Okay. Well then forget I asked."

Feeling his heart begin to break Rahul who was about to get up from his seat stopped in his tracks as he heard Muskaan break into a fit of laughter. Had she gone insane?


"Are you okay?"

"HA HA HA I'm fine. HA HA HA Look at your face! HA HA HA!"

"Do you mind telling me what the hell is so funny?"

"HA HA it is...Omg! You're such a dork! Of course I'll marry you! I love you!"

"You mean...that was..

"Yes stupid! It was a joke! And you fell for it!"

"That was really mean. I can't believe you did that."

"Will you shut up and put that ring on my finger before I change my mind."

Seeing her stern look Rahul did as he was told and placed the ring on her finger hence she really did change her mind.


Riddhima sat on her bed lost in her book. After her short nap she had woken up to see that Eva was no where to be found. She had almost begun to panic when a nurse came in and told her that she had seen Eva with Armaan. Riddhima had then breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Eva was safe. She didn't like Eva wondering off on her own. It scared her. And so to calm her self down she had picked up her book. Riddhima ever since she could remember loved to read books. They helped to take her away from her reality. They helped her forget where she was and who was around her. It didn't matter what the genre of the book was she would read it. Ever since she had been in the hospital she had been keeping her self busy with a new book every other week. Today she was continuing a romance novel that she had been meaning to finish but never got the chance. Suddenly hearing the sound of her little girl Riddhima put down her book and looked up to see a smiling Eva and an even happier Skittle Head.


"Don't. mommy. me! Where. did. you. go. missy?"

"I go shee daddy!"

"WHAT! Daddy?. You.Saw.Daddy?"


Riddhima's heart beat began to race as her brain registered what Eva was saying. She had gone to see her father? How could that be? Had Armaan taken her?

Armaan watched as Riddhima's face suddenly went blank. He could see she had taken what Eva had said the wrong way. And so without letting things get any more carried away he decided to intervene.

"That's right. Eva did play with her daddy! Eva tell your mommy what daddy's name is?"

"Mommy! Daddy name Aman!"


"That's right Fruit loop. You heard right. She called me daddy!"


"Yup. Isn't it cool!"

Riddhima's eyes began to tear up. She had ever thought that Eva would call someone else her dad. She had always thought that she would grow up without one but Armaan had done it again. He had given her daughter a father. She wanted to say so much to him but the words just wouldn't come out and so without saying a word she moved forward and wrapped her arms around her new family.


Muskaan looked at her hand for the umpteenth time. She still felt as if she was dreaming. She still couldn't believe she was engaged. She was going to become Mrs.Rahul Gerwal. She felt like screaming to the world that she was going to get married. But at the moment she couldn't. Why? Because Muskaan was currently in a meeting with the head of her department and despite being physically there her mind wasn't.



"Care to tell me what is so interesting about your hand?"


"Are you sure? Because it seems as if your hand is more interesting then this meeting."

"I'm sorry Dr.Keerti."

"You better be sorry. Now pay attention."

"Yes Dr.Keerti."

God! She's so annoying! Won't even let me enjoy my ring. Wait till she gets one then I'll show her! Okay seriously can I go now! I have to tell EVERYONE that I'm GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU RAHULLL!

"So that's it for now. You may all resume your duties."

"Yes Dr.Keerti."

Muskaan jumped from her chair and ran out the door lest Dr.Keerti stopped her again for daydreaming. She was so glad that was over. She had never been so bored in her life. Who invented meetings anyway? Who ever it was wasn't very smart. She thought as she walked down no sorry ran down the hallway to find Riddhima and tell her the good news. Riddhima had over the past few weeks become a friend to her. She would often sit and talk to her about anything and everything whenever Muskaan wasn't busy. After Armaan had taken over Muskaan hadn't been around much as she had taken up new responsibilities in the hospital after a senior doctor had been transferred. Muskaan was then chosen to help out in the children's ward until a replacement doctor was found. Hence she had gotten less time to spend with Riddhima. But today she was going to make sure that Riddhima was the first person to hear about her engagement.

Finally reaching her room. Muskaan knocked on the door and after hearing Riddhima's voice telling her to enter Muskaan walked in with the biggest and largest smile anyone had ever seen only to turn it back into a frown seeing the sight in front of her. There sitting on the couch playing with Eva was her dear fianc. Why was he here? Had he told everyone before her? Because if that was the case then Muskaan wasn't going to let him live.

"What are YOU doing here?"

Rahul turned his head to the door way hearing Muskaan's voice and gulped. Oh no I've had it. Was all he could think as he watched her walk towards him.


"What are you doing here?"

"What..I came to see Riddhima."


"Because I didn't see her for days. And plus I wanted to see how she was feeling."

"Don't lie to me Rahul! I know you told them!"

"Told them? Told them what?"

"Oh don't play dumb. I know you told them that we are engaged!"


Armaan and Riddhima both yelled at the same time interrupting Rahul and Muskaan's argument. There friends were engaged and they had no idea?


Rahul said out of embarrassment as he finally found his voice. He had not only been caught arguing with his girlfriend but his surprise had been found out as well.


It was Armaan this time. He couldn't believe his best friend had proposed to his girlfriend and didn't even tell him.


Muski yelled out of excitement. She couldn't help herself. She was overly happy.


Everyone turned there head as they heard Riddhima scream. They had almost forgotten that she was there.

"Yes today. Rahul proposed out of the blue and I said yes."

"Omg! I'm.So.Happy.For.You.Both."

"Me too!"


Hearing a fourth voice everyone turned their attention to Rahul's lap where Eva had been busy playing with his car keys. It seemed that she also wanted to be apart of the conversation. Hence she had interrupted. But Eva being Eva wasn't done and so she continued on.

"Eva ash?"

"Yes Eva. What do you want to ask?"

Rahul said from above her while fixing a lock of her hair.

"Wat doing?"

"Were celebrating."


"Because Rawhol uncle and Mushi auntie are getting married."

"YAY! Dat mean Eva eat cake!"

She squealed out of happiness at the fact that she was going to get cake. Armaan and Riddhima looked at her smiling face and then at each other. They didn't need to say anything because they knew what the other was thinking. They knew that they were each thanking god for showing Eva that life wasn't just full of hardships. That her childhood wasn't going to be filled with darkness. And then with a blink of an eye they both went back to interrogating Rahul and Muskaan as if the moment between them had never happened.


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