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Chapter 7: Obsessed...

Cafe – 1:05pm

Riddimaa walked in too see him seated in black shirt – half sleeves and still folded a bit more – pumping out his muscles as he placed one hand below his chin and other just leaned over the table playing with the vase.. Riddimaa took a deep sigh as seeing an unbelieving person in front of person...

she thought over a mere seconds that she is One of Those lucky one who actually Love him and die to live this Moment... she was the only one – as per, who actually felt him soo close – her First ever kiss and that to with him was a memorable for her – she guessed her last wish was almost complete to stay in his arms for eternity … ' at-least not eternity but for a while …..' she thought and saw him getting up with a super duper big smile towards her...

she finished up the distance between them and looked at him with wishful eyes when he moved his arms up to hug her and so did she came forward to go in his arms but both stopped in mid way and looked around in awkwardness when he moved his forward while she shook it lightly and took it back, they settled while Riddima tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Hi... Kase hoou?" he asked, entwining his both hands while looking at her … "Mai? I am good – good..." she looked down after a minute "aur app?" she looked up "mai? Hmm good good …." he replied... passing a nervous smile. "Riddima – you look weak …. every thing good?" Arman again spoke up "yea yea – everything good" Riddimaa replied. Moving straight in her seat – fidgeting in herself... "Anjali na Kuch?? aus din k baad?" Arman provoked her to speak out "Nae nae everything good.... she wanted to say sorry for that day" Riddimaa lied "You Don't have to lie – its ok..." he looked in her eyes

'Goshh – I can read them soo easily – why do she even try' he thought, chuckling 'gooshh Why do even I try...' she thought. "I am sorry..." she whispered – they ordered coffee … "Riddima – I am sorry aus din – I lost my self aur I got carried away by your simplicity. …. I mean all this is good with me and I knew you are not that type off but still I carried away – I am sorry – I didn't did that on intention" Arman finally spoke up

"Its ok Arman – I understand and really I am happy to know that you don't count me in that people..." Riddimaa smiled and kept a friendly hand over his entwined one... "Ok – that's good ….. soo? How was day?" Arman relaxed and started the conversation "It was good – I have been noticing but...." Riddimaa trailed it off "But what?" Arman spoke with frown... "Nothing … just" Riddima said biting her lower lips – finding it hard to tell him whether he will make fun or will find it way too serious "tell me – anything bothering you – you know, you can speak up with me ..." Arman frowned with concern and moved closer – took hold of her hand that was on table.

"Arman – from the day, we went on date naa – I have seen a boy wandering around us..." Riddima spoke up... feeling very fidgety; as she had boycott from speaking from her friends and di... and some one following her scared her – Right now – he was the best person too tell "Really ? Why didn't you told me before? Oh I mean yea – we weren't talking …. sorry, but Anjali kou kyun nai batya???" he frowned deeper at her stupidity.

"Voo … uhmmm Actually Arman - I am not talking to any of my friends and Di ---" Riddimaa explained and looked at their hands... together.. "Kyunnn Riddima" He asked. "Voo di Slapped you naa – soo I am upset with all that... so I..." he interrupted "Oh Riddimaa ! You are soo mad !" pause "Ok Now, how many times have you seen him...?" Arman asked keeping his empty mug a side "Every day after our date …."

"And today??" Arman asked "haan – when I was coming here – he was half way behind me and I just saw him. He glared at me from your back... passing through outside of the hotel – I saw him through that glass wall" she told, Arman looked behind to see many people walking around the road. But one – one glaring at them.

Arman got up and went out of the restaurant to see the guy running …. Arman tired to cross the road and run behind him – but.... the car came just in front of him and when Arman looked up – The guy wasn't their … he returned to see – Riddimaa sweating – looking tense... "Don't worry Riddima – I will find out about him … Chalo I will drop you to hospital..." Arman took his keys and Placed some cash – while Riddimaa walked behind him

"Arman – who he be?" Riddimaa asked while he pulled out his scooter "No I idea – but you don't worry ..." Arman settled and made space for Riddima behind him "I havn't sat in bikes...before" she spoke keeping a hand on his shoulder "Don't worry – I won't make you fall – I have an experience of 7 years... just hold me tight..." Arman grinned. "hmm..." she and kept a hand on his shoulder "Hold me Riddimaa – warna gir jao gi..." He spoke "Pakraa tou hai dheko" she pointed at her own hand … when Arman her hand and made it wrap around his waist... he could feel her breath near he open neck – as he could feel how nervous she must be right now …. and he was enjoying that

"Riddimaa – remember you promised me too help in Kashish and Sujhal... thing" Arman asked while driving towards the hospital "yes – Arman I remember, but do I have to do...?" she asked "Can you come up at home ? I am planning to send them to a date – I have planned everything – but there is a dress which Sujhal bought for Kashish but Kashish doesn't know how to wear it..." Arman explained and stopped the car once they reached at the gate of Hospital "What dress" she slowly slipped her self down... "uhmm sari" Arman Replied looking at her standing beside him, while he sat in his bike.

"Ohkay that's kool with me – I be at your home, but Arman uhmm can I bring My friend Along – I don't think mujha akela ana ki permission mila ge – but but --- If you mind I can come up alone too" Riddimaa said biting her lower lip.

"Its ok bring everyone – I would like to make friends too – had none before except Sujhal and Kashish ..." Arman smiled, politely.... and went away with a simple bye...


5:00 Pm in locker room

"Muskaaaaaaaaaaannnn" Riddima pulled her coat out after the tiring job and ran towards Muskan "haan ? OMG Riddz finally tera gussa thanda hua..." Muskan hugged her.... "Muskan you know – I met Arman, at Cafe... we talked for a good hour" pause "What?" Muskan frowned while other pulled their ears to the conversation "haan and he has called at his house – to help Kashish" pause "WHAT??" Anjali came up to them "Riddima, you aren't going !" Anjali added "Di, I am – and I asked, if I can bring my friend Muskan along... he said – bring everyone – he would like to make friendship with all of you" Pause "Dii – vo itnaa bhi bura nahi hai – and you know newspaper people – also make up news, who knows what the truth is about him !" Riddima said.. and soon They sat in the locker room "Aur pata hai – from the time of my date...... their this guy following me" Riddima told every thing about the mystery guy ….. and Everyone was shock.....

"Ok Ok.... ab jab Riddimaa – itna keh rae hai Anjali – I don't think Arman itna bhi bura hai..." Atul said "But Atul news mai" Anjali tried to argue "Anjali news mai sab sach nahi hota – kya pata, if Arman also had started liking Our riddiz..." Atul spoke maturely enough "I mean, if he had called her for 2nddate – then he must have been wanted to meet her again! Right ? If he had felt nothing about riddz tou he wouldn't have even called her after the whole drama !" Atul explained everyone – which made sure that Arman had some kind of interest to wards Riddima

"Magar Riddima – it does NOT mean he Love you – ok? You getting me right?" Atul spoke directly to her "I know that Atul – but that does Not mean that this infatuation cannot change in love Right?" she asked him with a smile "Yes – it can turn – only if he feel Love for you" Atul replied happily to which Riddimaa hugged him "You going to be best Jijzz ever !" pause "Thank you" she added....

"Tou kab chalna hai – at his house?" Anjali moved a lovable hand over Riddimaa's head "Oh Dii – thanks a lot, I love you and I am Sorry about all that I did" Riddima apologized "And I am sorry too Riddima – I know, you need chance to live your life – but be careful while judging people ok you promise ?" Anjali asked.. "Yes dii..."


7:00 Pm Malik Residence

"Hello, Arman hain?" Riddima stood in front of the maid on the door of the house "yes ma'am... Are you Riddima?" The servant asked "Yes..." Riddima replied "come on in ma'am – sir had been waiting for you, for a long time back ..." servant told and took them in the hall where the Kashish, Sujhal and Arman sat – busied in pulling each others leg

"OH thank God Riddima Tum agaae – these both man had emptied my head – by pressuring me too wear this SARI... !" Kashish got up and took hold of Riddima – while The guys glued up with others

"Kashish" Anjali called "haan ?" Kashish asked "I am sorry about that day..." pause "Its ok Anjali..." Kashish politely replied "Arman – I am sorry" Arman passed a smile "i am kool... relax come on in... Riddimaa go and help Kashish please" both went away – while others settled up in the lounge.


"Riddimaa this is the sari – now from where should we start?" Kashish asked, settling on bed after giving her the sari ..

"Kashish – before that I really want too talk too you -" Riddimaa kept the sari on bed and settled on floor in front of Kashish "About what?" Kashish asked holding Riddimaa's hands in her own hands. "About Sujhal – I know, I don't know both of you and your relation, but today I felt like telling you something – I saw Sujhal – practicing something for you..." Riddima trailed of "What was he practicing ?" Kashish spoke up – excitingly "Well – If I told you – the whole maza and tafree will be down to shallow – so it's best to hold up and wait for him to tell you by himself – bass I just want to say He love 's you a lot … and he is dying to get you back in life – and I Just want you to forgive him for all his past mistakes and give him a chance – and please, don't leave him – he is the one for you... don't ever do anything which will cost you quite a lot of credit in end..." Riddima said and took her too the washroom … "Wash your tears – because I know today night is going to be special for you …. and let me get everything here ready for today's princess..." Riddimaa hushed her in washroom

when Kashish came back and kissed Riddimaa's forehead "Riddima I pray that you get what you had desired for" Kashish went in the washroom – 'hayee – I have and had one desire now only – hheeehee' she thought – grinning to herself

Ahem Ahem

she turned to see Arman standing their with cold look and two glass of coke... "Uhmm hi … app yahan ?koi kaam hai? Kashish washr.." Riddima took the tray and kept it on the table when Arman stepped in – and slightly closed the door – not shutting it – just a bit away from getting closed – left ajar … he looked straight at her... "You looking nice in this red dress Riddimaa" He commented and took hold of her underarm.... making her stay at the place as she was walking back …

"Thanks Arman – I think you --- should go. Mujha Kashish ki help......." he placed his finger over her lips – she gasped and looked up at him – and then lowering her eyes in shyness and moving her face backwards – in a way to make his hand get away from her lips... he moved his in a jerk to kiss her when she took few steps back – getting scared - "scared ? It was Done for scaring you" he laughed at her scary face "That Was NOT funny Arman !" she got angry.

"Oh it Was Riddimaa – did you saw your face – Oh God, I was not even gone a kiss you after that hard slap of your sis." Arman fell on the bed laughing his head off – while Riddima turned her face – she was turning pink …. 'No – red – I am Turning red with Embarrassment !' she thought, "OH Riddimaa – kidding" he got up from the bed and turned her around to see her all embarrassed "aww – sorry" he kissed her cheek lightly which made her all more shy and she smiled a bit while looking at floor "But it was fun hahahaaa" he ran away as Riddima raise her hand to hit him

Kashish came out in a towel gown... "K-kuch nai... chalo lets get you ready..."


9:00 pm

"Enjoy guys – and I hope when you both return – you return with a good new... I just want both of you to be happy ok?" Arman see off them to the car while other stood behind Arman "Riddima" Kashish called "Haan? Bolo" Riddimaa stepped forward "Thanks for every thing..." Kashish Hugged her … and soon they went away... in the car...

"Chalo shall we go in..." Arman said to all of them "No Arman – we take your leave now – vo tou Riddiz na kaha that's why we just came to meet you..." Atul came forward and shook hand "So, that means you all were not interested in meeting me...?" Arman questioned. "Well, 2 hours phela tou tum mujha ek min nahi bah rahe tah Arman..." Muskan commented to which Riddimaa glared "Muskan !" she whispered "Chup kar Riddimaa" Pause "Haan tou Arman – 2 hours phela I almost hated you – but now you are one of my kool buddy !" Muskan punched him lightly over his shoulder

"Di..." Riddima looked shocked at both Arman – Muskan getting 'over-friendly' "What happened – while I was in the room with kashish?" Riddima asked as Arman some how made them moved in "Bohat kuch Ridiz … things that you wonn't imagine ..." Anjali said in horror but soon Atul tugged her and took her in … when Riddima was left behind and wandered over thoughts

'Muskan na Kya bola hoga ? Kya KYA bola HOGA.? MERa Baree mai – Oh shit Muskan!!!' she thought.... while turning her back towards the house – and going back home as she was scared if some thing Muskan has told him about her

"Yo... Miss Riddimaa ! The house is on this edge..." he commented from door – looking at her back "won't you come – your Love is calling you..." he spoke, smirking – she fumbled ' shit Muskan – I hate you …. I hate you' she thought "yuuhuu" Arman teased her further and walked up to her – and finally made her face him "So? You had a crush on me --- ehh??" he smirked seeing her goo red

'OH God ! Open this damn road – I want to shallow my self in it ! I want too dieee ! Kill me – Kill me god ! Through some lighting on me – Kill ME !! MUSKANNN CHADDA U R DEAD !' she thought..



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