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Chapter 8 - II : Obsessed...

After approximately 30 minute.

Riddima banged the table with her palm and stood up angrily. Arman and Jeeni, who were nuzzling in each other – Especially Arman, who had not even cared about Riddima and had started kissing the girl named jenni over her cheek – nuzzling in her neck. While Riddima – who tried to make herself busy in food.. but it was heights of now – 'does this man has any shame?' two days back errr ok few days back – we went on a date and here he is flirting with this so not good for looking girl'

 "Kya hua Riddima?" Arman took hold of her flinched palm rubbing it lightly as she banged it really hard on table "Leave it Arman – I am done, Bye …. You guys Enjoy" she pushed his hand away and fidgeted with her purse and once found the money she kept it with her half left food plate... "Riddima
I will pay....." Arman tried to speak. "No need …! I don't want any one paying my money..." Riddima said, picking up her shopping backs, from floor. Arman got up leaving a confused – frowning jeeni behind and helped her in picking up those bags... "I am Not Any One..." he pointed out. Looking at her with a hurtful look passing the bags in her hands softly – picking up the money he stuffed in her open purse.. while her eyes were fixed on his face.

"And I am not Every One – I am Not Like Them..." she mumbled turning around and walking away leaving a confused Arman, whose heart beat increased with every step which she took that made her away from him...


"Arman? Kahan koh gaye?" Jenni Clicked her fingers as Arman stood their nor even blinking his eyes until it felt paining "huh? Nahi nahi – I am here...." Arman diverted his attention from Riddima... and settled with jenni – but... Not with her on the chair of Riddima, which was Opposite to jenni...

"Arman, why did she behaved like that?" Jenni questioned "I don't know – she might want to go somewhere.... I guess" Arman mumbled and ordered a coffee – 'why did I felt That bad – its okk.... It Happens.... Big Deal – I know that I am infatuated by her – but that does not mean that I will feel guilty or cry over her behavior... ITS O.K.A.Y....' he thought 'Chill Arman – you getting this In your head.... Forget it...' he thought and soon left the place after giving an excuse to jenni that he has to go some where really important...

Almost After 40 Minutes Arman walked out of the Mall – just to see,


'What is she doing here? Jeez...' Arman's eyes fell across the road – she was settled on the footpath borders with lots of bags scattered beside her... and her head bowed while her legs cross each other – like she doing yoga.... Arman looked across the roads – traffic... it was getting difficult for him to cross the road and reach to other end at Riddima...

when ever he would try a car would just come by his side – making his wits go watery. His eyes dropped across the road – where some people were about to cross behind Riddima – who were laughing but suddenly stopped behind Riddima – Arman's Eyes Pop out. He moved his hand to reach up to her – but he remembered where he was.

"Shit" he mumbled, not caring about the car – he jumped over the road when a car screeched and stopped right in-front of him – making his go blank – after hearing hons – and Riddimaa shouting and beating guys to leave her – he ran across the road – and Pulled Riddima in his arms – getting her away from those man...

"She is with me Mate" Arman said picking up her things – the guys tried to hold her again "I will call the Police – if you didn't left the place right away !" Arman said angrily, boiling the guts of the guy. "Peace – we going!" One of them said... Riddima shattered in his arms while he she was hugging him, sobbing he bent a little and picked up the bags and slowly he crossed the road with her....

He was quite – he didn't spoke a word – just took her across to his car. She didn't left his shirt, clutching it in her arms. She felt ashamed to face anyone – they had touched her, no has touched her like that.... she felt harassed in few seconds... she can't explain how she felt in last few minutes. If he – The Arman, was not their then …. thinking over it, she dig in him more – and more.

"Riddimaa sit..." he opened the door, but she was hugging him tight, wrapping her arms around his... feeling her hand sliding off his body – he held her hand and made her sit.... keeping all the bags near her feet's, in the car. He shuts the door – and settles beside her. 'shit – 10:00 ….' he thought while looking at his wrist-watch.

She cuddled in herself all over – trying to get herself dissolve in the seat … her head was lowered more...and she had slid her self a bit down... Arman felt her go down – and took a sigh "What Were You Thinking? I mean, it's 10 at night And you! You are sitting in middle of No where? ARE you Out Of your Mind? I mean... you act Like you are Really stupid Riddima – I thought, you are not that insane ---" pause "but Thanks for Proving me wrong..." he added and stopped his car at the signal...

"Now – Would you mind and Give me an Explanation?" Arman behest, looking at her and saw her sobbing... "Good ! Now Cry ! God … Riddimaa... Stop crying now... and tell me why were you sitting their..." he asked, getting more furious starting his car again – as the signal turned green

"I …. I was tired... and I couldn't find I settled down" she spoke... clearing her cheek, rubbing off her own tears... "Stop Lying... !Is it your hobby to bluff me?" he asked,tempestuous over the lie she spoke... "I... was thinking about --- why you kissed me, when you are in that – so not good-looking jenni...!" she blast... inclining herself up in the seat and looking at him angrily..

"WHAT... huh? Excuse me...." he looked here and there – finding a quick answer but looked shock at her soo loud answer... "What? Whatt??" she asked, getting the situation in her hand.. "Listen, Riddima..." pause, he took a deep sigh "I Never Promised, you any kind off commitment.... and the time – Our moment... it was just the place – the environment... a simple attraction, which I felt for you – and I anthologize for it" he looked at her, as she turned her face and looked out side the window "Riddimaa – you are a good friend... and like it that way.." he spoke keeping a hand over her hand "Only... friend.." he added, pressing her hand lightly...

"Arman.... Please, leave my hand." she tried to take her hand but he was not leaving … "Riddima, please smajhna ki koshish..." he tried to speak "Forget it Arman...." she interrupted, keeping her hand in the place of window and bending over her own hand – feeling cool air on her face, her eyes dropped fresh air... which spread side ways due to pressure of air....

he sighed and drive across the road... 'I knew it didn't I ? but still... I want it … I soo want it --- I soo want him too be near me... Armman.... how do I say this? I … I Love you' she thought, gulping harder, feeling a gust of pain – in her lumps, heart – soul …. she felt weak... her lips felt weak – her jaw was hurting. She wanted to cry but she was holding it....

'he will never understand......' she concluded and straightened herself – looking right in front. Arman looked at her and at her discomfort look on her face – 'she looks broken....' pause 'but she knew about me....' he re-thought

his eyes fell on her lips, which moved very lightly, his hand went up to deck and played the music..

Jaagi jaagi soyi na main saari raat, tere liye
Bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas, tere liye
Haan jaagi jaagi soyi na main saari raat, tere liye
Bheegi bheegi palkein meri udaas, tere liye
Akhiyan bichayi main, tere liye
Duniya bhulayi maine, tere liye

he heard lyrics and felt as if Riddimaa's feeling through this song....

Hoo bheegi bheegi raat mein le kar ke tujhko saath mein
Madhosh hue jaaye hum, aa faasle kar ne de kum
Zara paas tu aa mere, dheere se choo ja mujhe
Kho jaaun tere pyaar mein, baahon mein bhar le mujhe
Ooo tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye
Hona kabhi tu judaa ..
Tere liye jhoomu deewana ban ke tere liye
Vaada hai mera main hoon tere liye
Hona kabhi tu judaa ..

he screeched his car, stopping it. Riddima looked at him, he looked passionate and soo did she – he reached up to her face, cupping her one side, sliding his palm up to her neck - jerking her face up to her face, making her go dazey... ruffling his hand further back to her nape... he placed his lips on her – smooching it.... rubbing it as if tasting it for last time – he felt the urge to hold her tightly under his hold and tell her – he wants for entire life – but.... but something stopped him, the demons in his body, played the boss role in his body

He continued kissing her till she bend over her seat.... her head touched the mirror and he bending over her.... she tried to brake apart... but couldn't do it... cupping her face she kissed him back...

"I Never Promised, you any kind off commitment."

"a simple attraction, which I felt for you"

"Riddimaa – you are a good friend... and like it that way.."

"Only... friend.."

she remembered his words and pushed him Back "Stop !! If you Don't Love me, why did You kiss me … I am Not a Bitc* Arman !! why don't you get it – I love You" she cried … taking hold of her shopping backs "My Love is turning in a hatred for you Arman – Why did you come in my Life Arman -? Why?" she opened her door, tears streamed down "why??? I was happy in my own world.... you had too come and destroy Every Thing … I feel Like hating You Arman" she shouted

Arman sat still – looking at her rushing in her house.... 'why did I kissed her? I mean – didn't I just made her clear few minutes back that – I Don't love her.... I m Confused ! Sujhalll Help' he thoughts running a hand in his hair, ruffling them.


11:00 pm. Malik Residence.

"Tou, Now tell me Did I do Something wrong? I mean Every one – Today kiss each other and even have that... you know what I mean …. its common ! I mean, its 21st century !!" Arman spoke, seating on big leathery chair.


"Oww – Kashish ! What are you Doing here...! Get out … its boy talk right Now!" Arman spoke... Rubbing his head, from back "Dumb ass I have been sitting here at your back from the very start !" She pointed and took a seat in-front of Arman, and beside Sujhal, who was talking to Arman...

"I never Noticed you...." pause "Ok forget that … bol Sujhal !!" Arman added "Kya ??? Arman you … you are such a Basta** !" Sujhal got up from his place "Excuse Me, I take it as an offense !" Arman said. "Hell with you – Arman, Riddimaa is not like those Bitc*es, who are one night stand !We both have realized the first time we met her – but youu?? don't you see ? She Is Different !! don't you get this simple Word?? different..?" pause "Why are you testing some girls patience? Why are making her face worlds bad phase? I mean – she likes you God dammit …!! don't You get It??? don't you have a heart to feel ? To feel some One actually Love you?? You use say – you will never find a true Love but when it comes knocking at door … you smack the door right on its face ! Fu** With You Arman !" Sujhal bust out and walked out leaving a frowning Arman...

Kashish has never saw this side of Sujhal – he looked angrily – very angry... "Kash....." Arman hold her hand as she was walking out behind Sujhal "hmmm" she stopped and took steps back to look at him down. As he was still settled on the chair "Am I wrong?" he spoke – looking damn serious "Its you, who has to decide Arman...! If I told you then you will never make mistake and learn from it ..." he frowned "People Make mistakes to learn.... I guess, if you ask me – today you broke her... you did made a mistake – and now you have to learn from it......" she went away leaving Arman alone in that room.....

"hey Doc. Soo you read about me...?" he spoke. "yea a little here and there..."

"So, yea – any boyfriend?" she shook her head

"I am not one of those Mr. Malik !" she replied, Angrily

"one of those – who are roaming around you..." she said looked at him angrily...

I Am Not That type of Girl !" she told the matter of fact

OK There is Nothing between me and Riddimaa -we are JUST Hanging out – for a while" Arman told, irritatingly "Tou Chachu Aur Mom Soch naa bhi mat !" Arman said

"You look gorgeous Riddimaa" he commented

"Arman – I don't want media too know about me..." she replied

"Arman voice doesn't matters – the words that he will sing for her will tell the depth of his love for her"

Kashish harr Rishta mai dhuk hota hai.... pyar bari kismat waloon ko milta – and you both are lucky you got it ! Please sort out this small difference before it gets late..." Riddima commented

"Yes....I want a simple ice cream with Lots of chocolate melted over it..." Riddima told the waiter

their first lip-kiss. He could never forget, it was mesmerizing.... until Anjali came...

he drifted off on the chair, itself – while thinking over the moments he had send with Riddimaa.


Next day. 5:00 Pm Out Sanjeevani.

Honk Honk....

Riddimaa turned her attention to the noise and saw Arman standing in-front of her – a little distance away. Bending over his car... and pressing the horn of his car – to get her attention, which he finally got. Riddimaa walked up to him – and hushed his away from the honk... "WHAT ?" she blast, he grinned "Lets go out for a dinner..." he spoke "Get Out! Get out right now -" she said and turned to go..

"Only if you tell me the path too Get Out of here..." He took hold her wrist making her stop "Chodo !" she spoke angrily, and pulled her hand back "That's the main door from where you came – and now leave !" she pointed out her fingers at the main gate of Hospital... "Lets go to a date..." He again spoke "Hell with you and your date !" Riddimaa turned to go, when he turned her – banging her with his car, standing in front of her... "ARMAN !" She spoke "shut up …. What's you Problem ..? why can't you come on a simple dinner ..!" Arman asked, pinning her wrist with the wall "Because I don't want too" she said, struggling under her breath

"And why don't you want too?" he asked, coming closer to her "Because You are a ruthless person – who don't have heart and does not respect others !" she said.... "If I say – I do feel something for you … then?" he said "Then I would NOT believe you ! As you are just doing this to get me in your bed !" she had tears as she knew he is a filthy person and she had wasted her whole life thinking she Actually LOVED this guy... who had no respect for women and their feelings

"You Wrong!" he replied thickly "I am not !" She retorted, tears streamed down "NO...." he spoke in a grave voice "Give me a chance – and I promise you will see a different Arman on this date .." he was trying to sort out the problem "why should I even go on A date With you ? Why Should I give you a chance?" pause "didn't you last night said – Its JUST THE Place which made you loose control AND YOU ACTUALLY DON'T FEEL ANYTHING ! THEN HOW COME ALL OF SUDDEN YOU STARTED FEELING FOR ME?" she blasted

"I thought over it whole time after that encounter.... I really want too know – that is this a true relation Riddimaa. I don't want to loose some one – which might turn out to be a precious diamond later..." he spoke, in a guilty tone "lets Just Give it a try !" he said "I don't want to.... its will hurt me later" she spoke politely. "I won't do any such thing – Which will leave you broken... I am 26 and a mature guy !" he replied huskily "believe meonce..." he said

"And what about that Jenni?" She asked out of blue "OH GOD, you are still stuck up with that jenni girl? She asked me for a date and when I saw you – I rushed up too you, so that I don't get bored up with that girl" he replied

"That means, you don't like her ?" she asked, biting her lower lip "no.... she offered me a dinner out … and I couldn't say no... you know, how I am? I can't say no to pretty girls" he chuckled, rubbing her lower-lips, stopping her from biting it... to which she backed her face "you are shameless..." she pushed him and walked to the taxi "i know.... so I am picking you at 9..." she shouted as he saw her sitting in taxi and going away without a reply...

"O.K --- so I take that as a yes" he spoke few minutes later he punched in air "YES !" He shouted. Calming him, pulling his collar down... making a serious face he settled in his car – as people looked at him weirdly...


Next Chapter : Will This Chance get them closer ? Or Will it spoil their Relation More... ? Will Arman Feel any sort Love For Riddimaa or will just loose the True Love Of his life? Tune up too know what happens next...

Love Maha

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