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Chapter 8 - III : Obsessed...

8:30 Pm. Gupta Residence

"Chal Arman – You can do it ..! yes man be a man... what could happen worst than – she slaps you – or kick you out – or the worst close the door on your face." Arman spoke getting out of his car – standing right in front Of Gupta Residence. "Lets do it man ! Lets just do it" Arman straightened his shirt and look down at his jeans and shirt... he looked decent … mature !

Arman gulped, and stood right face to face to her house door … knock it twice he rang bell once... "Whoseee IT?" Some one shouted from inside "Ahemm.... Arman Malik.." he shouted back... finally the door opened and an elderly women stood in front of him – he gasped and checked the name plate

"yes Mr.Malik what can I do for you" the women asked 'Arman beta – house is correct ! But whose she ? Might be Riddima's mom' "Hello betaa? Kahan koh gaye?" she flipped her finger in front of him, with a smile "Oh Sorry Ma'am – your beauty surely made me go daze" he spoke, gaining consious... "Who are you?" she frowned with a confused smile "ma'am I here for Riddima..." Arman said passing his trade mark smile...

"Oh..... Come on in child..." The women made space for him and he walked in.. "I am Padma Gupta – Riddima's Mom" the Women introduced herself "Oh Nice too meet you – I must say, Riddima has got all good looks from you !" Arman complimented "You are a big flirt ..ahh" Padma thought "Arman, aunty" he helped her remembering his name....

"haan Arman, have I seen you Before?" Padma asked "Aunty I am Arman Malik – a business tycoon – you might have read...." HE was interrupted, while taking a seat in the lounge "oh Yes yes.. Arman Malik – Who can not Remember you ! You are all over the page 3 ….!" Padma took a seat "Aree Anjali... Call Riddima, and tell her – Arman is here !" Padma saw Anjali walking out of kitchen in her shots and a long shirt...

Anjali stopped motionless and looked at Arman, who winked at her.... "Anjali !!" Padma spoke louder "yea mom.... wait Ridizz.. come out..!" Anjali shouted standing on the door of Kitchen "Kya huaa Di... mera Cake kharab hojaye Ga..!" Riddimaa came out in small ties that landed right below her knee and a shirt that falling off her one shoulder

"Riddima beta – your Friend is here..!" Riddimaa stood beside Anjali and was about to fall back when Anjali place her hands from back on Riddima's back... to give her support "Hosh Ma Aa Riddiz – he is Really here !" Anjali whispered "Kya huaa Hai tum Dono Kou ? Pagal ho gaee hou??" Padma got up and went up to her daughters... "Anjali chal help me in kitchen with the cake and Riddima – he is waitnig !" Padma spoke strictly

"h-haan Maa.." Riddima picked a extra duppatta of Padma lying on the couch and cover her self as much as possible... "What Are you doing here" she talked in a low voice "you forgot Our date??" he spoke with a small face... "Get out of My house Arman !" she spoke slowly sitting on the three seater couch in which he sat on one end and she on other.

"but Riddima – I want to..." he moved closer "I don't Want Too ! Listen we all are having a family moment and it would be nice if you could leave...." she replied, angrily "buh..... ok fine... thanks for all the insult..." he gave a fake smile and passed brushed him...

"aree Arman beta where are you going?" Padma saw him a bit angry....and opening the knob of main door "going Aunty..." He replied heavily... "Nahi beta today's Riddimaa's Papa birthday stay – others will be coming too – you too stay up … and enjoy" Padma walked up to him "Aunty.... please" he mumbled lightly feeling ashamed as Riddimaa has really insulted him and he felt his eyes getting moist … today somewhere he felt an unknown pang – he really thought Riddimaa will go out with

AS she really loved him – and those who love some one can't say No to them … but she did and in a very harsh manner.... "come..." Padma placed a hand over his upper arm and took him in "In our house – no one goes without eating food – actually we don't allow people too go without having food...!" Padma spoke in between passed a warm blink of eyes – in short, giving him a hint everything will be ok

"OK – just because of you saying me too stay I am staying..." He replied and hugged her warmly, to which Padma was shocked but hugged him back... "sit now and talk to your friends..." Padma moved away looking at her Daughter 'Riddimaa', who was still glaring at Him in anger "Riddima a word In Kitchen .!" Padma said, strictly

"Anjali why don't you accompany him" Padma said, passing a sharp glare to her too "Off course Mom ! Hey Arman dude – how are you?" Anjali jumped over the couch and patted the place beside her "good – so Your Papa's birthday... No one told me" Arman felt bad about this too – he was believing that they took him as his friend... "Aree – we had not invited any one -wo tou bas – small family gathering we four and Atul, Rahul, and Muskan" Anjali spoke "Sorry Arman... It will never happen again..." Anjali pouted

"Its ok.. chill – God Send me here by itself" he teased her... relaxing over the couch "did something happened between you too" Anjali spoke directly "yes..! and if I told you … You will actually hate me..." He said looking at her seriously "mind too tell me" she spoke in her old-strict manner "IF you talked like that and tried to slap me again then NO" He got up and looked around the pictures hanging on the wall

"Shit with you Arman … tell me or else I will beat ya..."

in between bell rang and Arman went ran to open it as too save himself from any encounter with Anjali... ! "Heyy !" Arman welcome the three "Oye Mera buddy – Missed You" Muskan jumped and hugged Arman "Muskan – chor you are my girlfriend" Rahul tried to part them "Chill Dude – she is all yours ---" Arman moved away he hugged and greeted other. All were walking in when Arman took hold of frowning- Rahul and whispered "I take her as a sister ! Swear on my Mom" Rahul smiled

"Chill – I am annoying Muskan !" both chuckled and walked in... gathering around the hall and the cake brought by Riddimaa and Shahank coming out of his room in his simple clothes with Anjali's hand over his eyes "kya kar rahe ho Anjali" Shahank said which made every one smile "Dad – Patience" pause "ok 1. 2. ….. 3" Anjali removed her hands

Happy Birthday.... Every one shouted

Arman stood a bit away behind every one... his eyes were on Riddimaa who had covered her self with a duppatta – he chuckled. 'Pagal' he thought "Riddima the cake is best – thank you betaa" shahank commented and gave a bite too every one after Padma too which every one hooted in a teasing manner.

"and Arman? How come you here? How are you feeling now?..." Shahank took Riddimaa in a side hug, keeping a hand over her shoulder "Very good Uncle... and I am here..." he looked at Riddima too tell "Dad ... Our Friend" Anjali stepped in … and Riddimaa, who had lowered her eyes – not looking at him. Arman felt bad as she didn't introduced him "Oh really now, that's really good" pause "Arman do tell billy to come over here some day...!" Shahank spoke

"oh yes uncle I will – but you too come up to Our house." Arman smiled "yes yes off-course... you met my wife..." Padma came up to them "Padma he is naina's son Naina Malik? Remember..." Shahank introduced nicely "Oh My...! Arman... how can I forget this monster...!" Padma replied in excitement... "he use to annoy Naina soo much when he was a child.." every one looked at her weirdly while other frowned except Shahank, who smiled "Lo Billy is calling..." Shahank received the phone

"mom – you know him?" Anjali asked "Yes … Off course, he was in my arms naked when he was born!" she teased him, Arman's and Riddimaa's eyes Literally popped out while other burst out "Aunty!" Arman said, embarrassed... "I have Called billy and others here" Shahank announced "this is going to be a big evening Padma" Shahank told and took a seat beside Padma...

"yea soo where was I ?" Padma got excited "Mom you were telling about Arman ...being naked in your... arms" Anjali cracked up, holding her stomach "And Shahank you remember – how he use to run in whole house only in his shirt – Naina use too run after him with his pants... he was one shameless boy" she commented...

"yes that he still is..." Riddimaa mumbled. Arman heard as he was settled right next to her "Thank you..!" he commented to which Riddimaa gave whatever look "Arman you grown up soon... do you remember me?" Padma asked, with watery eyes. In reply Arman shook his head in no... "Haan, how will you remember us.... you were only 3 when....." pause "when Vikram Bhai left us.... and then you all left us and went away" Padma's word created silence... "You know – Your mom had done a lot for you... I use to be around her that time – I was not married at that time and I saw her – how hard she had worked out everything which is turned out to be best for your future...and today I am happy to see you All grown up in to a man!" Padma commented and removed her tears "Ok lets not spoil this great day.." Padma added to which Arman smile with tears..

Riddimaa was looking at him – she wanted to take him in hug and console him by saying she is here for him but something hold her back …. "Mom.... You were not married – how come." Anjali asked

when bell rang and Riddimaa went to open... she greeted them and took them in... Rahul, Muskan Anjali and Atul took seats down on carpet... and called Arman to come down too. He went and settled beside Muskan... Riddimaa brought Coffee's for every one... and settled down with Arman and near Kashish's feet

As Kashish Sujhal – Naina and Billy sat up with Shahank and Padma... all the children were facing elders... "Kya baat hou rahi thii?" billy finally asked "aree – billy uncle we were talking about Arman being naked in Mom's Arm" Every one cracked up again "Stop it now Yrr !" Arman said getting all red

"ok ok … tell me Billy Uncle – how come Naina Aunty being Mom's best friend didn't knew about Our Mom's marriage" Anjali investigated, all got more excited as they saw Padma blushing "Actually I will tell you everything..." Billy raised his feet up and looked down at all the children "When we were leaving the place naa – we came too know that Shahank being my friend use to come for consoling us and Padma use too come to help Naina in Arman's case" every chuckled while Arman groaned "and at that time me and Naina Babhi came too know about They having an affair ! And we were just an excuse too meet"

"Hawww Papa!" Riddimaa kept a hand on her mouth "i don't believe it" Anjali commented "Aree listen – they use to even have secret meeting places like kitchen – store room ..." Billy said "stop it Billy"Shahank said


"Aree asa Kuch nahi hai bachoon" Shahank tried to speak i Naina pointed.... everyone shocked "Nainaaa !!" Padma shouted and went away

"Kyaa Yrr" Shahank got up to go behind Padma"aww Dad soo sweet" Anjali commented seeing her father going behind her mother in kitchen. Billy opened many secrets and children kept on hooting …..


after an hour or soo,

All them went up to terrace while the elders stay down for chit chat

"Kashish.... everything good between you and Sujhal" Riddimaa asked when they isolated – others were sitting in other corner chatting while these two had walked up to railing. "Yes Riddimaa – Sujhal behave like old Sujhal now days – but I am taking time... I don't but I am scared to trust him again – I don't want to cry once again when we get back and he busy himself in work and keep on ignoring me" pause "I hate to even have any more fights with him – I hate all that has been happening from last 4 years" A tear stroked down her cheek, making her lips tremble while remembering her bad days

"Kashish – as I told you before, nothing is perfect. We have to make it perfect... only if we want to work out any relation whether it is Love or a simple friend ship we have to work it out – its easy to fall for some one but its hard to keep up that love till last breaths.." pause "Every now and then we meet people – we feel attracted to them and think its love... but its just for a particular period"

"But Your Love For Arman is not a mere Attraction Riddimaa ! You have been wishing to have him from a life time back!" Kashish commented "that is a different Thing Kashis.....and we can't have what ever we wish for..." Riddimaa avoided the topic "Now why is it different? You Love him from the time you were 16 and you have been reading about him too – you know how he was – is … but still you never lost hope of him..." Kashish was interrupted

"It's just an attraction a simple attraction – I don't Love Arman!" Riddimaa commented with a slight tears in her eyes "Oh really now ! Tou ro kyun Rahi hou?" Kashish probed her "Kashish Please..." Riddimaa pleaded looking away "Riddima itna kamzor hai tumhara pyar?" Kashish asked "Haan ! Mai kamzoor hoon aur mera pyar Mujha sa bhi zyada Kamzoor.." pause "Mai nahi lar skati – I just can't ! wo tou mujha pyar bhi nahi karta – Taras kah raha hai mujha pa! He is pitying over me – I don't want in pity ! I don't need his symothy I......." she was interuptted

"Riddima – you are taking me wrong..." Arman walked up to her "Aur Kashish Tum bhi !" Sujhal stepped in "Don't tell you both were hearing us!" Kashish spoke boiling. "Sorry" Sujhal hold his ears. Riddimaa turned and walked past Arman when he hold her hand and turned towards her – crushing her in his arms "just one chance – I will prove all these statement of yours wrong... I promise Riddimaa... one chance" He pleaded, clucking her tight through waist "arman Chodo Mujha – Sab dhek rahe hain" she looked through his shoulder and saw every one staring at them. Kashish and Sujhal stood their watching them

"Please Riddimaa one chance – I swear to you, I will be nice and humble – will not cross my limits." He again pleaded, not getting any response. He left her but stood right in front of her – blocking he r exit "Acha fine you don't want to date me. Right? Fine – at least be my friend... I can't see this gussa – your cold shoulder towards me ..." he made a cute face, literally melting her heart... "Please Riddima – tumhare fantasy wala Arman Malik keh raha hai – kya tum auski bhi baat nahi mano gii?" Every one chuckled and the rest gang came up to them...

Anjali shook her head in a yes, as if saying Go for it

Riddimaa smiled at the permission, and shook her head in yes... "great.." he jumped over her and hugged her tight – embracing her in his arms … she was long lost in his muscular body – he was making her bend, while her head was tilted and adjust-ably settled in the joint of his shoulder-neck...

Everyone clapped

"Fine, now our turn.... Kashish.." Sujhal turned his attention when she Pushed Sujhal hard making him getting imbalanced and falling on Anjali and Muskan "Oyeee !" Muskan shouted pushing him back on Kashish, she banged at the railing and he over-lapping her, placing his hand on the railing locking her in between "Sujhal Mera demag mat kahana !" Kashish tried to push him when he kissed her uninvitedly just to get a hard kick over his foot "Ow Ow Ow …."pause "pagal Hogae hoou" he added

"haan !!" pause "Chodo Ausa Arman !" she parted Arman and Riddimaa, taking Riddimaa away from their – soon other girls followed them and went down... "Yrr Kashh – tu jaana Riddimaa kou kyun leke ja rahe hai" Arman shouted... and saw all off them going down

"Sujhal teri Biwi Pagal ho gayi hai" Arman banged the railing... "pata hai" He replied and every one burst out...


Next Chapter : Will Anjali find out what had Really happened between AR a night before today? What actually Padma said to Riddimaa in kitchen? Will this Friendship work out or will they fall in lover for each other ever?

Love Maha

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