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Chapter 8: Obsessed...

Snap... Click, he clicked his fingers infront of her daze - blank face...

"Riddima, you didn't told me you are a day dreamer too?" he chuckled and hit her by banging his shoulder with hers, lightly – as they walked beside each other "huh? No asa nahi hai..." she replied – and walked in the house, taking few steps to avoid any encounter with him... "hey..." he claimed her wrist. She stretched her self out of his range while her hand was straightly held by him – trying to stop her "Please Arman..." she mumbled. Not looking back at him

He smoothly let go of his hand and Riddima ran in his house leaving him smiling to himself......



"MUSKAN KI BACHI !" Riddima ran right up too her... and place her knees beside her and sat over her – in a very awkward manner . ! "Sorry Ridiz – yrr it just slipped off My Tongue. .. maaf kardou yrr" Muskan Covered her face with her own hand "No No – How could you muskan" Riddima hit her "Ufff Riddima -we Are not At home ! Get off her Right Now !" Anjali pushed her back while Rahul Helped her out... "urghh !" Riddimaa got up and straighten her dress and hair.... while Arman, who was busy looking at the scene – came in – suppressing her laugh

"Sorry Rid.." Muskan Tried again just to get a hard – horrendous glare from Riddima and thought that it would be better shut up … "So Guys...?" Arman sat beside Riddimaa and on his other Side Rahul was settled "Arman – your Mom?" Anjali asked tried to avoid the topic of 'Crush' "OH she be around her after 2 or 3 hours... Mom and Chachu are off too some religious deed..." he replied leaning on his own portion – keeping his arm behind Riddimaa over the couch, though...

Riddima scale down – diminished in her own-self more – feeling his manly body capturing more space on the couch -she gulped with consternation – horror, her eyes almost out – as she felt his fingers playing with her twisted edged hair.... from back... she looked at him through corner of her eyes... "Acha – tou what will we do now?" Atul asked leaning beside Anjali – snuggling her in his affection. "Anything …. I will be bored till Sujhal Kashish come – so till then we all can do some sort off fun?" Arman said...

"I am kool" Rahul replied – and grinned seeing Arman playing with Riddimaa's hair – and Riddimaa almost near a sprag to death... soon – she felt his hand making her hair rolled over his finger – she moved a hand over her head till the end and moved his hand away by hitting it lightly... he grinned

"Chalo lets watch moive...!" Muskan spoke... "i hate movies..." Riddimaa count-blast angrily – glaring at Muskan – to which every one chuckled "ok then Basket b..." Muskan tried suggesting but Riddimaa again shut her off "From now on wards I Hateee Basket Ball" Riddimaa moved in her place – a try to move Arman's hand away from her hair.... "ok then......." Muskan again tried but Riddimaa interuptted "I won't do anything – you guys play – I will just – just sit here" Riddimaa spoke and shot a last ominous glare to Muskan

"OK Come on Ridiz... Chor na" Rahul said – siding Muskan "Rahul – don't even go there … mera mood bilkul nahi hai" Riddimaa finally hushed Arman's hand away and walked out in the backyard lawn of the house – though she didn't knew that it was their – but just roaming around she found out …

Muskan slightly nestled to Rahul – and sobbed lightly. "koi baat nahi Muskan – she be ok ..." Rahul calmed her while Anjali – Atul apologized Arman for Riddimaa's Behavior and he he hushed them saying – he had spend lots of hours with this moody girl – to which they tried too engulfed in some conversation "I always break her trust and still she believes me Blindly – why do she believes in me soo much?" Muskan sobbed "Oye Muskan – she loves you, and its Riddimaa whom we r talking about – no matter what happens – she loves everyone !" he described her in a prescribed way "still I am not the best one for her....." Muskan spoke

"Chill Muskan – I will talk to her at home – she be ok by morning..." Anjali said... "Guys – wait, I bring her – and Muskan don't worry I will make this up too you two.." he caressed her head while walking out in the same direction where Riddimaa went.


"Dhek Muskan – I am not in a mood!" Riddimaa spoke while holding the fence... "Muskann go Right now -" she choked over her words - "Riddima...." he took big step – as he felt her sobbing. Reaching out to her he turned her – while she tried to rub of the tears "Arman?" she turned and rubbed her face "Give me two minutes – its just once it starts naa – it takes time to stop.."she chuckled, when he turned her again "heey....." he whispered and looked at her with concern... "Its ok...." He mumbled – a try to tell that its not a big deal "Arman – I am ok. You Go inside, I be there in a minute." Riddimaa tried to create a distance – by making her back bang with the garden fence...

he took a step and brushed his body with hers – she gasped and tried to move away – by the side when his hand went up to her waist and he clutched it – through one side …. and other hand went up and cupped her cheek, rubbing the thumb slowly – gradually over her chubby – teary cheek "Its ok... Your secret save with me – Love....." He moved closer, making her calm down

"she shouldn't have told you..." Riddimaa blurted while walking in his embrace – with slight tears... "Why not Riddimaa? Big deal! Its ok – if you have crush over me..... many have..." he chuckled – to which she hit his chest where she kept her face.... "No seriously – I am happy to know, that you really fantasize me .!" he teased her changing the atmosphere lighter "I DON't do that !" Riddimaa parted and pointed "OH yes you do...!" Arman said. "No I don't – Did Muskan Told you that too?" Riddimaa asked boiling like a pressure cooker – whose whistle was going to blast off Muskan's head

"No Love – you just told me hahhaaa" Arman Laughed at her – as she confessed this by it self "Shit" she mumbled "Arman no – No I don't fantasize you..." she turned red – baffled – ashamed – her cheek burning red with the circulation of blood more faster. His laugh subsided – he looked at her standing right in front of her – with bowed head. He smiled and clasped his hand near her cheek to make her look up at him "what do you fantasy about me?" he asked moving closer... "nothing like that ..." she mumbled , face straight but eyes left down completely …. "Then like how....?" he asked further – pushing her hair to one side from back – leaving a damp bare portion of side neck – he bend – leaned over to the bare portion a bit and kissed her lovable over her side neck – smooching it….

"Like this..." he mumbled to which she took a deep sigh – taking the pleasure in.... he kissed her right again – making her feel blown up – burst out with an intense sentiment, taking hold of her skin in between his teeth... "Or like this..." he whispered in a hoarse voice …. she tilted her head back – with closed eyes – she felt a wildness of fire burning in her heart, – no one had ever touched her like this – she didn't knew how reciprocate to his delectable touch ….. her approval to this intense moment was added to his fillip..

Arman turned his face to other side – making her beauty bone wet through his smooching lips.... and making Riddimaa groan harder – her hoarse voice of gratify that she felt was conveying the message right up to him... it was hard for him to hold back now.... he was about to kiss her when

Ahem Ahemm..

Arman broke a part and turned to see Rahul standing their with hands crossed over his chest.... and looking at the duo in a minatory manner. Riddimaa duppatta laid over her one side shoulder – almost falling when she took hold it – turning her back towards the boys she adjust herself – her clothes ….

Rahul took a step and looked at Arman's eyes – burning with sensations... Rahul knew Arman had started building up some feeling's for Riddimaa. But Rahul, surely doubted – that will this feeling will be opened up in front of Arman, before it turns out to bee late...

"Rahul – I can explain – please don't make a scene – if Anjali find out... tou..." Arman spoke "Look Arman, I don't want to make any sort off scene... but..." Riddimaa pleaded Rahul through eyes while standing behind Arman...

Rahul shutting up at once made Arman look back and saw Riddimaa pleading Rahul through Expression "No Rahul – speak, Riddimaa let him speak..." Arman said and came in contact with Rahul

"Arman – You must be knowing Riddimaa Is Too...." Rahul was interrupted "Naive?" Arman spoke, smirking "Yes!" Rahul said, Too which Riddimaa's mouth fell down "Excuse me !" she felt the comment too offensive "don't take it as an offence dear..." Arman said "I will!" she said keeping her hands on her waist and walked away in the house

"yes – so Arman, I don't want her to be left heart broken. Once your desire of having her is fulfilled" Rahul spoke directly "Rahul you taking it all wrong – I do like her..." Arman explained "but she had started loving you Arman..." pause "she is falling for you..." Rahul spoke which made Arman quite – well he knew that 'yes I knew this – she feel's for me – it was me who is not accepting that she loves and today Rahul just told it – still I don't love her....' he was battling in himself

"Don't worry Arman – No one is forcing you too Love her back or Accept her just because she Loves you … just – just don't be soo close, when you walk out she is left like a broken piece of glass... you understanding.?" Rahul spoke to which Arman made a slight nod, pressing his lips together "Arman – we had found a great friend in you – hope we remain like that..." Rahul kept a hand on his shoulder "calm calm man !" Rahul added, chuckling "I am chilled Man ! Mind to join a bear?" Arman really needed one to relax..

"Yes – Off course...." Rahul smiled and turned to go in when "Make it three" they looked at Atul, who stood their with a satisfying smile....


"What took you soo Loong Riddimaa" anjali nudged "Nothing di – we were just talking about here and there..." Riddimaa settled but Muskan and Anjali "Sorry Ridz.." Muskan apologized when Boys came and went some where leaving the girls in lounge . "Its ok Muskan – by the way, where did the guys go?" Riddima asked "I guess Kitchen..." Muskan got up "Chall we will go too – I am hungry" Muskan smiled to fullest

"Guys whats happening...." Anjali stopped "I should have know it ..! Bears Bears... all you boys need chance to have a bear !" Anjali spoke, taunting them "IS she like this all the time?" Arman spoke in Atul's ear "yea All the time...!" Atul replied just to get a spank from Riddimaa, who pulled her self up and sat on the counter beside Atul...

"We Are Hungry" Anjali announced... "Whole house is yours do make something for us too" Arman said, sipping up his tin... "yea Right !" replied sarcastically "but first tell ban anna kya hai ?" Muskan said... drinking a little sip through Rahul's …. "Jalddiii, I m dying with hunger" Riddimaa whined and kept her on Atul's shoulder. "Aww... why don't we make an order" Atul rubbed – ruffled her head "great jijz – Love you.." Riddimaa placed a slight kiss Over Atul's cheek and took hold of her mobile "Pizza?" Riddimaa looked at everyone "ok – order !" Arman said – looking at every one agreeing...


They all waited patiently for the pizza, but the rest one was Riddimaa "Kab ayee Ga?" "Uff Why are they taking soo long.." "Diii !!" "Muskann – should I call them again?" "Why aren't you guys doing anything? Aren't you people Hungry?" Riddimaa kept on saying one thing or the other

while others busied them self with new film 'My name is khan.' - settled carelessly on floor -with lights off – bell Rang "I Will GO !" Riddima took purse and almost ran...

"Kyaa bhaiyaa ! Itna late …. mai marr jati tou?" Riddimaa blasted at the delivery boy "sorry ma'am – traffic..." He was interrupted "Acha acha – ab jaldi dou – warna I will faint here only !" She said taking hold the boxes and passing him the cash "Riddimaa – you take the food in – I will pay him." Arman came behind her "nahi Arman – I gave him the money..." Riddimaa kept a hand over his hand to stop him from giving the deliver boy money..

"Oye Pizza boy – give the women money back !" Arman said, orderly "Arman.?" She mumbled "jii sir..." The boy gave the money back and collected the money through Arman "Now what are you waiting for?go in !"Arman said, strictly. She huffed and went away...

"I tell you these Girls......." Arman stopped as he remember he was starting a conversation with the pizza boy.


"Thanks Arman we had a nice evening ..." Anjali shook hand "The pleasure was mine – hope too see you people again" Arman replied "oh yes – ab tou milna rahe ga..." Atul said. Every one turned to go "Bye Arman..." she said, Arman replied politely and a simple bye. He thought to place a simple kiss over her cheek and engulf her fragrance but Rahul's words scared him and he stopped himself.

They all settled in the car – and went away while doing a final bye-wave.

'he didn't placed a kiss over my cheek – he use to do that every now and then' she felt ditched 'he might be thinking over something and must have forgotten...' she thought, and moved the negative thoughts away... and remained in the essence of today's pleasure she had -


Two days went away, 'he didn't even message – he didn't even call … why do he does that – one message or call a day won't make his bank balance finsihed up ! Why ? Why does he has too be soo annoying All the time?' Riddimaa thought pulling her white coat off her '5:00 pm... hmm what should I do? Shopping? Yea – that will give me some kind off mind peace – as that Dash is not even calling me...' she thought and told every one that she is off to mall – and will meet be at home around 8 or 9...

Vamison Mall.

"bhayia – yea suit kitna ka hai?" she pointed out to the suit placed in the display 'if I wore this – when I meet him. Will he like this ..? or the one beside it or that in the last... NOW I am confused Black – orange or yellow?' she thought and bought all three... feeling fidgety – one way or other her mind would always slip off to him

she didn't knew where this obsession will lead her too – she knew at a time – he will be not be beside her like now... but thinking over the things like if he is here – if hold her in his side embrace – if she leans in his embrace while doing shopping, Riddimaa took a sigh and moved to accessories department...

after a good shopping of 2 hours – she went to cafe, in the mall. Order a good Italian pasta for herself and attacked it – without thinking twice …. making craziest sounds ever.... with closed eyes... "uhmmmmmmm I feel I m in heaven --- aww the pasta is yumm !" She thought and spoke with full mouth "is it now?" she heard the voice and looked up with her mouth puffed with food - "Almann" she spoke

"easy easy – first eat up and then we could talk..." Arman took a seat in front of her. She gulped and drank the water "Arman what you doing here?" she asked "Kyun? Is this your mall? That I can't come here without your permission" Arman asked and took a bite off her pasta "Off-course – not" She said...

"You here alone?" Arman asked "haan... shopping – was in a bad mood, so thought too...." he interrupted "in a bad mood ? Why?" he asked taking another bite of her food "because I didn't called?" he added, teasingly To which her spoon fell and she choked lightly "nahi nahi tou..." she fumbled "its ok – I was just joking.." Arman avoided 'shit – she was waiting for me to call her.... I am a dumb-as*... but why should I call her – I had not made any sort of commitment with her – stop being selfish Arman...' he thought

"Arman – ahem …. you alone..." Riddimaa asked "No – with a friend... oh there she is … Jenni come here and meet Riddimaa my friend" Arman called a girl in a

'ahh – his girlfriend? Huh' she thought with moistening eyes 'he called me his friend? Not Girlfriend..... ' she thought and passing a sweet smile to girl in white pants with a light pink t. shirt...'that means – I am just a mere friend... then why did he kissed me?' she thought and replied to Jenni regarding her job... she did passed a strict look to Arman, which was quite noticeable to him.... 'I want Answers now....' she thought


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