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Chapter 9: Obsessed...

Every one went away – with a pleasant smile on everyone's face, especially on Arman and Riddima, which quite evadable to others...

Anjali was sitting in her room, remembering all the event Especially the one that went away from others eyes... "Diiii !" Riddima shouted near her ear. "Huh? Kya huaa?" Anjali jolted in her bed and looked at her sister, who was almost bending over her with hands over her hips and eyes boggling out. "Kya hua? I have been talking to wall for last thirty Minutes !" Riddima spoke

"Sorry yrr, I was lost somewhere" Anjali blushed while talking, gathering her blanket over her lap – she rested her back on the lad of her bed, pulling blanket up to her chest "Ohh... Somewhere … or About some One !" Riddima teased making some place in the same small bed. "shut Up Ridiz ! And go to your room and sleep their ! Get off MY bed!" Anjali tried to push her off when Riddima hug her and tug her small blanket over her self too "DI... app mujha bilkul pyar nahi karti" Riddima spoke in a total dramatic manner "shut up ! You lousy cow !" Anjali tried apart from the annoying hug... "OK FINE ! GOING" Riddima got off the bed just to be pulled back "Over reacting cow ! Sleep with me tonight" Anjali spoke and made some space for her

"yay... I knew it you love me !" Riddima jumped back – almost shaking the bed "Easy Easy..." Anjali replied "Di, Batoo naa – what were you thinking..?" Riddimaa asked "Rid..." Anjali stopped and thought over something and then spoke "Ok I will tell you but first you have to tell me two thing.!" Anjali raised herself back on the bed "fine What ask? You know everything di..." Riddima kept on lying on bed but shift her head in Anjali's lap and looked up right on her face

"Ok First what did mom said in kitchen ? When Arman had came !" Anjali asked, directly "Hmm nothing serious – she asked how did I know him? I said, he was admitted in hospital and I met him ! I told her dad knew about it – then she said ohkay, she told me dad had just told randomly about Arman – though Mom didn't knew about Naina Aunty till that time ! Actually mom, thought that we were dating !" Riddima concluded "What? Really did you told her the truth?" Anjali asked "No... I said we are friends – that what we are Dii now !" Riddima replied with half close eyes

"but Why didn't Naina Aunty came before to meet mom – they were best friends !" Anjali asked randomly "i don't know – I guess both might not be ready to meet and confront each other yet and today I guess, they might have thought to do it... why do we care dii... at least Mom met her naa – later or now !"

"yea – well nothing serious in kitchen right?" Anjali asked "Nope – totally rubbish ! You shouldn't treat your friend like this bla bla... heheee" Riddima answered "OK.." Anjali replied and took a deep breath before continuing "Whats with Arman ?"Anjali added "what's with him?" she looked up, asking cutely "Riddima, Do act smart Baby !" Anjali said

"Dii? Kyaaa?" Riddima got up and settled while face her "Riddima – something happened between you two ! He was about to tell me but didn't; said if he told me – I will kill him probably... why would I do that? Now tell me" Anjali insisted "Dii, nothing serious..!" Riddima laid back in the same position "Riddima if you don't wanna tell than its..." Anjali was interrupted "Dii last day I went to mall for time pass and I saw him with some girl – they joined me in dinner and" pause "and Arman was sticking to much to that girl !" told while fuming under her breathe "and?" Anjali asked, smiling "and then when I had seen enough, I went away abruptly – I don't know why the heck I was sitting in middle of road and what the heck I was thinking" she had a single tears falling through her eyes "and few guys misbehaved when Arman came and told them to stay away... he brought me here .. and in car, he asked where was I lost – I told him that I was thinking about him and that girl." pause "he told me – he took me as friend and nothing more" Riddima hid her face in Anjali's abdomen, encircling her arms around her waist "I asked him why did he kissed me then" she spoke again "He said it was the environment – place" pause "and I don't know why but he kissed me yet again before I was about to go out of the car – I burst out and told him that I hate him for all the pain he is giving me – and I went away" pause, after a long silent moment "He asked me for another date – he is thinking over our relation" she told

"when?" Anjali asked "today in morning" Riddima replied "that's why he was here !" Anjali exclaimed "all well-dressed" Anjali added, grinning. "yea.... and I told him to get out – He was going but Maa.. stopped him – I don't know why" Riddima made spaced for Anjali, as she was pulling her self down "she might have felt the childhood affection" both giggled "yea... aacha Dii... you forgot to tell me about what were you thinking earlier" Riddima placed her elbow on bed – turning to side – face towards Anjali and her elbow hand's in her hairs for support and a good view of Anjali's face

"Oh... that ! Actually Atul proposed me... and told me he want to marry before the end of this year" Before Anjali could complete Riddima almost jumped over her and hugged her "Haww Dii Congrats"

"Thanks Ridz, But I didn't said Yes !" Anjali pointed parting away "kyun Di?" Riddima asked "I am confused – I mean, is it right to marry him like that !" Anjali said "Dii, talk to maa... tell her everything say them to meet Atul and his family – let them decide but you do love him" Riddima spoke "Off course I do – I am just nervous – if It doesn't work out ?" Anjali spoke "Dii – live the moment you are in ! And leave the future in Future !" Riddima closed the light and hugged Anjali

"Tomorrow morning I will talk to Atul and apologize for today's behavior" pause "And yes will surely Kill Arman!!" Anjali added, jokingly "Kyuuuunnn Dii" Riddimaa spoke, childishly "Because he made my sis. Cry" Anjali held her cheek

"Di – I still Love Him – and I don't want any one hurt him" Riddima spoke seriously, holding Anjali's hand, which was on her cheek "Riddiz? Tu jaanti hai – that he doesn't love You jaana" Anjali said, miserably "Who said?" Riddima smirk in moon's light room "Pardon..!" Anjali spoke

"Diiii.... I love him – I Love Arman !Your Sis. Is In Love..! isn't it Great!" pause "Do You get that? I Love My Arman !" Riddima smiled Fully "Its ok With me if he doesn't Love me Back … I will live with the moments we had and will have For him as a friend and For me as a Lover" Riddima grinned and cocked her eyebrows "Are You mad?" Anjali asked "uff hoo Dii …. I can't get over him that for sure ! Then why should I cry and think that I can't get him ! Let me just live the moment I am In … and let's forget the Future !" Riddima recollected the words

"aww My Little sis is All grown up but Promise me you will not do..." Anjali was interrupted "Nothing Di – I am in Love With – I don't Lust him ! I do carve for him touch" blushing to core "but I know the word Control ! And I swear on my mom not to forget my line" Riddimaa spoke.


Next day: 4:30 Pm

"excuse Me Sister – where could I find the Locker room?" entering in the hospital to see people running here and there – he saw few people highly injured and few people taken in beds to different wards – covered with blood … he got worried 'Riddimaa....' he thought over it "go straight and then Right" sister told and ran towards a patient Arman hurriedly went and entered to see it with different doctors – he couldn't find any one, who is his known !

He went out sweating a bit – but stopped when saw Her ! He sighed and rushed up to her "Tum theek hou?" that was it he asked with a fast heart beat "Arman? Tum yahan?" Riddima placed her hand over his shoulder to see him all tensed "Tum theek hou?" he placed his hands over her soft shoulder looking at her thoroughly – as if scanning her – a little frown over his forehead – his voice has turned slower – much more like murmur's

"haan Arman Mai theek hoon !" she mumbled back in the same voice – looking at him with intense love of her for him – keeping a hand over his cheek making him relax - "Go to locker room – I be their soon !" he nod, holding her face in his palm he placed a small light kiss over her forehead making her gasp in shock and turned too go "Take care" he mumbled and went away

"yea kya hou raha hai - ? why did I felt helpless? Why was I soo worried when I didn't find her ? What is she Doing to me ?? I can't be …." he mumbled while walking in the corridors "No it can't be – I can't fall for her – I mean, NO !" he replied to himself harshly... waiting and thinking over things for almost 20 minutes. He concluded and walked out of the hospital
In raahon ki dooriyan
Nigahon ki dooriyan
Hum rahon ki dooriyan
Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

Kyun koi paas hai
Door hai Kyun koi
Jaane Na koi yahan pe

Yeh Doorian
In Raho Ki Doorian Nigahon Ki Doorian
Humraho Ki Doorian Fanna Ho Sabhi Doorian

"ARMAN !! … Arman Rukoo" she almost ran up to him but he went away "Armmmmann" she shouted as she ran up to the Hospital doors – she had tears – for the first time she saw a hidden love in his eyes for her – the feel she felt for soo many years … was just their in his his ! But he went away … she rubbed her cheek and stood at the doors of sanjeevani for a while.........

Yeh Doorian Yeh Doorian
Yeh Doorian Aaan

Kabhi Huwa Yeh Bhi, Khali Rahon Pe Bhi
Tu Tha Mere Saath ,
Kabhi Tujhe Milke, Lauta Mere Dil
Yeh Khali Khali Haath
Yeh Bhi Huwa Kabhi, Jaise Huwa Abhi
Tujko Sabhi Mein Paa Liya

he ran his car as fast as he could – it was almost empty road – his eyes were fixed on road but Riddima was all over his mind- heart-soul … he didn't want any one – he can't fall in love – what is she ditch him – what if he live his rest of life alone – what is she is behind his fame not in love for him – he didn't wanted any sort of that – he wanted a girl, who could be his not his money !

He was confused he didn't knew what to do ! He ran a hand in his hair in frustration !

Tera Mujhe
Kar Jathi Hai Doorian Satathi Hai Doorian
Tarsathi Hai Doorian Fanna Ho Sabhi Doorian

Kaha Bhi Na Mein Ne, Nahin Jeena Mein Ne
Tu Jo Na Mila
Tujhe Bhule Se Bhi, Bola Na Mein Yeh Bhi
Chahu Fasala
Bas Fasala Rahe Banke Kasak Jo Kahe
Ho Aur Chahat Yeh Jawan

she sat in her balcony on floor – pulling her knee up to her face, wore a small nite dress – and had tears all over her face – a magazine in her lap … wondering will she ever get him ? Will he ever see the intense of her love for him – will she survive with out him ? Will she ever forget him ? If he goes away from her like today !  She knew she was getting all crazy for him – she needed him ! He was his soul – she didn't what to do ….....

will this doorian ever end for these souls ? …


"Hi, Kashish … how are you? I am good... oh well I called to know how is Arman? Really? No – he might be busy – that's why I guess forgot to tell me... oh no – Kashish no need to be formal – I completely understand... say hi to every one at home... yes Will come soon" Riddima cut's the phone, transfer it to Silent mode and stuffed it in Locker. Wearing her white coat – she saw every one standing looking at her sympathetically "he is off to Singapore for a business deal will be back tomorrow evening !" Riddima told, though know one asked but she wanted to tell so she told "I Don't Love Him OK ! I don't need all of your Sympathies ! Its just a bloody attraction it will get over as the time passes on !"

Teri Meri
Mit Jani Hai Doorian Begani Hai Doorian
Haat Jani Hai Doorian Fanna Ho Sabhi Doorian

Kyun Koi Paas Hai, Door Hai
Kyun Koi Jaane Na , Koi Yahan Pe
Aa Raha Paas Ya Door Mein
Ja Raha Janoo Na Mein Hu Kahan Pe

Yeh Doorian
In Raho Ki Doorian Nigahon Ki Doorian
Humraho Ki Doorian Fanna Ho Sabhi Doorian
She walked pass the four, who stood their quietly with pain all over there face's "She loves him badly !" Atul commented "yes, I can see it – see it in her eyes !" Rahul sat over the bench "I don't know what to do?" Anjali went away from their helpless and so did others

'she is a bad Lair' that was all the four thought ….


"Hi....Kashish.... tum yahan? Hospital mai? Everything ok?" Riddima held Kashish and gave her a soft hug "haan … vo.. everything good... we just talked last day ! Every one is good … Riddima, I guess – I m Pregnant could you check me" Kashish blushed to core to which Riddima grinned and took her to a personal check up room "So, you guys giving this relation a chance – well that nite when you and Arman became 'friends'" spoke sarcastically "me And Sujhal thought over Our Relation and your Words – Live the Moment in which you Are – and forget the Future !" pause, settling on bed "WE living the moment we are in – rest is up to God !" both smiled...

"Arman acha hai ..." Kashish spoke while being checked by Riddima "Good !"Ridddima replied, professionally. "Kya hua hai?" Kashish asked "Kya pata..." Riddima replied "You Love him, still?" Kashish asked,with pain evadable in both's eyes "NO!" Riddima replied and made Kashish get up from bed

"Report shaam mai lena...!" Riddima said giving a fake smile after a good Good bye Riddima went in the locker room, collecting her things – she left a note in Anjali's locker and went out of the hospital …............


NEXT CHAPTER:Will Arman find out his feelings for Riddima ? or will he do something stupid that will turn Riddima's Love for him in hatred ? what will happen next?
tune Up to know...Tongue

Love Maha

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