Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Intro : Obsessed...

Obsessed About You....
I'll be destroyed, I'll die without you
day and night all I think of is you
I want only you, I call out only for you
in the circle of my arms
I'm lost, my love, in my Obsession for you...


 "Riddimaa?hmm nice name ' is it attraction? Why do I need her so desperately? Is it just because, she said she hate me ? Well, the Question is Who can hate The, Yea The Arman Malik. I mean, King of every Girls Heart, can't loose it's charms on Girl like Riddimaa! Come on dude! You can do it... Its Just a Mere girl? But is she just a Mere Girl.? Or Am I Obsessed about her? Matlab mai kya aus kaye liya dewanna ho raha hoon?"

Love Maha

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