Sunday, 21 July 2019

Kash os : Rainless Days

She moved from one side to another, while his eyes just followed her. Though he was trying his best not to laugh at the sight in front of him, but that didn't stop the small chuckles leaving his mouth every few minutes.

"Shona-" he tried saying but stopped at he saw her dangerous gaze

He shook his head again, when was she going to listen to him? God knows. But watching her mouth from one side of the room to another was very frustrating; however the laptop was giving him company for a while, until she bursts again.

He looked up as she stopped moving around, she stood right in front of the bed. "Karan? What are we going to do?" Karan looked up, and saw the love of his life tearing down.

"Shilpa, my baby shona, come here" Karan patted the side of the bed, while he stretched up and put the laptop to one side. He leaned back on the headboard, as he pulled Shilpa into him, hugged her waist. "There's nothing we can do"

She huffed at this response; he had been saying this for the past 2 hours. "KARAN" she raised her voice annoyed. "If you haven't noticed, we are stuck here in Lonavala for the past 2 hours, while our whole casting groups are somewhere in Bombay. Aren't you worried at all?" she looked up from her lashes.

Karan just shook his head and pulled her closer. "Shona listen, how long have we been going out for?"

"8 months" she answered back timidly

Karan smirked at the response. "Yes, 8 months, 2 weeks to be exact. And still no one knows about us. Why?" the sadness was very noticeable in his voice.

"Cause i don't think we are ready yet" Shilpa pushed off him and got out of the bed, as she walked over to the glass sliding doors. She opened to see the beautiful rain pouring down non-stop, that's the reason they were stuck here. Because the rain was too heavy; closing a lot of roads, and she was definitely getting annoyed.

Karan stood up and followed Shilpa, he stood right behind her, as he opened the huge sliding window, and it gave the view of a beautiful green grass garden. However he was sad, there was sadness resisting from him. "Why can't we be an open couple Shona?" he turned towards her, leaning on the side of the window. "Am i not enough for you?" just the thought of the love of his life with someone else irked him.

"Of Course not Karan, don't be absurd" she turned away from him, moving into the balcony.

Karan just moved with her, the rain looked so perfect, then why wasn't everything perfect in his life? "Well the way you say about our relationship, makes me think that i'm not worthy for you" he spoke his mind out as he reached out for the rain falling on his hands.

"That's not true" Shilpa remarked back.

"Then what is it?" Karan shot back, his eyes had started to well up. "Of course we are stuck in lonavala, and our whole production team, and other actors are already in Bombay. I find it amazing, that i can finally spend just a few quality moments with you, just you and me. Karan and Shilpa, not some characters of a show and that's all i wanted. But when we are back in Bombay, we go back to being 'friends'" he air quoted the words angrily. "I can't do it, not being near you, not getting to hold you, just because the media would see. We sneak out together just to be together, i can't even kiss you without you worrying that someone would catch us. I have to sneak out like a teenage from my house and climb up for window. I find that romantic but i do wish that we could hold hands in public, without being worried about it"

Shilpa looked at him, as he let out all his emotions, he rested her head back onto the windows, as his fingers started to feel the beautiful rain in his hands. "Karan I'm s-"

"Don't say you're sorry when you're going to be the same tomorrow" He pushed off the balcony and walked into the brooding rain. He let himself wear off into the rain, he could feel his white shirt being soaked in the rain, his muscles started to hurt. "I'm sorry shona, i love you, but we can't go on like this" he muttered but slowly he watched as two hands started to wonder up from the back of his shirt and then moved towards his front.

"I Love You" Karan turned around to come face to face to the love of his life. "I love you too much, i can't lose you Karan" she whispered, as the moisture started to collect in her eyes, Karan gently cupped her face into his palm, as Shilpa slowly rested her cheek into his hand, feeling content, feeling rested.

"I love you too jaan" he muttered softly, pulling her into a tight hug. Karan's hands started to wonder in passion through Shilpa's body. He could feel her pink dress exposed to her skin now, her body was dripping wet from the rain, and her started to kiss the side of her neck.

"Karan" she moaned quietly as he nipped her neck, pulling her skin freshly into his mouth, sucking it continuously.

Shilpa threw her head back in pleasure, her eyes rolled back into her head, feelings his strong six packs into her palms. "Mine!" she said aggressively as she pulled his hair.

"Urg Shona" he groaned as Shilpa took his features in, he looked so peaceful, finally getting what he wanted. She slowly bit down onto his collar. While his shirt started to lose the buttons, she dragged her hands softly but sensually up his torso.

"All Mine" Karan looked at her; Shilpa's eyes were filled with awe and need. "Forever" she whispered into his ear, slipping her tongue down his neck.

Now it was Karan's turn to throw his head back in immense pleasure. "God I Love You" he heard her soft giggling, and then heard her voice in his ear. "It's Shilpa, not God"

Karan slowly cupped the back of her neck and pulled her closer, and then pulled her lips into his own; slowly and casually he kissed her. He had waited for this, for them to be together, and now drenched in rain was the best thing but kissing her with the rain pouring on was the best thing he had ever seen. Shilpa's hands went around his neck; she pulled him harder into the kiss. While Karan's hands weren't as innocently, he started moving them from her waist, along her back, so sensitively, her eyes were closed, giving into the desperately pleasure.

"So Beautiful" he mumbled, as they both parted for air, and then pushed their lips into each other once again, Karan pulled her lips into his own, as he messaged them. And then kissed her, like there was no tomorrow.

When they both moved away from each other, Shilpa glanced down at their bare feet as she felt the rise of the red blush arise as quick. "Ohey Hoye shona" Karan whispered kissing her cheek.

"Karan, stop it" Shilpa buried her head into his chest, as he gently twirled his fingers into her hair, watching the rain splatter across the whole area. "You know, I'm glad we are stuck her" Shilpa said taking his hand into her own, as they started to walk across the rain covered area.

"Oh and why is that Ms Anand" Karan said, as they walked towards their swing. Shilpa smiled as she remembers when she had come to Lonavala before, which was the swing they had to do a scene on. "Remembering the old days"

She nodded. "Nothing's changed that"

"Oh yeah" Karan said sarcastically rolling his eyes, as they both sat on the swing, while the rain fell harder. "Except for the fact that now we are together and in love" Shilpa laughed along with Karan, as she rested her head on his shoulder. "I love the Rain"

"KaSh Barrish" Shilpa murmured, placing her legs on Karan's lap, as Karan put his hand around her waist and connected it with his other one. "I want us to be together, Forever" Karan placed a soft kiss on her lips, while Shilpa parted her lips and added more passion into it. "Forever"


"Today on Saas Bahu aur Sazish, look how the most popular Jodi on television, have become the most Popular Jodi in real life

It was said that Karan our own Dr Armaan and Shilpa our first Dr. Ridhima, were found kissing in the middle of the lawn in winter, at Lonavala, the manager there saw them and reported it to SBS, now all we want to know is if this is true. So we caught up with the couple and found out the truth ourselves

'Is is true that you and Shilpa are together?'

Karan looked at Shilpa and smiled. 'Yes, Together, Forever'"


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