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part 13 & 14 : look what you done to me(AR FF)

part 13

nikki twirled a lock of black hair as she simpered at armaan. armaan stiffly smiled back, inwardly rolling his eyes. He rubbed the back of his neck. What a fake bitch, he thought. I can't believe I ever even gave that a chance! He took a deep breath. What he was doing was for ridz. Just think about ridz, he mused. Ah...

"-and so, I totally get that you, like, hate ridz right now and, like, I'd totally take you back now, armaan . Because you know I love you" she batted her eyelashes.

armaan blinked, before bursting out in laughter, his eyes crinkling at the corners.

"Y-you think I want to get back together with you?" he spluttered through his guffaws.

nikki looked confused. Was he still bitter about that ridz girl?

"Why wouldn't you? It's not like you have anyone better" she spat out harshly.

armaan's handsome face darkened.

"I would rather go out with a llama than a bitch like you" he retorted darkly.

nikki's jaw dropped.

"Excuse me?" she asked incredulously.

armaan rolled his eyes.

"You heard me. Did you honestly think I wouldn't find out?" he arched an eyebrow.

nikki began to panic.

"W-what are you talking about?"

armaan scoffed, his black hair falling in front of his steely eyes.

"Sending the entire college pictures of me and ridz together, just to get back at me for dumping you? How pathetic can you get?"

"I don't know what you're talking about armaan, but this is so not the way to win me back" she said defiantly, hoping her confident voice would cover her nervousness.

armaan shook his head.

"Don't you get it, nikki? It's. Over. I know you were the one that sent everyone those pictures. And the doctor's certificate. Who else would have access to medical information but the hospital CEO's daughter?" he sneered.

Desperation clawed at the back of her throat as her mind scrambled to find a plausible retort. Her carefully crafted plan was falling apart right in front of her eyes.

"Y-you don't have any evidence that I did it!" nikki snapped, ignoring her wavering voice.

armaansmirked, before pulling out a gold iPhone. nikki gasped. She had been looking for her phone since the end of lunch! He waved it in front of her face tauntingly.

"muskaan had kindly taken your phone from the window sill and, would you look at that! You've sent a message around the whole collge, with images attached!" armaan's steely tone cut through nikki like a knife.

armaan rolled his eyes as tears began to roll down her porcelain cheeks.

"Save those for someone who cares, nikki. Just stop trying to destroy what ridz and I have right now"

"What do you guys have?" she hiccupped through her tears.

How could she stop when she didn't even know the reason he didn't want her? Wasn't she pretty enough? Wasn't she popular enough? She could change! armaan looked at her, pity swimming his soulful eyes.

"I don't know. But all I know that I don't want to lose it" he murmured, shoving his hands in his pockets.

He stared coldly into her red-rimmed eyes.

"And I'm not going to let some possessed tramp take that away from me. Pull a stunt like this again, I'll get you expelled. You're just lucky ridz didn't want you to get in trouble or I would've ruined you by now. Just get out of my life" he spat out.

nikki  nodded, tears streaming freely down her cheeks. She had lost armaan to some nobody who was lucky enough to fall in bed with him. Just like she lost everyone else important to her. nikki could feel what was left her heart shatter. armaan sighed, looking away. At last, everything was neatly tied up and fixed. But it didn't make him feel better about the crying girl in front of him. She deserved it, remember? armaan cringed. It was that little voice again! Well, for once it was right, he thought.

And with that, he walked away, leaving a broken nikki  behind.

As soon as armaan had walked out of earshot, nikki collapsed against a wall, silent sobs wracking her body. The cracks in the life were beginning to show, and she didn't know how to fix them. Before, she had just covered them with her father's money and power, ignoring how lonely and unloved she felt. armaan's rejection brought on the fierce pain she had buried from being left alone by her uncaring father. She slid onto the ground, bringing her knees up to her chin. Her heart ached.

"Why doesn't anyone love me?" nikki whispered to herself.


ridz's chocolate eyes lit up as armaan walked into the courtyard, a reassuring smile on his face. She beamed back at him. muskaan rolled her eyes.

"Why don't you guys just go get a room and make some babies? Oh wait, you already have" atul smirked, poking out his tongue.

ridz made a face, before stealing a chip from atul

"Hey!" he protested with his mouth full.

ridz  grinned cheekily as armaan slid into the seat beside her.

"Pregnant women have to eat for two, you know!" she chirped.

muskaan and angie nodded knowingly.

"I can't wait until that brat finally pops out" atul  grumbled, shielding his food away from ridz.

rahul chuckled, his dark eyes sparkling, before turning to armaan.

"How'd it go with nikki the super-bitch?" he asked.

armaan shrugged.

"She won't be bothering us anytime soon again" he replied, snagging some of ridz's chicken.

"Hey! You're not pregnant, why do you need food?" she protested, pouting.

"But I'm hungry!" armaan  whined.

"You can have some when you have another person inside of you" she retorted, snatching the fork out of his hand.

armaan pouted. angie shook her head, giggling. rahul and atul  guffawed into their sandwiches.

"You two act like a married couple. Which you guys practically are, seeing that  ridzs just moved in with armaan" muskaan  winked, shaking her head in amusement.

armaan  and ridz blushed. armaan snuck a glance at a red-faced ridz. She smiled shyly back. His heart soared. This was it, he thought. It was time to finally tell her how he really felt about her. armaan stared into her soft eyes. Nothing had ever felt so right in his whole life. He opened his mouth to speak.


"ridz!" angads's velvety smooth voice cut into armaan's confession.

ridz turned to look at angad, albeit disappointedly, before beaming brightly at him.

"Hey, angad! Um, what's up?" her sweet voice rang through his ears.

angad flushed, shuffling his feet nervously. He was never this jumpy around girls before!

"I heard about the rumours-" he started.

"And they're true" armaan retorted sharply, narrowing his eyes.

He didn't like the way angad kept on sneaking glances at ridz. ridz  threw armaan  a dirty glare, before nodding.

"Well, yeah. I'm definitely pregnant" she pointed at her slightly swelling stomach.

"Oh" angad nodded, nervously laughing.

He took a deep breath, ignoring the pointed glares from the group at the tables. Especially from a certain, - father-to-be. armaan

"Um, ridz, can I talk to you? In private?"

ridz's brows furrowed in confusion. She looked at angie and muskaan , whose eyes clearly told her 'no'. She snuck a glance at armaan. His face was blank, and he was stabbing indifferently at his food. A lump grew in her throat. He looked like he didn't even care. ridz bit her lip, before turning to smile falsely at angad Sure.

part 14

angad felt his palms begin to sweat as he led ridz to a secluded clump of tree by the maths corridor, away from her friends' intense glares. He had obviously interrupted something important, but it had taken him a long time to muster up his courage, and he wasn't going to back down just because a few intimidating people were staring him down like looks could kill. Especially from a certain dark-haired father-to-be. He smiled nervously at ridz

, who looked like she was having trouble weaving her way across the broken pathway of the college.  ridz smiled back brightly, before tripping over a crack on the concrete. Her arms flailing, ridz braced herself for another clumsy fall, when two strong arms wrapped around her waist. She looked up into angad's concerned eyes. ridz felt her cheeks flush with colour. angad grinned.
"Careful. You have two people to look after, and I don't think both of them would be too happy ending up on the floor" he remarked, pointedly gesturing at her stomach.

ridz giggled as she straightened herself out of angads's embrace. She always felt so carefree and happy when she was with angad. He never made her feel bad about herself, and he never judged her. ridz's face fell. What did he think of her now, seeing the whole school had found out about her, armaan and the baby? ngad tilted his head, his brows furrowing.

"What's wrong?" he asked gently.

ridz bit her lip, her eyes shining with unshed tears.

"Why don't you hate me?" she murmured, twisting her hands nervously.

angad looked confused.

"Why would I hate you?"

"Because I'm a slut! Because I'm knocked up with a baby when I should be studying for mid-term exams! Because if I didn't even sleep with armaan that night, nobody would even know I existed!" ridz yelled.

Angry tears streaming down her cheeks as all her bitter, pent-up emotions poured out in one go.

angad was shocked. He had never seen a girl break down before, let alone a girl he was beginning to develop feelings for.

ridz began to hiccup, her hand sliding over her stomach protectively. Her constant mood swings weren't exactly good for the baby, she thought. ridz had grown to love her unborn child as it was part of her.

angad sighed as he watched the broken girl in front of him stroke her stomach lovingly. On instinct, angad wrapped his arms around ridz, enveloping her in a warm embrace. ridz was stunned, before slowly sliding her hands around his waist. She needed this. She needed to let all her worries and stresses out before it was bottled in too tight and exploded.
And she trusted angad enough to do that in front of him.

angad closed his eyes as he breathed in her scent. She smelt like rose, almost making him sigh with contentment. He could just hold her in his arms forever. A moment he could hold into his memory forever. Before it hit him she was crying because of another guy. Specifically ARMAAN MALIK, the most popular guy in the whole of college. Well, maybe not after the baby fiasco, he thought. He looked down at the quietly crying girl in his arms. She looked so tired and weary. The day must had taken a lot of her, he mused. angad inwardly sighed.

Maybe now wasn't the best time to tell ridz how he felt about her.


Armaan  wasn't going to follow angad and ridz. No, of course not!

He was just'in the neighborhood.

armaan inwardly cringed at his lame excuse as he slunk against the wall. If anyone had seen him, they would've thought he was some creep listening on other people's conversations. armaan strained his ears to listen to ridz and angad. He heard ridz's sweet, tinkling laughter and angad's husky, joking voice. A few moments later, he heard angry yelling. Alarmed, armaan poked his head out from his hiding place.

He really wished he didn't.

His throat constricted as the scene before him pounded at his heart. angad had ridz wrapped in a tight embrace, and she looked perfectly comfortable in it, her hands wrapping themselves securely around his back. They looked lost in their own world. armaan choked on his breath. So that was what angad had to talk to ridz about! armaan clenched his hands in anger. There were plenty of girls out there who were available.

 ridz was pregnant for heaven's sake! How desperate can you get? armaan silently fumed. But the longer he stared at the couple, the more he realised he could never be what ridz needed. She needed someone who was kind, caring and understanding. Someone who would make her feel safe.
Someone like angad.

armaan looked away, a lump growing in his throat. He closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. Maybe it wasn't enough just to like her. He had to be able to commit to her, and that was the one thing he couldn't do. He snuck a final glance at ridz and angad, who were now quietly talking. And still embracing each other. He swallowed. All he could give ridz was a roof over her head, and some money.

It was for the sake of the baby, anyway.


ridz leant against the wall, breathing out slowly. Today had been one of the most difficult days in her life. She had faced public humiliation, intense hatred and an emotional breakdown, all in one day. I wonder if the baby will turn out mentally damaged after all that drama, she mused. She giggled out loud. Students threw her curious looks. ridz blushed. She almost forgot she was the gossip of the day.ridz looked down at her watch. Where was armaan? He was supposed to take her back to 'their' home after college.

On cue, armaan walked out of collges gates, a solemn expression on his face. ridz's brows furrowed.

"What's wrong?" she asked innocently.

armaan shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Nothing" he answered coldly.

ridz was taken aback by the unfeeling tone armaan used. Her hormones kicked into overdrive as tears burned the back of her throat. The only reason she hated being pregnant was how over sensitive she got when dealing with feelings.

Especially those towards armaan.

armaan inwardly groaned as ridz 's expression changed from giddy to disappointed. He hated himself for making her feel bad. An image of angad and ridz together flashed in his mind. His striking face darkened. She didn't need him to care about her in that way. He opened his mouth to tell ridz where the car was when she gasped loudly, her dark eyes widening in shock. On impulse, ridz reached out and grabbed armaan's arm. He ignored his racing heartbeat as he nudged her.

"What is it?" he muttered quizzically.

ridz ignored him, shock and confusion on her face evident as she stared out on front of them. armaan turned to face the object of ridz's attention, before realization dawned on him. ridz gulped, before squeaking out-

"Mum? Dad?"


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