Saturday, 27 July 2019

Part 14: How to Kill your Husband

Armaan wanted to his press his momentary advantage, replace his thumb with his mouth and relive their passionate kisses again. He could almost see the desire beckoning me in her eyes but he didn't push it.

She stepped back, eyes flicking away as an eye contact might betray her. She scanned the row of parked cars. "Let me guess- yours is that flashy black convertible."

"Sorry to disappoint- it's the little bent and black ninety sixty ford." He couldn't resist adding. "My Ferrari's in London."

Her laugh bubbled up the tension between them surprising her as much as him. "I knew it!" she asked with a half smile. "Red?"

"Is there any other colour?" with a light hand at her back, he steered her across the road.

Riddhima practically fell on her seat. His one thumb print did her inside out. If he wouldn't have stepped back then god knows what she'd have done. She should be thoroughly ashamed of herself! Oh she didn't want to think about it. It's all because of her crazy pregnancy hormones. Yeah blame on the hormones. Armaan made her so weak. Made her want...what couldn't have. What she wouldn't have!

By the time he climbed in the driver's seat she managed to calm her nerves down. She was about to show him the directions when he interrupted saying, "I know where you live."

He parked outside her building which was crammed between abandoned car park with graffiti on the walls. Armaan groaned inwardly seeing the seedy area. How can anyone live in such dangerous area? A cat yowled and the din of metal rolling down the street broke the night's stillness.

"Thank you for the lift." She paused before adding. "and thanks for your assistance at the bar."

"No worries." He didn't seem to be in any hurry to move.

"Okay then i'll see-"

"You again tomorrow. Good" he nodded.

Riddhima narrowed her eyes. "No you won't. You'll go back to india or wherever in the world and leave me alone."

"Heard you got fired from the bar job?" armaan asked her with a meaningful smirk.

Riddhima's mouth opened in acknowledgment. "You didn't...did you?" she asked hoping against the hope.

"I did and will do it again if I'll feel the need." His smirk changed into a serious face.

Riddhima lifted her handbag and swung recklessly at him whacking him on his shoulder. "KUTTE KAMINE TUNE MUJE MERI JOB SE NIKAL WA DIYA? YAHA KE BILLS KAUN TERA BAAP BHAREGA?" she kept whacking him with her handbag when he caught her wrists and backed her against the window of the car.

"Ooh that brought some good memories back. Didn't it wifey?" he whispered in her ears and she shivered. It must be the cool weather. "And kamine se yaad aaya, dad doesn't talk to me these days."

Riddhima's mind snapped. "Kutte se yaad aaya, tell me one thing armaan, Why do men chase women they have no intension of marrying?" riddhima asked and armaan released her hands sitting amusedly with his hands folded. "The same urge dogs have when they run behind a car they have no intension of riding."

A warm chuckle escaped armaan's mouth. "Oh wifey...but I have every intension of riding you." He said sensuously and heat burned through riddhima's stomach. "But I guess I'll wait till the baby."

"You took advantage of you power and sacked me out of my job which according to you was intolerable? Oh armaan you shouldn't have done that." riddhima said with narrowed eyes. "You will pay for this. Badly."

"In marriage, as in war it is allowed to take every advantage of the enemy." Armaan said. "And anyways that seriously wasn't the right job for you. You deserve better." There wasn't any sympathy in his voice rather a tinge of understanding.

She clicked open the car door and got out of the car. Armaan following her suit, came upto her jingling his keys. What the hell would he understand about tough non-corporate world of low finances?

"Good night riddhima." His lips touched hers, almost impersonal. No sexual undertones, nothing she could call on.

And that hurt. As if he didn't had the heart to kiss her anymore. After all she'd been sacked from her job and he'd seen what kind of place she lives in. What other kind of kiss would it be?

She stepped away before kissing him back and making it something it wasn't. "Good night."

She abruptly turned and ran through the entry door of her building and halfway through the common hallway when she heard the entry door behind her open again. She looked over her shoulder to see armaan's silhouette filling the space and a thrill of excitement shivered down her spine before she could stop it. "Is something wrong?"

"Damn right something's wrong." He stepped inside and walked towards her, his shoes echoing on the concrete floor, his features getting clearer as he came closer. "I should be ashamed of myself for kissing you that way."

Huh? Her heartbeat caught speed as her mouth opened in astonishment. She could swear her heartbeat would wake up the whole building. "It's okay." She pulled her words out. Trembling. "I didn't-"

"Since when did you let a guy kiss you like that and get away with it?" he gripped her shoulders and walked her back against the wall. "Not that there should be any other guys." His face was close, eyes glittering in the dim stairwell's light and his hands possessively stroking her upper arms.

With little strength left, she hugged her handbag like a shield. "Depends on who's doing the kissing." OKAY DID SHE JUST SAY THAT ALOUD?!

His lips curved in a predatory smile and he moved closer. His jeans brushed against her bare legs. Hard thighs pressed against hers. Suddenly heat spread through her lower belly and the grip from her handbag loosened, eventually leaving her bag to dangle from her shoulder.

"I am." He murmured before his mouth came upon hers.

She could no longer hold back the response than stop the sun from rising. Her lips fell open and kissed him with equal ferocity grabbing a handful of his hairs. Oh it's been long since she kissed him like that...So long...

"Excuse me, riddhima...Perhaps you could take you displays of...affection upstairs?"

Riddhima jerked back, her head hitting the wall behind. "Uhm Hi, Mrs Steele." From apartment 2, looking less than impressed that they were standing in front of her door. Coming out from armaan's hold, she spun away in the passage, fumbling onto her handbag. "Um. Sorry."

Her neighbour's door closed with a loud bang and riddhima and armaan stood their looking at each other without speaking.

It gave riddhima time to gather her fumbling nerves. "It's late and I am tired." It was a miracle how those words came out steady. And she was telling the truth as well. Every muscle in her body ached and she had no idea whether it was armaan's fault or the bug she seemed to be coming down with.

Armaan who propped himself against the wall looked at riddhima with a devil in his eyes. "Mrs. Steele's suggestion sounds good to me."

"Not to me." straightening up she pulled the keys out of her handbag. "I have to work two jobs a day and my body is killing me. Goodnight armaan."

Armaan's expression changed. "Hold on a sec. Two jobs?" he frowned. "Now what other job you do in this condition where normal women take their much needed maternity leave."

"If I tell you, will come and get me sacked from there as well?" irritation clearly visible in her eyes.

"No promises there, wifey. I am a busy man you see."

"Then concentrate on your work and let other people live in peace." She caught a glimpse of that sexy grin over her shoulder as she headed upstairs to her apartment.

Armaan sighed happily and thought. Oh wifey. If I can find your address in all the way in Sydney, then surely finding your second workplace will be a cake walk!

He pulled out a phone from his jeans pocket and dialled a number as he made his way towards his car. "Hello Michael." He called his detective and smirked at riddhima's building.


Riddhima woke up with a  dull throbbing headache when her alarm shrilled at 7.00 in the morning. She felt like she didn't even slept a wink when clearly she was dead to world due to exhaustion.

She stepped beneath the ancient shower head as she shivered. She could just bet armaan was tucked under nice and warm in his bed.

After that kiss last night, she couldn't help but think of armaan's hand over her body, his mouth sensuously pressed against hers, his lean hard body rubbing against her soft ones. Her mind played his sinful suggestion again and again-

"Okay now that's it! Get those X-rated thoughts of your ex-husband out of your head." She ordered herself whipping the shower curtain out of her way. "Concentrate on important matters, an income."

Grabbing a breakfast bar and packet of crisps she left her apartment singing a happy song off to her morning job. Huh armaan can find out about this job as Mr. Mallik has never woken up in his life before 10!


Riddhima walked casually on the leaf littered path admiring the view of the old mansion. Her employer was one rich old lady. But a very kind one too. Riddhima still remember how she gave riddhima work here as soon as riddhima told her, her sob story. Normally riddhima would never show anyone her vulnerable side but this particular lady reminded her so much of her grandma that she spilled out everything about her pregnancy and financial crisis. But never said a word against armaan. On the spot Margaret made her housekeeper of this old massive mansion in which she seemed to be living alone. Riddhima also honestly told her that she doesn't know how to cook and got disapproving look from Margaret. Not because she was short of any cooks in her house but because riddhima is not taking her full care in her pregnancy, so Margaret decided that riddhima will eat in her house and will also take dinner home with her. It was an order from her kind employer. No more arguments needed!

Riddhima made her way to the dark shed of the garden. Her plans for today firstly included plot some fresh plants in Margaret's garden.

She knew she wasn't alone when suddenly she felt the sunlight spilling through the doorway dulled. She even heard footsteps approaching the shed. Something in her nerves cemented her to the ground. That 'someone' still didn't speak made her doubt clear that it wasn't Margaret who was standing blocking her way out of the shed. She slowly gripped her fingers around the handle of a gardening fork.

Heart jumping she swivelled to face him while pointing a fork in his direction. She could just say it was a male figure. Even worse! Why hadn't she flicked open the light? All she could see was dark silhouette of a male. She aimed the fork lower, aiming for his crotch. "I am not afraid to use this."

"I don't imagine you are."

There was something familiar about that deep dark voice which made her jump. More like skip. She jabbed the fork in his direction. "You're trespassing. Mrs. White would be coming out any moment." Riddhima made up stories. What the hell is Margaret White?! "She's probably already ringing the police."

"I don't think so." With one easy moment, but equally careful movement as if he knew she's pregnant, he swung her arm around and pulled the gardening fork from her her.

"I'll scream the place down." Riddhima threatened.

"Yaar wifey, kabhi to kuch original try kiya karo. Always the same threat. I'll the scream the place down, I'll scream the place down." ARMAAN!!!!!

He brought her out of the shed and slowly the sun rays filtered his hidden face and riddhima's eyes widened in shock. Her heart still thumping hard against her chest. She groaned inwardly. Half from relief, half from annoyance.

"Now what are you doing here?" her voice came out in a wheeze. She noticed clearing her throat. He dropped the fork away and his fingers stroking her arms gently which a knowing smile on his face.

"You still didn't tell me what you're doing here?" armaan said with a smirk. HE KNEW!

"I am Margaret's housekeeper!"

Armaan stifled a groan of irritation in his throat. This wife is all set to kill her and their baby all together! Housekeeper? Really!

"And don't even bother telling me your views about my job because they're going to fall upon deaf ears." She pulled herself out of his reach and folded her arms. A tiny twitch in his right jaw was the only sign that he was listening. "Now will you tell me what the hell are you doing here?"

He turned around and started walking towards the house. "I am here to keep an eye on things in Margaret's absence."

Riddhima ran to catch up with him. "What?! Now why would she keep you as her chaukidaar? Mallik empires ne job se nikaal diya kya Mr. CEO ko?" riddhima taunted.

Armaan's lips twitched. She couldn't help can she? "Nope I am on holiday here and living with Margaret as her paying guest"

Riddhima's mouth opened in astonishment, then anger. "KYO?! SYDNEY KI SAARI HOTELS MEIN AAG LAG GAYI KYA?" She shouted and suddenly felt a kick in her stomach. "oww oww. Stop kicking. Teri maa hu mein, koi kickboxing bag nahi ki maarta rehta hai." Riddhima chided her unborn and armaan chuckled kneeling down, talking to her stomach.

"Hello baby." Armaan kissed her stomach. "It's not good to kick your mum like that. But isn't it funny that you only kick when you mum is shouting at your dad." Saying that he got up and stared deeply at riddhima who huffed and puffed. "See even our baby doesn't like when you fight with me."

Riddhima looked away and started making her way towards the house with a grinning armaan following her. As soon as they stepped in the house through the back door which leads them to the kitchen. Armaan stopped riddhima and pulled a chair for her. "Have a seat."

"No thank you. I need to take care of some work and where is Margaret?"

"I told you she's gone out for some business and I am your temporary new boss." He indicated the dining table's chair towards her. "Have a seat. I need to ask you some security questions." He said authoritatively and riddhima grumbled a swear while sitting down on the chair.

He kept his hands on the table. "Now I have some questions."

This seemed more like a job interview. "I thought Mrs White would've told you about me."

"Not enough." He pulled out a fancy looking black and silver electronic organiser.

"How did you find out about this job?" he asked while typing something. Riddhima gritted her teeth.

"How is that any of your business?"

He looked up and smiled. "Answer my question riddhima."

She answered his all kind of 'stupid' interview question as he continued giving her third degree. He asked her about references and shit. Now how is that any of his problem? He's a paying guest so someone tell him learn to act like one. He was having real fun annoying her like that wasn't he?

"Address, phone number?" armaan asked and riddhima rolled her eyes.

"I am sure you have both of them" and saw armaan's lips twitch.

"Offcourse. What days do you work?"

"5 days a week. Weekdays."

He leaned back in his table while closing down his organiser. Interview over?

Thank goodness otherwise she was on the verge to pop. Those unfathomable eyes didn't drop below her face but she could still feel her skin burning.

Suddenly the cool business facade disappeared. His eyes thawed to a warm chocolate, lips curving into that lazy sexy smile. "Now that we've got this out of the way." He said in that deep sexy tone she'd been fantasising about in her day dreams. "Have dinner with me tonight."


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