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part 15 & 16 : look what you done to me(AR FF)

part 15 

Ridz was speechless. What were her parents doing here? She thought they hated her now, after the whole 'you're-a-disgrace-to-the-family-don't-ever-set-foot-in-my-house-ever-again' argument. She looked at armaan, who had a confused expression on his face. Ignoring how cute he looked at the moment, ridz turned back to face her unsmiling parents. Her mother looked her up and down, shaking her head. Her father glared at armaan. ridz closed her eyes, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment. She sucked in a deep breath. Great, just what she needed after a humiliating day at college ridz reopened her eyes, forcing a smile at her parents.
"Mum! Dad! What are you doing here?" she asked in a falsely bright tone.

riddihma's father scoffed.

"Of course, to find out which son of a bitch knocked up my disgrace of a daughter" he spat out.

ridz flinched at her father's harsh tone, tears burning the back of her throat. armaan's blood boiled. He glanced at ridz, who was looking down at the pavement like it was the most interesting thing in the world. armaan felt his heart tug. He felt the urge to defend her. He faced ridz's father, sticking out his chin defiantly.

"Then you're looking at him"

ridz's mother raised her eyebrow. She placed her hand on her hip, surveying him closely. armaan  fidgeted nervously.

"You? Why am I not surprised? Spoiled rich boys like you have nothing else to do that go around partying and impregnating girls who have a bright future in front of them like ridz" she narrowed her eyes at him.

"I should beat you up into a pulp, you filthy little idiot!" ridz's father raised his fist.

ridz put her head in her hands. How embarrassing, she thought. And it had to happen in front of her collge. At least most people had gone home, she thought. ridz's mother placed a hand on her father's arm, placating him.

shashank! Don't make a scene!" she hissed.

shashank  nodded, lowering his arm as he glared fiercely at a startled armaan. He looked at ridz, his angry expression softening at his daughter's downcast eyes. He realised ridz was just a child, and she needed her parents to guide her through her life. But she had gotten herself pregnant with an unwanted child, meaning she had to grow up much faster than either shashank and padma expected.

"I just don't know how to act around her anymore, padma" he whispered sadly to his wife.

padma nodded, sighing softly as ridz bit her lip nervously. armaan stood beside her quietly, sensing that it wasn't his time to speak. It wasn't his business to butt into ridz's family matters. Er, yes it is! Damn, that little voice was back. Of course, it scoffed in his head. You were the one that got in ridz's pants, so suck it up and be a man. Talk to her parents, you idiot! shashank quietly watched the boy in front of him internally battle with himself. He could sense armaan really felt something for ridz, or else he would have scampered in the sight of said pregnant girl's parents. ridz snuck a glance at armaan. He smiled back nervously, biting down on his tongue. An awkward silence filled the air. Finally, padma sighed. She reached out and clasped ridz's hand. ridz looked up, surprised.

"We've missed you, ridz. I know we might not sound like it, especially your father-" she shot a glare at shashank. "-but we really do. I miss having my daughter around" she smiled fondly.

ridz blushed, a small smile spreading across her lips. She chanced a look at her strict father. shashank smiled softly at her. Her heart swelled. Her parents weren't mad at her anymore! shashank raised his eyebrow as if he read her mind.

"That doesn't mean we forgive you for making the stupidest mistake of your life however" he pointed out, glaring at armaan.

armaan nervously smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. ridz nudged armaan. He looked quizzically at her, before his mouth formed a perfect 'o'. He stuck out his hand politely.

"Hi, mr and mrs gupta , I'm armaan malik Your daughter's'" he trailed off.

What exactly was he to ridz? armaan inwardly searched for answer. Boyfriend? Sperm donator? Life ruiner? ridz bit her lip, anticipating the next words that would come out of his mouth.

"'friend" armaan finished.

ridz's heart fell. So she was just a friend to him. She forced a smile at her disbelieving parents.

"Um, yeah. armaan and I have figured things out and we've decided we're going to raise this child in a loving family. armaan's going to give the baby everything he needs and give him the best life possible" she beamed gratefully at armaan.

It took while for ridz's words to register to her parents. shashank blinked as armaan ignored his racing heartbeat at ridz's smile.

"I'm having a grandson?" he asked in awe.

ridz nodded. A small smile graced his face. He looked at padma, who had a fond, dreamy expression on her face. She looked at armaan, who was gazing at ridz in admiration. He couldn't believe how straightforward and direct she was to her parents. After all, his parents had found out through seeing them in a baby store. padma sighed.

"So armaan's actually taking responsibility for the baby?" she asked, looking at armaan .

He nodded. padma glanced at her daughter, who wore an expression of gratitude and'something else as she stared at armaan . She inwardly smirked. Trust her daughter to be such a romantic as to fall in love with the father of her child, who she sensed felt something back for ridz. It was something out of a indian drama! shashank nodded, his brain thinking of how to make things work. Finally, he nodded.


ridz's brows knitted together.


shashank's eyes flickered from his daughter to her''friend'.

"Okay, as in, I accept you and armaan's baby and am willing to be a part of your life again"

ridz beamed and grabbed armaan's arm in joy. He grinned back, making her heart skip a beat or five. shashank held up a hand, indicating he was not finished.

"But on one condition. ridz's mother and I have to talk to your parents about this'situation" shashank said to armaan.

armaan's blue eyes widened, matching ridz's round saucers next to him. He looked at her, mortified. ridz inwardly groaned. Her parents meeting armaan's parents? It was a disaster waiting to happen. She snuck a glance at her parents. They raised their eyebrows expectantly. She forced a bright smile, gesturing them to get into armaan's swanky sports car. armaan  blinked as ridz, shashank and padma piled onto his Italian leather, ready to be driven home to greet his unsuspecting parents. He inwardly cringed.

What a great way to end the collge day.


part 16

armaan cringed as awkward silence filled the air. He snuck a glance at a mortified ridz, who had her head in her hands. kirti threw a dirty glare at her. shubankar blinked perplexedly, nervously smiling at ridz's parents. shashank crossed his arms across his chest, a somber expression on his face. padma drummed her fingers against the varnished tabletop, inspecting the lavish villa her daughter was currently residing in.
"This is a very nice home you have here, Mrs malik" she complimented coolly.

kirti forced a bright smile, her eyes narrowing slightly. She didn't like the look on ridz's mother's face. It was too calm, too collected.

"Thank you, Mrs gupta" she replied, equally icy

The women continued waging their cold war, glaring fiercely at each other. ridz inwardly groaned. Of all the times her mother had to be overprotective, it had to be during the most important nine months of her life. Great. shashank cleared his throat.

"Well, this has been sufficiently awkward, considering we're basically in-laws" he drawled sarcastically.

armaan spluttered on his drink. In-laws? It wasn't like he and riddihma  were married! riddihma dutifully patted his back, rolling her eyes. An image of a white picket fence and cozy cottage flashed in armaan's mind.

He wouldn't mind having that with riddihma

riddihma watched anxiously as her parents stared down armaan's parents. shashank cracked his knuckles threateningly, while padma  coldly glared at them. riddihma wanted to crawl under the table and die. The silence seemed like it was going to drag on forever.

"I'm home! And I brought Selena over again! I hope you guys don't mind..." Robbie's cheerful voice trailed off as he walked into the living room, his girlfriend trailing behind.

shubankar sighed in relief as his youngest son blinked quizzically at the visitors, consequently breaking the ice. padma raised an eyebrow.

"Did you get that one pregnant too?" she fired icily at armaan, referring to Selena.

Selena's eyes widened, horrified. robbie  gaped. riddihma slapped her hand to her forehead.

"Hey! That's my girlfriend you're talking about!" robbie angrily retorted, wrapping an arm protectively around Selena's waist. kirti was flabbergasted.

""I beg your pardon! I refuse to hear you talk about my son like that! I know armaan can seem like a bit of a playboy, but I can assure you, he means well!" kirti defended her son.

padma scoffed, folding her arms over her chest.

"From what I heard from riddihma, armaan goes out with a different girl every night! And they all get thrown away the next day like last season's clothes! If that's not a playboy, I don't know what is!"

armaan glared at riddihma. She bitched about him to her mother? riddihma shrugged apologetically. It was before they had met, anyway. shubankar sniggered heartily, slapping his son on the back.

"That's my boy!"

armaan turned beet red. robbie snorted. His brother had the worst luck. First he knocked up riddihma, then got busted by his parents and now he was sitting through a conversation with riddihma's parents. robbie merely shook his head. shashank rolled his eyes.

"Enough. We've wasted enough time talking about your son's inability to keep his pants on. Let's get down to business" he rubbed his hands together.

kirti opened her mouth to retort, but shubankar cut her off.

"My son is taking full responsibility of riddihma and the baby. They're currently staying here with us and will continue too, hopefully"

padma clucked her tongue.

"That won't do! I want my daughter home, safe and sound and away from that life-ruiner!" padma nearly screeched.

"Mom!"riddihma whined exasperatedly.

armaan felt his stomach sink. Had he ruined riddihma's life? He never really thought about that. He had always relied on his parents' money, barely scraping though with mediocre grades. But ridz was different. She was top in the grade, and had a list of extra-curricular activities the length of his body. She had a bright future in front of her, destined to become something great for their society. And now this baby was going to halt it for at least a couple of years. A wave of guilt washed over him. It was all his fault. armaan was going to continue wallowing in self-pity when a nudge from riddihma woke him from his reverie.

"You okay?" she whispered, her eyes darting nervously to the arguing mothers.

armaan shrugged, a bittersweet smile playing on his lips.

"It's kinda awkward when you have two women screaming at each other about who's the better mother. Or worse. Depends on how you want to look at it" he quipped.

riddima laughed softly, her eyes sparkling. armaan swore his heart skipped a beat.

It had been doing that a lot lately.

ridz glanced back at their parents, who were now red-faced and hoarse. robbie lounged lazily, watching the scene unfold with Selena leaning comfortably against his chest. Her dark eyes flickered back to armaan. She was taken aback by the serious expression on his face. ridz felt her heart pound faster as she stared at his face. Was it normal for a guy to look so good at every angle? armaan hid a smirk as he felt ridz's eyes on him. It wasn't like she could help it, he thought smugly. He quickly sobered up as he remembered what he was going to talk to her about. armaan took a deep breath, and turned to face ridz.

ridz flushed, embarrassed about being caught staring at armaan. He fidgeted in his seat as kirti and padma continued to argue, now on the subject of 'how to teach your children to abstain from sex'. Apparently, padma was winning.
"So what are you going to do?" he finally squeezed out.

ridz looked perplexed. armaan rolled his eyes.

"About the whole living in which house thing?" he prompted, gesturing to their arguing parents.

ridz's mouth formed a perfect 'O'. She bit her lip, deep in thought. She was glad that her parents had finally accepted her and her baby, but she had grown to love each member of the malik family in a such a short amount of time. She loved how kirti  was fussed about her like she was her real daughter, and how shubankar would be there to calm his wife down, jokingly teasing her about armaan. She loved how robbie knew exactly what pushed armaan's buttons, and how the two brothers would fight it out. She even loved Selena, who was around frequently enough to be called part of the family, for her bubbly cheerfulness and for always making her laugh. ridz absolutely adored the malik family.

Especially a certain, dark-haired boy sitting next to her.

She loved the way he smiled at her, how it made her breath catch and her heart beat faster at the same time. She loved the way his hair would fall into his eyes, how he would brush it back and wink cheekily at her. She loved how he cared so much about their baby. armaan had already bought and built the crib, the rocking horse and cubby house. ridz had melted at that scene.

I guess I just love him, she mused, sneaking another glance at armaan. armaan waited as ridz thought it over. His heart was pounding erratically. He desperately wanted her to stay. ridz made him feel like no other girl had before. He was nervous, excited and deliriously happy when he was with her.

And he didn't want to lose that yet.

"Well, I guess I want to go back home-" ridz started.

armaan felt his heart plummet to his feet.

"-but'" she snuck a shy glance at armaan "I really like staying here with you. And I think it'd be good for the baby if he had both his dad and mom living in the same house together, don't you think?"

armaan grinned. ridz blushed heavily. It was the same as confessing her feelings for him! He turned to announce this to their parents when shashank spoke up, closely examining armaan. He looked like he had a smile on his face.

"armaan, do you have feelings for ridz?" he asked simply.

armaan was stunned. ridz's eyes widened, snapping immediately to said boy. kirti and padma stopped arguing, curious to find out the answer. shashank shook his head, already knowing his son's true feelings. robbie and Selena straightened up, their ears straining to listen. ridz felt herself lean forward, anticipating the answer. armaan looked around at the eager families, before his stormy blue eyes locked with ridzs own. Her chocolate orbs bored into his own, and armaan felt himself melt. It's now or never, he thought. He took in a deep breath, staring intently in ridz's eyes.

"I'I think I'm falling for her"

There was a thud, and riddhima fainted.


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