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Part 16 & 17 : The Green Blue Hues (AR ff)

part 16 

Riddhima walks out of the bathroom, clad in the beautiful dark green blouse embroidered with golden thread and beads. The blouse had been a havoc to tie up at the back. She walks towards the mirror and sees Armaan looking at her, putting down the phone at once.

Riddhima: (narrows her eyes) who were you talking to…

Armaan: no one in particular….woww…(stands up) look at you…you look beautiful…

Riddhima turns and glares at him

Riddhima: mazak urra rahay ho…??

Armaan stifles a laugh and shakes his head to say no

Armaan: no…seriously…tum bohat…achi lag rahi ho…bass…thori vulgar lag rahi ho…(laughs)

Riddhima glares at him

Riddhima: ha-ha-ha…(sarcastically laughs) Armaan, tumhara sense of humor KITNAA acha hai na…

Armaan: haan…I know…(winks at her) okay jokes apart…you do look nice, but lets just do something about this saree for now…yea??

Riddhima nods. Just then someone knocks on the door.
Half an hour later.
Riddhima is standing in front of the mirror, putting the pally over her shoulder. After an effortful half an hour, Armaan had finally suceeded in making her wear the sarri, by putting the holder in the right place around her waist. They had almost given up in between, but Armaan had insisted, and on the last time, he had succeeded. Now, he had gone to change himself.
Riddhima: (muttering to herself) I dont know how these people wear this stuff...yards n yards of cloth....uff....thank God for Armaan...if he hadnt been here, i couldnt have worn it....ab yeh pallu aissay...oh noooo!! yeh to khul gaya fir se.....Armaaaan!! kidhar reh gaya yeh ulu da patha...(a word she had picked up from bey-jee)....ARMAAN!!!
Armaan walks out of the bathroom, wearing a white coloured pajama kurta and looking really nice.
Armaan: haan bolo, ab kia hua??
Riddhima: yeh fir se khul gaya...(making a crying face)
Armaan: (frowns) kia khul gaya? (walks closer)
Riddhima: yeh...!! (points down to her sarri) yeh sarri...
Armaan puts a hand to his forehead.
Armaan: ufffooo!! Kia museebat hai yaar....Ragz, tu ne kia kiya iske saath?? (hands on hip)
Riddhima: maine?? (points to herself) I didnt do anything...yeh khud khul gaya...!!

Armaan: itni mushkillon se bandhi thi...uff...acha ruk..
He gets down on his knees and pulls back her pallu, while Riddhima stands with her hands on her hips. Armaan looks at the hook and the folding where he had to put it, and sighs.
As Riddhima feels Armaan's fingers across her waist, she feels something weird happening at the pit of her stomach. This had been happening since the time he had been helping her wear the sarri: everytime he touched, she felt a little spasm all over her body. However, she had chosen to ignore these little shivers, not accepting what her body was trying to tell her. They were best friends, yes, but no guy had ever touched her so sensually ever especially around the waist. Morever, she and Armaan had never had that kind of intimacy, but now, in the present situation, they were both helpless.
As Armaan fixed the hook into its place, he looked away from her waist and concentrated on what his fingers were doing. Being this close to her gave him the creeps because he started thinking of doing things he would never imagine doing in his wildest dreams. Riddhima was his best friend, she was doing all this for him, he better stick to his best behavior. One wrong move and she would beat the pulp out of him.
Lost in their own thoughts, they were oblivious to the door opening and someone entering the room. They didnt realize that they were in a very uncompromising position: Riddhima was standing in front of the mirror, and Armaan was kneeling before her on the floor, his hands around her waist.
Riddhima turned instantly as she heard a gasp, and Armaan also looked up. To their utmost horror, a young, beautiful girl and a handsome man were standing at the door.
Girl: oh my god!! I am so sorry...(her hand on her eyes) humain nahi pata tha tum log....sorry!!!
Guy: yeah...sorry Armaan...really didnt know...
Armaan stands up at once, as Riddhima pulls her pallu over her shoulder. He looks at the guy and the girl and then at Riddhima, looking confused. Why were they saying sorry?
However, he goes forward and hugs first the guy and the girl. He hugs the girl really tightly and pulls her up into the air, as she was really short. Riddhima narrows her eyes.
Armaan: Nikki!!! Kaisi hai tu?? Aur kidhar chali gai thi, huh? No contact, nothing!!
Nikki: Armaan, chalay to tum gae thay....London kia gaye, tum to badal hi gaye phone, no mail...n SHADI ker li tum ne....idiot...duffer....(hits him on his arm) bataya takk nahi...
Armaan laughs at her and gives a foolish smile
Armaan: sorry kiddo...(ruffles her hair) itni jaldi hua sab kuch ke...n Atul!! Tu kesa hai yaar...!
Atul: kesa matlab kia yaar...theek hun...teri tarah married nahi, abi takk single hun...(winks at him)
Armaan laughs, then looks at Riddhima as she clears her throat
Armaan: ummm...Ragz....(bites his tongue) Riddhima...this is Atul...n college friends....
Nikkita waves at her and Atul smiles
Armaan: and guys, this is at her)
Riddhima: hii...!! (comes forward) Armaan hasnt gotten used to the wife word yet...(grins)
Nikki: hmmm....seems like he's still dreaminga about his bachelorhood...(laughs)
Armaan: wouldnt forget...would you? Ragz, Nikki aur main college main best friends hua kerte thay...(looks at her)
Riddhima keeps smiling, though a bit fakely.
Riddhima: *thinks to herself* hmmm, best friendd...??? Move over missy, now he is all mine....!! (looks at Nikita from head to toe) Not bad actually...quite Armaan's kinda girl...i doubt whether they were just friends...hmmmmm!!! And this Atul guy, he looks kinda sweet.
Nikki: wese Armaan...i am really sorry huh...(naughtily)
Armaan: (frowns) kiss liye?
Nikki: woh iss tarah knock kiye beghair kamre main annay ke lie....i didnt know you guys were....(winks at him)
Armaan blushes at the thought and so does Riddhima
Riddhima: nee are taking it wrong...we weren't....(shakes her head) you know....doing THAT....(raises her eyebrows to emphasise)
Nikkita and Atul burst into laughter.
Riddhima: OMG!! Did i just say that...? (she starts laughing herself too, while Armaan seems very uncomfortable)
Armaan: acha, hansna band kero...aur yeh batao, ke tum lgoon ko kese pata ke i am back?/
Atul: Armaan!! tu shayed apni chatterbox behen ko bhul gaya hai...Aditi ne bataya fact the whole gang wanted to come...but they will come tomorrow...!!
Armaan: ohhh!! acha...anyways....pooja takk to rukk rahay ho na?
Nikki: of course...anyways...we are going guys, carry on...(winks at Riddhima and leaves)
Armaan turns to look at Riddhima, murder written in his eyes.
Riddhima: WHAT?? I didnt say anythig....i just said, we werent doing what they thought we were doing...
Armaan: thanks a lot...for ruining my reputation again...(makes a sarcastic face) now i have been officialy disgraced in my family n frends too...
Riddhima laughs
Riddhima: its kind of funny though...what would they be down on your knees, doing what...i think they thought you were...(makig weird faces)
Armaan: (cuts her in between) ewww....shut up Ragz...let's go!! You pervert...
Riddhima laughs as Armaan takes hold of her hand and leads her downstairs.
Armaan held Riddhima's hand all the way as they walked down the stairs. The whole hall was packed with people: most of it his own family. Riddhima looked beautiful in the saree, and Armaan looked extremely handsome. Together, as they descended the stairs, they looked like a beautiful couple, whispering to each other and smiling. Padma looks at her son and daughter-in-law and smiles, happy that her son had made the right choice.
Riddhima: (whispering to Armaan) Armaan, please let me go back...please, please pleasee.....(faking a smile on her face as she saw Divya)
Armaan: (speaking between her teeth) you can NOT back out have to go down now, see everyone is looking at us...
Riddhima: (holding her sarri and lifting it a bit) i am going to FALL in this...its coming in between my feet....please let me go and changee...!!!
Armaan: you wont fall, i am holding you....come on now...everyone is here...(saying that, they descended the stairs)
Everyone came forward to meet the new, happy couple. It was Riddhima's first time introduction to all of Armaan's extended family. Plastering a smile on her face, she met everyone pleasantly, bent down and touched every elder's feet, holding her sarri lest it fell down. By the end of the meeting session, her head was reeling.
Riddhima dragged Armaan to a corner and exhaled loudly. With one hand on her hip, she looked at him.
Riddhima: MY GOD!! What a huge family you you even know half of these people?
Armaan giggles
Armaan: honestly telling you, no....i am meeting most of them for the first time myself...they are like, all in my extended family...they came to meet the nayi naveli bahu...(winks at her)
Riddhima: hah!! seems like half of India is here....(rolls her eyes) why cant we have simple, small gatherings, like people in the west do??
Armaan: (puts an arm around her) cuz this is India, come on...lets go...Mom's calling us over...
They walked over to Padma who looks at them and kisses Riddhima's forehead. Then, she puts a finger to her eye and then puts something behind Riddhima's ear, who looks at all of this, confused.
Padma: kisi ki nazar na laggay...bohatttt sundar lag rhai ho...
Armaan: akhir biwi kis ki hai Mom...(hugs Padma from behind)
Divya, whose standing next to Padma, sees Riddhima's confused look.
Divya: its done to ward off the evil eye...its an old tradition...
As Riddhima nods in understanding, she sees Nikki coming and standing next to her.
Nikki: Riddhima, you are looking beautiful...
Riddhima: thanks Nikki...
Padma: Nikita...aj to tumhainn chor rahi hun kyunki ghar per pooja time aogi to khub khabar lungi...(nikita makes a sorry face as Padma looks at her sternly)
Armaan: kyun Ma, iss ne ab kia kar dia?
Padma: arey, jab se tu gya hai...milne hi nai ati thi...aj 5 mahinon baad shakal dikha rhai hai, hum bhi iss ke kuch lagte hain...
Nikita: (holds her ears) sorry Auntie....ab se pakka aungi...aur wese bhi...(naughtily) Armaan ko to shayed ab bhi fursat na ho mujhse milne ki, par ap se milne to ati rahungi...
Padma: kyun, Armaan ko kyun fursat nahi hogi?
Nikita: bhayi ab Ridddhimmmaaaaa idhar hai tooo....humari value to kamm ho gai na...(winks at Padma, who smiles as Armaan slightly blushes, aww) aur wes ebhi, in ko kamre se bahar nikalne ka dil hi nahi krta, kyun Armaan?
Armaan suddenly starts coughing as Nikita makes him remember the embarassing situation of a few minutes ago. Riddhima at once rubs his back.
Riddhima: you okay?? (concerned)
Armaan: yeah...i will...just be back...
He makes his escape as Nikita starts laughing, and Padma joins in. Riddhima then understands that Armaan had been faking it.
Riddhima: ho gai Mr. Mallik ki nautanki shuru...(folding her arms)
Padma: arey Riddhima...tum to bohat achi Hindi bolti ho...
Riddhima: (laughs) nee Aunty...yeh to jitni ati hai, its all thanks to Shahrukh!!(in a matter-of-fact-way)
Nikita: Shahrukh? (looks at her)
Riddhima: (widens her eyes) SHAH RUKH KHAN!! Who else...?
Armaan comes back by this time
Armaan: OmG!! Please dont tell me we are discussing the stuttering man again...?
Riddhima shot him a look that culd kill
Riddhima: ARMAAN...!! One more word and...(points a finger at him)
Armaan: okay okay...peace...!! (making the peace sign at her, laughs, and puts an arm around her)
However, Riddhima jerks away his arm, still fuming. Padma ad to leave, and Nikita is busy in seeing the display of emotions by AR.
Nikkita: woaah!! seems like we ave quite a big fan here...huh?? (smiles at Riddhima)
Armaan: yeah..Ragz is MAD about Shahrukh...she has a DVD collection of all his movies...ranging from Guddu to Chak de!....and believe me, one word said against him in front of her and you are dead meat...
Nikita: really??
Armaan: termite's a mighty possessive fan, isn't she...??(pinching Riddhima's nose)
Riddhima smiles, puffs her cheeks and speaks in a baby-ish tone
Riddhima: do not call me a termite,Armaan!!!(bats her eyelashes at her)
Nikita laughs, and leaves as AR continue their silly banter.
Some time later.
All are gathered in front of the temple, that is situated in the room. Padma, Beyjee and Divya are standing in the first row with Shubhankar, Arjun holding Aravh, and Da-jee standing with them. Behind them are Armaan, Riddhima, Nikita, Shubhankar, Atul and Aditi, and Keerti.
The pooja begins. First of all, Bey-jee and Da-jee do the pooja, then Padma and Suraj, then Divya and Arjun. Divya looks behind and beckons Shubhankar forward.
Bey-jee: beta, tujhe aur bahu ko saath saath puja kerni chahiye....Keerti, beta aagey ao...
Keerti, whom Riddhima had met and found to be a nice, sweet lady, walks forward and holds the pooja thalli together with Shubhankar and does the pooja. In the meanwhile, Aditi and Nikita are explaining the rituals to Riddhima.
Shubhankar and Keerti hand over the pooja thalli to Padma and walk bak to their positions. Padma turns to beckon Riddhima and Armaan forward, and is surprised to find Riddhima yawning loudly. She stifles a giggle.
Padma: Armaan...Riddhima...beta ao...(smiling slightly)
Armaan nudges Riddhima and she stops yawning.
Armaan: chalo na...kharri kyun ho...
Riddhima: (whispers to him) no no no...i am not doing this...this saree thing will catch fire...
Armaan: arey dont worry...main hun na...chaloo!!
Holding her by her forearm, he pushes her forward and they both walk towards the front. Padma hands the thaal to Riddhima, who holds is gulping. She was really scared of fire.
Her hands were a bit shaky, but they steady themselves as Armaan holds on to them. She smiles at him gratefully and they both start revolving the thalli together.
Riddhima is enjoying the whole religious pooja and doing the aarti stuff when she is jostled out of her thoughts with a shriek followed by a loud voice calling her name: Lidhimaaaaa!!!
She turns around in shock, still holding the thalli, as does everyone in the hall. Her jaw drops and her eyes pop out as she sees Rahul standing at the door, full baggage in his hands, a rucksack behind him, as a young boy of around 8 and a small baby girl of around 3 stand next to him. She looks from the kids to Rahul to Armaan, who has a glint of happiness in them. Instantly she gets to know its his doing. Handing over the thall to him, she practially runs over to the door and envelops both the kids in a big, bear hug.
Armaan follows her and kneels down too, hugging first the young boy tightly, and then picking up the baby girl in his arms, who flung her arms around his neck as he kisses her cheek, exclaiming: Almaan!!!!
Riddhima, in the meanwhile, has side-hugged the guy and stands up to hug Rahul, whispering 'thank you' to him. She then turns to Armaan and with slight tears in her eyes, whispers a grateful 'thanks' to him too, as he holds the baby girl and Riddhima hugs the young boy, who was now clinging to her legs. As they round up to look at their family, they are met with surprised, kind of accusatory looks. In their happy reunion, they had forgotten the whole family around them.
Aditi was the first one to speak up.
Aditi: (in a shocked tone) YOU GUYS HAVE KIDS???
Armaan looked at Riddhima in shock, recognizing what the arrival of the kids was going to mean now.Riddhima gulps: uh-oh!!!
............. Riddhima looked from Armaan to Rhea to Rahul, and then to Aditi. Her mind had gone completely blank, and howver much she tried, the lower part of her face refused to open and blurt out anything, leaving her look like a mindless puppet opening and closing her mouth over and over again.
The display of varied emotions on the faces of the people standing before them left Armaan wondering: while Aditi was looking amused, Padma and Bey-jee looked like the earth had split open and they were about to fall in, Divya had a cocked raised eyebrow that showed a tinge of disapproval while Nikki had a highly 'oh-i-could-say-so-much-right-now' look on her face. His gaze shifted to Riddhima's face, and he had a sudden urge to laugh. However, before he could say anything, two tiny, cold hands landed on his face as Rhea made him turn to look at her.
Rhea: kaa hua Almaan...??(in her cute, innocent voice)
Smiling, he shook his head at her. The prolonged silence was now unnerving him by the second. He looked at Riddhima and whether he could split the reality to them....the hidden reluctance in her eyes made him restrain himself.
Padma was the first one to break the silence now. Taking a few steps forward towards them, she gave them a confused look.
Padma: Armaan....beta, yeh bachay....??
Armaan: Mom woh....(gulps) yeh...ummm....
He was stopped in his tracks when Da-jee walked forwards, his cane sounding like a gun-shot in a silent night. Coming to stand before them, Da-jee gave them both such a piercing look that Armaan couldn't dare to look up again.
Da-jee: yeh bachay kaun hain Armaan...??
Armaan looked down, not knwoing what to do. He couldnt lie to Da-jee, and yet he couldn't break Riddhima's trust either.
Da-jee: main tumse kuch puch raha hun...Armaan...
Rahul, still standing at the door, takes in the situation. Noticing Riddhima and Armaan both silenced with fear, he decided to make matters better by stepping in. Coming forward, he stood between Armaan and Riddhima and spoke up.
Rahul: yeh...yeh mere chote behen bhai hain....
Now the focus of eveyrone's attention is shifted to Rahul. Though Padma knew him just by face as she had seen his picture, no one else knew how close Armaan and Rahul were.
Da-jee: aur tum kaun ho??
Armaan: (finally finding his voice) Da-jee yeh mera dost hai...Rahul....humare saath London main parhta hai....issey maine yahan invite kiya hai...(smiles)
Da-jee nods, then lightly touching Rahul's head as he bends down to touch his feet, goes into his room. Everyones breathes a sigh of relief, and norml bustle and talk breaks out.
Padma: main to darr hi gai thi...pehle shadi chupai....aur phir mujhe laga, ke bachay...(sighs) Armaan, tu bol nahi skata tha??

Armaan: Maa main kia...
Rahul: its okay Padma Auntie...actually ghalti meri hai...Armaan ko pata nahi tha ke yeh log bhi saath arahay hain...
Padma: acha...(smiles) kia naam hai beta ap ka...? (looking at the young boy)
Ryan clings to Riddhima's legs, as he was generally shy and didnt interact much with people.
Riddhima: Ryan...beta, Auntie kuch puch rhai hain na...(fondly rubs her hand on his head)

Padma: tum in bachon ko janti ho??
Ryan: (spekaing up slowly) jee, she's our Di....

Padma looks a little confused, from Armaan to Riddhima to Ryan.
Armaan: actually Mom...yeh bchay humare kafi close hain....Rahul akela rehta hai na, to kafi time yeh bachay humare pass hi hotey hain...(covering up for her)

Padma: achaa...(smiles) (looks back at Aditi) arey tu wahan kia kharri hai, aa ker mil na...
Aditi and Nikiti walk towards them, and meet the kids. While Ryan was more of an introvert kid, Rhea was totally his opposite. Young, bubbly and full of life, she easily mingled with people, and was quite clever for her age too.
Riddhima looked at Armaan and signalled him to come upstairs to the room, as she had to talk. He blinked his eyes at her cofortingly and nodded.
Riddhima: chalo...Rhea, Ryan...lets go up to the room...come...aoo Rahul..(looks at him)
Holding Ryan's hand, she walks up to their room, followed by Armaan holding Rhea and Rahul bringing up the end of the line.
 part 17

In their room. Now, Rhea and Ryan are sitting on the bed, Armaan is standing with his back to the wall, one leg leaning against it, and Rahul is sitting on the arm of a seat. All of them are looking at Riddhima pacing from one part of the room to the other.
Armaan looks at Rahul and rolls his eyes, smiling slightly as Riddhima is constantly muttering under her breath. Rahul snickers. Armaan mouths 'the crazy pacing act kicks in again" at him and Rahul laughs a little. However, Riddhima at once turns and bursts out at Armaan.
Armaan gulps, speechless, taken-aback by her sudden outburst.
Riddhima: (rounds up on Rahul) AND YOU!!! I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE SANE ONE AMONGST US, THE PERSON WHO HAD A LITTLE MORE SENSE THAN THIS MORON OVER HERE...(shoots an angry look at Armaan) BUT YOU PROVED ME WRONG...!! Of course, what else do you expect, you guys are like best friends from eternity....!! Gosh, Armaan....Rahul....(puts a hand on her forehead) WHAT THE F... IS THIS!! (stomps her foot)
Armaan shoots a suprirsed look to Rahul. This was definitely not how things were planned.
Armaan: ummm...Ragz....let's just keep the F word out here...?? (biting his tongue as he saw her look)
Riddhima: Seriously???? SERIOUSLY??? You are more concerned about me using the "F" word (makes inverted comma signs in the air) than you being the world's biggest moron and bringing them all the way to India to expose them as our KIDS to your family, who hasnt even got used to the idea of us being married...?? And then you give me crap about the F word, Armaan?? (glares at him, hands on her hips)
Armaan grins her a little sheepishly, as he is unable to control his laughter now.
Riddhima: DONT!! (points at him) me...that stupid smile...Armaan Mallik...!! (saying one word at a time)...
Armaan stands straight and decides to calm her down now. He goes to her, puts both his hands on her shoulders as she glares. Steering her towards the bed, he makes her sit down while she protests...
Armaan: sit...(she tries getting up) SIT!!..(commandingly)....and SHUT UP NOW!!!
Riddhima looks at him, her anger subsiding a little.
Armaan: look Ragz...we did this for you...because you have been worried to your death about them, and well, they were on their vacations, you wwere here, and they had no other place to go...and we dont have to tell them the truth, we just tell them that they're Rahul's siblings, like he said....and we cleared up the kids misconception right now...I dont see how things are getting screwed up here??
Riddhima looks at him, grim.
Riddhima: Armaan, why dont u understand?? I just got custody after fighting for the past 2 years like really think he's not gonna kick up a frenzy when he gets to know they are here??
Rahul butts in before Armaan could answer
Rahul: Riddhima...i have notified the court about them being here, and they are perfectly okay with they are your responsibility, he cant do anything about it...what's the big deal...??
Riddhima looks from him to Armaan, who nods fervently....she sigs, giving up...
Riddhima: okay long do they stay???
Rahul: till you are here...they are not leaving without you...
Riddhima looks at Rhea and Ryan, who were sitting quietly, looking at them, hen sighs.
Riddhima: oh...okay....then its settled....(looks at them) thank you guys, its not like i am not happy to see them...its the best surprise ever....i just got a little worked up...
Armaan: hey...come here....(holds her hand)
He makes her stand and pulls her into a bear hug, Riddhima ugs him back tightly for her a final tight squeeze he backs out and smiles at her.
Armaan: dont worry...hum hain na...tu fikar na kar...(winks at her)
Then he walks over to the bed and picks up Rhea, and kissing her cheek, throws her up in the air to catch her back as she squeals with laughter.
Armaan: its team Mallik against team are gonna lose big time honey...(winks at her)
Riddhima: no way....(putting her arm around Rahul's waist, as he put an arm aorund her shoulder) the Gupta's never lose, do they Rahul??
Rahul: never....(smiling down at his baby cousin)
Armaan: soch lo....its you two against us three...(points at himself, Ryaan and Rhea)
Riddhima: technically speaking, its only you and these two in my team....but owing to the fact taht you are a big manipulator, you bought our team members...(wiggles her eyebrows at him)
Armaan: chal chal...teri team members bikaao hain....
Riddhima: acha...?? Maybe you are forgetting Mr. Mallik, one of ur team members became a traitor too....(folding her arms triumphantly) now i have Aravh in my team its tit for tat...
Rahul laughs at their silly banter...just then Divya walks in...
Divya: Armaan...tum log abhi takk yahiin ho....tum ne Rahul ko uska kamra nahi dikhaya??
Armaan: (scratches his head stupidly) umm wo....
Rahul: let it must be D, rigt??
Divya nods....Rahul introduces himself and shakes her hand...
Divya: come on...i will show you your room...let these two fight...(winks at him)
Rahul laughs, and picking up his bag, leaves the room......
Armaan settles Rhea onto the bed as Riddhima picks her upp again and he starts tickling Armaan....
Ryan: Bhaiya...dont...!!! owww...hahahahahahha....
Riddhima: Armaan nee karo...he gets ticklish, u knw that...(frowning at him)
Armaan: come on...aint u my strong boy...?? Hey dude...(sitting up) i got the latest Tekken 5...wanna game...??
Ryan: Yaayyy!!! Lets go...!!!
Armaan got him on his back, and giving him a piggy-ride, walked to his 'den' as Riddhima sighs, watching them go. Rhea wraps her arms around Riddhima's neck and hugs her tightly...
Rhea: Di...!!
Riddhima: awww my baby...(kissing her) i mished you soooo much...!! Come on, lets get some food into must be hungry...
Talking to her, she walks downstairs to get food for her.
At night.
Riddhima comes out of the bathroom. wearing a short cropped Hello Kitty shirt, that ended just below her belly button and light blue coloured pyjamas under it. with her hair an absolute mess and her face void of any make up, she looked fairly cute in her outfit. She was holding a brush to her mouth, brushing her teeth as she walked over to the dressing table to pick up her face wash. She saw Armaan lying in the middle of the bed, wearing three-quarters and a sleeveless black shirt. Rhea was sitting on his stomach, bumping up and down and laughing while Ryaan was lying down next to him, smiling as Armaan lightly brushed his hair with his fingers and read them both a story.
Shaking her head at them, she lightly smiled and walked into the bathroom. Armaan always pampered both the kids like they were practically his own....he had a way around kids she could never understand. Rhea was his absolute favorite, she could get anything she wanted out of him, and Armaan was Ryan's best friend. Though Ryan had his reasons for being the introvert kid he was, she was happy that he had at least some male company to look upto. Armaan was undoubtedly the best idol for the kids.....her kids, she mused. Though they weren't her biological children, she had brought them up and loved them as much as one could love her own. As she washed her face and came out of the bathroom, she again saw the adorable sight before her and smiled ot herself.....
The past had indeed been cruel, and while she thanked God that the bad part was over, the inauspicious day that was today made her mind reel back into those dark days again....

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