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Part 16: How to Kill your Husband

An incredulous laughter bubbled up between them. Armaan can never expect what comes out of riddhima's mouth. This woman can come up with the most ridiculously funny replies!

Armaan gently places riddhima in the front seat and increased the heating in the car making riddhima slowly relax in her seat. He played a humming relaxing tune in the stereo making her eyelids suddenly heavy with fatigue. It was effort to even keep her eyes open.

Armaan noticed her going suddenly drowsy, exhaustion written all over her body. "Sleepy?" he glanced sideways at riddhima while zooming off his car.

"Mmm." She tucked her legs half under her and turned her body towards the window, sleeping like a curled cat. Groaning inwardly remembering her taking medicine which makes her terribly drowsy and due to broken heating she didn't sleep a wink. Oh man she's going to sleep like a dead tonight.

Armaan saw her going in to long drugging sleep after all and suddenly his eyes glinted with a devilish idea. Ooh riddhima's going to kill him, probably with her stun gun or blind him with her pepper spray. No he couldn't take that chance. He quickly parked his car somewhere and searched riddhima's handbag for her lethal weapons.

"Rubbish, rubbish, chewing gum, bills, yeah found it- pepper spray, kachra, kachra- jeez how much rubbish she has treasured in her handbag!" he finally took out all her self defence or more likely defence against armaan weapons and hid them. Ab kis cheez se maarogi wifey? Armaan thought devilishly as he pulled his phone out dialling a number.

"Mallik speaking." Armaan said in a stern business tone. "Arrange a private jet for me. My usual pilot and aircraft staff please."

He glanced sideways with a devilish smile as he looked at his sleeping wifey. Ooh the thrill of kidnapping!


When riddhima opened her eyes, she was rocking. Hmm rocking feels nice... okay why was she rocking? She slowly opened her eyes and looked around taking in her dim surroundings. The last she could remember was armaan placing her in his car and then driving and then she dozed off. Dead to the world. Where is she man?

She lifted her lying body off a row of seats and scratched her head. Suddenly armaan came in her viewing frame with a mug of coffee in his hand.

"Am I dreaming?" Riddhima asked armaan who sat next to her, but a seat away. "Or this place really looks like an aeroplane?"

Armaan coughed nervously and put the armrest down between them in pre-self defence. "I think you're dreaming. Why don't go back to sleep until this place stops looking like a plane?"

Suddenly comprehension dawned upon riddhima's head like brick and she gasped loudly. "OH MY GOD I AM IN A PLANE? AREN'T I?"

Shakily riddhima got up with an instinctive hand on her stomach and started hastily looking around. She ran up to the close window shutters and opened one with a fumbling hand. Normally the ice cream clouds which used to give an immense pleasure, now they were all ready to give her a heart attack. With a sharp flip of her hair, she turned around to find a calm looking armaan standing behind her with his hands folded.

"Yes. You're on the plane and we're all going india." He said seriously and riddhima gaped at him.

"You kidnapped me?" eyes narrowed in slits and breaths coming out in a hiss.

Armaan walked up to riddhima with the same annoying cocky smile and confident stride and placed his firm hands on riddhima's shoulders. "So wifey?" he took a long torturing breath as riddhima shot daggers at him. "How does it feel to get kidnapped?" he pulled her towards him and riddhima went crashing into his chest.

"kutte kamine-" before riddhima could say anything, armaan placed his lips on hers and took her against the wall, kissing her like there's no tomorrow. Riddhima did her best to push him off but he caught her hands and pushed it back against the wall intertwining his fingers with hers

Armaan knew there was a sofa seat next to where him and riddhima was standing, so with one hand he held her waist and with other hand, he caught one of her active hands and gently laid riddhima down on the sofa.

One minute riddhima was devastated thinking about her abduction and the next she was lying flat on her back on the couch with armaan stretched out on top of her kissing her. She felt like her sane mind was stuck in a fast turning tornado and she had no idea what the hell is happening around her. How the f**k did she end up in armaan's private jet? She was in his car sleeping wasn't she god?!

Not grabbing her, mauling her, rushing her. Just kissing her. Lazily, luxuriously, longingly. Riddhima's control snapped. It's been months since she felt armaan's weight on top of hers like that. And it felt good.

He tasted like cinnamon and coffee. Sweet. A wicked little zing rattled around her from head to toe. His lips were the softest thing she'd ever felt and he smelled glorious, and weight of the big, hard body on top of hers, the heat, the power...

Her brain was swirling in her head. She never felt this good in such a long time and in that heat of the moment, she opened herself to him completely, throwing herself into the moment, kissing him back, feeling her heart pound and her body go limp. His hand was in her hair, stroking through it, holding the side of her face in one hand and nuzzling his nose against her ear. Then his mouth found the sensitive hollow of her throat, her neck.

She arched against him, heard him groan and thought how could she just happily dissolve in a puddle in his arms and let him do whatever he wanted with her? Just like that.

His mouth came back to hers, and she felt his thrusting tongue. Riddhima thought of taking him in her body in another way. Heat pooled between her legs. Her pulse throbbed. He wanted her too. His body told hers as he gently rocked against her.

It was as if every sexual thought riddhima had in the past 6 months came roaring back to life, right on armaan's private jet's couch. Suddenly her mind snapped back to life.

"Armaan." She managed. "Stop it. You're seducing me." her breath hitched in her throat as armaan gently nibbled her skin near her pulsing vein of her neck

"You don't like it?" he teased without lifting his head and riddhima fisted his shirt in her palms. Height of self control!

"No..." she lied while groaning inwardly at the pleasure armaan was giving her.

She could just feel armaan smile. "No?" his tone mocking. "You don't like when I do this?" he started kissing her again.

It felt glorious, sweet and wicked at the same time, overwhelming. Armaan exactly knew which buttons to press and when.

And then riddhima remembered that they were in armaan's private jet, on a couch, him kidnapping her while she was asleep. Shit what if someone barges in the room right now?

Riddhima pushed armaan away. "I can't do this."

"Why not?" he asked shamelessly, holding himself up on his elbows but still stretched out on top of her.

Riddhima breathed in deeply to gather her jumping nerves. "Because you kidnapped me and brought me in this plane against my will. You took advantage of my health." She hissed bitterly.

"Firstly darling you do kidnap people against their will and I just saved yours and our baby's life. Your stubborn nature was all set to kill yourself."

Riddhima avoided his eyes. Fine! He was right. She was being careless about her health. She wasn't alone anymore, she had a baby to take care of. But she can't let armaan have a upper hand after he kidnapped her. She was the one supposed to be angry. Hello she's the kidnapped party here, the injured party!

"And besides I don't have sex with men on planes." She changed the topic and rolled her tongue in her mouth hoping he wouldn't press on it too much.

Armaan smiled seeing her fumbling with her statement. He didn't doubt one bit that riddhima's the kind of woman who have sex on planes. Heck he was her first!

"Well there's always a first time." His eyes challenged hers and she felt heat flare up her cheeks. Can I do this? I mean just forget about the world for a few hours and just...just go with the flow. Who care what she does 30,000 feet up in the air? Can't she just have fun for once. Oh god why does armaan has so be so utterly butterly irresistible?...she'll sort him out once they land in india. Tab tak raat baaki baat baki hona hai jo, ho jaane do... she thought with a naughty smirk.

With a glint in her eyes, she took his tie in her hand and gave it a tug. Grinning like the no-doubt man he was, he happily lowered his mouth on hers once again. If she was going to be wicked then she might just start now with the time they had until the air hostess or someone barged in.

"You're just trying to mess with me now." He said stopping his lips a breath away from hers.

"Yes." She admitted.

"You know an air hostess's coming back with our lunch any minute and you also know that I am not really going to do anything with you right now."

"Yes." She agreed.

"That is so bad of you riddhima." He said still not kissing her. "And you're supposed to be a good girl."

She'd been watching his eyes, his mouth, waiting for it to descend that last inch and kiss her again, and she hadn't been paying any attention to anything else. It wasn't until she felt cool air on her chest that she realised he'd unbuttoned her blouse.

He took the tip of his nose and skimmed it along the line of her bra as it rose and fell over breasts. Nudging it aside he started playing with the skin there...

She gasped, ran a hand into his hair and grabbed on, trying to pull him away, but in the end, not having the will.

He nibbled on her collarbone, on the side of her neck and she just melted when he did that to her neck. Starting to rethink the whole sex-in-the-plane thing.

Who would ever really know? Riddhima could be really quiet. But she didn't think armaan could be particularly quiet, though and honestly she wasn't sure she could be.

He nearly had her whole blouse out by the time the air hostess walked in the room because riddhima did feel safe, she was truly enjoying herself and they couldn't seem to be keeping their hands off each other and honestly, why should they?

The air hostess just waltzed in saying. "I got lunch, coffee and...Oh, sorry. I-"

Riddhima gave a little yelp, face burning. She really had forgotten in the end just where the hell they were after all.

"It's okay, Olivia," Armaa said, sitting up keeping his broad back to her.

Riddhima couldn't see her and that meant the air hostess Olivia couldn't see riddhima as she buttoned up her pyjama blouse.

"I'll leave this stuff here and leave you too alone" Olivia said, then whispered to armaan. "Remind me to bring a 'Do Not Disturb' sign next time you travel with your wife."

"Sorry Oli." But he didn't look sorry, rather he looked like a man who was very happy with himself. Offcourse why wouldn't he be?

"I bet you get every woman you want." Riddhima said, not upset, not mad, just...marvelled that she could ever actually involve with a man like Armaan Mallik.

"You really want to talk about me and other women riddhima?"

"No actually, I don't."

"Good because I'd rather talk about you and me. Us riddhima."

"There is no 'Us' armaan. We were never together."

"What if I say we were always together, just didn't wanted to believe it. Because we were too independant to ever depend on someone else in life."

Riddhima got up from the sofa and sat on a comfy seat in front of armaan. "Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other person is the husband!"

"My wife and I always compromise. I admit I am wrong and she agrees with me." armaan said sarcastically and riddhima's lips twitch.

"Don't marry the person you want to live with, marry the one you cannot live without but whatever you do, you'll regret it later." Riddhima said with a smirk as armaan rolled his eyes in frustration. Will she ever stop?

"It's funny how people fight on Love marriage v/s Arranged. It's like asking someone whether suicide is better or being murdered." Even armaan couldn't resist saying.

After a moment's silence, riddhima said, "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."

"So how many times have fallen in love with your husband?" armaan asked with a lopsided smile.

"Just once am afraid and consequences weren't too merry I must say."

"Mallik men are always known for trying and trying until either they give up or the opponent." Armaan said with a confident look.

"I don't give up easily armaan."

"Neither do I wifey."


"NAHI AUNGI NAHI AUNGI NAHI AUNGI!" Riddhima dug her heels on the airport grounds refusing to move a step forward. Armaan can't always have his way! Kutta kamina!

"Riddhima don't make a scene. People are looking." Armaan smiled at the airport authorities politely and signalled them to ignore his wife.

"She's lost it." He told them when he got evil glares from women. Jeez what they must be thinking.

"I HAVE LOST IT? MEEE??" riddhima screeched at the security guard who just looks at both of them awkwardly. "HE'S THE ONE WHO MANHANDLED ME HERE! He practically picked me up and brought me to india!"

"Riddhima mein utha kar le jaunga agar tum chup chap nahi chali to." Armaan warned while advancing towards her.

"I'll change the geography of your face with my brass knuckles." Riddhima started frantically digging in her handbag. Shit where's her self defence weapons?

She looked up in to the eyes of one determined and self satisfied armaan as if he's done something to be very proud of. It suddenly hit her!

"KUTTE KAMINE, TUNE MERE SELF DEFENCE STUFF CHURAYA. CHOR CHOR CHOR!!!" She started screaming around and people gave her and armaan worried looks. Riddhima was practically standing on the airport in her pink love heart pyjamas with fluffy bunny slippers shouting at the top of her lungs. Can this get any embarrassing? Armaan thought while trying to hide his face when suddenly riddhima started accusing him of being a 'chor'! okay this can get more embarrassing. He thought as he saw a bunch of hefty looking security guards running up to the 'damsel in distress'.

"Is everything okay madam?" one of them asked and riddhima pointed at armaan who gave her evil glares.

"YEH KAMINA! He stole my pepper spray, brass knuckles, rape alarm and a stun gun." Riddhima gritted her teeth. "ARREST HIM."

Armaan slapped his forehead. Okay this is the limit now. Riddhima is seriously embarrassing him. He stepped up taking out his ID and pulling riddhima out of the crowd.

"I am Armaan Mallik. CEO of Mallik Empires." In a matter of milliseconds he got the attention and they all saluted him as if he was Barak Obama! "My wife is suffering from some traumatic events so she's just not her usual self these days. I apologise on her behalf."

Riddhima gapped. "KAYKA TRAUMA? You're the biggest trauma in my life!"

Armaan pulled her closer from her waist and planted a small kiss on her lips. Ignoring her, he continued, "Her father passed away recently." Armaan told sympathetically to the airport security guards who nodded understandingly and riddhima shook her head vigorously.

"He's blatantly lying! He died six months ago." Riddhima was hoping in her place but armaan held her tightly with one arm.

"I know darling and what a shame that you still couldn't get over the incident even after so many months." Armaan batted his lashes and riddhima swung her small fist to punch him but in a swift easy movement, armaan caught her fist and kissed it.

"IGNORE WHAT HE'S SAYING. MEIN KEH RAHI HU NA, HE STOLE MY STUFF. ARREST HIM!" riddhima barked at the timid looking security guard and armaan rolled his eyes.

"But m'aam why would such a rich man steal your pepper spray? It doesn't make sense." The security guard tried to explain her.

"Kyo kyo kyo? Just cuz he's a CEO of a goddamn company, can't he steal? Niyat to acche accho ki bigad sakti hai aaj kal." Riddhima glared at armaan who challenged her back with his eyes.

"Husband and wife are like pair of scissors. Joint together, moving in opposite direction, yet punishing whoever comes between them." The guards got his message and moved out of his way. With a swift movement, he swept riddhima off the ground and picked her up ignoring her shocked expressions and then her flying kicks, taking her out of the Mumbai airport and placed her in his car. Finally home sweet home with riddhima!

"Kaash meine koi gareeb insaan se shadi ki hoti!" riddhima muttered angrily.

"Tumhare liye mein hi kafi hu riddhima." Armaan said back. "Koi seedhe saadhe aadmi ko to tum kacha kha jao. No jokes."


Riddhima was pacing madly on the terrace of their india's house. It's been a week and riddhima felt like a lazy bum doing nothing productive. Jeez she was pregnant not terminally ill that armaan was not even letting her join the office!

But she still couldn't get that kidnapping bit out of her head. How dare he?! Just because she sleeps like a log, armaan picked her up and placed her in his private jet instead of Margaret's guest bedroom? She also called Margaret and thoroughly apologised for just disappearing like that but instead of getting mad, her ex- employer was happy for riddhima that finally she got her life back. ghanta got her life back! She's like in a house arrest all thanks to her mahan pati.

She was browsing on the web one afternoon getting bored and drinking her orange juice when suddenly a add popped up. Her mind reversed 7 months back to all those retarded profiles and armaan's heart stopping reaction to those psychopathic girls. She tapped on her laptop as her brain formed an evil idea.

Lips curving into a smirk, she logged on to armaan's account and noted down all those girls contact numbers.

"Hello Geeta?" riddhima contacted her first 'prospective bride' for her husband. "Hi I am riddhima. A few months ago you contacted me on yes I am armaan's PA."


Armaan was sitting in his office working on his latest project when he got a call from riddhima. Surprisingly lifting his mood, he merrily picked up his phone.

"Hello wifey. Aaj hame kaise yaad kiya?"

"Will have lunch with me today?"

Shocked out of his wits, he quickly managed himself. "Off...offcourse. what a...sudden thing."

"Yeah I was just bored sitting alone in the house whole day." Riddhima was already laughing at armaan's phooti kismet. Oh man he's in for a big surprise.

"Sure. Tell me what time and I'll come pick you up."

"Nahi...nahi. tum mat aana. I am already at Z.K restaurant table number 4. Meet me there in half an hour. Don't be late armaan."

Armaan kept the phone down with an amused expression. What happened to riddhima? In this past week she didn't even bother giving him a glass of water forget a phone call. Well anyways maybe it's his lucky day today. He thought sliding his chair backwards and getting up as he sorted out his red tie and slipped on his coat.

He reached the restaurant ten minutes before and asked for his reserved table. When he finally reached table number 4, he froze on his spot seeing a bunch of overly dressed ladies sitting on his reserved table. Huh? Who are these women? They look like they all are going to some wedding. Clad in fancy red saris and pink and blue heavy lehengas and jeez all heavy jewellery. Armaan reluctantly went up to them.

"Hey. I think you all are sitting at the wrong table. Table number 4 was booked for me." armaan said politely giving his charming dimpled smile and all the woman fawned over him. suddenly one got up from her seat and grabbed his hand.

"i want very simple boy. from brahmin educated family from Orissa state she is also know about RAMAYAN, GEETA BHAGABATA, and other homework "

Armaan pulled his hand out of her grip. "But I am not from orrisa thank you very much."

"itz okie. Chalega. U know read?" she asked expectantly.

Armaan was thoroughly confused. Seriously what a freak. "Yes I know how to read. But swear to god I've never read all those books in my life before. Now if you please excuse me." armaan was about to go back to the reception and lash out at them for making idiots sit at his table.

"Iam Sharmila my colour is black, but my heart is white. i like social service." Another one got up and held armaan's arm expectantly. Then it hit him like a brick. THE ZEBRA WOMAN!!!

"No no no. Sorry I am not interested." Armaan was moving backwards.

"But my heart is white and I social service you and your mummy and pappa." Sharmila approached him with determination in her eyes and armaan shook looked around in search of riddhima. Jeez where is that motor mouth when you need her?

"Look this is some kind of misunderstanding. I am not looking for a bride." Armaan said honestly, helplessly. Where is riddhima?!!

"my name is farhanbegum and i am unmarried. pleaes you marrige me pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes pleaes " A third one jumped on armaan as he felt a wall behind him. Man he's getting attacked by freakos.

"But I don't marriage you." Armaan forgot his own grammar and shook his head. "I mean I can't marry you, I am sorry."

But farhanbegum was one determined woman. "promise I marriage you and you marriage I and we marriage 2 childrens"

Woah kids? "But I am already married. Honest to god, I have one baby on the way as well."

It fell on deaf ears. "hello i am a good charactarised woman. i want to run my life happily. i divorced my first husband. his charactor is not good'.
i expect the good minded and clean habits boy who may be in the same caste or other caste accepted ... "

Armaan groaned and slapped his forehead. "Ooh but I have got very bad habbits. And I am not even divorced." Armaan said seriously but he just got fawning and oohing and aahing in return.

"Ketlo hot che nahi? Ek dum shahrukh khan jevo lage che chokro." Another one said in gujarati and armaan snorted.

"Oh puh-leez that man is just over rated. He's nothing. seriously." Armaan said while rolling his eyes.

"iam kanandevi. i do owo sistar.he was marred." Another one said who was practically behind a veil armaan noticed. Okay let her stay behind it.

"Even I am marred!" armaan's English was seriously getting affected he noticed grimly.

No effect as another highly overly dressed woman pushed her way through armaan who was practically sticking to the wall behind.

"iam pranati my family histoy my two brother two sister and father & mother sister completely married"

That caught armaan's attention. "Can you tell me how to get married completely?"

"Marriage me. one day I show you." She said and armaan shivered.

"koi aur bhi hai to vo bhi aa jao."

"My future husband be good looking and a service. he should have one brother and one sister.  should educated." Another one said and armaan nearly laughed off at one brother and one sister criteria.

"Sorry, I am the only child." Armaan said pouting fakely.

"Then I not marry you." She said angrily and armaan gave her freakish look. Did they all came from some mental asylum?

Riddhima was rolling on the floor seeing armaan in this condition. That poor thing was gathered by insane metanlly imbalanced women who were not listening to his plea about him already getting married. She couldn't help but laugh till her stomach hurt.

Armaan heard a familiar laughter from the midst of this overly excited women fighting with eachother to marry him. he turned his head and saw glimpse of riddhima hiding behind a pillar laughing so hard that tears were forming in her eyes. That cunning little...

So it was all riddhima's plan to make him suffer like this. Revenge for kidnapping her from Australia and bringing her to india like that. Acha wifey. To ab yeh dekho!

"Fine fine I marriage you all. Happy" armaan stretched his arms and all the desperate women came in his arms.

Riddhima chocked on her tears seeing armaan announce that. Sala kamina! Shadi shuda hokar flirt kar raha hai. With a burning heart riddhima watched him and his herd of sheep with a disapproving gaze.

"C'mon ladies, isi khushi mein, mein tum sab ko ice cream khi lata hu." Armaan said taking the bunch of weirdos to their table number 4 and riddhima's hands itched to stop them. Ice cream khilata hu! Huh. Iski ice cream mein to rat poison na mila diya na to mera naam bhi riddhima nahi!

"Armaan jee, kya mein aapko apne haatho se khilao?" one of them asked and armaan smirked inwardly seeing riddhima's jumping body with the side of his eyes.

"Offcourse honey." armaan opened his mouth and closed his eyes anticipating to feel cold ice cream on his lips. Instead he felt someone sitting on his lap and before he could open his eyes, that 'person' smacked her lips on his holding his face in her hands. Riddhima... he could just tell, that was riddhima.

When she finally lifted her head after a passionate lip lock, armaan saw his fuming wife sitting on his lap.

Riddhima turned around, still sitting on armaan's lap and faced the women. "HE'S MARRIED! BAAT SAMAJH NAHI AATI. SHADI SHUDA AADMI PAR LINE MAARTI HO." Riddhima lashed and armaan pulled riddhima closer by her waist and started nuzzling in her neck. "I am his wife... and he's my baby's dad...and STOP IT ARMAAN. IT'S DISTRACTING." She tried getting up from his lap but armaan firmly held her back.

"But he so hot. I become second wife." One of them said and riddhima's lid blew off.

"KAMINI HAATH TO LAGA MERE PATI KO, MUH TODH DUNGI." Riddhima shouted and armaan chuckled behind riddhima kissing her neck. "AUR TUM KAMINE!!" She turned to armaan who sat straight. "mere alawa kisi aur ko dekha bhi, to tumhare khane mein ran poison mila dungi aur tumhari insurance policy ke paiso se dusri shadi kar lungi." She threatened and armaan burst out laughing.

"I didn't know my wife was sooo possessive."


So after a lot of arguments they left the restaurants and riddhima told armaan flat that she's joining office no matter what. When he tried protesting, she told him that khali dimaag sheytaan ka ghar hota hai and then she gets these crazy ideas, so it's for his benefit that riddhima stays busy. Armaan agreed.

Next day riddhima was sitting in her cabin drinking her afternoon tea when suddenly her secretary came upto her saying there's a call for riddhima.

"Darling didi, I'm in love!"

Riddhima chocked on her hot tea, then covered the phone with her hand and mouthed to her secretary, "Did you say this was my sister Simin?"

Her secretary nodded, looking concerned. "What is it? She sounded okay. Is she okay?"

Riddhima threw her hands as if to say she had no idea, then tucked her phone into her shoulder once again and said. "Simin?"

"Yes didi. Did you hear me?"

"I...maybe." riddhima admitted. "Say it again?"

"I'm in love!"

The words came out sounding like lyrics in a musical.

There was just one problem.

The women in riddhima's family didn't do love. Especially the three gupta sisters. They never did forevers!

Oh her sisters did had guys in their lives but they never did the mistake of making it anything closer to love.

Riddhima just recently learned her lesson...the hard way.

"Simin, I thought-"

"I know, I know! That's why it's so amazing. Me, in love finally! After 8 boyfriends, I finally found the one. Who'd have believed it?"

"Wait." Riddhima said, shaking her head, "Simin you had 12 boyfriends. I swear I remember."

"When we first met, he approached me saying 'are you the sister-in-law of the business tycoon Armaan Mallik?' and I went red. OMG he was like hawt with a big H!"

She sounded like a 13- yead old who's exposed to the male species for the first time. Not like her experienced player of a sister who was bloody six years younger than her but had a dozen boyfriends. Talk about unfair life!

Simin invited riddhima to meet  her new boyfriend who she was very serious about and riddhima had a very bad feeling about this. When she finally kept the phone down and sighed, trying not to think that her 6 years younger sister had more in her love life than she did!

"Is she all right?" her secretary asked.

"Well she's either lost count of her innumerable boyfriends or she's pretending to only have eight instead of twelve to impress some dude." Riddhima pressed her temples. "She invited me to meet her boyfriend. She said she's in love! I mean simin in her 20 year old life has never been in love. Oh man mere to pure khandan ki khisak gayi hai."

"Where is she? Is she in India?" her secretary asked.

"No... My mum and sisters are blowing my dad's insurance money in Las Vegas casinos."


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