Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Part 17: How to Kill your Husband

"KUTTE KAMINE TUMNE MERE PICHE DETECTIVE RAKHA HAI?" a file went flying up to arman as soon as he came out of the bathroom and wacked him on his face. He groaned while looking up asking god about his paap he did in his previous life that his wife get to know about the detective.

Armaan folded his arms and walked up to the bed with a confident stride. "That's an absolute lie riddhima." Armaan sat down and riddhima mimicked him. "Why would I do such...degraded thing?"

"BECAUSE YOU'RE A LAZY BUTT WHO COULDN'T BE ASKED TO LOOK FOR HIS MISSING WIFE BY HIMSELF." Riddhima towered him but armaan made her sit down and opened the drawer to take out her medicines.

"Okay fine! Riddhima I tried my best but you also went and hid in the corners of Australia." Armaan complained and riddhima huffed.

"And here I thought that armaan actually looked for me in every corner of this world. ki vo gali gali bhatak kar muje dhundh kar laya." Riddhima took a melodramatic sigh and licked her ice cream cone.

Armaan rolled his eyes. "Did you take your medicine?" he had to change the topic. Otherwise riddhima can go on and on without stopping.

After a good half an hour of 'kuttas and kaminas' and some more of riddhima's melodrama, they both hit the bed and closed their eyes.

Suddenly simin's conversation came flooding back in riddhima's mind and she jerked up in bed switching on the bedside lamp.

"Now what happened? Koi gali reh gayi thi kya?" armaan hid his face in the pillow groaning.

Riddhima pressed her temples trying to think of a way to sort her sister's deranged love struckmind.  "Can I..." she moistened her dry lips and took a deep breath of courage. "Can I have your detective's number?"

Armaan thought he didn't hear properly, so he lifted his face from the pillow and raised his eyebrow. "Did you say what I thought you said?"

Riddhima rubbed her toes. Jeez why is he making so difficult? Seedha seedha number de kyo nahi deta? "Y..yeah I need a detective for some personal reasons."

"What reason?"


"Nahi dunga! First tell me why do you need a detective?"

Riddhima dropped on her pillow backwards heaving a sigh. "It's Simin. She's gone nuts."

"Isn't she your younger sister?" armaan propped on his elbows.

Riddhima snorted. "Yes and trust me, she's totally lost it. She called me today and said she fell in love!!" riddhima shuddered and armaan gave her a disbelieving look.

"So..?" he probed. Is it such an unbelievable thing to fall in love?

"Well Simin never falls in love okay. She had 12 boyfriends in the past and she never fell-"

"Woah hold on. Twelve boyfriends!" armaan gave her a curious look. "How many did you had?"

Riddhima chuckled despite of her sour mood. Jealous armaan... "Well now that I am her elder sister, naturally I've have more than her-"

Armaan sat up with a jerk. "YOU HAD MORE THAN 12 BOYFRIENDS?!" his mouth fell open.

"But you should appreciate me for finding a hunk of a husband." Cheekiness written all over her face.

Armaan couldn't decide whether to be happy or upset. He finally decided to give an uncertain smile and riddhima burst out laughing.

"You were lying, weren't you?" he crawled onto her and took her laughing wife into his embrace. "Jhooti. You'll get punished for this." Armaan bit her ear and riddhima stopped laughing.

"Okay okay fine. I was lying. I didn't had sooo many boyfriends as well."

"Then how many you had...not that I am interested in your previous love life." Armaan nuzzled in her hair as they both slept in a spoon like position. Riddhima's back lying against armaan's chest.

"Hmmm 11. That's all."

"And you were still a virgin."

"Excuse me?! I find that offensive."

Armaan grinned against her ear. "But I find that adorable. Were you saving yourself for your husband?"

He's fishing for praises isn't he? "Well yeah I was but that I got married to you, so thought to let it go. Why bother saving." Riddhima faced him and winked at armaan's shocked face.

"I am not giving the detective's number now. Forget it." Stubborn armaan!

"I'll give you a pappi if you do." Riddhima brought her lips closer to armaan's.

Armaan tried resisting but alas who can? "I want two pappis. Yeah? By the way pappi means a kiss yeah?"

Chuckling to herself riddhima pulled armaan and gave him a nice French kiss. Rishwat ka zamana hai aaj kal!


Armaan Mallik tapped his pen against the ink blotter on his massive walnut desk and glanced back at his 6 months pregnant wife hovering in his cabin.

"LAS VEGAS?! NO WAY!" armaan gave his final verdict as he went back on typing on his laptop and riddhima wanted to throw a vase on his head.

"I am not asking. I am telling." Riddhima stood her ground adamantly and armaan groaned.

"Don't be stubborn. Why do you want to travel in this health?" armaan said frowning at his wife's sudden craving to gamble in vegas casinos.

"Simin's 'serious wala' boyfriend is a kutta kamina." Riddhima sat in the plush leather seat in front of armaan's desk. "Your detective gave me his kala chittha!"

"Then call her and tell simin about this dude." Armaan suggested and riddhima made a sad face.

"Didn't I tell you? That cow is totally in love and she won't listen to me." a moment of pause. "And besides me and simin haven't exactly been the best of sisters you can find. She can be out and out bitch sometimes." Riddhima said honestly. "But I still love her and at the end of the day, she's my little sister."

Armaan thought for a moment, weighing pros and cons in his head. "I don't know riddhima. Vegas is not exactly for pregnant women. What if you get hurt or something?"

"Tum honge na muje sambhal ne ke liye." She batted her eyelashes and armaan rolled his eyes at her antics.

"And if I say no."

"I'll go anyways. Told you I am not asking, I am telling" a determined riddhima said.

Armaan gave her a glare which riddhima returned happily. Then he pulled his phone out of his trouser pockets and dialled a number.

"Armaan Mallik." He said in a business tone. "Arrange my private jet for tomorrow. Leaving for Vegas"

Riddhima's lips twitch as she heard armaan finally arranging a private jet for them. Her thoughts were broken by armaan's disturbed voice.

"What do you mean by can't arrange that soon?...I don't care if it's broken. There has to be some way of travelling." After a lot of commotion he kept the phone down and looked at riddhima with wary expressions.

"Armaan if the private jet isn't available then we can be mortals for once and travel in normal aeroplanes." Riddhima said while making a plane with her hand.

Armaan book two tickets to Vegas for tomorrow in business class. What a show off!

"Okay now that I agreed to your wish, you have to listen to me as well." Armaan said putting the phone down. "Have dinner with me tonight. I am dying to see you in one of your adorable power suits you used to wear 6 months ago. Now you don't wear them anymore." He said pouting.

"My suits aren't adorable." Riddhima said with narrowed eyes.

"I think they're totally adorable, which I know isn't the image you're going for. But i can't help it. You're just so cute."

"You're sounding less desirable to me with every word that comes out of your mouth." She warned.

"Because I like the way you dress?"

"Because I am not cute. Kitten are cute. Puppies are cute. Little girls are cute-"

"So I guess you wouldn't consider dressing up as a catholic schoolgirl for me? or maybe in a cheerleader outfit."

Her mouth fell open and she was about to get really mad when he burst out laughing.

"You rat!"

"I like grown women, Riddhima. I have no doubt that you are one. So will please dress up in one of your little power suits. I think they look extremely sexy on you."

"Whatever pleases you my master." Riddhima rolled her eyes as she clung her hand bag and headed for the door.

He watched her go, stopping her just as she reached for the door handle, his body wrapping itself around hers trapping her between him and door.

"Maybe one of those suits without any underwear? What do you say, Riddhima?"

"That you're crazy."

He dropped a little kiss on her cheek and then backed up, letting her go.


Riddhima ran up to her cabin and sat on her chair with a swivel swirling round. Okay so she's going VEGAS!!! Isn't that just amazing. Yeah yeah fine her first priority will be Simin and her ass hole of a boyfriend. Kamine ko to mein chodungi nahi. Armaan ka vo detective kuch to kaam aaya.

Thinking about armaan and their dinner date today, she sighed and sank in her plush black leather chair thinking about armaan's fantasy of riddhima in her power suit without any underwear. Eekkkss what a crazy idea but...she feels like doing something crazy. NO NO NO! That's utterly shameful act but it's not like you're going to hop in bed with armaan at the end of the date.

It would be her wicked little secret.

 In the evening, Riddhima opened her wardrobe and frowned at her row of power suits. Boring! The least boring she could pick out was a hot candy pink, then got to all those white blouses. It definitely wasn't one of those buttoned up white blouses night either.

From her underwear drawer, she picked out lace camisoles after lace camisoles. The thing was that she felt a bit sexy in one of those camisoles. She just always wore her buttoned up blouses over them.

Tonight...maybe she'd skip the blouse and wear one of her pretty camisoles instead. She picked out a white satin with the neckline made of lace trim. As she slipped it on, it felt wicked against her skin.

She dropped her robe and pulled on her skirt and propped on her jacked. She'd never put on her panties and she was feeling incredibly sinfully bare, but looking in the mirror...

No one would ever have to know, she told herself as she heard armaan entering their bedroom. That goof was nineteen minutes late!

Armaan stopped in the doorway and stared. A slow smile coming on his face.

"Pink is a great colour on you riddhima."

She stood absolutely still, feeling cool silk and lace against her chest and down there, nothing but a slight breeze coming up her short, straight cut skirt.

He looked good enough to eat in his sleek, dark perfectly fitted suit. But he didn't needed to hear it. And given the look in his eyes, she didn't trust him not to push her against the bed and start taking her clothes off, right here and now.

"I am starving." She said, taking him by the arm and steering him down the stairs towards the front door. "We should go."

"Whatever you want riddhima. I Intend to be a perfect gentleman tonight.

"I don't believe that for a second." She told him.

But she got him out of the house, into his car and on the way to the restaurant. Riddhima leaned back in the soft leather seats of his sleek, roomy Mercedes and tried to relax as he drove a tad bit faster but seemed perfectly in control.

It was just a date with your husband, she told herself.

His cell phone rang. He took it out. "Mallik speaking." Armaan spoke on his Bluetooth he had on his ear. "WHAT?! ARE YOU INSANE?" he screeched the car to a halt and riddhima looked at armaan with worried expression. "Shit! We're on our way."

Armaan pressed the accelerator and the car zoomed off the streets. "What happened? And where are we going?" riddhima asked.

"The guy who does all my plane arrangements did a big blunder. Instead of booking a flight for tomorrow he booked the flight for today, I mean like NOW!"

"Bu..but our luggage?"

"Don't worry, I'll tell someone send it in a different flight."

"Why can't we go in a different flight?" riddhima asked.

"Well I'd love to but as you know it's holiday season so all flights are booked for atleast 2 weeks. Can you wait till so long?"

"No! I can't leave simin alone with that ass hole for two weeks."

"we have to rush wifey!"

They made it.


No luggage or anything, but they made the plane settling in the two seats in the very last row of first class only moments before the plane backed out of the gate.

Riddhima hadn't done as impulsive as flying to Vegas at the drop of a hat in years, and she hated admit it- given the fact that Simin in trapped badly by some gold digger of a boyfriend at the moment- she was very excited about the whole crazy trip.

And that too with armaan. She was looking forward to their date tonight, but she supposed a lunatic, last minute Vegas trip was even bette.

Date, she remembered. Something about the date she was forgetting.

What? And then she got it.


"What's wrong?" armaan asked.

"I just remembered. I am not wearing any panties."

Armaan was certain he could not have possibly heard her right.

Riddhima with no panties?

"What?" he repeated

She leaned in towards him, whispering urgently. "I am not wearing any panties."

He looked down at her hot pink suit. She came completely alive in that color.

And if that wasn't bad enough, from the moment he opened the door of their bedroom he was trying to figure out what kind of top she was wearing.

Because it looked like underwear.

He stared at her waist, her hips, as if he could see through and find the answer. She'd turned in her body angling towards his, and her skirt was riding even higher on the outside of her right thigh, but not so high to see pure skin or the proof that she was lying.

Surely she was lying. She was riddhima, after all.

"This isn't funny riddhima." He said, feeling hot and dizzy all of a sudden, seeing nothing but her, her legs and that gloriously sexy hot pink skirt.

"I am not trying to be funny okay. I was getting ready for our dinner date and I was really excited and then you said this afternoon to wear one of my power suits without any underwear-"

"Good god, I never thought you'd actually do it!" he yelled.

Passengers in the row front of them turned to stare. The first class flight attendant who's been openly flirting with armaan much to riddhima's annoyance gave him a worried look, as if he might be trouble on this flight.

Riddhima leaned into him. "I wanted to surprise you."

"Well, you certainly did," he said none too quietly.

"I thought you'd like it." Riddhima said, pouting a bit.

"Like it?" he laughed, sounding as if he was being strangled. He could feel the blood rushing south, leaving him decidedly uncomfortable. He shifted in his seat. No help there.

Did she have any idea what she was doing to him?

"I thought you'd be happy-"

"Riddhima, I'd love it, if only I could do something about it. It's bloody 17 hour flight!" he told her. "You're telling me that I have to sit here for the next 17 hours, knowing that you're completely bare under that tiny hot pink skirt and not do anything about it?"

"Oh." She said. "Well I didn't mean to end up on the plane."

Armaan buried his face in his hands, then looked up at her legs. Couldn't help it.

Riddhima had nice legs, toned and lightly tanned.

He looked around the plane to see where exactly they were sitting. It was small. In each row there were 2 first class seats in the single aisle. No one was in the seat directly across from them and there was wall behind them. There were two people in the row in front of them but in the opposite aisle, and armaan had taken aisle seat. If he angled his body the right way...

"Kya kar rahe ho kamine?" riddhima asked suspiciously.

"Just taking stock of the situation we're in, of the options..."

"Options?" she looked aghast. "Let me tell one thing very clearly Mr. Armaan Mallik that I am not doing anything with you in the lavatory of this plane so you can forget that-"

"I didn't even ask you to. I wouldn't. I can hardly fit myself in those tiny cramped airplane toilets. Offcourse I've never been on a plane for 17 hours with a woman with no panties on before."

"You sound so mad at me-"

"Riddhima, I think I am going to lose my mind before we ever get off this plane. Because all I can think is about you...sitting there...and how much I want my hand under your skirt."

She pressed her thighs together as if he'd have a fight on his hands if he tried.

"I know. Believe me. I know."

"Surely, you're capable of showing some kind of restraint. You're a grown man armaan-"

"Do you have any idea how many times I've undressed you in my head in the past six months?"

She eased away from him, as far as the side of the airplane would allow and just stared at him with wide eyes. "Men don't do those kinds of things to me."

"This man is going to."

"Not here!" she whispered urgently

"Seventeen hours," he replied. "I really don't think you can understand the urgency of the situation here."

"How spoiled are you? You can't wait 17 hours for a woman?"

Armaan saw that she still just didn't get it.

Maybe he's gone crazy. Totally!

Armaan had an idea.

Riddhima watched him warily as an odd sense of calm came over him and he stopped arguing. His sudden silence, his seeming acceptance made her even more uneasy. Armaan Mallik is not the kind of guy to give up easily. But he just sat there all big and gorgeous and sexy looking perfectly at ease. Wordlessly downing two bourbons during the beverage service, sat there as the captain dimmed the lights and people quieted down to get some sleep.

Which made riddhima all uneasy.

It was darker than she thought, more private here in the last row of the first class cabin. The curtains at the end of cabin closed, all the flight attendant settled in too, no one in the seats immediately to their left.

She clicked on her overhead light.

Armaan laughed softly, reached across her and clicked it off.

Nervously she scanned the cabin again, finding it even quieter now, the hiss of the planes ventilation system leaving a white noise around them, enveloping them into some kind of privacy.

So, it was dark and quiet.

That was bad, riddhima feared. Very bad.

So riddhima sat there huddled in the corner, watching him getting all warm and sleepy and wondering if she could use him as her big comfy pillow on the way to Vegas was out of question. She found her head sinking in the side of the seat, then jerking awake again.

He got up from his seat, took out airline pillows and blanket from the overhead cabinet, and sat back down beside her. Then pushing up the armrest between them, he kept the pillow and invited riddhima to make herself comfortable against him.

She leaned back into him, her head on his shoulder. He might nibble on her ear if he wanted to but she felt fairly safe in this position.

He didn't object at all, just spread a blanket over them as she mumbled a small, "Thank you."

Just drifting off to sleep, she felt his hand, under the blanket, palming her leg at the knee and then slowly sliding up her thigh. Her eyes snapped open and locked on his. She felt in an instant that he has angled his body towards the window. She glanced anxiously towards the aisle and found that her view was now completely blocked by his shoulder. No doubt his body was blocking anyone's view of her.

Which was bad.

Very bad.

And in the time she'd nearly fallen asleep she'd somehow ended up with her back firmly pressed against his lap. He obviously liked it there, because he was thoroughly aroused.

It was completely involuntary action she reasoned as she rubbed her hips against him and it felt so very good that she had to do it again. She couldn't help it.

He swore and softly nibbled on her neck making her squirm all the more, heat pooled between her legs. The hand of his, beneath the blanket he'd so thoughtfully spread over her, sliding even higher on her thighs. His other hand undid the two buttons of her jacket, then settled against her belly, eventually sliding upwards.

He took his nose and nudged her jacked away from her shoulder, used his teeth to pull the tiny strap of her camisole aside and the next thing she knew was his warm mouth was settled against her neck, dropping small kisses there.

She sucked in her breath, his hands all over her, even his mouth and she was turning liquid in his arms.

"Armaan, we're on the plane." She protested.

"I know."

"And you said you really aren't doing things like this in public places."

"Since you've got onto plane like this, I've decided that's not really a firm conviction of mines."

Before she could say anything else, his hand settled flat against the curve of her hips.

His hands were everywhere, so was his mouth.

"Someone will hear us." she protested.

"Only if you get too loud." He replied smoothly. "I know you're a screamer and I'll promise to make you scream. Just not here. Not now. Later, okay?"

"Mmm, okay. Later."

He kissed her neck some more. Lord, she loved it when he kisses her neck like that. It just melt her into a puddle.

She wanted to turn around so bad, to touch him but he held her fast. She reached back with one hand and pressed his mouth against her shoulder.

Armaan touching her, kissing her. It felt so good. He was seriously driving her crazy, off the wall. She knew it but how far is he going to take this?

"Armaan?" she whispered. "What are you going to do to me?"

"This." His hot mouth against her ear as his hand slipped from her hips into the curls between her thighs.

She shook her head. "No. You can't. Not here."

"Why not?"

"Because...you just can't."

But even as she said it, her traitorous body had made room for him, easing her thighs ever so slightly apart.

If he hadn't covered her mouth with his, she's not going to tell what kind of noise she would have made then. But her experienced husband has anticipated it, silencing her with a long, deep, slow kiss, his touch between her legs just as maddeningly slow and sensuous.

Riddhima lay in his arms exhausted, spent, gloriously happy. She just couldn't believe it.

"This is why women make fool out of themselves over men." Riddhima told him softly once she could actually think again. Pull out words from her throat.

He laughed, and sounded oh so sexy gently nibbling her ear. "You begin to understand how I felt when you told me you weren't wearing any underwear."

"Payback? This was payback?"

"No riddhima. This is a little thing called foreplay. What do you think?"

"That if the real thing feels any better, I might just die."

"And just think about it. We only have a couple of hours before we land."

Riddhima groaned. Couple of hours? That's long. "What are we going to do for so long.?"

"Exactly what we've been doing." He breathed in her ear.

"No! I can't. We won't. Someone will hear us Armaan. Armaan!"

But he was kissing her again and she wanted so much for him to kiss her. And much more than what they'd been doing.

By the time they got off the plane, riddhima felt she'd been drugged or something. Her whole body was exhausted, limp with the aftermath of foreplay and the added fear of staying quiet so that the whole plane doesn't listen to what they'd been doing.

Her skirts were rumbled around her waist, her hair had either come lose or armaan had taken her pin out.

When they sat in the taxi riddhima got so conscious that she thought she might have worn a flashing neon sign of Nearly had sex in the plane to Vegas.

"I feel like a bad girl." Riddhima said. "Not that I wasn't before. But man this the limit."

Armaan leaned in against her. "You were a deliciously bad girl and look at all those hotel room around us, all those places to be bad, wifey."

"We'll go visit Mum and my sisters tomorrow morning. Yeah?"

"Obviously cuz aaj raat to mein tumhe chodne nahi waala." He nuzzled in her ears.

Their moment was broken with a loud shrill of a phone. Riddhima's phone.

"It's mum." Riddhima said and armaan groaned inwardly hoping not another emergency pops up.

"Hey mum." Riddhima tried to be cheerful.

"Riddhima! You have to come Vegas now sweety!" padma squeaked. Urgency. Panic.

"What happened now?"

"Your sister has gone mad. I am not even kidding."

"You got that now? I was trying to tell you that ever since she was born." Riddhima bitched about her sister. Typical!

"But this is the limit! She's getting married."

Riddhima thought she didn't hear it properly.




 Both armaan and riddhima ran up to the 'Love me tender' chapel of Vegas with riddhima cursing her luck and armaan cursing his timing.

There stood her younger sister clad in white holding hand with some dude who riddhima hated on sight.

"STOP SIMIN!" riddhima ran up to her sister and snatched her sisters hand from the 'supposed boyfriend'.

"OMG di? Tum kab aayi." Simin looked pleasantly surprised and was that a blush on her face?

"KAMINI SHADI KAR RAHI THI?" riddhima lashed and armaan decided to be a silent spectator. He didn't even meet riddhima's family properly yet. "DO YOU EVEN REALISE HOW OLD ARE YOU? JUST 20!"

"But di I love him." simin sang dreamily and riddhima wanted punch her sister so bad. "Here meet, Amar Rathod."

Riddhima's eyes snapped over at the boy...scratch that, he was a man! "BUT HE'S A BUDDHA SIMIN."

Simin's mouth fell and amar flinched then gritted his teeth. Armaan gave him a narrowed eyes glare. "Diii. Stop it! You're embarrassing me. And for your information he's jeeju's age." Simin snapped. "Are you still going to call Amar a Buddha?"

"But he's a Buddha for you meri kam akkal behen." riddhima tried explaining.

"Di why are you being so unreasonable for? Just cuz now you got a husband, you don't want to share the lime light?" simin said bitchily. Riddhima was used to it but it still hurt.

"What lime light?"

"Aah getting married to a rich tycoon and being the latest sensation in the magazines and stuff." Simin hissed. "Let me tell you one thing clear and cut, me and amar are marrying today. End of!"

Riddhima could feel the sand slipping from her hands and she looked for words, something that could stop her sister from doing this catastrophe. Armaan got an idea and whispered it into riddhima ears quietly while simin was trying to pacify a 'hurt' amar. Huh kamina sala nautanki.

Riddhima's eyes glinted with gratitude. "If you marry him simin, then swear to god I'll disinherit you and you won't get a single penny from Riddhima Mallik, the wife of the tycoon."

Blood drained from amar's face. Before simin could kick riddhima's ultimatum out of the window, he stepped up. "I am sorry riddhima but don't cut your ties with your sister because of me. I'll never be able to forgive myself." He sweet talked and riddhima was fighting the urge to kick hard between his legs.

"AMAR!" simin protested giving a dirty look to riddhima. "Why are you even listening to her. We don't need her money." Simin pushed a pregnant riddhima by her shoulders and armaan caught her just in time.

"SIMIN BEHAVE YOUR SELF!" armaan roared causing simin to flinch. She backed off immediately.

"I hate you. I hate you all." The 'bride' ran out of the chapel with tears streaming down her face. Armaan felt bad for hurting his little sister in law.

He asked riddhima with his eyes and she nodded. Armaan ran behind simin to appologise.

Meanwhile in the church only riddhima and amar were left alone. Riddhima grimaced at amar while marching up to him.

"You Mr. Ass hole. I know gold diggers like you. Trapping young girls because of their affluent family backgrounds."

Amar smirked. "Ouch! What an accusation. What an accurate accusation." He walked closer to riddhima with hungry eyes. "But now I terribly regret trapping simin. I should have gone for you. My my never seen a women who could look so sexy with that bulging stomach."


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