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Part 18: How to Kill your Husband

Riddhima rolled her eyes. Really? Simin fell in love with him? "If I was you, I wouldn't dare coming one step closer to me." riddhima said with pitied expression. "Reason number 1, I have a handful of self defence weapons in my handbag right now which will not only break your face but also blind you." Riddhima took out her pepper spray and jiggled in front of him with a smirk. "Reason 2, you wouldn't wanna break your pretence in front of my sister by doing anything stupid." Riddhima smirked as she said the third reason ever so confidently. "Reason number 3, Armaan will kill you." She said simply

Amar took a few steps back in fake surrender. "Easy lady. And you're right, I wouldn't do anything stupid right now as your sister trust me more than you." He clicked his tongue. "What a shame."

"Oh trust her to be a bitch sometimes. So beware."

Riddhima walked out of the church feeling angry. Really angry. Couldn't simin atleast find a human of a boyfriend? This guy is a dog!

She picked out her phone from her handbag but before she could call armaan, she saw him across the road talking to a crying simin. Riddhima huffed and marched up to them. She could hear their conversation.

"But she hates me. I always try to be nice to her." Simin sobbed. "Did you hear the way she was talking to me? Like proper shouting and screaming."

Armaan gave her his hanky and she dabbed it under her eyes. "But riddhima cares for you. At your one phone call she came running all the way to Vegas considering she's nearly 7 months pregnant now."

"But it's my life. Why is she interfering so much for? Have I ever interfered in her life?" simin looked at armaan indignantly.

Riddhima came up to them till that time and felt a stab in her heart hearing her sister's views about her. "Sim." Riddhima called her and simin turned her away in a huff. "Look I know you think you're in love and stuff but trust me man, that guy is not right for you."

"Oh please, I am old enough to know what's right for me and what's not." Simin replied. "Did I ever say anything when you married Armaan jeeju like that without informing anyone?"

"Why are you being so bitchy for? Us pervert ke liye you're talking to your big sister like that? I'm flipping six years elder than you. Atleast pretend to show some respect."

"You were the one who started everything. Amar was being so nice and then you just stormed in the chapel like that shouting and screaming and insulting amar. What did you expect from me? A warm welcome?" simin said snidely

Riddhima didn't know what to say. Guess simin's not exactly in the mood to know that riddhima found out about Amar background through a detective. That cow won't even believe the detective's word. Pyaar logo ko sirf andha hi nahi pagal bhi kar deta hai. Riddhima thought grimly

Armaan took charge seeing both sisters arguing like that. "Okay ladies. Enough of fighting. Who wants to eat pancakes?" armaan asked lightning the mood.

Simin managed a wobbly smile. "No thanks jeeju but do take this pregnant sister of mines to Carl's Pancake. I don't know whether you know or not but Di loves pancake."

Riddhima's lip twitched but she tried not to smile. "I don't want to eat anything."

Armaan got the cue. "But I want to feed my wifey and after all it's the first time she came to Vegas. We can't let our first day go to waste now can we wifey?"

"Hmm." Riddhima said half heartedly.

Simin left both of them in search of her boyfriend who must 'heartbroken' by now. *rolls eyes.*

Armaan pulled riddhima to himself by her waist and whispered in her ears. "But first let's get you some panties. What say?"

"Awesome idea." She chuckled despite herself and for the next hour she forgot about her worries as she and armaan went emergency shopping.

Riddhima dug her heel in front of Victoria's secret and refused to move a step ahead.

"You're so not coming into that shop with me!" riddhima said adamantly.

Armaan grinned while tugging riddhima. "But I love lingerie shops. Also I'll help you choose something sexy." Armaan wink while trying to take riddhima in to Victoria's secret but nope, riddhima folded her arms and dug her heels in the ground.

"NO NO NO. You stay here or go wait in the cafe while I'll quickly nip an underwear and come back okay?" riddhima tried explaining but armaan just shook his head in a no grinning evilly from ear to ear.

"I think you should buy that sexy red one." Armaan whispered naughtily in her ears while pointing at a display window. "Lace really suits you." Armaan said tracing her camisole top's lace with his fingers.

"Ab to bilkul nahi! Nahiii armaaannn"

But armaan picked her up and carried her in the lingerie shop. "I hate you I hate you I hate you kutte kamine." Riddhima whispered while punching his stomach.

"Bilkul moti ho gayi ho." Armaan complained and riddhima rolled her eyes.

Seeing the sales assistance approaching them armaan kept riddhima down who was already going red seeing the lingerie around her.

"Can I help you?" the lady asked with a cheerful smile.

"Err...I wanted...a panty-" riddhima fumbled.

And armaan was amused seeing an always bold outspoken riddhima this nervous in a lingerie shop. "Can we have a look at some lingeries for my beautiful wife please?" armaan helped riddhima out of her miseries.

"Offcourse. Why don't you follow me?" the sales assistance showed them all kind of lingeries. Armaan liked all the sexy reaveling ones and riddhima kicked his leg everytime he told her to go try some on.

"Yeah yeah we'll but these. Now c'mon let's go. I am very hungry." Riddhima pulled armaan out of shop with handbags in their hand. After some moments of silence, riddhima started giggling.

"That was so weird. I've never stepped into a lingerie shop with a guy ever in my life."

"But I am your husband."

"That still doesn't make a difference!"

"Offcourse it does. I've seen you without a lingerie aswell."


 Later that night, armaan hired a car and they both were off to Las Vegas. Riddhima pressed her forehead against the cool glass of the car window. Vegas was twinkling around her at night. The fountains danced in one of the most classy hotel of Vegas. Vegas nights were incredible. Sheer, hot pulsing energy.

The gearstick vibrated under armaan's hand as he shifted gears. Her gaze skittered to his, then darted away quickly. In that glimpse he saw the pain carefully hidden in her eyes. But he saw it.

"We're almost there riddhima."

"Almost where?" she got caught off guard.

He chuckled at the squeak in her voice. "Look, I'm not a psycho. I am not taking you some hidden dungeons to torture you till you scream. Okay?"

Riddhima couldn't help but smile. "I know okay and you should also know that I got my stolen self defence stuff back in my handbag. Isn't it funny that one day all my stuff just reappeared in my handbag again?"

Armaan coughed and kept looking straight. "Well miracles do happen."

"Agar agli baar mere handbag mein se kuch bhi churaya to tumhare wardrobe mein aag lag jayegi. Phir bolna miracles do happen."

Something in riddhima's glare told him not to push it. Riddhima ka koi bharosa nahi.

"You like pancakes?"

Riddhima made a funny face. "Again pancakes?"

"Yeah, I am in the mood for pancakes."

A wrinkled furrowed her smooth forehead. "This is seriously getting weird." Riddhima said. "I can't believe I nearly had sex in the plane to Vegas, stopped my L'il sis from marrying a gold digger and now after fighting with her like cats in the middle of street, my husband is taking me to have pan cakes. oh and not to forget the lingerie experience"

"Interesting day wasn't it?"


"Pancakes will make you fat. But let's have it anyway." When riddhima entered the small restaurant, smells assaulted her- bacon sizzling, coffee brewed and warm vanilla pancakes waiting on the warmer. Her stomach growled and she realised how hungry she was.

A straw haired waitress waved them an empty table near the back of the place. Other couples huddled together in a corner table, a few college kids cracked jokes and a business man in a suit tapped at the laptop.

"Diverse." Riddhima observed as they slipped on the cushioned bench. The waitress wiped the table bending a tab bit lower than needed towards armaan, riddhima noticed with narrowed eyes. Then slapped a couple of menus on the table and winked at armaan. That's it! Riddhima kicked the waitress hard from under the table and she winced in pain.

"Oww oww." The waitress complained and riddhima looked at her innocently. "You kicked me by purpose."

"Oh I am sorry. I was trying to seduce my husband by rubbing his legs with mines but then your leg came in the middle." Riddhima lied through her teeth and armaan chocked on his water he was drinking.

"Wha-" armaan got glare from riddhima as she dismissed the flirty waitress.

"You were going to seduce me by kicking me on my legs?" armaan asked bewildered. "Ouch." He said with a scared expression, then suddenly started to laugh.


"You were jealous. Oh man that's so cute." Armaan pulled riddhima's check as she shoved his hand off.

"What bull! I wasn't jealous. I was just saving you from that stripper. Jeez did you see her. She was like literally falling at you."

A warm chuckle escaped armaan's throat as she gave him don't-press-it-anymore look. "Anyways what do you want? The waffles are good, the biscuits and gravy are good, but personally I'd recommend the pancakes."

"You've been here before?" riddhima asked amazed.

"Yeah man. I couldn't wait to visit the most sinful city in the world when I was in my teens." eyes twinkling with mischief.

Riddhima ignored his playboy comment. "I'll have pancakes then."

He lifted his eyebrows. "Is this a pancake challenge?"

Riddhima nodded. "Bring it on."

"Stop talking dirty." He said with eyes mischievous eyes.

Riddhima flashed her own naughty smile. "Bring. It. On." As she repeated herself.

"You're seriously a bad girl riddhima." Armaan waved at the waitress who gave riddhima a dirty look which she returned happily. Suddenly thinking about four pancakes with sausage made her gulp. Man she'll blow up like a mini sumo by the end of her pregnancy. "Still want to take me on?"

His words sounded innocent but she could read the hidden meaning behind them. Does she still want to take him on? Him or the pancakes? Okay now she was confused.

"Bring. It.-"

"I got it the second time." He laughed as he expressions changed from confusion to anger.

"Armaan!" a spoon went flying in his direction.

"Jeez wifey, yaha to shuru mat ho jao."

Soon the pancakes came and they both pulled it off.

It was good. It was sweet. And there were several moans of pleasure. And when it was over both armaan and riddhima sank back, exhausted and very very full. 

"Oh, my Lord, I think I am going to throw up." Riddhima groaned.

"That would be so attractive." Armaan said.

"Shut it."

"But hey that's not fair. You won!" armaan complained and riddhima smiled proudly while patting her stomach.

"Sore loser! That's what you are." She pulled her tongue at him.

"But you eat like a He-man! You broke all the limits of eating today."

Riddhima pushed him off the bonnet of the car and armaan went sliding down. "kutta kamina. Do minute muh band nahi rakh sakta!" and they both started laughing.

Riddhima suddenly remembered her sister and she sighed. They both were sitting on the bonet of armaan's hired car looking at the the starry night sky. "Simin is doing such a big mistake man. That guy is a right jerk. He even flirted with me."

Armaan's head snapped towards riddhima. "What did he do? Did he hurt you? That bastar-"

"Calm down. He didn't dare after all he has to stay in good books for simin."

"You stay away from him riddhima." Armaan warned. "And unless someone is not with you, you're not meeting him on your own."

"Don't you know I don't listen to orders." Riddhima said annoyed. Who is she? Some kid who needs assistance in her life.

"I know you don't but I wouldn't stand anyone hurting you, especially now when you're nearly seven months pregnant."

"Hey so remember the date we conceived our baby." Riddhima felt proud for some reason.

Armaan smiled smugly. "Offcourse wifey. It was our reception eve."

They both chuckled but riddhima was determined to show simin, amar's real face. No matter what. And anyways Armaan is just being over protective.

"You've syrup on your neck." Armaan said eyeing her collarbone.

"I do? Where?"

"Leave it, I'll take care of it."

"But I can I just go the wash room and wash it off." Riddhima said unaware of armaan's intention. "I don't want syrup in the hired car. What if he charges extra?" she was about to get off the bonnet of the car when armaan tugged her hand and caught her.

"I'll take care of it. Trust me, I am looking forward to it." A wolfish grin spread on his lips as comprehension dawned upon riddhima. It was same look that had her toes curled and made her heart beat faster.

"Ever made out in a GT-R?" he said pulling out his keys and pressing the unlock button. The car perked up illuminating the lonely parking spot.

Riddhima grinned back. "Nope."

"Let's give it a try."


Next morning armaan and riddhima woke up with a loud knock on their door.

"Subah subah kaun kamina pareshan kar raha hai?" riddhima groaned while kicking her sheets aside. She was dressed in silk pyjamas with small kisses printed all over it. Much to riddhima's annoyance, when they finally reached their hotel both were dead tired and exhausted so instead making the night any more naughtier, both of them collapsed on the bed and dozed off. She didn't get to be a bad girl she thought while pouting.


"SHUT UP MAN." Riddhima screamed at the person on the opposite of the door and armaan stired. He was just clad in his pyjamas trousers leaving his top half sinfully bare.

"Open the door riddhima." Armaan mumbled.

"No you open the door."

"I am sleeping."

"Haan haan aur mein to yaha jaagran kar rahi hu na." Riddhima snapped back sleepily. "I am not opening."



Riddhima jerked up in bed listening to her younger sister's voice. "WAIT AAYIII."

Then she kicked armaan while wearing fluffy slippers. "Oye tarzan kapde pehen. Meri choti behen aayi hai."

"Then make her comfortable in the lounge. Let me sleep in the bedroom innit."

Riddhima groaned as she pulled the bedroom door shut on her way to the lounge area. As soon as opened the door, sarina hopped in taking riddhima into a rib crashing hug.

"OMG OMG OMG I AM MEETING YOU AFTER SOOO LONG.!" Sarina kissed riddhima's cheek affectionately.

"What a pleasant surprise." Riddhima brought sarina, her youngest 14 year old sister in the lounge. "Kamini thora late nahi aa sakti thi." Riddhima yawned as she poured coffee for her sister from the tray the room service has kept their magically.

"What di? It's twelve pm. Aur kitna late aati?" sarina complained while sipping her coffee and suddenly she saw a mark on riddhima's neck. "Oh my god! Is that a hickey?"

Riddhima's colour went past red. Okay for people who don't know, your teenage sister catching evidence of your love life is not funny! It's highly embarrassing! She shot her sister a murderous do-not-go-there look.

Sarina merely smiled. "Nice!" then suddenly said. "I think I should've had come a bit more late. Ab raat ko bhi to tum aur jeeju late soye honge." And burst out laughing.

Riddhima cursed armaan under her breath as she saw a small passion mark on her neck. But you gotta believe, armaan had done an amazing job of getting that syrup off her neck.

Sarina tucked that mischievous smile away from her face. "Thank you stopping Simin's stupid wedding last night. I can't believe she's my elder sister." Sarina made a disgusted face. "Yesterday's act was totally immature. And her boyfriend's ugly!"

Riddhima smiled at her teen sister. "Oh no doubt in the ugly department. But trust me I found out about that guy through a private detective and the reports aren't good."

"OMG whats up? Tell me about the reports. I always had a knacking doubt on that ugly duckling. Ever since the day I saw his eyes dropping to my chest." Sarina said.

"He's no doubtedly a gold digger and a pervert. I wouldn't be surprised if has naked bodies tied with chains in his cellar."

Sarina chocked at her sister's graphical details. Eww gross!

"What are we going to do?" sarina sighed. "Simin's like totally blind in love. She always had a heart for ugly ducklings, I've noticed since her teens."

"I've got a plan...but armaan shouldn't know about it yeah?" riddhima whispered urgently. "Let's make simin catch him red handed."


Seductress in red...

"Owww!" Riddhima yelped as the straightening iron brushed the top of her ear. "That hurt sarina."

"Sorry." Her sister sarina said while running practices fingers through riddhima's hair. "It hurts to be beautiful."

"That bas***d better come in our trap, I am not even kidding i've never gone through so much trouble to look this sexy. I am seven months pregnant for goodness sake." riddhima complained tucking a hank of her silky strand behind her now pink ear.

"Trust me my sexy sis. After looking at you now, no one in their right mind could tell that you're so heavily pregnant." Sarina said looking at riddhima from head to toe.

Riddhima snorted. "Oh please. Anyways you tell about yourself. You were dating some guy weren't you? What happened to him?"

Sarina smiled while putting some blusher onto riddhima's cheek. "I dumped him. He wanted to become personal trainer in future and I am not really into them. They're always talking about protein and ways to define your abs. No thanks."

Riddhima picked up one of the eyelashes and tried lining it up on her lid before giving up and tossing it beside the makeup kit sitting on the Sarina's hotel room vanity. "I sometimes wonder how come mum and dad never found out about us? jeez look at you. 14 and already dating personal trainers wanna be's."

Sarina rolled her eyes. "Look who's talking? The same girl who kissed Arjun Patel in 2nd grade by grabbing him in the girl's toilet!"

Riddhima coughed uncomfortably. "How do you know about him? I told no one about it. And anyways I was so small." Riddhima justified herself.

"Who else? Arjun 'jee' stil boasts about his first kiss given by the 'barbie doll' of infant school. I met him the other day."

"That guy needs to get a life! Such a looser." Riddhima hissed.

Sarina did her final touch ups which included putting on riddhima's abandoned eyelashes back on her lids.

Riddhima looked herself in the mirror, she looked a woman designed to make men drool. Sarina had fullfiled her promise to make riddhima totally irrestible. Amar Rathod ka to koi chance nahi!

"You look hot di." Sarina confirmed her thoughts. Riddhima's dress was made of fluid red material  with twist detailing at shoulder straps that plunges into sexy v-neckline. Fitted at empire waist with closely knit gathers that flare out to a generous skirt with plenty of room for maternity use. In simple words riddhima looked like a seductress in red...

Sarina gave her a mask and hugged her. "Best of luck di. Go show that bas***d what happens when you mess with The Gupta sisters."

"You just bring simin there as well okay." Riddhima grabbed her clutch. For the first time she's leaving her house without her safety 'weapons'. Feels weird! "And yeah don't forget to text Amar from simin's phone saying she won't coming to the masquerade tonight, so he don't come to pick her up. And then delete the text."

"Got it one sis!"


The music throbbed , heavy and sensual in the dimness of the club. Blue lights swirled over the bodies packed within every square inch of Cool waters. As far as riddhima could tell, the hottest club in vegas. Mirrors blanketed the deep blue walls and refracted the spinning lights, throwing it on the sophiscated crowd.

Perspiration trickling down her back as riddhima wore her red mask with feathers sticking out of one end. Couple were glued to eachother, snogging strangers. Thrill! That's what she felt. Now she just have to find amar. She knew it would be terribly hard for riddhima to find amar in this crowd, so she gave this one little job to her detective 'bhaiya'. He called her 15 minutes ago saying amar must be coming to the club wearing blue shirt and black bow tie with a turquoise colour mask.

Riddhima waited on the bar stool. Her eyes glued to door and after about 10 minutes, he finally entered the club. He wasn't wearing his mask when he came, just looked around the crowd with a devilish grin on his face. He wore the mask and made his way towards the dance floor touching girl's ass as he walked pass by.

Time for some action!

Riddhima skirted towards the dance floor and started dancing near amar. Not too close to get suspicious, but close enough to notice and after all seductress in red was hard to miss. Suddenly an arm snaked around her, tipping her into the hold of the jerk himself! Offcourse amar couldn't resist keeping his hands off the sexy stranger in red.

"Come 'ere, sexy lady." He moved against her rubbing his body making riddhima groan in disgust. Amar took the groan in a different way and turned more horny. He felt her bulge and grinned.

"You up the duff?" he asked in her ears.

Riddhima was having hard time. "Yeah." She shouted over the banging music. "Boyfriend dumped me after he found out. Such an asshole!"

"But you still look hot" he shouted back. "Come home with me tonight. Will show you the time of your life."

She knew it! He was cheating on simin! "Don't you have a girlfriend?"

"Why do you ask?" oh calculating little...

"A hot guy like you can't be single. If you are, I might just die" riddhima acted while feeling disgusted.

Amar bit his lips to control his raging hormones. "Offcourse I have girlfriend but she's next to non-existent. Let's not talk about her." He shouted over the music.

Riddhima could feel Simin's gasp in her ear. She was wearing a Bluetooth ear device which sarina had ever so smartly hid behind her thick long hair. Simin could clearly hear their conversation... Oooh someone's in trouble.

Riddhima couldn't resist. "What? I can't hear you over music." She lied.

He grinned while crushing his body with hers. "I SAID MY GIRLFRIEND'S A DUMB ASS." He shouted even louder and riddhima was controlling the urge to slap him. "I'VE BEEN PLAYING HER SINCE 6 MONTHS AND SHE'S MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME-"

Before he could finish his boasting he felt a tug at his shoulder turning him around. As soon as he turned around frowning at the disturbance, he froze on his spot to see a fuming simin standing there.

She pulled off his mask and felt tears burning in her eyes.


*SLAP* simin showed him his right place and ran out of the club with tears streaming down her face.

Sarina ran behind her shooting daggers at a shocked amar. Before amar could comprehend what happened, riddhima turned his face towards hers and gave him another tight slap.

*SLAP* "bas***d!" she took off her mask and smirked. The tingling feeling of victory she felt seeing amar's shocked and angry face. Damn! That was a Kodak moment. "TERE JAISE KUTTO KO TO MEIN APNE GHAR MEIN NAUKAR BHI NAHI RAKHTI." She screamed in his ears before heading off out of the club. Amar fumed in anger while punching a fist in his hand.


Riddhima was sitting in the taxi going back to the hotel. Oh man armaan will be so mad if he get to know how simin found out about amar's reality. Suddenly her phone rang flashing simin on it.

"Hello." Riddhima instantly felt sorry for her little sister. Bless her even though she can a bitch sometimes, she was her sister. She looked so heartbroken.

"Okay before I start, please I beg don't say I-told-you-so line. I hate it when people say that to me after I am so hurt." Simin sobbed on the phone but tried keeping her voice steady.

"Okay I won't say I told you so.-"

"Don't interrupt. Let me speak today." Simin said. "Please."

"Hmm continue." Riddhima smiled.

"I've always been jealous of you! No jokes. I didn't wanted to believe it but god's always been so unfair to me." simin said. "All those years when I used to do strict dieting and still look fat, you got away looking like a model because of your high metabolism shit. I hated it. Even while you were in young teens and was all spotty, guys still gave you more attention. I was the one who loved being rich so much, you weren't even into money or glam but still you got married to a tycoon and became famous. Sarina also loves you more than me considering I was one who used to play wii and computer games with her when we were little." She stopped to take a breath. "You always got what I wanted. I mean you hated marriages and husbands and look you got the world's best husband in my opinion."

Riddhima felt a tear in her eyes. So much poison...

"Simin stop it man. It's okay. Just relax." Riddhima explained. After an emotional confrontation between two sisters, simin said

"I hate men." Simin suddenly started crying.

"Don't simin. He's a stupid guy. Plus I told you not to-"

"Don't. Don't say 'I told you so'. You know that's the last thing I want to hear.

Riddhima clamped her mouth shut. "Right. Tomorrow we're going to get a cheeseburger."

Simin just cried.

"And cheese fries." Riddhima probed but simin couldn't stop her sobs.

Riddhima sighed. "Okay, and a double fudge brownie sundae."

Simin suddenly stopped crying. "With extra whipped cream?"

"Damn straight!" riddhima giggled on the phone.

Simin wiped her tears.

"Okay now f**k the world. Tell me how's things going?" her sister was back.

"Life's not perfect and you shouldn't be jealous of me. trust me armaan was a kamina before. I hated him." riddhima said with a smile. "Okay may be not hate. I disliked him."

"But he loves you so much now. And it's not like you were some mother india who deserves a perfect guy."

"Okay now you definitely sound like my sister." Riddhima laughed but deeply thought about her relation with armaan. True they both the most imperfect example of husband and wife but still believe it or not they pulled it off amazingly or more likely armaan. He was always there for her. Always! And she? She threw tantrums at him and became a right pain in the neck. Oh man...

"Simin, I just realised that I fell in love with armaan." Riddhima beamed. "AGAIN!"

She could hear her sister laughing. "Well I'd say congratz and I'll pray to god that you become fat and have lots of kids who gives you stretch marks on your flat tummy." Simin joked.

Riddhima rolled her eyes. Her sister can never change. Well she did learn to tolerate her till her late teens. It's not like we get a choice about the kind of siblings we want! How unfair.

Riddhima stopped the taxi near a florist. She'll confess her love with armaan today. With flowers! Eekkss that's romantic and armaan will forgive her as well for doing what she did today in the club. But atleast simin found out the truth.

She clicked open her taxi's door and walked up to the florist shop across the road. It was dark and she could see occasional cars zooming pass. Her heels making clicking noise on the dark concrete road.

Suddenly she saw a flash of light and zoomed a car came crashing upto her making her fly of the road and hit the solid ground with an impact.

Thud and loud scream pierced the silent night's sky. Riddhima clutched her stomach tight as she felt sharp pain shooting in her womb. My baby... but before she could think the world became dark and her lids dropped.

"Armaan..." were her last words before going into a world of oblivion.


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