Monday, 15 July 2019

Part 2: How to Kill your Husband

Armaan reaches india the following day and looks everywhere with a critical eye.

"home sweet home...NOT" he smirks to himself.

 He sits in the car which came to pick him up and see a young lady sitting in the car, her head buried in the laptop and types with an expert's speed. Armaan looks at her and arches his eyebrows waiting for her to introduce herself.

"the name's riddhima and I am your temporary right hand person. I work for Mr. Mallik and he gave me your responsibility" riddhima said while still working on her laptop.

"hello to you too but just for your information, I am totally capable to take care of myself. And just because you didn't notice yet, am a grown man who don't need babysitting." Armaan  snapped fuming at his dad.

"I don't see a grown man." Riddhima smirked while typing. She was enjoying the banter.

"turn around" Armaan ordered in such a way riddhima turned her head and got captivated in impossibly black eyes. "now you see him", Armaan finished with a sigh as he saw her face. She was some desi chick man.

"I don't see much" riddhima taunted sassily.

"Aah! That hurt" Armaan replied sarcastically while pulling his phone out of his jeans and started dialing a number. Riddhima noticed him carefully. He had spiky hair with bad boy written all over his face. He was wearing ripped jeans and a casual T shirt with a leather jacket. When Mr. Mallik informed her today morning about her change of duties, she thought it would be a nice change from all the office work and after what her dad did, she needed a break ever so badly. A week had passed to that brothel incident and on the same day, the baby boy and that prostitute came down her house and even started living there. Riddhima's family never let her buy her own her and live separately. You know all that "akeli ladki shadi ke bina ghar se bahar rahegi to izzat badnaam ho jayegi" so unfortunately she still lived in that house but frozen herself out of their lives. whenever she goes home, she just locks herself in some room and sits there all day thinking of ways of destroying her family. Her first idea was to blow her house with a bomb, saale sab ke sab ek saath hi mar jayenge. But then she couldn't find a bomb on

"dad what the hell? Do you think this is some kinda joke? Well then I aint laughing" her thoughts broke as Armaan started talking to his dad on the phone. "hahaha very funny. This 5'5 will help me get a girl. Dad this is an insult. You know in London girls fall at my feet, I don't need some right hand for the thing i am pro at" Armaan kept on talking and riddhima could only hear one side conversation. She shook her head and went back on and checked out armaan's profile again. Ooh he's not gonna be very happy once he knows that his dad made his profile on "you know what dad bye. It's like futile to talk to you. Why did I even come india?" and he hung up.

"where are we going? The house is not this way, am sure" Armaan barked at riddhima and gave him a dirty look.

"tumhare sasural" riddhima said between gritting teeth.

"HAHA sorry I forgot to laugh at your poor joke"

"I am not kidding. Get ready, it was dad's order to take you to the girl's house"

"I AM NOT GOING. MAKE ME" he said adamantly.

"do you know that we can use sulphur and peroxide to remove human blood stains from car seat" riddhima said while removing her brass knuckles from her hand bag and showing it to Armaan.

"you can't be serious. Dad will sack you" Armaan said while moving back slightly. Woah phyco.

"try me Armaan" riddhima purred while coming closer to him, her face inches from him. She gently rubbed her brass knuckles on his cheeks and placed her other palm on the cold window glass capturing Armaan in her frame.

In a swift movement, Armaan twisted her hand behind her back and pulled her more closer to him, pressing her breasts on his hard chest, he traced his nose on her cheek and went upto her ears and breathed out sensuously,

"muje jungle billiya bohot pasand hai" as he bit her ear lobe.

"this is sexual harassment. I can drag you to the courts for this" riddhima hissed her breath as she was finding it very hard to moan in pleasure.

"Is it now luv? Try me" he threw her dialogue on her and abruptly released her dusting his hands and giving her a naughty smirk.



The car came to a halt and both Armaan and riddhima realised that armaan's supposed "sasural" is here.

"you know what riddhima, let's do it. I am ready to see the girl and her family." Armaan said getting out of the car an riddhima looked at him with narrow eyes.

"hmm lets go and be on your best behaviour...if you have one"

"you broke my heart riddhima" Armaan stabbed himself fakely and riddhima rolled her eyes.

"nautanki. Pata nahi muje hi aise kyo milte hai"

As soon as they stepped in the house the girl's family came and shook hands with riddhima who introduced them.

"Welcome Armaan. I heard you came directly from airport. You must be tired" the girl's father slapped armaan's back affectionately and riddhima murmured to herself,

"but never tired to flirt."

"did you say something riddhima?" Armaan said while coming and standing really close to riddhima and even kept his hand on her shoulder. When the girl's father saw them with a raised brow, Armaan replied cheekily,

"we're really close you see. Car mein bhi-" riddhima interrupts Armaan going all red with embarrassment.

"Mr. Mallik, this is no time joke around. Hahaha, he's got a bad sense of humour" riddhima injected her elbow in armaan's chest and pushed him away...a bit.

"haha true we all like people who jokes around." The girl's father lead us to the sofa where Armaan sat and pulled her hand which made her fall on his lap. Everyone in the room gasped.

"oops sorry, i was just telling riddhima to come sit next to me but looks like she's too light for my tug" Armaan smiled sheepishly and looked at riddhima with pouty lips. Only if she could slap him right here.

"it's okay, next time try to use your vocal cords to call me rather than using your hands a lot" riddhima said throught gritted teeth as she tried to get up.

"baithi rahona, achi lagti ho" Armaan drawled in his British accented hindi.

"kutte kamine, apni aukaad mein raho. I have a pepper spray and a stun gun in my hand bag along with my favourite toy, brass knuckles" riddhima whispered and smirked back as got up from armaan's lap giving him glares. She apologised on behalf of armaan's and excused herself.

Armaan sat there pleased with himself and waited for the girl to come. When she finally came clad in 3 inches of greasy make up, Armaan was pleased with his work.

"Hi I am Armaan." Armaan introduced himself.

"Hi I am rushaan" the blushing bride wanna be introduced herself and blushed profusely as if imagining Armaan naked. Armaan cleared his throat.

"so shall we go for a walk or something." Armaan offered rushan as he saw riddhima going towards the garden away from the Bad boy.

"sure jee. Hmm aapko khane mein kya pasand hai? Muje sab banana aata hai." Rushan started the conversation as they headed towards the garden. Armaan stifled a groan of annoyance.

"Khao khai chiao, Khao mu krop mu daeng and beef lasagne with extra cheese" Armaan smirked at the poor girl's expression. "oh and yeah i also like rice risotto. Mmm yummy" Armaan finished by licking his tongue.

"yeh sab kya hai?" the poor girl looked at him in confusion.

"international cuisine m'dear" Armaan replied with a sweet smile. "hey look there's riddhima darling. You wait here, i'll be back okay" Armaan ran upto riddhima and laughed at the word 'darling' used for a special reason. He knew the girl would follow him no doubt. He soon came in front of riddhima who was too busy sticking her nose in some flower and sniffing it. Weirdo!

"hey riddhima"

"tum phirse aa gaye." Riddhima got caught offguard.

"okay lets cut to the chase. Is she coming? Rushan i mean" Armaan asked as his back was facing the approaching rushan. Riddhima looked over his shoulder and nodded.

"okay baby, here comes the kiss" Armaan pulled riddhima to himself and bent his head to take in her lips. Riddhima gasped in response and Armaan took the advantage of her parted lips and slid his tongue in her mouth. As soon as riddhima's tongue came in contact with his, he forgot about his plan and started devouring her. His hands started exploring her body and crushed riddhima towards him.

Riddhima was loosing control but stood her ground and refused to kiss back. she bit his tongue and recoiled back.

"Armaan jee" they both looked at a crying rushan and riddhima's eyes widened in shock at what just happened.

"Rushan yeh sab jhoot tha. Armaan natak kar raha tha." Riddhima said honestly while going upto rushan and shooting daggers at Armaan.

"Yeah rushan sweets, don't take it in a negative way. It was just a friendly kiss" Armaan said unashamedly.

"I AM NOT BLIND ARMAAN JEE. GET OUT" rushan burst out.

"Rushan I am not lying honestly. There's nothing between me and Armaan." Riddhima tried to damage control

"Acha ab Mr. Mallik se Armaan ho gaya? GET OUT BOTH OF YOU" rushan kicked both of them out of her house.

As soon as they both sat in the car with a bang of the door, riddhima started,

"you're the kind of bas***d no father wants to give her daughter to"

"thanks sweetie, I didn't even wanted anyone to get any wrong ideas about me."

"if someone can stoop even lower than my family then it's you." Riddhima barked in rage but suddenly something caught her mind.

'no riddhima, that's an absurd idea...but your family is absurd as well. You know only iron can cut an iron. If dad will realise that i got involved with a player like Armaan, then that will be the first proverbial slap on his face'

"You know your dad will disinherit you from his property if you don't get married soon" riddhima started playing with her words wisely, after all she is dealing with Armaan.

"I know advisor, that old man don't have anything else to do. I wish I could hire a bride or something" Armaan said absently and riddhima caught the cue.

"You can you know. Okay lets cut to the chase, I need a bas***d of a husband temporarily who will make my family ashamed and you need a bride for some time who leaves you after you get your property on your name and won't even bug you for commitment. Do you get it?" riddhima asked slowly and Armaan's expression changed from confusion to horror to smirk.

"I get it...wifey"

"contract marriage, nothing more nothing less. You don't ask me any question about why and who and I won't interfere in your life. It will be a perfect arrangement. Deal?" riddhima offered her hand and Armaan bent his head and kissed her already-swollen-from-the-kiss-red lips.

"Deal it is, to be Mrs Riddhima Armaan Mallik, damn I already like the sound of that" Armaan said with a cheeky grin.

To be continued...


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