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part 5 & 6: look what you done to me(AR FF)

Part 5

ridz raced down the hallway, precariously balancing her five textbooks. She was going to be so late! muskaan had kept her up most of the night asking for more details about her and armaan 's 'relationship'. If you could call it a relationship, she thought almost bitterly. After much interrogation by muskaan  and angie, ridz had finally come to terms with the butterflies in her stomach that conveniently appeared whenever armaan was around.

She liked him.

ridz knew that armaan was just there for the baby. Nothing else. Besides, it wasn't like she was anything good anyway. She wasn't pretty, she wasn't popular, she wasn't anything. She was used to that. Her heart feeling heavier than it used to, ridz sped round a corner, clearing her head of all armaan thoughts and hurried to class. Too bad she didn't see the person in front of her.


ridz found herself plopped on the ground in a most undignified manner. Her books were scattered on the floor. Rubbing her stomach gently from the collision, she sighed and began to pick up her books. Not even noticing the person beside her.


Her books were neatly stacked under his arm as he reached out to help her up. ridz looked up at the person who bumped into her. A blush tinted her fair cheeks. Wow, he was cute! Hauling herself up with the help of his hand, ridz started to apologise profusely, grabbing her books from his hands.

"Oh my God, I am so, so sorry! I'm such a klutz, I didn't even see you! I'm just late to class and I was rushing and you were just there and-" ridz began to hyperventilate.

That probably wasn't good for the baby.

"It's okay, really. I should've seen you. Besides, I'm new around here and I guess I got lost" The stranger cut in her apology and flashed her a dazzling smile.

ridz nearly swooned. She smiled nervously back at him as she rubbed the back of her neck, lost for words. She decided introducing herself to the new guy might help smooth over the awkwardness.

"I'm riddihima gupta. I'll show you around the school if you want" she offered, sticking out her hand.

ridz inwardly cringed. Was that an attempt at flirting? angie must be rubbing off on her. The new guy grinned, chuckling as he shook her hand. This school was definitely growing on him.

"Hi, I'm angad khanna. Nice to meet you, ridz"


armaan snuck a glance at the door. He looked down at his watch, muttering curses under his breath. ridz was late.

And he was (just a little bit) worried.

After a night of lying and denial on his part, and threatening and jeering on his friends' part, armaan had finally made it through rahul and atul's bad cop, good cop routine. He knew he didn't like ridz. He couldn't. He had been with so many girls, and he had never cared for any one of them.

So how could he possibly care about ridz?

armaan had that idea firmly planted in his mind. Nodding to convince himself, he began to take notes from the board. He had managed to get through five minutes of World War II extracts when-

"Sorry I'm late, sir!"

armaan's head snapped up when ridz's sweet voice rang out from the doorway. She looked flushed, apologetically smiling at the teacher. Behind her trailed a tall, handsome guy with a killer smile. A flurry of whispers and passed notes broke out in the classroom.

"Who is he?"

"He is like, so cute!"

"But what's he doing with ridz?"

"Do you think they're going out?"

"Oh, that lucky b-"

angad flashed a charming smile and walked to the teacher's desk.

"Hi, I'm angad khanna. I just transferred from West High. I hope you guys can help me out around the school" he grinned, waving politely.

Girls giggled. Boys rolled their eyes. armaan glared at angad fiercely. angad  was taken aback at the boy's defiant stare, but covered it up deftly. armaan cursed under his breath. What was he doing with ridz? angad turned to the teacher.

"I hope you can excuse riddihma for being late. She was just showing me around."

ridz nodded feverishly. She didn't want to ruin her perfect attendance record. The teacher pursed his lips, before nodding grudgingly. ridz beamed at angad gratefully. He grinned back at her. armaan felt his blood boil. What was she doing, flirting with the new guy, when she was carrying his baby?armaan nearly snapped his pencil as he watched ridz slide in her seat, her eyes fixed on angad and still smiling.

Wait, was he jealous?

armaan's eyes widened. He couldn't possibly be jealous! That would mean I care for her, he thought disbelievingly. And he didn't.


Out of the corner of his eye, armaan saw angad wink at ridz. That was the last straw. He couldn't stay in the room and watch the new kid charm his way into ridz's heart. But armaan knew better than to start a fight in the classroom. So he did the next best thing; leaving the classroom.

He couldn't really fight, anyway. not in front of everyone

Pushing away from his desk, armaan stood up. Girls giggled and batted their eyelashes. armaan could be such a bad boy sometimes. Almost rolling his eyes as they fawned over his actions, he brushed past the teacher, angrily muttering something about a stomachache. He stomped out of the classroom and down the corridor, ignoring the stares he was receiving from his classmates. He just needed to clear his head.

ridz bit her lip worriedly as armaan walked out of the classroom. What was wrong with him? She subconsciously rubbed her stomach.

"I wonder what's up with your daddy" she mouthed to her baby.

A grin tugged on her lips. Her baby was finally going to get a proper family, complete with a loving mother and father. Sure, the mother and father didn't love each other, but it was enough. Staring out the window, ridz let her mind wonder to thoughts about armaan. He was acting weirdly yesterday, when he dropped me off at muskaan's place, she thought, tapping a finger on her chin. armaan was twitchy and nervous, refusing to look her in the eye when he talked to her and mumbling under his breath. Then again, so was she. We were both jumpy from the almost-kiss, she mused, a giggle bubbling its way up her throat, before sighing.

So she liked armaan; so what? It didn't mean that he liked her back. He had told her he was only there for the baby; nothing else. But it didn't stop her from worrying about him. armaan looked upset when he had left. An imaginary lightbulb flashed above her head as a slow smile spread across her face. A single thought ran through her head, making ridz almost giddy with excitement.

Maybe I'll go talk to him later.


part 6

riddihima  peeped around the corner of the college's science block. A soft smile tugged on the corner of her lips as her dark eyes found a snoring armaan  lay across the steps. Tiptoeing over, ridz sat beside his head, shielding him from the light breeze. His black  hair fell into his eyes. She reached out to brush it away for him. ridz's fingers had just made contact with armaan's smooth skin, when she pulled her hand away like it had been burned.
What was she doing?

ridz looked away, her heart pounding. A heavy blush made its way onto her cheeks.

She was doing that a lot lately.

Stealing a glance at armaan, ridz found herself staring at his almost perfect profile. From his straight nose, high cheekbones and very kissable lips. ridz licked her own as her mind flashed back to their almost kiss in the diner. Subconsciously, she began to bend down towards armaan. Their lips nearly touched when armaan began to stir. ridz bolted upright as his dark eyes flickered.

armaan opened his eyes to find a blushing ridz sitting next to him. His brows knitted together. What was she doing here? She should be her precious angad, he thought bitterly. A flame of jealousy rose in his stomach. Wait, what? His eyes widened. Was he, armaan malik , player extraordinaire, getting jealous? He shook his head. No, no way.

ridz looked quizzically at armaan, who was muttering under his breath. All she caught was 'jealous' and 'angad'. She raised an eyebrow.

"What are you talking about?" ridz interrupted his rant.

armaan stopped talking to himself and blushed. ridz giggled and poked his nose.

"Hey! What was that for?" armaan  whined, pouting and rubbing his nose.

"For running out of class. The girls were going crazy for your 'rebel' act" ridz poked out her tongue as armaan smirked.

"The ladies always love a bad boy" armaan  quipped, winking cheekily at her.

ridz  tried to remember how to breathe. She thanked God when she could finally force out an eye roll. ridz played with the hem of her scarf

"So, why did you run out of class?"

armaan  froze. He racked his brain for a plausible answer. He didn't think 'I felt like punching the new guy's guts out for flirting with you' would go so well for ridz

"Er...I wasn't feeling so well after eating those chilli cheese fries!" he jokingly replied, hoping that be all to the questioning.
armaan  was thankful for his natural wit and charm when ridz laughed, playfully hitting him on the arm. Her round eyes crinkled at the corners, and armaan had the urge to wrap his arm around her shoulders. He listened to her tinkling laughter, and decided he liked the sound. ridz stopped laughing when her dark eyes met armaan's own smoldering blue ones. She felt her insides flutter and her heart pound against her ribcage. ridz wondered if armaan  could hear it.

armaan licked his lips as he stared at ridz 's own pouty ones. Okay, he admitted it. He liked her. There. Unless there was another reason why his heart soared when she smiled at him and his breath hitched when she touched him, armaan definitely liked ridz.

So, could he kiss her now?


muskaan  loudly slurped on her noodles as angie tapped her foot impatiently. She let out an undignified huff, checking her watch every couple of seconds. muskaan  rolled her eyes.

"Relax angie. She's pregnant, not crippled" muskaan remarked, waving her chopsticks around to make her point.

angie threw muskaan a withering glare.

"What if she fell down? What if she slipped? What if some pervert decided to rape her in the middle of the hallway?" Angie  began to hyperventilate.

muskaan  raised an eyebrow. She often wondered why she was friends with such a drama queen. Sighing as angie began to choke on her own breath, muskaan continued to eat her lunch when a warm, muscled body slid into the seat next to her. She looked up to find the arrogant face of armaan's wingman, rahul . muskaan rolled her eyes as atul deftly slid next to a disgruntled angie.

"Ladies" atul smoothly began, a smirk playing on his lips.

"Assholes" muskaan retorted.

rahul  guffawed. angiescoffed disdainfully.

"She was talking about you too"

rahul immediately sobered up and threw a dirty glare at angie . She made a face at him.

"What do you two jerks want?" muskaan asked rudely, folding her arms across her chest.

rahul rolled his eyes.

"As if we'd be here if we didn't have a reason" he shot back.

muskaan laughed derisively.

"As if we'd care what you'd have to say" she retorted.

rahul  and muskaan glared at each other. angie bit back a giggle. She knew muskaan had a mean streak, and rahul had a sharp tongue to match. If they weren't on opposite ends of, well, everything, she thought they would make a pretty cute couple. Before the two could begin their bickering again, atul  cut in, his brown eyes flashing nervously.

"It's about ridz and armaan

muskaan 's eyes widened. angie's jaw dropped.
"What about them?" muskaan asked suspiciously.

She didn't like the concerned look on rahul's face or the hesitation in atul's voice.

"Well, I, er, we think..." he trailed off.

angie rolled her eyes and punched him hard on the arm. atul yelped in pain.

"Get to the point" she huffed, inspecting her nails for damage.

muskaan  giggled. angie could be a feisty bitch when she wanted to be, and atul had the guts to lock horns with her. Who didn't love the bickering pair of lovers cliche? rahul snickered. atul glared.

"Hello? Thinking what exactly? Or where you just lying about the thinking part?" muskaan  snarkily prompted.

"Very funny. Your wit amazes me" rahul dryly commented.

 stuck out her tongue. atul sighed.

"We think armaan's serious about liking ridz" he piped up.

There was a stunned silence before-


rahul  and atul cringed as muskaan and angie launched into discussion, their voice growing higher in progression. Maybe telling ridz's friends wasn't a good idea after all. But they were only trying to help! armaan  whinging and whining about ridz all night long was not their idea of a fun night out.

"Girls!" rahul interrupted muskaan and angies's rant.

They turned to fiercely glare at him. atul fleetingly wondered why he was a male.

"So what about ridz? Does she like him too?" atul asked.

angie looked at him like he was a five-year-old.

"She slept with him. She got pregnant with his baby. What do you think?" muskaan spat out, rolling her eyes.

"Okay, okay! I get it!" atul held his hands up in surrender.

"So she does. That's great! They both like each other, he knocked her up, they'll be fine!" rahul beamed.

muskaan and angie looked at each other. A worried expression flitted across their faces

"Didn't you hear about the new guy?"


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