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part 64 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Next morning,
Riddhima get up pretty soon looking around, she found Armaan still sleeping and his face was in her direction with closed eyes. She smile getting he might be staring her in when she slept and a blush crept on her face just by the thought.
She slowly get up and make him sleep in a comfortable position, ruffling his hairs a bit her smile grew larger. He was looking so cute in the sleep that she atonce urged to kiss his forehead but that disturb his sleep thinking that she left.
Armaan open his eyes as soon as she left and smile whispering “Oye Hoyee, don’t worry Mrs. Would be Mallik, bahut jaldi hi aap apni is jhijhak se bahar aa jayengi”

Yes, there you go, our Majnu Mallik didn’t slept whole night, his night passes staring her and when he felt Riddhima was shifting in her sleep and was about to open her eyes, he just closed his eyes pretending to sleep. He could feel her hand making him sleep comfortably and when her fingers ruffled in his hairs, he so wanted to hug her tight but remains silent.
Riddhima came out and looks around, they’ll leave this place today, no doubt it gives them so many memories for life which she will surely cherish forever. She move a bit forward looking towards the mountains which was covered in fog upto some extent, sun was still not visile that dawn moment was giving her so relaxed feeling.
She stretched her hands to both side inhaling the fresh breeze with closed eyes with a very beautiful smile adoring her face.
Armaan came out searching her and found standing there at the edge facing the mountains and valleys enjoying the moment in herself. He smile and his steps automatically move towards. He stood behind her adoring her face he also stretched his hand in the same way holding her hands.
She smiled recognizing the touch, she feels Armaan close to her but her expression changes to surprise as she realize it was not a dream. She open her eyes and tilt her head to look at him and he smiled.
Kabhi Dil Ke Kareeb, Tumhe Mere Naseeb
Yun Laayenge Socha Na Tha
Ek Chahat Ka Pal, Sab Savalon Ka Hal
Yun Paayenge Socha Na Tha
Kabhi Dil Ke Kareeb..
Armaan make her move towards him in his hold and removed her hairs from her face which was blocking his views due to air, he slowly tucked them behind her ear and she looks down being shy. He kissed her forehead and she look at him falling into a very beautiful eyelock.
Aankhein Jo Ab Meri Aankhon Mein Hain
Dhoond Raha Tha Kayi Salon Se
Aankhein Jo Ab Meri Aankhon Mein Hain
Dhoond Raha Tha Kayi Salon Se
Kitni Milti Hain Aankhein Yeh
Khwabon Se Mere Khayalon Se
Ke Haqeqaat Mein Hum, Sapno Ka Sanam
Yun Paayenge Socha Na Tha
Kabhi Dil Ke Kareeb, Tumhe Mere Naseeb…
Riddhima looks away and came out of his hold, she pass through him when he hold her little finger with his little finger and she stops feeling the tug. The memories related this tug automatically came infront of them and they smile shyly not looking at each other.
Kabhi Tanha Bethe Bethe Yunhi
Pal Mein Hi Main Ghum Ho Jaati Thi
Kabhi Tanha Bethe Bethe Yunhi
Pal Mein Hi Main Ghum Ho Jaati Thi
Main Bhi Kahaan Main Rehti Thi
Aksaar Main Tum Ho Jaati Thi
Yeh Ajaab Si Khata, Aur Isski Saza
Yun Paayenge Socha Na Tha
Kabhi Dil Ke Kareeb, Tumhe Mere Naseeb
Yun Laayegne Socha Na Tha
Ek Chahat Ka Pal, Sab Savalon Ka Haal
Yun Paayenge Socha Na Tha.
Armaan swirl her into his hold hugging her from behind and she bend her eyes down being shy closing her eyes. Armaan kept his chin on her shoulder and her breath got struck somewhere inside her. Armaan lift her face little up and whisper in her ears from behind.
“Open your eyes” his husky voice send shiver in her spines but she tried to open her eyes somehow.
As soon as she look forward, she smile fully and her breath got relaxed by the scene. Sun was coming out from mountains spreading its radiation lightly everywhere that scene was so magical, slow breeze, rising sun trying to come out from shades of clouds, brids singing around, that edge of mountain and world’s best person who was standing with her watching it, what else she could want.
“Good morning” he again whisper bringing her out of her thoughts.
She smiled and said “Good morning Armaan”.
“Oye hoyye, I wish jaldi hi hamari mornings aise hi ek dusre k sath ho” Armaan whisper huskily making her blush.
Armaan wonders sometimes, is that blush was permanent or only arise infront of him everytime.
It was time for others to get up so tried to detangle herself from Armaan, he look at her being confused what she was trying to do.
“W,,,wo sab log uthne wale honge” she utter slowly making him fall for her once again.
“Yeah” he ruffled his hairs slowly leaving her.
Riddhima smile moving towards the camp and he stood there only looking at the amazing view which he might not be able to see in Dlehi.
Rahul get up and searched him, he wasn’t in room.
“Kaha chala gaya Ammy” he murmured when Riddhima came towards him with tea.
“Bhabhi, did you saw Ammy?” he asked.
Riddhima hand over his tea to him and pointed towards Armaan, he look at him and sighs.
“Laiye mai khud lete jata hu uske liye” he went towards Armaan holding the tea in his hands.
“Good morning Ammy” Rahul reached to him passing the cup.
“Good morning” he replied.
“Kaha khoya hai?” he look at his relaxed and calm face.
“This place is so calm na Rahul, we didn’t get time to feel such natural beauty” Armaan said looking infront.
“Sahi bol raha hai, you know what isiliye God planned our marriage in Mussorrie” Rahul said and he look at him “Arey, see like this we’ll come near nature when we have to leave Bhabhi or Muskaan in Mussorrie”
Armaan smiled shaking his head.
“Waise, how was the night?” Rahul asked.
“How does night be like?” he didn’t get what he was trying to say.
“Bro,,,,,” Rahul said and he look at him and get his point.
“Oh! Nothing I was just staring her” Armaan said and Rahul look at him in disbelief.
“What?? You are trying to say that you were staring Bhabhi whole night,,,,, God!! Ammy I gave you some time to spend with her so that you atleast talk to her mann and you just,,,,,,, staring,,,,,, great” Rahul was getting angry.
“Yar she was sleeping so soundly that I didn’t felt like disturbing her” Armaan said and Rahul look at his brother.
The Armaan Mallik, top most young business man who used to handle the whole staff on his fingertips, scared the hell out of everyone regarding work, workaholic like anything was the most innocent person from inside. He just felt like hugging him right now and did that.
“Ammy tera kya hoga, Bro, everything is fine but atleast you should have talked to her na, we’ll leave today and don’t know when but we have to leave for Delhi also” Rahul said which makes Armaan sad.
“I know Rahul, but I just can’t” Armaan sighs.
Rahul was about to say something when Mishra Uncle called them.
“Chal” Rahul left calling him.
Armaan once again looked around, feeling every moment he spend with Riddhima and feel so full of emotions that involuntarily a lone tear escaped from his eyes “I don’t want to leave her God” he whisper and wiped it off before moving towards everyone.
Muskaan look at him and nudged Rahul.
“Kya hua MUSKAAN?” He asked.
“Jiju ko kya hua hai??” Muskaan asked.
“Nothing yar,,,,,,” he don’t know what to say.
“You can tell me atleast, I think itna right to banta hai mera tumhari life me” Muskaan said and Rahul look at her and feels like yeah he can share anything with her.
He told her everything and Muskaan sighs, she knew they both have longing for each other but they won’t utter a single bean infront of family.
“Ghar jake bol dete hain ki hame shadi jaldi karni hai” Muskaan said and he look at her in disbelieve.
“Kya bol rahi hai tu?” Rahul shifted at once.
“Are pagal, ham to bol sakte hain na kyunki sabko pata hai ham pagal hain lekin ye dono nhi bolenge,,,,,, Aur jaha tak mujhe pata hai shadi to ek sath hi hone wali hai hamari” Muskaan smiled and Rahul giggled on her thought.
“Dekhte hain, pahle Mussorrie to pahuche” Rahul smile and they move towards the van once everything was settled.
“Riddhima beta, aa jao” Mishra Uncle called her and Armaan saw her.
Her every step moving towards them as he was standing behind Mishra Uncle was making him feel like once they will reach Mussorrie they’ll get separated.
Armaan looks away controlling his tears and moved inside the van before she came near them. Riddhima noticed Armaan leaving before her arrival and she also become sad as she knew why he did that.
“Mai kya karu Armaan, I'm sorry I can’t do anything at this time” Riddhima thought.
“I’m sorry Riddhima, I’m not able to do anything” Armaan thought sitting on a seat looking outside from the window.
“Chalo yar jaldi jaldi” Muskaan tried to bring back the life inbetween sadness.
“Tujhe kyu itnai jaldi padi hai?” Rahul said as he was not liking that silent atmosphere.
“Tujhse matlab, chalo hattoooo,,,, jane do andar” Muskaan pushed Rahul and he fall on a seat.
“Kitna ladte hain ye dono” One doctor said.
“Wo kya hai na jab tak ham lad nhi lete hamara din nhi pura hota” Rahul said nudging Muskaan.
“Ha aur jab tak ye mere muh se do chaar baatein nhi sun leta iska din hi nhi guzarta” Muskaan said and everyone laughed while Armaan Riddhima smile.
“Muskaan ki bachhi” Rahul pushed her and she pushed Riddhima resulting her fall on Armaan as she was standing near his seat.
Armaan hold her from the waist as she fell on him and van start with a slight jerk making her shift more towards him on the seat.
Muskaan look at Rahul and he winked at her while she showed a thumbs up.
“Chalo let’s begin the journey” Rahul said and they smiled.
Riddhima moved her hairs tugging it behind her ears and sit properly on seat and Armaan move his hands away.
Riddhima looks here and there not knowing what to say.
Armaan looks outside trying to control his emotions and Riddhima put her hand on his hand which was kept on his thighs.
Feeling her touch he look at her face and she blinked her eyes assuring him that everything will be fine.
Armaan so wanted to hug her but can’t as they were sitting with everyone. So he just sneaked his hand behind her back and hold her waist securely, she look at his hand from the corner of her eyes and look at him, he again looks away and she smiled as how he was trying to be with her before they reach to Mussorrie.
She entangle her fingers with him and he slowly kissed her fingers assuring he’ll try to be fine.
Muskaan smiled looking at them as they were talking with eyes but atleast they were sitting with each other.
“Dekha baitha diya na dono ko ek sath warna aaj koi khud se nhi baitha” Muskaan said and Rahul nodded.
“Aakhir tu to hai hi alrounder Muskaan, ulte kaamo me tera dimaag meri tarah hi chalta hai isiliye to tujhe pyar ho gaya” rahul said and she slapped his shoulder playfully.
“Jor se lagi kya?” she asked and he nodded in yes “Fir achha hai” she giggle looking away while Rahul shook his head.
Soon everyone reached upto a dhaba and had their lunch, Riddhima served them and Armaan was looking at her dreaming that she was present in his house and serving them food being with Mom, Chachi, Nikki and Muskaan with all the laughter and happiness.
“Jiju, khana to khao” Muskaan looks so snappy.
“hmm” Armaan replied looking at Riddhima asking her to take her seat.
They again start their journey after resting for sometime.
“Yar, ye wali journey bahut boring nhi ho rahi hai” Rahul said and everyone agreed.
“Ha sach me, kitna soyenge” one doctor said.
“Abhi to bahut time bacha hai” another one said.
“To kya karna hai?” Mishra Uncle said.
“Anyone have any option?” Muskaan asked.
“Not like option but it’s wish of all of us” one intern said.
“Go on” Rahul look at her.
“Can’t we just ask Armaan Sir to sing once again” she replied.
“That would be awesome” Rahul look at him.
“Nhi Rahul, I’m not feeling like” Armaan was not in the mood of singing.
“Please Ammy, that’s not fair yar” Rahul said.
“But I was n,,,,,,” Armaan tried to say gripping her hand more tightly as he don’t wanna leave it for a second also.
“Armaan Sir, Mussorrie jane k baad to aap ham log se shayad hi kabhi milenge aur jitna apne hamare liye kiya hai utna koi nhi karte to make our trip memorable so please can’t we add our one last wish to it” that intern said and Armaan don’t know what to reply.
As a person he never let peoples down but this time he was not able to help himself out.
Riddhima kept her other hand on his making him look at her. She nodded in assurance and Armaan sighs.
“I won’t be able to” he replied to Riddhima.
“You will” she said and he look at her.
He get up finally and everyone hooted in happiness clapping hard for him.
Nai jeena tere baajhon, nai jeena! nai jeena!
Main tenu samjhawan ki, na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki, na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera, main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil, tunhion jaan meri….
Armaan look at Riddhima and she instantly look at him as the song starts, she was feeling so full of emotions from inside, knowing very well why Armaan chose this song. She tried to control her tears which become visible in her eyes, Armaan slightly nodded in NO.
Main tenu samjhawan ki, na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera, main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil, tunhion jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawan ki, na tere bina lagda jee…
Everyone was lost in his melodious voice, there was just the sound of motion of van, every breath was so relaxed hearing his song. Rahul hold Muskaan’s hand and kissed it while Muskaan kept her head on his shoulder. Riddhima closed her eyes feeling his voice entering in her heart.
Mere dil ne chun laiya ne, tere dil diyan rahaan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehnta, turpe meriyaan saaha
Jeena mera haye, hund hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar eitbaar mera, main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil, tunhion jaan meri!
Main tenu samjhawan ki, na tere bina lagda jee….
Mishra Uncle also saw that feeling in their eyes, at that moment he so wanted to expose everything about their wedding but he stopped himself that it was the right of their parents to disclose it. He just smile how happy these kids will when they’ll come to know about their wedding. He mesaaged Shashank the same.
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba
Ve changa nahion keeta beeba, dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan, naal tere jod ke….
Armaan looks around but he was visualizing Riddhima moving around him, flying her dupatta over his face. He was so lost in her and open his eyes, he saw her sitting at her seat, she asked him what happen through her eyes and he nodded in nothing.
Tenu chadd ke kitthe jawaan tu mera parchanwa
Tere mukhde vich hi main taan Rabb nu apni pawaan
Meri duya haye, sajda tera, karti sada
Tu sun ekraar mera, main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil, tunhion jaan meri!
Main tenu samjhawan ki, na tere bina lagda jee….
He finished the song and everyone came out of his spell, it was just a marvelous song which make them forget everything. They clapped so hard for him as it really touched everyone’s heart.
“OMG! Armaan Sir, it was the best” one intern said and he smiled nodding humming a thanks.
He move towards his seat and they smile how he didn’t want to leave Riddhima for a moment. Everything was visible on their face, through their act, it’s just that words were not necessary for this couple.
It was getting darker outside and soon they entered in Mussorrie. Armaan’s hold on Riddhima’s hand become tight and she look at him, he was getting restless. As it was dark inside the bus thus she shifted a bit closer to him, keeping her head on his shoulder she hugged him from sidewise.
“Armaan, breath…… I’m here only, kuch nhi hoga, we’ll be together soon” Riddhima whisper in his ears and he tried to smile knowing very well she can understand his every feeling through his eyes and face.
He really did breath deeply exhaling his fear out as he can’t meet others in this condition. He’ll have to be normal, he tried to smile and Riddhima observe how he was trying hard.
She just sqeezed herself more into him and he smile getting how she was trying her best to make him feel normal leaving all her shyness and nervousness away. He was about to say something when she lifted her head up and kissed his cheek. Everything stopped for Armaan at that moment, feeling her lips on his skin, he so wanted to have that feeling very often for longer time and making himself a bit normal he look at her.
Keeping his palm on her face he kissed her forehead and she smiled looking at his face.
“I’m fine baby, don’t worry” Armaan whisper and she look into his eyes.
“Pakka?” she was still not sure.
“Pakka” he entangled his fingers with her and kissed her hand making Riddhima smile “Afterall leke to tumhe jana hi hai, aise to nhi chhodne wala mai tumhe yaha, thode din aur sahi ye duri, uske baad kahi nhi jane dunga mai tumhe”
“Promise?” she wanted assurance.
Armaan look at her, she was also going through the same phase and he need to make her believe that everything will be fine. Thus he blinked his eyes then kissing her eyes he said “Promise”
“Thanku Armaan” Riddhima said.
“For?” he look at her.
“For everything” she smiled and he also smiled finally which reached upto his eyes.
They dropped everyone one by one and finally reached at Sanjeevani.
“Mishra Uncle we’ll drop you” Riddhima said and Mishra Uncle look at her.
“Riddhima, mujhe paas me hi jana hai, you guys leave” he replied.
“We are not going anywhere, pahle ham apko drop karenge fir Riddhima aur Muskaan ko then we’ll leave for Mallik House” Armaan said as he saw Riddhima’s car over there.
“Theek hai” Mishra Uncle agreed knowing very well that they’ll not leave him like that.
They dropped Mishra Uncle and thanked him for everything.
“Tum logo ne hamari bahut help ki, ab Mussorrie me inke ghar k alawa ek aur ghar v hai jaha tum aa sakte ho Armaan, Rahul, We’ll be happy” Mishra Uncle said and they nodded.
“Ammy, we’ll drop them home first na?” Rahul asked as they move towards the car.
“Ha” he replied.
“Should we call Shashank Uncle or Dad” Rahul asked.
“Nhi beta tumlog jao, maine unhe bata diya hai” Mishra uncle said and they nodded.
Soon they reached near Riddhima’s home and stopped the car Rahul and Muskaan fell asleep on back seat while Armaan was sitting keeping his hand on steering not getting what to say.
Riddhima placed her hand over his and he look at her.
“Jana jaruri hai kya?” he asked with all the feelings of his heart.
“Armaan, please don’t make it harder for me” Riddhima said and a lone tear escape from her eyes, she tried a lot control but it was getting more difficult.
She swiftly came out of car and Armaan too came out, but before her could move towards her, she came running to his side and hugged him tightly and he stumble but stood getting back support of the car.
She was so drained into the emotions that she didn’t even realized that they were standing infront of her house, Rahul and Muskaan were present at the backseat. Although they won’t mind it if they would wake up but still he was shocked by the way she was trying herself to control while making him confrotable.
“Riddhima” Armaan slowly hold her head and she didn’t loose the hug.
“It’s okay baby, see ham ghar aa gaye hain na, we’ll meet tomorrow, don’t worry” Armaan said.
“Armaan,,,, mai” she was not able to say anything.
He kissed her forehead and smiled “You were the one explaining me na, I’m fine now, you’ll have to be fine also, hmmmm……” Armaan said and she nodded.
He wipped away her tears and make her smile “Dekho ghar aa gaya hai, sab log wait kar rahe honge na”
“Hmm, let me call Muskaan” Riddhima came out of hug and smile shyly.
Armaan smile how she didn’t even though for a moment before hugging him. That was the beauty of their relation which bind them with so many precious moments and feelings.
“Muskaan, Rahul get up,,, ghar aa gaya” Riddhima wake her up.
“Ridzi, sone de na, need aa rahi hai” she said.
“Muskaan andar chal fir so lena” Riddhima said and meanwhile Rahul also get up.
“Muskaan, cockroach” Rahul said a bit louder making Muskaan jerked open her eyes shouting and hugged Rahul tightly “Nhi nhi please, Rahul bhagao cockroach ko please”
Riddhima shook her head and gave them time to come out. Rahul wake her up propely and pecked her lips and they came out while Riddhima and Armaan were talking standing near the bonut.
“Chalein guys?” rahul came out holding Muskaan’s hand.
“Great, you guys get up” Armaan smirk and he smile.
“Ammy kitni baatein karta hai, chal na, inko drop karke ghar jana hai yar, bhookh lag rahi hai” Rahul said moving towards the gate and Armaan chuckeld.
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