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part 65 : Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Before pressing the bell, Rahul look at Armaan who was helplessly watching Riddhima and she bend her head down.
“Ammy, mai kya bol raha tha, Uncle Aunty ko pareshan karne se achha hai na ki ham bahar dinner kar k aate hain” Rahul said and Riddhima look at him being surprised.
“Kaha se aate hain tere dimag ye idea?” Muskaan look at him seriously.
“Wo to dimaag walo ko pata hota hai” Rahul chuckled.
“Very funny, thanks but no thanks kyunki Mishra Uncle ne Shashank Uncle ko bata diya hai ki ham pahuchne wale hain ok” Muskaan replied.
“Rahul, she is right, we can’t do this now, afterall itna time v ho gaya hai, sab log wait kar rahe honge ghar pe, they are out from a week, let’s go inside” Armaan said ringing the doorbell and Riddhima smile at the person who really and genuinely care for all.
Padma came to open the door and smile looking at the kids.

“Aao bachho, ham to kab se wait kar rahe the” Padma smiled hugging them one by one.
“Sorry Mom, thoda late ho gaya” Armaan said.
“Koi baat nhi beta, aa jao” she bring them inside.
Shashank was waiting for them, he smiled looking at the four whose life was going to change from next day and they were not even aware of it. He was smiling but soon control his expressions when Padma nudged him.
“Welcome back all of you, Thanku Armaan and Rahul, aap dono bahut sahi time pe pahuch gaye the else there might have some problem” Shashank hugged them and they smiled.
Riddhima and Muskaan went in Riddhima’s room to freshen up.
“They were capable enough Uncle but, we also need to ensure ourselves that’s why,,,,,” Armaan stopped as he was not able accept the fact infront of his would-be in-laws that he just shuffled the whole system just to reach there at time because Riddhima and Muskaan were there with other doctors.
“I know, infact I was more relaxed when Billy Bhaisahab told me that you and Rahul want to stay there” he smiled.
“Ohoo, baatein hi kartein rahenge ya bachho ko baithne v denge” Padma came back holding the tray with water.
“Yes young man, please sit” Shashank smiled.
“Uncle, I think we should leave now, kafi late ho gaya hai so,,,,,” Rahul said when Padma smiled saying.
“Aise kaise chale jana hai?” she asked.
“Means?” Rahul asked.
“Are beta, apki Aynty ne dinner ready kar liya hai aaplog k liye, bas fresh hoke aa jao jaldi se” he said asking a servant to take them till guest room.
They nodded moving towards it.
Armaan get fresh and lay down on bed closing his eyes, he was hell tired now and want to take some rest. But thinking that they are in Gupta House, he open his eyes and look around.
Coming in balcony he smiled closing his eyes, as the chilled wind just welcomed him wholeheartedly. He realized that he was back in Mussorrie, his eyes fell on the swing and remember every moment he spend there when he came to see Riddhima, how life changed from that moment and now he don’t wanna leave her, not for a single moment.
“Ammy, kaha hai tu?” Rahul came out from washroom.
“Idhar hu” he replied from balcony.
“Lets go buddy, we need to go back after dinner” Rahul kept his arm on his shoulder.
“Yeah!” Armaan replied moving towards the door.
They came back and Ananya served them dinner with the help of Riddhima and Muskaan.
Armaan smile as Riddhima was silently doing the work not even able to look at him for once.
“Riddhima, Muskaan aaplog v baitho, don’t stress yourself. Aaplog itne tierd camping k baad laute hain, so just take proper rest ok” Shashank said and they nodded taking the seat.
Soon, they get busy in dinner while talking about one or other thing which happened in camping.
For Rahul and Armaan it was quite new experience and Riddhima Muskaan were explaining how the village peoples helped them and stood by their side through whole storm ficaso.
After dinner they sit back in hall when Shashank get a work related call and he excused himself after wishing them good night.
“Aunty, Mom, Dad kyu nhi aaye?” Muskaan asked.
Padma stumble because she asked Shweta to make house normal till they reach that’s why Shweta and Daljeet were in their home.
“Umm,, Muskaan, kyu pareshan karti mai faltu me Shweta ko, waise v dinner to ho gaya hai, isliye nhi bola” Padma replied.
“Ok, fir mai ghar jati hu” Muskaan gets up.
“Muskaan yahi ruk ja na, subah chali jana” Riddhima said.
“Ridzi, mera ghar bagal me hi hai don’t worry” Muskaan winked at her.
“Achha baba theek hai, Muskaan tum Rahul ko leke jao, Shweta aur Daljeet se mil lega fir dono chale jayenge ok” Pamda said and Muskaan nodded in agreement.
“Chalein Rahul?” she look at him.
“Ha chalo na” he gets up while Armaan smiled at his eagerness.
Riddhima get up to go in kitchen with her Mom, when Armaan hold her hand suddenly. She look at him being surprised and he smiled showing his dimple.
“Armaan kya kar rahe hain aap, please chhodiye koi aa jayega” Riddhima struggle to release her hand but of no use.
“Jane k pahle mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai” Armaan whisper huskily and she nodded.
Padma came back and Armaan left her hand sitting down looking at something on wall.
“Riddhima beta, jab tak Rahul aata hai tab tak tum aur Armaan bahar walk pe ho aao thodi der” Padma said as she needs to call Ananya and that won’t be possible in presence of Armaan and Riddhima.
“O,,OK Mom” Riddhima replied and Armaan also nodded.
They move out smiling to each other and Armaan hold her hand as soon as they came out of the house.
“Kya hua?” Riddhima asked looking back.
“Kuch nhi” he interwinged his fingers with her and said “Ab chalo”.
Riddhima smiled how small small acts make Armaan so happy, it means he wanted to live every little and big happiness with her and feel them.
“Armaan” she look at him.
“Hmm” looking back at her face he asked.
“Aap kuch baat karne wale the na?” she asked.
“Oh! Ha lekin abhi nhi, let me be like this” Armaan looks forward towards moon and walk holding her hand in ground.
The slow breeze, moon light, silent atmosphere everything was making the enovironment so magical. Riddhima felt relaxed after coming back to Mussorrie, it’s not that she don’t like the camping place but yeah, her home was the best place where she can feel so light. The same feeling appears for Mallik Mansion also. Everytime when Armaan stood by her side, she felt safe and sound.
“Kitna achha tha na camp pe” Armaan uttered being lost somewhere.
“Hmm” she replied.
“I wish, camp over na hua hota” Armaan said as the feeling of separation from her again engulfed him under it’s trap.
“Armaan, wo to camp tha na aur camp to bas kuch dino ka hota hai” she replied.
“Ha but,,,,,,” he look at her and sighed again not knowing what to say.
Muskaan AND Rahul reached at her home and ring the bell.
“O ji, aaya ji aaya” Daljeet said from inside and they chuckled.
“Aao ji beta ji,,,,,,, bahut wadhiya jo tussi aa gaye” Daljeet hugged them.
“Namaste Dad” Rahul took his blessings.
“Khsuh raho beta” he smiled when Shweta also joined them.
“Beta kaisa raha aaplogo ka camp, ham to bahut darr gaye the storm ka sun k lekin fir jab aap dono waha pahuche tab thodi shanty mili” Shweta said and he smiled.
“Ji Aunty, isliye to ham ruk gaye warna ise koi aur utha k le jata aur hame pata v nhi chalta” Rahul said and Muskaan glared him angrily.
“Aur kaun le jata beta?” she asked.
“Mom, puchiye is se kaise raat raat me v jungle me ghumti rahti thi” Rahul smirked looking at her.
“Ha aur ye to jaise pure time bas meri rakhwali karne aaya tha” Muskaan greeted her teeth.
“Bad habbit Muskaan, wo tumahre liye hi aaya tha” Shweta said.
“Ha to fir meri shikayat kyu kar raha hai?” Muskaan whined.
“Kyunki tu uski baat nhi manti hogi aur kyu bolega?” Daljeet said.
“Apko to bas mujhe hi bolna hota hai” Muskaan said and Rahul showed his whole teeth while smiling “Daat mat dikha abhi”
“Arey Dad, chhodiye na use mai apko batata hu waha pe,,,,,,,,”Rahul start with his stories and Muskaan shook her head as he was not a little bit less than her.
Armaan and Riddhima sit on swing after walking when Armaan look at her angelic face, she was smiling looking at the moon and he also smiled.
“You know what Riddhima, I think hamara inse bahut close connection hai” Armaan said pointing towards the moon.
“Hmm, sach me” she replied.
“Whenever I wasn’t able to contact you, I usually convey my feeling to him” Armaan smiled and Riddhima look at him cutely.
“Kya hua? Aise kyu dekh rahi ho?” he asked.
“Apko pata hai Armaan aap bahut cute hain” Riddhima was unable to hold back her words.
Armaan raised his brows up and slightly bend towards her “Cute?” he asked looking deep into her eyes “After all those moments in camp and lake water you still consider me cute” he whisper near her and she looks away controlling her blush which already make her cheeks red.
Armaan chuckles when she bend her eyes down and didn’t even looked at him.
“Actually this word was quite new for me as for office I’m akdu workaholic Mallik and for family I’m their responsible and caring son…..So, this tag was really new for me” Armaan whisper slowly making her close her eyes.
Riddhima knew she did that blunder now he won’t leave her and will try to know why she said so, but if she love him then why to hesitate, atleast now she could share something with him, maybe which make him to smile. Because she know very well that Armaan was doing all these so lightly just to make her smile, inside he was worried and was not willing to leave her.
She open her eyes and looking into his orbs she convey her feelings, Armaan was all lost in her and he understood that Riddhima caught his real self behind all these masti and sighed sitting straight.
“I’m trying Riddhima” he looked down twisting his fingers.
“I know Armaan” she smiled and look at him.
“Why it’s so tough” he looked at her and she smiled painfully.
“Because we love each other so much” her eyes were brimming out of emotions.
Armaan look at her being surprised by her sudden acceptance and confession, he couldn’t hold himself back as she was on the verge of crying. He hugged her instantly, holding her safely in arms, taking away her fears and making her relax her mind. He will not leave her, neither in this life and nor in upcoming ones.
“Ham bahut jaldi sath me honge Riddhima I promise” Armaan look into her eyes and she blinked them knowing very well that Armaan was right.
Armaan wiped her tears away through his fingers and said “If you know this then don’t even dare to shed these precious tears. I just want to see your precious smile that too coz of me”.
“You are the reason of my smile Armaan, the best and genuine reason” Riddhima smiled and in between tears her smile was reaching upto her eyes and Armaan again hugged her.
“Please be like this, no words” Armaan almost whisper on her shoulders and she stopped closing her eyes feeling his arms safely around her.
The most personal and precious place from where she belongs to.
“Apko pata hai aap sach me bahut cute hain?” Riddhima whisper being in his arms.
He tilted a bit and look into her eyes nodding in NO.
She smile getting up and shifted a bit more closer to him, he was surprised by her act, what she was trying to do was beyond his thoughts.
Riddhima was trying her best to give him smiling happy memories which he could cherish till their marriage and won’t feel sad.
“Kyunki jab aap smile karte hain na to apke dimples clearly visible hote hain, and I just love it” Riddhima smile broadly making Armaan smile “YEAH, See this one” she touched his dimple and his smile become more broader.
“Aur apki smile hamesha apki aankhon tak pahuchti hai Armaan, I really wish aap hamesha aise hi muskurate raho” Riddhima said holding his cheek in her plam.
Armaan was really getting so much attention and care from Riddhima which he would like to save forever.
“You know what Riddhima, till now I used to think about everyone’s happiness, everyone’s wishes and other things but,,,,,” he stopped looking at her face.
“But?” she looked back at him being confused.
“But now I feel I have someone in my life who also think about me, my happiness, my wishes the one who took my heart away and make me restless, who compel me to miss her everytime, who hold a special place in my life and family, with whom I want to spend my whole life” Armaan smile and red colour start creeping on her cheeks again, taking over her efforts to make him normal she was making him fall for her blushing cheeks “Do you know who is that person?” coming close to her face he asked.
“Unhuu” Riddhima nodded in NO with a cute smile.
“You don’t know?” he asked with a smile as she was looking like an angel who just captured his whole heart.
“Mai bata du?” Armaan asked.
“Nhi” she replied atonce which broaden his smile.
“Kyu” Armaan demanded an answer.
“Kuch baatein bina bole v pata chal jati hain Mr.Mallik, shayad apne busy work schedule me apne ye miss kar diya” Riddhima smiled looking away.
“Aagr mai bolu ki mujhe tumse sun’na hai to” Armaan was really lost in some other land.
“Armaan, kuch baatein baad k liye v rahne dijiye” Riddhima said slowly.
“Matlab shaadi k baad?” he asked.
“Hmm” Riddhima replied in yes.
“You know what Mrs. Mallik, shadi k baad hamare paas aur v bahut kaam honge karne k liye, so I think we should clear up this thing atleast” Armaan said holding her in his arms as her back was toching his chest and he wrapped her arms around her waist sitting like this.
Riddhima smiled as he called her Mrs.Mallik, it feels like would be Mrs.Mallik seems unwanted term for now. His words always makes her feel special as if she belongs to him, his life. She become scarlet when finally she registered his words and tried to compose her face colour which was fortunately not visible to Armaan at that time.
Armaan hold her hand and bringing it upto his lips he whisper “I love you Riddhima” and kissed her engagement ring on her fingers.
She shyly look down and smile, closing her eyes she turn towards him a bit and whisper near his ear “I love you too”.
Armaan smile on her act and kissed her forehead slowly making her open her eyes.
“Armaan,,,,,,,” she look at him then stop, Armaan asked her to go on “Aap mere liye ek gana gayenge?” she looked cutely at him and he smiled.
“Raat ko 10 baje, ghar k baahar ground me, moonlight wali roshni me meri biwi ko gana sun’na hai mujhse, not bad either……. So, for that you will have to do one thing” Armaan said in flow not realizing that his words were making her all red at that moment.
She look at him on his last sentence.
Armaan get up from the swing due to which also get up.
“You’ll have to dance with me” Armaan forward his hand to her and she slowly kept it in his hand shyly.
Armaan look at her face and words automatically comes out from his lips, he didn’t intent to sing this song but it comes out naturally, fiting perfectly on the situation.
Tenu itna main pyaar karaan
Ek pal vich sau baar karaan
Tu jaave je mainu chhad ke
Maut da intezaar karaan…
Riddhima kept her palm on his lips when he start the song, Armaan smile from behind and kissed her palm, she shyly remove it away and Armaan resume his song.
Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake…
Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake….
He move his feets alongwith her and she smile holding his hand while dancing with him, She was following Armaan’s moves. Armaan swirl her around and then hold her back by her waist, making her dance holding her near himself.
Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan tu
hai toh hai isme zindagi
Kuch bhi nahi hai ye jahaan tu
hai toh hai isme zindagi
Ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan ke
tu hi safar hai aakhiri…
Armaan look into her eyes as they were slowly swaying along the song and she was all lost in his voice, every other thing just fade away from the sight.
Ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
Na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
Main tujhko kitna chahti hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake
Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake….
Riddhima hold him tight when he sing almost on her shoulder and she closed her eyes controlling her heartbeat which was racing by his proximity and her inner smile make her feel soothing and relaxed by his voice.
Aankhon ki hai yeh khwahishein
Ki chehre se teri na hatein
Neendon mein meri bas tere
Khwabon ne li hai karwatein
Ki teri ore mujhko leke chalein
Ye duniya bhar ke sab raaste
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake
Tere liye duniya chhod di hai
Tujhpe hi saans aake ruke
Main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
Ye tu kabhi soch na sake…
Armaan swirl her around then drag her towards himself due to which her back banged on to his chest and he hold her hands over her waist. Closing their eyes they were lost in the moment, she opened her eyes when Armaan stops the song. Riddhima reluctantly open her eyes she was so engrossed in it, word by word with feeling, Armaan voice did wonder to her.
She turn around in his hold and he smile looking at her, Riddhima’s heart was beating so fast and she closed her eyes to controlling it. Armaan was lost in her changing expressions, she again look at him and coming close to his face she make him close his eyes through her hand.
Armaan’s smile become broad on her act, he knew very well that she wanted to say something, he was all silent to listen her.
Riddhima move close to his ear and his breath was struck somewhere, he just wanted to hear her voice soon.
“Na Samet Sakoge Qayamat Tak Jise Tum
Kasam Tumhari Tumhein Itni Mohabbat Karte Hain”
Whispering it slowly with feelings near his ear, she ran inside removing her away from his grip.
He open his eyes as soon as his mind registered her words but saw her running inside. Armaan follows her but she vanished inside and he just scratch his head cutely when Rahul called him from behind.
“Ammy, ghar chale ab?” he asked.
“Yeah! Mom ko infrom kar deta hu” Armaan enter inside and sae Riddhima behind Padma.
“Arey beta aa gaye tum” She came near them but Riddhima didn’t have courage to look back in his speaking eyes.
“Ha Aunty, ham nikalte hain ab, kafi late ho gaya hai” Rahul said and she nodded.
Soon both Malliks left the house and reached at their own home.
“Ammy, ye kuch preparation type lag raha hai. Mallik House me to sirf ham hi aaye hain fir ye sab……..” Rahul was surprised as he saw few decorations.
“Let’s see” Armaan said getting down.
“Ammy, Rahul, achha hua tum log aa gaye” Anurag came out to receive them.
“Chachu, aap achanak?” Armaan hugged him and rahul too.
“Ha wo actually ek official meeting thi isliye” he replied trying hard to sound normal.
“But Chachu, why these decorations kuch hai kya?” Armaan asked.
“Ohoo, Ammy, andar to chalo pahle” he took them inside.
“Aur koi v aaya hai kya?” Rahul asked.
“Sab log aaye hain Rahul” Billy said in stern voice making them look at him being surprised.
“Dad” they both utter.
“Ha, mere ek bahut purane friend k ghar pe function tha, to maine socha sabko le chalu isi bahane sab ghoom v lenge” Billy smiled controlling his laugh and Anurag also suppress his laugh somehow looking at their surprised faces.
“Ok, aisa hai, isliye maine socha achanak se kaise decoration and all” Rahul said.
“Ha kyunki, ek do function hamare ghar me honge isliye” Billy replied.
They look at each other then towards him.
“Kuch puchna hai?” he asked again.
“N,,,nhi Dad, kuch v to nhi” Rahul said instantly.
“Good, chalo fir so jao tum log, thak gaye hoge waise v kal se kafi kaam hai” Billy said moving away, singing Anurag to leave.
“Inko kya ho gaya achanak se?” Rahul murmured.
“Kaun se friend yaha pe hain jinke liye puri family aai hai” Armaam too murmured.
“Ammy, chhod na wo sab, the good thing is we’ll stay here for some more days fir tu Bhabhi se mil sakta hai aur mai Muskaan se” Rahul said and Armaan smile from this perspective.
Riddhima’s words were still moving in his mind, he was on cloud nine and jumped in happiness when enter in his room.
He called Riddhima but she was down with Padma and her cell phone was kept in room.
“Riddhima phone kyu nhi utha rahi hai” he murmured.
After sometime when Riddhima came back, she saw his missed call and smile.
Armaan took shower and lay down on bed to sleep.
“Kya hua Armaan? Sorry Mom k paas thi” Riddhima text him.
He thought to call her but knowing she will feel shy on her confession and won't talk properly, he decided to talk in text only. He informed her that his family also came here to attend some function and Riddhima become happy as she wants to meet everyone.
“Armaan mujhe sach me sabse milne ka bahut mann kar raha hai, I don’t know mai kaise ruki hu abhi tak” Riddhima replied back in text.
“Mujhse milne k liye v itni bechaini dikha diya kariye madam kabhi” Armaan teased her.
She was looking at the message shyly when again received his text.
“Ek baat bolu??” he asked her permission.
“Boliye” she replied back in text.
“Sirf Khwaab Hote To Kya Baat Hoti
Tum To Khwahish Ban Baithe, Wo v BEINTEHAA”
Armaan text her back.
Riddhima read the message and smile covering her blushing face in her palm.
“Now don’t blush alone, it would be better if u do that infront of me” Armaan knew her very well and Riddhima shook her head on his text.
“Good Night Riddhima, sleep well” Armaan send a final text.
“Good Night Armaan” she replied back.
Since, they were so tired so they sleept easily.
Next day, everyone met each other and masti fun start. Rahul and Armaan want to know about the person where they had to go for function but Billy said that function will be conducted in Mallik House.
“Mom, apko pata hai Delhi se Mom Dad and puri family aai hai” Riddhima asked usually when she remembered what Armaan told her.
“H,,,,Ha beta, wo kal dhyan nhi aaya batane ka” Padma stammers.
“Riddhima, aaj hame Mallik House jana hai, unke friend ka kuch function hai waha pe so get ready fast.” Shashank said and she nodded thinking about family and Armaan.
“Muskaan jaldi se ready ho ja, hame nikalna hai” Shweta said and Muskaan replied back for 10 minutes.
Soon they met at Riddhima’s home. Padma asked her to wear a beautiful lehanga which was kept in her drawer.
“But Mom, ye to bahut sundar hai aur heavy v, wedding hai kya koi?” Riddhima asked.
“Ha mujhe v batao koi? Mujhe v itna heavy lehanga pehna diya hai” Muskaan too joined.
“ha isiliye to bola ready ho jao, hame late ho raha hai jaldi karo” Padma said leaving.
They both get ready and came back in hall, soon they left for Mallik House. Riddhima and Muskaan didn’t talk to Armaan or Rahul thinking they might be tired after returning back.
They reached Mallik House and Vansh Nikki ran towads them.
“Bhabhiiiii” they both hugged Riddhima and Muskaan out of happiness.
“I’m so happy” Nikki said.
“Kyu?” Riddhima asked and she looked at Vansh.
“W,,,wo,,,,,,” Nikki stammers.
“Ohoo, Bhabhi, same girls thing, function attend karna hai so new dress jewelry and all” Vansh said in his usual tone making others suppress their smile and Riddhima Muskaan believed him.
“Armaan jaldi ready hoke aa ja neeche sab log aa gaye hain, beta jaldi kar Riddhima aur Muskaan ki family v aa gai hai, Rahul ko leke aana” Ananya went down to welcome her guest.
Armaan wake up and sit on his bed instantly hearing Riddhima’s name. He called Rahul and ask him get reday fast rushing towards the washroom.
Riddhima and Muskaan met everybody and they were so happy in their talk that completely forgot about other things.
Armaan came down looking at Riddhima, who was looking so beautiful in that red green lehanga “Gosh! How she manage to look so beautiful and gorgeous everytime” Armaan murmured and Riddhima blushes feeling his gaze on her.
“Armaan bhaiya aa gaye hain kya?” Nikki asked looking at Riddhima.
“Ha wo to udhar aa rahe hain, tujhe kaise pata chala?” Muskaan asked.
“Riddhima Bhabhi k chehre se” Nikki teased her.
Gents were sitting in hall looking around trying to avoid Armaan and Rahul till Panditji comes.
“Hello ladies, welcome back” Rahul came towards them with a smile and Armaan sit back on sofa observing them.
Rahul and Armaan both were wearing traditional kurta payjama and looking handsome as usual.
“Tu uth v gaya, itni jaldi?” Muskaan was surprised.
“Ab Dad, k friend ka function yaha ho raha hai to kaise sota yar” Rahul said making faces.
“Panditji aa gaye” Ananya move towards them.
“Ye lijiye Panditji sari cheejein” Padma forward few thaal and plates filled with some ingredients.
“Shukriya, ab bachho ko bulaiye” Panditji said.
“Chalo sablog aa jao” Anurag called everyone and signed Vansh for something.
“Lekin Chachu, Dad k friend ki family to aai nhi abhi” Armaan said.
“Ha wo log aate honge” Anurag replied.
“Armaan tum aur Riddhima yaha baitho aur Rahul Muskaan yaha pe, c’mon hurry up” Billy said and they look at him being shocked.
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