Sunday, 28 July 2019

part 66: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Armaan tum aur Riddhima yaha baitho aur Rahul Muskaan yaha pe, c’mon hurry up” Billy said and they look at him being shocked.
“But Dad, why us?” Armaan asked snapping his head up in surprise.
“Yeah! Where are those guests?” Rahul asked.
“Could you guys sit without asking much?” Billy raised his brows up in serious tone.
“Armaan Rahul, tum log baitho puja me, wo log ko thoda time lagega isliye, we can’t delay the puja na? Muhurt nikal jayega” Anurag came towards Rahul and Armaan patting their shoulders and they nodded.
“Rahul aur Muskaan yaha pe” Ananya showed them the place “Aur Armaan, tum Riddhima yaha baithoge”
They nodded in unison while others were trying hard to control their giggle on their surprised confused expressions.
“Mom, bata de kya?” Nikki was done with controlling her excitement.

“No, let them find themselves” Anurag glared her.
“Mai camera set kar k aata hu, we should record their expressions na” Vansh was much more of a memory collector now.
Vansh slipped off from there hiding the camera infront of RM and AR from a distance.
Armaan looked at Riddhima who was looking so beautiful in that dress as always, making him breath deeply observing her face lovingly, Riddhima feels his intense gaze on her face and automatically red colour rushes towards her cheek without even looking at him.
Rahul and Muskaan were busy nudging each other being themselves, still they were unaware of the fact that they were about to start the first pooja of their marriage.
Shashank cleared his throat lightly snapping them back to real world and they smile looking at him.
Pandit ji start the puja and they follow the rituals he was asking them to do, Armaan was looking towards the entrance every now and then expecting someone to arrive as till now it was only their family members were present.
Billy knew very well where his mind was deviating now.
“Armaan focus on puja, bahar kiska wait kar rahe ho?” Billy asked.
“Yes dad” he smiled.
After few more things, Panditji asked them to keep marriage card near the idol of God saying “Puja samapt hui, ab aap log shadi k card ko bhagwaan ki murti k paas rakhiye”.
Although the card was one but placed sepeartely infront of Rahul Muskaan and Armaan Riddhima.
Armaan Riddhima hold the card to place when Vansh poked from behind “Aap log shadi ka card nhi dekhenge kya?”
Everyone look at him being surprised and he smile sheepishly.
At that moment Rahul snapped back at card reading it noticing specially the words:
“You all are cordially invited in Grand Wedding ceremony of Armaan Mallik with Riddhima Gupta and Rahul Mallik with Muskaan Chadhha, to bless the couples a happily everafter journey”
He blinked his eyes hard many times to focus his gaze on the words.
“Ye kya hai yar, Muskaan mujhe hi dikh raha hai hamara naam ya tujhe v dikh raha hai?” Rahul blabbered.
“Yaar dono ki aankhein ek saath nhi kharab ho sakti” Muskaan replied.
“Pinch me, I think we are dreaming” Rahul stated.
Muskaan pinched him hard and he jumped on his seat “Sach hai yar, ye to hamari hi shadi ka card hai” Rahul showed his teeth fully feeling so happy that they were going to get married.
“Rahul, OMG ye to sach me hamari hi shadi ka card hai, real me, matlab hame nhi bolna padega kisi ko jaldi shadi k liye” Muskaan was so happy for her and Riddhima.
“But aise kaise ho sakta hai, hamari shadi? Like HAM DONO KI, seriously?” Rahul was more confused.
Families were chuckling on their reaction and shifted their gaze to Armaan Riddhima. They were still holding the cards in their hand, eyes glued on the card, trying to register whether it is for real or not.
Armaan POV
I saw the card and while noticing my name, I thought may be it will in the guest receiving the baraat, but how could it be in center.
“Wait wait wait, I’ll have to read this again” murmuring the content my eyes speaks lots of emotions which was noticed by the family amusingly “How’s it possible, kahi galti se hamara naam to nhi likha gaya hai. Nhi it can’t be a mistake, I mean my name with Riddhima, it can’t be a mistake, what does it mean, it’s our marriage, like OUR? We are going to get married, OMG! What? Like I’ll not have to leave Riddhima here in Mussorrie, she will go with me to Delhi,,,,,, God please don’t make it dream, I hope it’s true” Armaan was murmuring in himself but still audible to others and they were smiling around looking at his face.
Armaan look at Riddhima who was looking at the card being lost, he knew very well that she was not able to react out of shock, surprise, happiness, sadness everything. He just placed his hand over her and she look at him.
Yes, he was right at his place, her eyes brimming with tears, that look on her face, mixed emotion of happiness and sadness make him blink his eyes in assurance and she tried to digest that it was for real.
Riddhima POV
I was still confused why everyone was insisting us to sit for puja, like it was marriage of someone else na,,,,,, anyways we sat there and after the puja gets over and Panditji asked us to place the card then only Vansh said what I was thinking to do few moments earlier. I wanted to know for whose marriage they asked us to sit for puja, but fixed my mind on puja as I was focused there. But when I found Armaan looking at the card, I kind of shifted my gaze towards the card and stopped reading name, not just it was Mine and Armaan’s name but also of Muskaan and Rahul. What does it mean, HAMARI SHADI? It was not even in talk when I left home a week before nor even Armaan or Rahul said anything, it means they were also unaware of this. All of sudden marriage, matlab Armaan aur mai, SHADI,,,,,, Itni jaldi? No I mean not so jaldi lekin achanak, aise…. Kab? kya hua?? URGH!! I can’t even think anything. Achanak se itna relax kyu feel ho raha hai, matlab I’ll be with Armaan, together…. Delhi. I can’t even think of getting most beautiful happiness of my life like this way, in surprised way….. I can’t even manage to accept the fact,,,,, deep breath,,,,,, I’ll have to leave Mussorrie, Mom Dad, Uncle Aunty, sabko chhod k jana padega, maine to time v nhi spend kiya kisi k sath, mai aise kaise…..
This thought bring tears in her eyes and to confirm it she looked at Armaan who was carefully looking at her, with happiness in his eyes and a soothing smile, which bring kind of peace in her heart. He blinked his eyes in assurance and Riddhima slowly wiped out her tears and happiness and sadness.
“Ammy, bro ye to hamari shadi ka card hai” Rahul shouted and Armaan smile towards him and Riddhima blushes, for a change Muskaan was silent and a little blush crept over her face.
“Could we talk guys?” Billy said clearing this throat making them realize that others were watching them from a long time.
They placed the card near the idol and get up to take blessings of elders.
“I’m so happy for you guys” Nikki hugged Armaan and Rahul then turn towards Riddhima and Muskaan.
“How hard it was keep silent knowing something like this, finally aap log hamare sath Delhi chaloge” Vansh hugged Muskaan and Riddhima.
Armaan looking at Shashank and Billy with a perfect smile on his face and confusion in eyes.
“So, how’s the surprise Ammy, Rahul?” Anurag kept his hands on Armaan and Rahul.
“closely near a heart attack Chachu” Armaan said and they laughed.
“Lekin ye sab achanak se?” Rahul was boggled yet.
“Kyu, surprise naam ki planning sirf tum log hi kar sakte ho kya?” Billy said and they nodded.
“Indeed it was a surprise, which didn’t even came in our mind” Rahul said making them chuckle.
“So, finally going to be my official Bhabhis kaisa lag raha hai?” Nikki winked at them.
“Riddhima Muskaan, beta yaha aao” Billy called them and said “Hamne shadi plan ki kyunki ham aap logo ki life ki sabse badi khushi ko yadgaar banana chahte the, aap dono ye mat samajhna ki aap log ko apni family se dur jaana hai, kyunki jab v aap log ka mann kare, dono yaha aa sakte ho mil sakte ho sabse, infact Shashankji aur Daljeetji v waha aayenge aaplogo se milne, to aap log bas khush rahiye aur khushi khushi shadi kar ke Delhi chaliye, ok” he looked into their eyes and they nodded “ Khush raho” he hugged both of them sidewise.
“Aur hamare liye?” Rahul asked which make Armaan smile.
“Tum dono ko aur kya chahiye, itni achhi biwiya mil rahi hai wo v unexpectedly, can’t you be happy in this” Anurag said making them chuckle.
“Bas aap log khushi khushi apni nayi zindagi ki shuruat kariye” Sahshank blessed them.
“Don’t worry Dad, I’ll take care of Riddhima,,,, Aur uncle Muskaan mere liye Nikki jaisi hai, so don’t worry for her also, aur mera bhai us se bahut pyar karta hai so he’ll will take of her moreover I’ll make sure that” Armaan smile looking towards Shashank and Daljeet.
“Mujhe pura vishwas hai Armaan, I don’t have to worry for my girls when they are going in your family, I know they won’t miss us” Shashank said when Riddhima hugged him instantly.
She was so much done with controlling her tears on the thought of sepearting from her family.
“Riddhima,, beta shush,,,,, aap kyu ro rahi hain, you should be happy for getting a best match for yourself, I trust Armaan” Shashank hugged her and she smile while wiped her tears away.
“Please, I don’t want this emeotional crying moments, Bhai aap dono ki shadi ho rahi hai, I’m happy with it, although I’m going to get the best ladies as my Bhabhi but you two just keep your pockets fill as I’m gonna take lots of neg from both of you” Nikki was all excited and they laugh.
Ananya hugged both of the girls and smile, “finally hamari itne din ki mehnat rang layi, tum dono k chehre pe yahi khusi to dekhni thi”.
“Ha aur ab Rahul to jaldi shadi karne k liye v nhi bolna padega kisi ko” Prerna said looking towards Rahul.
“Wo to ye dono, touchy emotional logo k liye” Rahul blurred out and Armaan look at him being shocked while Riddhima was also surprised.
“Achha ji” she repeated.
“Ha to aur kya, sath me rahna v chahte the aur bolte v nhi the isliye…..” Rahul said and Armaan glared him to stop now, he hold his ears lightly.
“Theek hai fir, Tumhari aur Muskaan ki shadi,,,,,,” Prerna was in her way when Rahul stopped her.
“Kya fark padta hai Chachi, meri v shadi ho rahi hai Ammy k sath, to hone do na, kyun rukwane ko soch rahe ho aap” Rahul said making them laugh.
“ha ha ,,,, tum dono ki shadi ho rahi hai aur sab kuch planned hai, bas tum logo ko pata nhi hoga ki kaun sa function kaha hoga, so guys please enjoy your surprise wedding” Anurag chuckled and they look at him indisbeleif.
“Chachu, what else is surprise here?” Armaan asked.
“Bahut kuch, so leave it on us and enjoy your marriage, happily buddies” he hugged them.
Everyone was so happy for them, they were themselves trying to digest it hardly as it was taking time.
“Chale ab?” Nikki asked.
“Kaha?” they asked together.
“Sorry it’s a surprise” Nikki winked and everyone smiled.
Soon girls were sitting with ladies in Nikki’s room and talking about their trip and other things while they were away.
“But Mom, ye sab itni jaldi kaise plan kiya aaplogo ne?” Muskaan look towards Ananya.
“Jaldi kaha, Armaan k accident k baad jab Vansh itna insist kar raha tha Riddhima ko rukne k liye, tab se ham plan kar rahe the” she replied.
“Ha jab Armaan aur Rahul bahar chale jate the tab ham shopping karte the aur planning v” Prerna said and girls look at them in surprise.
“Ha aur kitne time tak to hame v nhi pata tha ye sab” Nikki said.
“Jaise ki ham bata dete to tum dono chup baithte hai na” Prerna glared her.
“Ha wo v hai” Nikki pouted.
“But Mom, ye sab kuch aise achanak,,,,” Riddhima was still nervous.
“Riddhima beta, kuch achanak nhi hai, aur shadi to honi hai na, waise v ham tum dono ko bahut miss kar rahe hain ghar me, ab tum log aao apne apne husband ki responsibility uthao” Ananya tried to lighten the environment only causing Riddhima to blush more.
“Ammy, bro it’s our wedding” Rahul jumped over his shoulder when they reached in his room.
“Control Rahul” Armaan said.
“Rahne de, I know andar se tu v khush ho raha hai, teri shakal bata rahi hai” Rahul chuckled.
“Yeah, I’m happy….. But all these things are too quick to accept yar” Armaan said moving his hand in his silky hairs.
“Ya, but it’s okay na, atleast now you will get some time to spend with Bhabhi, some quality time you know” Rahul winked at him only to receive a glare from him.
Seems like Armaan remember something and turn again towards Rahul “And what was that jaldi shadi karne ko bolna tha, coz of us,,,, what was that crap Rahul, care to explain?” Armaan demand an answer.
“Oh! Wo,,,, wo to bas aise hi you know” Rahul tried to move when Armaan stopped him again.
“Don’t you dare to move without explaining it to me” Armaan raised his brows up when he turn towards him.
“Arey actually, when we saw you both so emotional on leaving and not able to leave each others hand also then Muskaan and I kind of thought about talking to elders for our early marriage so that you two get some tim,,,,,,” Rahul was explaining when Armaan hugs him tightly.
“Thanks Buddy,,,,, I didn’t knew that you think in this perspective also” Armaan smile making him chuckle.
“I use to think in all perspective, it’s just that uski jarurat nhi padi, aur yaha aate hi hame surprise mil gaya” Rahul smiled.
“Yeah,,,, but how,,,,, that too so soon” Armaan was boggled by this sudden revealation.
“Is liye bolta hu meri v baat suna kar, remember jab sab log ghar se gayab rahte the I used to say kuch to chal raha hai, but tune suni hi nhi meri baat” Rahul said being proud in himself.
“Yeah, u r right” Armaan nodded.
“Chal chhod baki sab, good point is they’ll be with us soon” Rahul smile dreamily.
“Ahem Ahem” Armaan fake coughed to bring his attention.
“Fine, kuch nhi bol raha hu, but I was wondering ab baki k functions kaha rakha hua hai in logo ne” Rahul’s mind start wandering again.
“Leave it to them only” Armaan smiled.
Gents were laughing together remembering their reactions.
“Sach me Bhaisahab, shakal kaisi bani hui thi dono ki” Anurag said.
“Ha, yakeen hi nhi ho raha tha charo ko” Daljeet too smiled.
“Lekin unki aankhon me khushi sachhi thi, that makes me more happy” Shashank said.
“Sahi kaha apne, that was an incredible smile, aur mai chahta hu wo sab aise hi khush rahe hamesha” Billy said.
“Achha Haldi ki taiyari to ho gai hai na?” Anurag again become conscious over the arrangements.
“Ha ji bilkul ho gai hai, don’t worry, ham log jab yaha aaye uske baad se hi taiyari shuru ho gai hai, shaam tak sab arrange ho jayega, lekin uske liye sabko aaj yahi rukna padega warna unko pata chal jayega” Daljeet said.
“Wo aap mere upar chhod dijiye, aaj sab log yahi rahenge, fir raat me aap aur Anurag jake check kar lijiyega ek baar” Billy said and they nodded.
“Theek hai fir mai hospital jata hu, waha ka kaam khatam kar k raat me milte hain dinner pe” Shashank took permission and left.
“Anurag, baki sari cheejo ka arrangement v ek baar check kar lo, kal se sab log aana shuru ho jayenge, kahi koi kami nhi honi chahiye” Billy said “Just make sure Armaan aur Rahul ko kisi v plan ka pata na chale, I know it’s quite difficult still try”
“Ji Bhaisahab” Anurag nodded chuckling as he was also aware of his kids curious and poking nature.
Armaan was searching his charger but not getting in his luggage, since ladies packed it all thus he went to ask them.
“Nikki, where is my charger, I’m not getting in m,,,,” Armaan enter inside asking but stop when he saw all of them crowded on bed laughing teasing Muskaan and Riddhima.
“Dekha Bhabhi aa gaye, khojte hue, I told you he can’t stay away from you” Nikki teased Riddhima making her blush and Armaan scratched his forehead lightly smiling.
“It’s nothing like that, I was not getting charger” Armaan replied.
“Armaan, Riddhima tumhari cheejo ko shadi k baad hi rakhegi abhi nhi” Prerna teased him and he smile controlling his shyness.
“Nikki, Prerna kyu pareshan kar rahi ho bachhe ko, jao jake charger de do use” Ananya said Nikki pouted getting up.
Riddhima look at him through the corner of her eyes, knowing his gaze on her. She was blushing hard and can’t even made to look at him properly. Armaan knowing her condition smile leaving the place.
“Dekh , jate jate v jiju ki najar tujhe hi dekh rahi thi, ek baar dekh leti to kya ho jata” Muskaan poked her whispering in her ear making her blush more but she slapped her hand playfully.
“Riddhima beta don’t worry, iski v teasing hogi ek baar Rahul ko aane do” Ananya smiled.
“Wo mujhe tease nhi karega Mom, ha us se ladne ki baat karo to jarur khush ho jayega” Muskaan said and they giggle on it.
Time passed rapidly and it become evening, since ladies knew they had to stay in Mallik House only thus they didn’t hurried for anything.
“Mom, it’s evening, ain’t we leaving for home?” Riddhima asked as they were happily moving towards the kitchen.
“Kyu, you don’t wanna be with us?” Prerna asked.
“Nhi Chachi, I was just,,,,” Riddhima stopped.
“Chill, I was kidding, aaj sablog yahi pe ruk rahe ho, aisa Bhaisahab ne bola hai” Prerna said and she nodded.
“Chalein ab, dinner v dekh lete hain” Prerna smiled and they left.
Muskaan was sitting with Nikki making some shake for elders, Others were checking on food. Riddhima was sitting near kitchen window lost in her own thoughts.
Ananya was taking out veges for salad preparation, although maids were there but they used to do some or other things instead of sitting back. Riddhima noticed her and went to her.
“Mom mai bana du salad?” Riddhima asked.
“Nhi beta, aap yahi baitho” she smiled.
“Yeah sure, aap yaha baitho mere paas, mai salad banati hu” Riddhima make her sit near her and she start preparing the salad.
“Riddhima beta ek baat bolu” Ananya look at her.
“Ha Mom, boliye na, apko puchne ki kya jarurat hai” she smiled looking at her.
“Beta I know tum aur Armaan dono shy nature k ho, ofcourse ab dono dheere dheere ek dusre k sath open ho rahe ho, lekin beta ab tumhari shadi hone wali hai, Armaan bahut understanding hai lekin shadi k baad bahut sari cheejein badal jati hain, hamare pyar aur treatment me kuch change nhi hoga lekin Armaan k sath tumhe har time rahna hoga aur aise me itna shant rahoge to kaise chalega, Muskaan aur Rahul to ladte v hain jhagadte hain lekin pyar v karte hain. Mai janti hu tum aur Armaan dono ek dusre se bahut pyar karte ho lekin as a husband wife bahut kuch alag hota hai. Apna haq jatao us par taki use v lage ki uski zindagi sirf tumhare sath hai, tumhare upar uska haq hai, emotionally tum dono bahut strongly jude ho ek dusre se, try to bring that trust upto another level as u are going to get married with him” Ananya said keeping her palm over her cheek.
Riddhima was listening to her and nodded getting what she was trying to say, she knew she’ll have to open up more with him, although it’s not that she don’t like being that with Armaan it’s just that they didn’t need any sort of these things to express their feeling, but being married to him will certainly need some other form of expression and feeling.
“I’ll try Mom” she smiled and Ananya kissed her forehead.
“Kya baatein ho rahi hain dono me?” Muskaan came there with Nikki.
“Tumhe is baat ki jarurat nhi hai, tum bas aise hi rahna jis tarah Rahul ne tumhe pasand kiya hai, mujhe meri dono bahuye shant nhi chahiye” Ananya chuckled and they smiled.
“Arey Wow, Bhabhi, kitni achhi salad dressing ki hai apne” Nikki excitedly look when Riddhima was done with salad.
“Thanku Nikki, I’ll tell you” Riddhima smiled.
“Yess,, once we go back to Delhi” Nikki said making her nod.
Everyone gather for dinner, Armaan finally get to see Riddhima after a long time and relaxed smiling in himself. Rahul was out for some work and informed them that he’ll be late.
“Chaliye shuru kariye dinner” Billy said.
“Armaan bhaiya, ye salad v lijiye, apko achha lagega” Nikki said with a smirk and Armaan look at her while Riddhima tried to stop her.
“Why, is that different?” Armaan asked generally taking out the salad in his plate.
“Ha apki hone wali wife ne banaya hai isliye” Nikki replied slowly when Armaan was eating it.
He stopped and look at Riddhima who was profusedly blushing on her comment although it was slow which was merely heard by Armaan and Riddhima as others were busy talking in themselves about marriage.
Riddhima look at Armaan and saw him eating salad fixing his gaze at her. Nikki giggles slowly looking at both.
Riddhima fumbles with rice on her plate and Armaan smile on her nervousness. He was lost thinking how hard he fell on her shy smile and nervousness.
After dinner ladies get busy in discussing the important things which was strictly forbidden for youngers. Nikki was busy on a phone call when Armaan gets up and went towards his room.
Riddhima was talking with Vansh when feeling Armaan’s gaze she look at him. He smile slightly pointing towards the terrace through eyes and again look at her, waiting for her answer.
Riddhima shyly looks around, her heart was beating rapidly making her hell nervous, she again look at him and his eyes almost captivate her and she blinked her eyes in yes invouluntarily.
Armaan left from there with his fullest smile. Riddhima again focus towards Vansh who was excitedly elaborating the things they did in her absence.
“Bhabhi, apko neend nhi aa rahi hai kya??” Vansh asked.
“Vansh, are you sleepy??” she asked being concerned.
“Ha but mujhe apse baatein v karni hain, Armaan bhaiya v nhi hain yaha unse v baat karni thi” Vansh said with excitement.
“Vansh, ham sab yahi hain, I think for now apko so jana chahiye, baatein ham kal v kar sakte hain, ok” Riddhima explained him and he nodded.
Finding Riddhima busy with Vansh, Muskaan move towards Nikki mingling with her after a long time, telling stories of camping,,,,,,, focusing mainly on Armaan Riddhima.
“Chachi, mai Vansh ko room me le ja rahi hu, I think use neend aa rahi hai” Riddhima look towards Prerna who nodded in ‘Yes’ being busy with ladies maybe really in some important work.
Riddhima and Vansh went in his room and he lay down, Riddima cover him properly with blanket adjusting the temperature of room.
“Vansh, ab aap aaraam se,,,,,” Riddhima turn towards Vansh but he was already in deep slumber “Ye to so gaya” she smile kissing his forehead “Typical Mallik” she murmured and left the room smiling on him.
Armaan was moving here and there on terrace waiting for Riddhima, all those incidents,,,,, precisely fortunate moments on the auspicious day make his heart filled with so much love and happiness.
He inclined slightly on railings waiting for her, Riddhima move towards the terrace, she looks behind to see if anyone was there or not, she don’t wanna feel embarraced infront of family,,,,, she can’t afford that for sure, not even Armaan.
Getting no one there she relaxed and again turn towards the stairs.
Armaan was watching moon laying over the railing with a contend smile on his face, lost in thought of Riddhima, when he feels her presence around her, his increasing heart beat confirm his feelings and automatically his eyes got closed. Riddhima closed the door of terrace slightly while moving towards Armaan, she thought Armaan was lost somewhere thus she slowly removed her sandals and walk on the green grassy carpet of terrace remembering her walk with Armaan there.
She was almost near to him when he open his eyes and smile. Riddhima stood a bit behind him, he can hear the sound of her bangles arising by her nervous act on dupatta.
Armaan turn towards her and she bend her eyes down feeling shy almost suddenly deepening the colour of her cheeks.
Their eyes met each other at the same time and fixing his gaze on her, he slightly move towards her, Riddhima was moving backward with his every step looking everywhere but not at Armaan.
Armaan was trying to read expressions on her face, a happy, nervous, shy look,,,,, a lott more making her perfect to capture in his heart forever. Armaan just didn’t control himself from taking her picture. With the sound of click she look at him and got surprised on his action.
Armaan raised his one brow up controlling his smile and again move towards her while she kept moving behind.
“Riddhima, don’t you think it’s high time that you should stop moving backward when I approach towards you” His husky voice sends shiver in her spines and she stop feeling cold railings on her back.
She open her lips to reply something but not getting words she just turn behind holding the railing fixing her gaze on moon.
Armaan smile on her act and covering the gap between them, he placed his hands on her hands wrapping her from behind, Riddhima shudder on his touch and closed her eyes as his breath on her shoulder was making her shiver and Armaan was totally unaware of it.
“Mai bahut khush hu Riddhima, I just felt like getting my life back when I realized that we are getting married” Armaan whisper in husky voice bringing her back to real world.
She knew that and smile broadly trying hard not to be affected by his closeness.
Armaan turn her in his hold making her face himself, keeping a palm on her face “But for me, what you feel is most important thing, kya tum khush ho?” he asked with so much love and concern which bring tears in her eyes.
She smile in between tears and just nodded in ‘Yes’ not able to speak at that moment.
“If this is a yes then why this?” he asked holding her tears on his finger.
She hold back the tears pressing her lips together, wiping away them, she smile and look back at him.
“W,,,wo bas aise hi” she replied slowly.
He smile hearing her voice after so long he felt.
“It was quite unexpected na, isliye samajh me nhi aa raha tha kuch v” she again said gathering his attention.
“Hmm, achanak se plan kiya sab aur hame pata v nhi chalne diya” Armaan smiled and felt he held her through waist in his arm and realizing it he smile looking at her then slowly leave her.
She also feel that she was standing so close to him without realizing it and shyly looks away.
“Fir w,,,,wo tears” Armaan tried to talk.
“Apne aise pucha to,,,,,,” Riddhima stop and he look at her being surprised, how emotional and sentimental she was, he smile and vowed to not hurt her in any way in his life.
“Riddhima, look here” he hold her one hand and she look at him “Ye shadi hamari hai, to jitna jaruri ye hai ki mai kya feel kar raha hu utna hi jaruri hai ki tum kya feel kar rahi ho, I know we both love each other, and marriage is like binding you with me in every respect, I would love to spend each day and night with you and taking every responsibility of yours in every way. Are you ready to enter in this phase of our life?” he asked fixing his eyes on her only.
Riddhima look at him and smile placing her other hand over his hand “Armaan, apko sach me lagta hai ki is baat k liye apko mujhse puchne ki jarurat hai?” her counter question makes Armaan relax as he don’t need to worry about anything from now on.
“Achhaji, mere sawal k badle sawal” he raised his one brow up and she smile.
“Ha, kabhi kabhi jawaab sawaalo me hi chhupe hote hain” she smiled.
“Aur kabhi kabhi sare jawaab ek hi insaan me mil jate hain” he whisper looking at her lovingly.
Air blew a bit faster making her hairs falling on her face.
Armaan felt like his heart was urging to move those hairs away from her face to get a clear view.
Not able to help himself his hand rose up and he tucked her hairs back to her ear and his thumb grazing her cheek so softly.
Without realizing he move towards her while closing his eyes when honk of a car bring him back to real world.
Riddhima snapped open her eyes and looks away, getting a deeper shade of red on her cheeks, she move to leave when he hold her little finger with his little finger.
Riddhima closed her eyes controlling her heart beat which was not listening anything. Armaan look back at ground trying to get who came at this time. He saw Rahul came out of the car and move towards Nikki and Muskaan as they were sitting on ground talking to themselves. Rahul make himself confortable near them and hold Muskaan’s hand and she slapped his hand playfully but he hold it tight winking at her making her blush a bit. They were talking sitting there and again move his gaze towards Riddhima and smile.
“Get ready to come in my world” Armaan whisper in her ear coming close to her and she opened her eyes feeling his intense gaze on her.

Armaan left her finger and she ran down, opening the terrace door she look back at him who was looking at her with all the love he hold for her, taking the support of railing infront of fountain. She rushed downwards and Armaan smile looking at her retreating figure mumbling “I love her”.

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