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part 9 & 10 : look what you done to me(AR FF)

Part 9 

armaan gulped as he slid into the rigid chair. ridz took the seat beside him, gracefully folding her hands in her lap and forced herself to smile. Her palms began to sweat, just like they always did when she was nervous.
Well, she was having lunch with armaan's parents.

She fidgeted in her seat as his parents watched the two from across the table. Their close, scrutinizing eyes made ridz feel as if they were going to pounce on her every move. She snuck a glance at armaan, who was drinking water at an alarmingly fast rate. ridz stifled a giggle. He was as nervous as she was. He probably hasn't gotten around to telling them I'm pregnant with his baby, she thought. ridz instantly sobered up as the watchful eye of armaan's mother focused on her. She self-consciously smoothed down her hair. The tension in the VIP guests room was so thick you could cut it with a chainsaw.

"So'" armaan trailed off, uncertain of what to say.

That was what triggered the explosion.


Armaan cringed. Well, he was expecting it. ridz was shocked, her mouth hanging open. armaan's mother huffed, her face turning red. She opened her mouth to continue her rant when armaan's father put a comforting hand on her arm.

kirti, calm down. I'm sure armaan has a'reasonable explanation for this. Don't you, son?" his father prompted.

armaan rubbed the back of his neck, an uncomfortable silence falling over the room.



Steam blew out of his mother's ears.

shubanker  winced, nodding to agree with his wife. He threw armaan a glare, obviously telling him to fix it. armaan looked at ridz frantically. She shrugged. She had already been through this with her parents. They just kicked her out. juhi turned to face ridz, her eyes narrowing in irritation.


Ridz held back tears and a biting retort, stunned. armaan's mother sounded just like her mother. armaan saw the hurt look flash across ridz's face, and felt the urge to defend her from his mother's wrath.

"MUM! Don't blame ridz, it was all my fault" he almost yelled.

kirti gasped.

"You dare talk back to your mother! And for that, that girl! I thought I raised you better than that, armaan! I usually let you go about your womanizing ways, but this is taking it too far! Pregnant? PREGNANT?! What on earth are you going to do?" she demanded.

armaan stared his mother defiantly in the eye.

"I'm going to take care of ridz and the baby. I'm going to support them, and provide them with everything they could ever need. I'm going to be there for them" he replied seriously.

ridz wanted to cry. She had never been so grateful to armaan. She mouthed a thank-you to him, a soft smile gracing her pretty face. He gave a crooked smile that made her heart skip a beat, before facing his shocked mother and father.

"Well?" armaan raised an eyebrow.

kirti promptly burst into tears. armaan and shubankar looked alarmed as she rushed over and hugged armaan and ridz tightly.

"Oh, armaan , I'm so proud of you! You're finally taking responsibility for your actions! Even though it's a baby at 21, but'still! You're finally growing up!" she gushed.

"Don't cry, Mom. It's okay" armaan patted her arm awkwardly.

He inwardly rolled his eyes. Leave it to his mother to have a major mood swing. It's even worse than ridz's, he thought. kirti wiped her tears, before clasping her hand on ridz's own.

"I'm so sorry about what I said, dearie. I didn't mean it. I was just so angry at armaan" she apologized sincerely.

ridz smiled.

"Don't worry about it. My mum was rather upset when I told her as well" she replied, instantly warming up to armaan's mother.

shubnkar beamed from across the table.

"Then why don't we have dinner with them? Talk it over with the in-laws?" he winked at the young couple.

"Dad! We're not getting married!" i agree ridz is pregnant with my baby but i dont believe in marriages i cant. i will always be there for her am to young to think about marriage armaan  blurted out hotly, crossing his arms.

ridz blushed, before shaking her head, a sad smile playing on her lips.

"No point. My parents disowned me and threw me out of the house. They think I'm a disgrace to the family" ridz looked away in embarrassment.

There was a moment of awkward silence, before-

"I know! You can move in with us" kirti exclaimed.

ridz spluttered on her water. armaan's eyes widened.

"W-what?" she stammered.

ridz looked at armaan's parents incredulously. They smiled indulgently back. ridz blinked, before shaking her head furiously.

"No no no, I couldn't possibly trouble you. I'm already staying at my friend's place" she beamed, trying to convince them.

shub shook his head.

"Trouble us? Dear, you are bearing the grandchild of the malik family! It would be more of a blessing than a problem. Though I didn't expect to be a grandfather so soon" he threw a dirty glare in armaan's direction.

armaan held up his hands in surrender.

"I already said it was my bad!"

"Your bad it is! You're lucky ridz is a good girl or I would've cut off your private parts with a plastic knife" shubankar hissed.

armaan gulped as ridz stifled a giggle. He glared at her. She poked out her tongue. kirti beamed at the two. Ah, young love, she mused, before clapping her hands together.

"Then it's settled. ridz, you'll move in with us. That way you and the baby will be properly taken care of and armaan can't avoid responsibility even if he wants to!" kirti said enthusiastically.


"Then why don't we go home and let ridz check out the place? See if she likes it or not?" shubankar deftly cut in before armaan or his wife fired up again.

ridz slowly nodded, growing on the idea of spending more time with armaan  and his family. She snuck a glance at armaan. He wasn't exactly ecstatic, but he wasn't angry about it either.

That was good enough for her.

"Okay then, let's go home!" kirti cheered.

She ushered everyone out of the room, throwing a couple fifty bills on the table. They began to make their way into the car park before ridz's eyes flashed mischievously. armaan  raised his eyebrows as they slid into the Mercedes. The car was speeding along the highway before ridzsmirked, stifling a giggle.

"What?" he asked curiously.

She turned to face him, trying to keep a straight face.

"So, armaan huh?"

armaan groaned.


part 10

"Oh. My. God"

ridz's jaw dropped as the black gates swung open to reveal a magnificent, sprawling villa. A fountain trickled quietly in the courtyard, filled with koi and other exotic fish. She stared at armaan incredulously. He shrugged nonchalantly.

"It's just our holiday house. Mother just had to renovate again" he said flippantly.

ridz could hear kirti huff in annoyance as she nodded stiffly. She barely noticed the maid opening the car door for her, walking out in a daze. armaan shook his head at her innocence. He pushed open the double doors to the house. ridz gasped.

Nobody told her armaan malik was filthy, let's-roll-in-a-pile-of-money rich.

Sunlight filtered through the pristine doorway, lighting up the grand foyer. There were five different hallways, each probably leading into a beautiful room or ten. Maids flittered about cleaning. It was like it was straight out of an idol drama. ridz was in awe. A bubble of giddiness grew inside her stomach.

She got to live in a house like this?

armaan rolled his eyes. The poor-girl-living-with-rich-boy clich was almost too much for him to take! kirti beamed at the dazzled expression on ridz's face. She clapped giddily.

"I knew you'd love our home! Oh wait, I mean, your home" she winked at a blushing ridz.

"It's a very nice house, Mrs. malik" ridz stressed on the 'very'.

shubankar nodded, before glaring at his obviously bored son.

armaan, why don't you show ridz around?" he pointedly said.

armaan sighed, before begrudgingly agreeing. He turned to ridz. She looked so innocent, with her wide eyes and pouty lips.

All he wanted to do was grab her and...

armaan shook his head to clear his thoughts. He was in his parent's house, for God's sake!

"When you're finished drooling, I'll take you around the house" he quipped, a smirk playing on his lips.

She blushed. armaan tugged on ridz's arm. She grinned as they made their way up the elegant stairway. They traipsed down the abnormally long hallway, armaan frequently pointing to different rooms. ridz nodded profusely, trying to keep up with him. She was going to get lost soon!

"And there's my bedroom, the guest bedroom, which I guess is now your bedroom, and my brother's..." armaan trailed off his rant when he heard a girl giggling in one of the rooms.

ridz looked at armaan, scandalised. He brought a girl to wait for him in his parents' house? armaan blinked innocently back, holding his hands up in surrender.

"Hey, that's not my room! That's my brother's" he explained, cringing as loud moans could be heard.

ridz made a face.

"I can see how you guys are related"

armaan stuck out his tongue, before banging unceremoniously on the door.

"Robbie ! Put your girlfriend's clothes back on! Mum and Dad are downstairs and I'm pretty sure they can hear you guys going at it!" he yelled.

There was a crash, like a lamp had been knocked over, and a thump, like someone had fallen out of the bed, before the door swung open to reveal a handsome, but disheveled boy. His handsome face was flushed, and his clothes were rumpled, but ridz could make out familiar straight nose and princely stance in him. No wonder girls fall over their feet for the malik boys, she thought ruefully. Even me. ridz shook her head of her wandering thoughts as she smiled politely at robbie. He gave a sheepish grin, before turning to armaan, his eyes flashing nervously.

"You don't think mum and dad heard, do you?"

armaan chuckled, slapping his brother on the back.

robbie, you know the walls are thicker than your head. They wouldn't have even heard World War Three up here, let alone you and your girlfriend" armaan smirked and cheekily winked at his younger brother.

robbie flushed, and punched armaan on the shoulder. As armaan winced, robbie cast his eyes on ridz. ridz offered a small wave.

"Hi. I'm Riddhima gupta" she smiled brightly, hoping it would wash away the awkwardness.

It didn't. robbie continued to stare, before turning to armaan.

"It's her, isn't it? The one you knocked up? Mum and Dad found out, didn't they? Did they totally freak on you? Did they make you take responsibility? Is she going to be living with us now?" he fired questions at armaan.

armaan sighed.

"Yes. To all of them"

robbie burst out laughing.

"I knew playing around with all those girls like that would come back and bite you in the-"

robbie! You're taking too long!"

A petite girl with an adorable smile appeared by robbie's side, pouting cutely. She looked at him, then at armaan, then at ridzThe girl cocked her head.

"Am I interrupting a family reunion?" she piped up.

robbie swung his arm around her shoulders, his forehead resting against hers.

"Nah, Selena. My brother just introduced me to my future sister-in-law" he replied, affectionately pinching her nose.

Selena gasped.

"So it's her?" she pointed excitedly at ridz.

armaan punched his brother on the shoulder.

"You told her?" he asked incredulously.

"He tells me everything" Selena happily stated.

ridz smiled sweetly at the young couple in front of her, before huffing indignantly.

"You talk about me at home?" she threw armaan a dirty glare.

armaan shrugged and offered an apologetic smile. ridzstomped her foot, crossing her arms across her chest. robbie grinned, his arm still wrapped protectively around his girlfriend.

"Welcome to the family, riddhima "


"Oh. My .God"

"Shut up, angie

"Oh. My. God"

"Shut up, muskaan"

"I can't believe she did it"

"Is she really going to move in with armaan?"

"As in Armaan malik, playboy extraordinaire armaan?"

"As in Armaan malik, I change my girlfriends everyday, armaan?"

"As in-"

"Yes, that armaan malik !" ridz crossed her arms across her chest and glared at Shaangie and muskaan.

angie shrugged.

"Just making sure" she piped up.

muskaan  nodded in agreement. ridz groaned, flopping onto the bed beside her two friends and her half-filled suitcase.

"Do you guys think I'm doing the right thing?" she asked, wringing her hands nervously.

muskaan sighed. angie shook her head knowingly.

"You're doing this because you want your baby to have a warm, happy family, right?" muskaan queried, knitting her brows together.

ridz nodded.

"Then of course it's the right thing. No mother-to-be wants their child to be without a father. Even if it is armaan" angie lightly joked.

ridz smiled half-heartedly, before closing her eyes and deeply sighing.

"I hope it is. I just want this baby to come into the world without any more dramas"

"I don't know about that" muskaan  remarked.

ridz and angie looked at her quizzically. muskaan rolled her eyes.

"Oh, come on! You know you're starting to show,ridz" she pointedly looked at ridz's slightly bulging stomach.

ridz groaned, and put her head in her hands. She blew her hair out of the way, before looking up back at her friends, biting her lip.

"Well then'" she trailed off, groaning again.

angie patted her knee sympathetically. She couldn't imagine what was going through ridz's head right now. Her friend's life had too much drama! ridz sighed. It wasn't like she had much of a choice of what to do.

"I guess we'll just have to see how it goes, and go with the flow" she said, shrugging her shoulders.

ridz stood up and continued to pack her clothes, leaving angie and muskaan speechless, their mouths hanging open.

"Wow" angie murmured.

ridz raised an eyebrow as she shoved a couple of her dresses in the suitcase.


muskaan  chuckled.

"armaan really has been rubbing off on you, with the whole carefree, happy-go-lucky attitude"

ridz laughed heartily, secretly agreeing with muskaan. The bubble of giddiness grew.


"How much stuff do you have?" armaan asked incredulously as he looked at the pile of boxes the movers placed in front of his house.

ridz shrugged.

"I'm a girl. We like to shop when we're upset. I'm pregnant. We get upset a lot"

armaan scoffed, rolling his eyes. ridz grinned, blinking innocently up at him. armaan sighed. He was such a sucker for puppy dog eyes. Or maybe it was just ridzs.



A smirk appeared on her face as her camera phone captured ridz and armaan going into his house, huge grins on their faces. She looked at the papers in her hand.

A doctors' confirmation that ridz was pregnant.

The girl quickly snapped a clear picture of the certificate on her phone. It was handy to be the daughter of the hospital's chairperson. And it was even handier to be a total bitch. If armaan hadn't used her like some toy and tossed her away like he did a month ago, she wouldn't be doing this right now. But he did.

And now he was going to pay.

She scrolled down her contacts, before deciding to send the pictures and the documents to the whole college. The girl laughed obnoxiously, a malicious glint in her eye. She could imagine the gossip and chaos that would ensue, blowing both armaan's playboy and ridz's good girl reputations. Poor ridz, the girl thought derisively. First she gets knocked up at 20, then she'll have no friends after this scandal.

She couldn't wait until Monday.


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