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Part 9: How to Kill your Husband

Riddhima finished her PowerPoint on the computer and got ready to leave office. She would call it a day now. She typed furiously and shut down the system. As she was about to get up, armaan came in her cabin with a MacDonald's box. *drool* riddhima thought. She was drooling at the MacDonald's box, not armaan okay. Just so you know ;) now don't get ideas, she was still mad at him. But then again another lesson she learnt in her life was 'Don't get mad...Get BAD!'

"I thought I'd drop this by. I saw you didn't eat anything." Armaan said sweetly and left the burger on her desk.

"Thank you...I suppose" riddhima murmured. Why is it so hard for human beings to say sorry, thank you and I love you?

"Never mind" armaan's lips stretched further as he smiled. Man why is he so happy for? SHIT THE BURGER!!! She mixed furniture polish in armaan's cake so he might have done something with her burger as well. THAT KAMINA KNEW SHE LURVVESSS MACDONALD'S BURGER.

"Armaan on second thoughts. I don't want to eat this." Riddhima said sadly pushing the burger away from her her. She was bloody DYING to eat this!!! When armaan raised his brows, she tried to reply nonchalantly, "I am on diet" yeah like as if!

"Oh your bad then. I'll eat it" armaan opened the box and took a big juicy bite of the burger. He knew it! He knew she won't eat the burger in fear that he might have done something with it. Muhahah.

"Oh..." Riddhima's mouth literally drooled now. Damn that little... "jahannum mein jaa...kutta kamina" riddhima muttered under her breath as she stormed out of her cabin leaving a grinning armaan behind. What better revenge than snatching a burger out of someone's mouth?


Finally the D-Day arrived, the reception day arrived. Riddhima was sitting with her head in the wardrobe from two days. 'Mere paas kuch pehenne ke liye hai hi nahi. I haven't got any reception-ny clothes' was her mantra from two days. 'Whatever you wear will look okay. Really. And you have too many clothes. REALLY!' was armaan's mantra he used to chant with gritting teeth. I mean she's got two bloody wardrobes full of clothes and then she says, mere paas kapde nahi hai! "Armaan I am going to have a long bath okay. Don't be a retarded maniac and start breaking the door if I get 5 minutes late" riddhima said from the bathroom as she bang the door shut behind her.

Armaan mimics her and mutters under his breath. "nahi nahi riddhima jee to kabhi late hi kaha hoti hai. She just goes and sleep in the bathroom for 18 years"

Riddhima was humming to herself when she stripped and stepped in the warm bathtub. Hmmm it smelled of cherry blossom and lime. Aah bliss, pure bliss. She though contently while sinking deeper in the tub. She opened her shampoo bottle and squeezed it on her head. After a good 15 minutes of rubbing and singing, she stepped out of the tub and stood underneath shower to wash off.

"Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me,

Don't cha wish you girlfriend was fun likeee me.

Don't cha-" she suddenly stopped singing as she saw pink colour water running through her body. she looked up on the shower. Normal water, nothing dodgy with the shower. Phir yeh pink pani aaya kaha se?! Riddhima stepped out of shower and rushed towards the mirror.

"AAAHHH" she screamed her lungs out.

Some good lung capacity she has, armaan thought as he blocks his ears.

"Riddhima darling. Everything okay-"before he could even finish his sentence, the door swoosh openes and there stands riddhima wrapped in a towel...with Pink Hair!!!

Armaan stifles a laugh with a big effort. "No offence wifey. I know you're a fashion freak but PINK HAIR? Seriously that's florescent pink for goodness sake" riddhima's round round nearly popping eyes blew his control off and he burst out laughing.

Riddhima doesn't need to ask a physic who did this giri hui harkat with her. Who else would do such a childish thing, AAAHHH HER HAIR IS BLOODY FLORESCENT PINK!!! She marches towards her hand bag, her back facing armaan as she wears her brass knuckles and before armaan could think, she storms towards him and swing a punch right on his face.

armaan felt his jaw cracking as he held it. "AAAHHH OUCH THAT HURT RIDDHIMA"


"YOU BLOODY BROKE MY JAW. OMG IS THAT SCAR?!!" armaan freaked out seeing his jaw bleeding. "You punched me with your brass knuckles? ON MY RECEPTION?!" armaan was flabbergasted.


"You told me pink was your favourite colour" armaan said indignantly and riddhima screamed in frustration. She barged into the bathroom and tried to wash out the colour, but no such luck. Again, she screamed and armaan freaked out looking at the scar on his jaw. What a couple aren't they!


Both newlyweds was huffing and puffing as they moved around their huge garden attending guests. Instead of getting 'Congratulations', they were getting, "arey yeh kya hua?" and then a few giggles behind their backs.

"kutte kamine, I should've mixed poison in your cake that day instead of furniture polish!" riddhima hissed as she sat in the chair and armaan swore under his breath touching his jaw where there was a big scar now.

"Do you even realise that brass knuckles are used for rapists and kidnappers, not for your husband!" armaan spat back. "and you said pink was your favourite colour as well."

"To kamine uska matlab kya mere baal pink dye kar doge? You mixed a pink dye in my shampoo. How cheap is that!"

Suddenly a few of armaan's colleague came upto the bride and groom with shock written all over their face. Riddhima sank in her hair and armaan tried to hide his jaw.

"hey guys. What's up with you two? Riddhima, PINK hair? And armaan dude what happened on your jaw?" Nikhil asked grinning as he wrapped his arm around his fiancee.

Riddhima gave armaan an evil stare. "Ah Nikhil, this is the new bridal fashion. Barbie doll look...a Barbie with pink hair!" she finished with gritting teeth.

Armaan started chuckling and gave her a 'Yeah sure!' look.

"Errr, okkaayyy and what's armaan's story?" Nikhil's fiancee asked and riddhima laughed remembering her attack.

"Vo kya hua na, aaj meri razia gundo mein phas gayi, and me being a knight in shining armour saved her. And during all the wham bam I just got a bit of a scratch, nothing much" armaan lied confidently and nikhil's fiancee gave Nikhil a 'lo kuch seekho isse' look. Riddhima just rolled her eyes.

"Isn't it strange that aaj se pehle mein kabhi gundo mein nahi phasi, par haan gunde muj mein zaroor phase hai." She smirked as she continued. "and then you know all that pepper spray, stun gun and...brass knuckles. It's like am so used to using these things now"

"No wonder you take them out in little little fights." Armaan retorted and Nikhil excused himself and his fiancee before things get any more awkward. They said a little congratulation and rushed away.

"Don't you think you owe me an apology?" Armaan said suddenly and riddhima gave him a are-you-kidding-me look.

"Oh I am sorry your majesty, should I apologise to you for dying my hair pink? Or for sleeping with me just to take your stupid revenge?" riddhima said acidly and armaan winced at the memory of that morning. "Someone great once told me that if you ask me question whose answer you don't want, expect an answer you don't like" riddhima taunted.

"You nearly killed me with that stun gun that day man, never mind the flying objects around the room" armaan sighed dramatically as riddhima huffed and puffed.

"LET'S HEAR FOR THE NEWLYWEDS" Billy Mallik announced on the mike and AR's head snapped towards the audience as they all started clapping and grinning. "Now you all must be wondering why my son and daughter-in-law looks like god's limited edition? Well the answer to that is..." Riddhima sucks in a load of air and look at armaan asking him with his eyes whether he opened his big gob in front of his dad and told him everything? Armaan shakes his head in a no. "That armaan must be held responsible for this unique creativity- riddhima's hair and riddhima must be held responsible for armaan's denatured face." Billy Mallik finished and both newlyweds sunk further in their seats.

 Suddenly riddhima sits straight and start laughing. "I know man, I punched his face out with my brass knuckles" and started dying with laughter.

"And look at her florescent pink hair colour. You look like a cheap light bulb riddhima!" armaan taunted back. suddenly all the guests started applauding for them. The band started playing a soft music and everyone cheered armaan to ask riddhima for a dance.

"Oh please, I've got better things to do" armaan refuses flatly with a lopsided smile and riddhima's jaw drops. She gets up from the table and go to the dance floor where a dozen of people ask her to dance and she dances. Armaan notices grimly. Riddhima was dancing super closely with the boys, again armaan's attention goes there as he takes a sip of his champagne. Look away armaan boy, look away. OH MAN THAT GUY IS LIKE PROPER CLINGING ON TO HER! He gets up from his chair in a spur of a moment and marches towards the dance floor where his bride was dancing with aalto faltoos. He wasn't jealous okay. Nope not at all. Armaan explains himself firmly as he advances towards riddhima.

In a swift movement he pulled riddhima and swirled her in to his arms. She gasped as their lips were inches apart. Armaan sighed. Something's happening to him. Something which shouldn't happen. He realised as his heartbeat started rising. He pulled riddhima closer, even closer until there was no space between them. His arms automatically went around her waist and he dipped his head in the crook of her neck. Mmm she smells heavenly.

All air left riddima's lungs. She was tempted, so tempted to just forget about the world and give in. Riddhima swayed to the tunes. And held tight on to her emotions. That was all she could do. Armaan has broken her trust before and he has all the abilities to do it again. How he used her that night. Riddhima's head rung the warning bells which dulled in to whispers as she felt armaan's mouth on her neck. Disappearing all together as he lifted his head to look at her. In heels she was eye to eye level with him and seeing the hunger in his eyes melted all her resolve not to get involved with armaan again. Her fingers tangled with his hair as she slowly pulled him closer and closer until their lips were just merely touching. Oh screw it riddhima thought taking armaan into a tempestuous lip lock and could feel him smiling under her lips. Their tongues coiled aggressively. Their heart beated against eachother's chest.

Their moment was broken by a suddenly thunderous clapping. Jeez kamine mehmaan. They looked around suddenly dropped back to earth as they realised all the guests were cheering for them. Both started each other. Breatless.

He wanted her alone, all to himself. "Riddhima...will you go out on a dinner with me? NOW" armaan asked breathlessly and riddhima's eyes widened.

"D..dinner?" she asked.

"yes right now"

"right now?" she parroted. God she felt downright daft for repeating his words.

"yes or no?" armaan asked impatiently.

"But the reception?" she bit her lip.

"Dad will feed the guests and we've entertained them enough."

"yes!" she said in a spur of moment.


Poised three hundred metres above Mumbai, the scenery from tower restaurant looked breathtaking but armaan didn't give it more than a glance. Preferring to watching the city lights in riddhima's eyes, the way her lips moved when she talked, light reflecting off her pink hair which miraculously made riddhima look tad bit...cute, armaan thought ridiculously.

She was different from the other women he dated. What she lacked in sophistication she made up for in her snappy retorts, her clever tongue, her independent thinking. She was like Miss Independant, walks like boss, talks like a boss, manicure nails and pedicure toes. She want you but don't need you. And that made armaan more restless. She had appetite for the sumptuous food on offer unlike most women who picked over salad and talked about latest diet fad. Riddhima talked about her dreams, her hope to become a CEO of her own company in future, a financial struggle the power women in his life previously would never have to cope with.

He let his champagne swirl over his tongue as he watched her breaking her prawn apart with as much care as he'd seen her tend her corriandor seedlings. She popped the sea food in her mouth and dipped her fingers in the water bowl supplied, wiped each of them meticulously on her napkin. He shifted on his chair, remembering the feel of those fingers on his body.

And they'd barely scratched the surface in speaking department. His skin heated, his neck prickled. So much to discover, so little time...

Her eyes lifted to his. Warm liquid and almost black in the lighting. Without a shadow of doubt he knew that their thoughts were speeding in the same direction.

She continued to look at him with those expressive eyes while she patted her mouth with a napkin. "That was wonderful."

"The evening's barely begun" he threw his own napkin on the table. "You're ready to go?"

"I thought you'd never ask" A spark lit across her eyes and her lips tilted upwards.


"We didn't even had dessert" riddhima's voice was breathless and hot against his ear as he backed her up against the door of their room. They didn't even bother switching on the lights of the corridor. The house seemed quite when they rushed in hand in hand giggling like school kids.

"Dessert's overrated." His fingers fumbled with the door knob as he kissed his way through her exposed neck. "I have all the sweet temptation I need in front of me right now." The door swung open and they both stumbled in the bedroom.

He kicked the door shut and grasping her wrists rolling her with him against the wall. Right here, right now, he gave in to the firestorm which had been burning him all evening. In his blood.

He pinned her hands above her so he could feel all of her, from mouth to breasts to thighs and knees. Then he leaned in, grinding his erection against her softness and crushing her mouth until they both were dizzy, delirious and drunk with desire.

One hand traced her full of the arm, from fingertip to palm, elbow to shoulder, pausing on her madly pulsing spot of her neck. Then down...loving the way she arched against his palm. He pulled her closer.

He wanted her. All of her. Again. And in that moment of stunning contact, he forgot caution, forgot that he always maintained a certain emotional distance. He wanted to give her all. Everything. Until both of them were spent and neither had anything left to give. "What you do to me." he breathed ruggedly. "should be against the law."

"So arrest me." her husky response laced with humour raged through his blood with a simmering heat.

His laugh was strained. He drew back for a moment to look at her properly. Her arms still above her head, face glowing with the moon light, eyes liquid with passion.

His fingers twisted in the fabric of her waist. All dips and valleys- he found them all. A mess of contradiction, he wanted his hands everywhere at the same time yet he wanted to savour the moment.

No time.

Her hands reached his shirt, popping open all the buttons, he heard a rip then felt her hands all over his chest.

She made a sound. A bit of humour and part apology. "I hope that wasn't your best shirt."

"I have more." He sweeped her in his arms and staggered to his bed. She reached for her back making her bosom swell forward. He heard the rasp of her zipper. His hands reached behind her straps making her dress slid off. A crackle of electricity as both their clothes were stripped away and they tumbled on to the bed together.

No words, just mindless pleasure both of them fed on.

She arched to meet him, tracing her hand on his back, over his spine. Working down their joined bodies, he touched her sweet spot and saw he eyes go black. "Armaan..." her breath sobbed out. "I can't..."

Catching her plea with his tongue, he traced small circles on her. "You can. Now." True to his promise, her body convulsed under his, harsh breath released on his neck.

"Again." He sent her into a never ending spiral where air was thick with the sound of their moans. Hot, heavy air.

They took what they wanted, what they needed from each other and this time, there was no reluctance, no revenge in mind, no emotional distance. Just pleasure and bliss. Flesh straining against flesh, mouth fused, heart beating in sync. Together they faced the climax.

Sated and fullfiled, both lay together in eachother's arms. Armaan pulled her closer and riddhima snuggled into his chest, not analysing, not anticipating the next day but content to be in his arms. She closed her eyes dreamily.

Riddhima woke up first and for a fleeting moment she remembered the last time she gave up her barriers, how he humiliated her the next morning. She shuddered. Does she have the strength to face that kind of humiliation again? She pushed herself against the bed and pulled on armaan's shirt which was buttonless by now. Smile dancing on her face as she remembered how flustered she got last night when she ripped his shirt off in the heat of the moment. As she looked at her husband sleeping soundlessly on his stomach with his face turned towards her, she saw the scar on his right jaw. Damn he looked sexy! He looked more rugged and dangerous. She was pleased with her work, she thought while amusing herself.

Armaan felt her moving and saw her wearing his shirt with half open eyes. Talk about looking irresistibly sexy in that oversized shirt of his. "Good morning wifey." Armaan stretched and yawned like a tiger.

Riddhima blushed, Damn she blushed, she ACTUALLY BLUSHED! "Good morning" she said getting up from bed and rushing towards their wardrobe.

"Hiding your blush wifey? Don't bother, you look cute. It matches with your pink hair." Armaan sniggered and riddhima forgot her blush. She took a newly replaced vase and threw aimlessly on armaan.

"RIDDHIMAAA!" he ducked and the vase got cushioned on the bed. It didn't break. "You nearly denatured my face yesterday, now you want to crack open my head too?" he joked getting out from bed and riddhima turned her head away in shyness.

"Err.. your trousers are there somewhere" riddhima pointed out aimlessly around the room and armaan pulled her towards him with that finger.

"But I never asked for a trouser" he breathed out huskily in her ears and riddhima felt her heart failing. Again.

"Armaan..." she let out a hoarse breath as she tried pushing him through his chest. "jao na..."

"Kyo? Sharam aa rahi hai?" he bit her ear lobe and heat rushed riddhima's cheek making it go red.

"Muje kisi cheez se sharam nahi aati for your information." She managed some confidence in her voice.

"Then have a shower with me"

"Arm-" he silenced her with his tongue and picked her up carrying her to the bathroom.

"You always tortured me with your scented long baths." He said accusingly while filing up the bathtub and added a flowery gel.

"Then take your revenge."

They both spent an hour in the bath pleasing each other's whims and wishes. Soaping eachother's body and playing with the bubbles. Finally they stepped out and stood under the shower, armaan used his shampoo on riddhima as he ruined hers by mixing dye in it. That time riddhima glared at him and he grinned like a school boy shampooing her hair.

"I smell like flowers!" armaan moaned as he got ready for the office. "I smell like a woman" he cringed his nose sniffing around.

"And my hair looks like some cheap washed candy bar and smells like MEN's shampoo." Riddhima moaned as well spraying a load of hairspray on her hair.

Riddhima was sitting on her dressing chair in front of the mirror and armaan was standing behind her gelling his hair into stylish spikes. "Pass me the cologne riddhima." Armaan looked at her through the mirror. Riddhima just threw it at him and he caught it just in time. "Jeez agar kisi ko apne ghar ka saaman tudwana ho to unhe riddhima ko contact karna chahiye. She's a pro at breaking household items and that too effortlessly" armaan chuckled and riddhima threw her empty hairspray can on his head as a reply to his stupid joke.

They both came downstairs and armaan rushed into the kitchen and started the kettle. "Tea or coffee?"

Riddhima went towards the fridge and threw in some yogurts and energy bars. "Coffee please. 2 sugars" riddhima came and stood next to armaan. "Need any help?"

Armaan gave her a scared look. "After that delicious cake you made?" he asked sweetly. "NO WAY! Keep your butt out of the kitchen"

"Kitchen is the birth right of a women, you can't snatch that away from her." Riddhima said melodramatically and slumped in front of the TV.

Armaan came and sat next to her with two mugs in his hands. He gave one to her. "Are you the same women who said once, 'If he wants breakfast in bed, tell him to sleep in the kitchen?'" he chuckled but riddhima froze. Was she?

Her thoughts were broken with the loud shrill of her mobile. "yaar tumhari ringtone change karo. It scares me sometimes" Armaan winged making a face as he opened Mumbai times and dug his face in it taking a big gulp of his coffee.

Padma's name was flashing on the phone.

"Hello mum? How are you? And why didn't you come to the reception yesterday?"

"We have to meet riddhima. It's urgent."


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