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AR os : ~Back In Your Arms~

She could not gather to courage to enter the room in front of her..she was standing in front of that closed door for the time unknown to her..Just sometime back she was dying n yearning to reach this very place but now the time seemed to have stopped for her..

Will she be able to face him does she has the courage to see him in this condition .will she be able to tolerate the pain of seeing him in that state her mind was filled with such thoughts n she had no answer to them

 Riddhima Gupta was at the Panchagani Mental Asylum to get back her long lost love..his life..his everything..his Armaan'but now she was extremely afraid..from what'.she didn't have an answer to it '.
Finally after heaving a deep sigh She finally unlocked the door of the room and opened it ''

 the sight infront of her was enough to give her a thousand deaths every second

The room was dark With only one small bulb glowing'dirty walls'Just a small bed and a small window to let the light peep in'& '.Armaan'His Armaan sitting in one corner of the gloomy room..curled up like a ball..hugging his knees'resting his head on his knees and staring into the space with just nil expressions ..

Riddhima felt as if her body was going numb'she could feel tears flowing from her eyes as if all the bonds were broken'.she was too shocked to even move towards him..her legs felts heavy n stiff to make any movement

Riddhima had earlier seen Armaan fighting for his life various times in sanjeeavni..but this sight surely knocked her breath out of her'She felt pale standing in front of him'but to her utter shock'Armaan didn't even notice her presence in the room'

That Armaan who could sense his Basket's presence With closed eyes didn't even acknowledge her standing in front of him after what seemed ages'.

Tugging at her heart Riddhima finally decided to move towards him..she slowly closed the door and made slow and heavy steps towards him

As she moved closer and closer to him she noticed a drastic change in his appearance'that handsome look on his face seemed long lost substituted by a dull face..the sparkle of his eyes had faded..his once perfectly toned body now seemed totally lifeless ..he looked like a living deadbody'how much riddhima wanted to disown the fact..she knew it was true'.

Riddhima finally kneeled in front of him'pool of tears were still flowing from her eyes..and she let them flow & didn't even bother to wipe them off

But Armaan was still not noticing him'had he forgotten her..that was one thought which she dreaded the most'

Gathering all her courage she finally placed her hand gently on his shoulder'still no reaction from him..riddhima was literally crying now'.

In  b/w her sobs she took his name'"A..Arrmaann'.."'''''

His lifeless body had finally got some movement it seemed 'he slowly moved his eyes towards her..though he didn't show much reaction but his expressive deep eyes clearly portrayed that he was not ready to believe what he was seeing'his Riddhima..His Basket..had come to him'he was too shocked to to even utter a word'.

Meanwhile Riddhima's cries had become hysterical'She cried n cried'"Armaan ..look at me..Armaan..see im here..ur Basket is here to take u..Armaan'say ..say something'Armaan''.."she joined her head with him and cried even more'

She cupped his face and kissed him  all over leaving no spot unkissed 'it looked as if

Armaan was finally coming in terms with the reality'He finally spoke up'"Basket'"

The whisper was barely audible but for Riddhima it felt like heaven to hear her name from his hear his voice ..after whole 1yr'.

& that was it ..both the Lovers were crying buckets of tears'tears symbolizing happiness 'the grief of being away from each other..tears of Love 'the feeling was too big to be described in words'.Armaan placed her palm on his cheek'pressing it tighly while he cried his heart out..they finally hugged each other ..took one another in a tight embrace and just felt the feeling of being together once again'while Riddhima was feeling secure in his arms..Armaan was feeling as if he was back to the place where he belonged..His basket'

'finally after what seemed like ages they finally broke the hug..both their eyes were red and their joy knew no boundaries'Armaan finally poke up'"riddhima..tum..yaha'kaise..tumhe kaise pata chala ki main yahan'"

He was cut by Riddhima who now seemed extremely angry with him.."tumhe kya laga..tum mujhe chod ke chale jaoge aur mein sab kuch sehti rahoongi..tum ne soch bhi kaise liye ki tum mujhpar bojh ban jaate..hum ek the naa armaan..phir kaise tumne hum dono ki zindigiyo ka faisla akele le liye'bolo huh'kisne haq diya tumhe'tumhe pata bhi hai.tumhare ek faisle ne mujhe ek zinda laash bana diya..pyaar se vishwaas uth gaya mera'nafrat ho gayi..iss poori duniya se'." and she kept on weeping'

"riddhima..main jaanta hu meine jo kiya who shaayad sahi nahi tha..lekin us waqt maine jo sahi samjha meine wohi kiya'aur tum hi batao riddhima agar tum meri jagah hoti..toh kya tum aisa nahi karti'bolo huh"..he said while his tears still flowed..

This time riddhima had no answer to his question..maybe he was right..none of them ever wanted to hurt or become burden on the other one 'but they had surely learnt one lesson'it was better for them to cry n suffer together than be alone n face the cruel life because they were each other's pillars'their lives were destined to be together'..

Wiping her's and armaan 's tears she finally spoke up'"Armaan ab aur nahi'ab mein aa gayi hoon..ab tum mere saath chaloge'hum apni nayi duniya banaa lenge..where u n me will exist'and no one"

"lekin riddhima mera yahan treatment chal raha hai'hum aise kaise '"he spoke

"u don't worry about that..all the arrangements will be done..U r comng with me to Boston..i have a friend there..he will see to ur case'and no more arguments"

Armaan's eyes had finally got their spark back..he hugged riddhima tighly while some more tears came down'Riddhima reciprocated the hug with equal zest and kissed armaan on his forehead while he smiled and kissed her back'

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They sat with their fingers entwined'it was a deserted beach and both the love birds were seeking the peace of being with each other'it was 11.30pm..the waves splashed the shore making beautiful sounds..

Armaan  Mallik was sitting with his beloved wife for almost two years now'feeling heavenly while they cherished their journey till now'.While Riddhima Basket Mallik..sat in his lap..feeling safe keeping her head on his  chest'.

"Armaan ..ek baat poochu?"'.riddhima said while breaking the peaceful silence..

"haan poocho'tumhaara toh kaam hi hai interrogate karna..Guptas ki Khaandani adaat.."

Armaan smirked showing his million dollar dimples while Ridz Flared her nose'

"accha aisi baat hai..chalo going Mr. Attitude Mallik"..she got up to leave'

"acha accha..sorry yaar..bolo kya baat hai..u know I was joking'."

Riddhima finally sat down again..and asked

Riddhima-Am I pretty Armaan ?

Armaan-(lil confused)..what kind of a question is that '.(rolling his eyes )

Riddhima- I mean do u still find me pretty'coz all husbands get bored of their wives after their marriage..n they don't find them pretty anymore ..she said with a long face

Armaan-Ohh'.then it's a NO..he said keeping a straight face

Riddhima's face had fell hearing it 'coz  Armaan looked dead serious and didn't sound like he was joking'

Riddhima- do u wanna live ur life with me ?

Armaan ' No

Riddhima - wil u cry if i leave u?

Armaan- Naah'.

That was it..Riddhima's long controlled tears had made their way out 'she quickly wiped them and started to run away..when Armaan held her hand tightly and pulled her close..she was struggling under his hold and wanted to go away but was too timid in front of him to win'.

Armaan- Riddhima..Riddhima..look at me..Basket..plz look up'

Riddhima first remained reluctant..n then looked up in his eyes

Armaan wiped her tears ..cupped her face..

He said '..

Basket..Ur not pretty..coz ur Beautiful'

I don't want to live with you..but I wanna Live With You And For You'.

If wont be able to cry if u leave me..coz I will Die Without You..Coz ur my sole reason to live'..

Riddhima was too touched by his words and she gave him a rib crashing hug'

She was too happy n elated to have Armaan in her life..he was truly her angel..and she mentally thanked god for keeping them together no matter what life brought to them

Armaan finally broke the hug...and captured her lips in a passionate yet loving kiss..conveying all his love to her'.Riddhima responded to the kiss with equal fervor..and finally broke out running out of breath'.joining their foreheads still smiling

Happy 2nd Marriage Anniversary Basket ''"Armaan spoke in a low loving tone'.

Happy 2 years of jhelofying each other Armaan" Riddhima laughed out kissing his dimples while Armaan gave her his million dollar smile'.

And that's how they celebrated the day of their reunion Simply being with each other'And feeling one another's warmth'..

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Love is not just about spending time with each other or simply companionship..its about standing for your soul partner and being pillars of strength no matter what life brings upon you''''.

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