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AR OS: The Day She Became His.

As Ridhima entered the church, all eyes were on her. She heard whispers around the church, 'She looks stunning', 'Aww look at her, she looks gorgeous!' and 'Bless her'. Looking around, a little uncomfortably, as all eyes were on her, she made her way through long isle, her hand held by Shashank.
 Is this happening for real? Am I really going to get married to the one whom I love the most in this world? After all those struggles and hardships? Was our relationship really going to take the next step and that too with my father's consent? Is my life going to change for good now? Had our love really conquered all? She thought.

Ridhima was jerked out of her thoughts as Shashank nudged her a little as they reached the end of the isle. She looked up only to spot him staring at her intently, his gaze not wavering for a second as he smiled at her. He looked breath-taking, with his suit finely worn with a small bow near his neck, flashing his dimpled smile. It was the man of her dreams: Armaan.  She smiled back at him nervously. They both stood face to face with each other, as the small gathered crowd watched the two in awe.

She looks beautiful in that wedding dress. Even more than I thought she would. How can she look beautiful each and every time I see her? What is it about her that just makes me fall in love with her even more? She's simply gorgeous. But, is that a small frown on her face that I see? Or is she feeling nervous? Shall I talk to her? No, it'll be awkward talking to her in front of all these people.

This time, it was Armaan who was pulled out of his thoughts as he heard the priest speak.

Priest: Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God, and in the face of this company, to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony. Do you, Armaan Mallik, take Ridhima Gupta as your wedded wife?

Pin-drop silence. Everyone in the room patiently waited for Armaan's reply. Armaan, on the other hand, stared at Ridhima, still smiling, wanting this moment to last forever. She looked at him back, eagerly waiting for his confession.

Armaan: I do. (Smiles widely)

Everyone in the room clapped, cheered and smiled at the couple who was about to get married.

Priest: Do you, Ridhima Gupta, take Armaan Mallik as your wedded husband?

All eyes were on Ridhima now. Her heart was beating really fast. Words couldn't express the way she felt, her fingers felt numb and her head tried to absorb the surroundings, the atmosphere, the people and the ceremony itself. Now, Armaan watched her, impatiently waiting for her reply..

Ridhima: I do. (She smiled)

As Ridhima said the two words, she closely saw Armaan's eyes, he looked teary eyed. He made a desperate attempt to hide the small tears that slowly ran down his cheeks. Hidden from the rest, but could he really hide them from Ridhima? She looked at him assuringly and mouthed an 'I love you' whilst Armaan smiled through his tears.

Priest: Now, please put the two rings on.

As soon as the priest announced this, Atul came forward and handed the ring to Armaan. It was a beautiful ring to say the least. Armaan knew it would look perfect on Ridhima the day he saw that ring, and now finally the day had come when he could happily place the ring on her finger. He placed the ring on her finger and watched Anjali get up to hand over Armaan's ring. Ridhima took hold of it, and gently placed it on his finger. As soon as the rings were exchanged, the priest was heard for the one last time...

Priest: I now pronounce you, Man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

As the last few words echoed in the empty hall, Armaan grabbed Ridhima by her waist and pulled her towards him. They both smiled, Ridhima's cheeks slightly went red as she knew what was about to come her way and she prepared herself for the kiss of her lifetime. Before she could prepare herself further, Armaan smacked his lips against her and kissed her hard. He picked her up, not letting go of her lips and twirled her around so that they both were still kissing and he was holding her from her waist. He gently sucked on her a lower lip and finally let go off her as he felt her panting for breath desperately.

Ridhima, on the other hand, felt him sucking on her lower lip as she moaned for some space to breathe and he let go as she gasped for a breather. Her heart was beating even faster than it was before. How can he have such an effect on her? What is it about this guy that she just can't get enough of him? She questioned herself.

Throughout the whole kiss, the guests and close relatives watched them silently in admiration, as soon as they broke out from the kiss, they all clapped and cheered ' this time the cheers were not for the husband or the wife; it was for the newly wedded couple. 

Armaan held Ridhima by her waist and smiled at everyone cheering for them. Today, they needed no words to express their happiness..they were finally legally married and were lawfully husband and wife. It was THE best day of their life, the day they had wished for since what seemed like forever. It was the day their love had won against all odds. It was simply Armaan and Ridhima's day today!


Anjali: Ridzy! Take care of yourself. I'll miss you.  (She cried, hugging Ridhima)

Ridhima: I'm going to miss you too Di.   (Ridhima sobbed)

They both parted from the hug.

Anjali: And you! You better take care of my sister or else I'm going to kill you!!  (Anjali said, pointing her finger at Armaan who stood beside Ridhima).

Armaan: Yo! yeh Gupta Family ki khandaani adaat hai kya? You know blackmailing and all..     (Armaan chuckled, lightening everyone's mood up a little)

Ridhima & Anjali : ARMAAN! (They both spoke together glaring at him, and then laughed)

Armaan: Okaay okay mataaon! (He folded his hands, bent down in front of them and then looked at Anjali) Don't worry I'll take care of her. (He smiled and gave a quick side hug to her)

"ahem ahem", a voice came from behind them. The all turned around to see Atul standing there with his arms wide open. He looked over at Ridhima, who quietly rushed to him and gave him a hug.

Atul: I'll miss you too Ridhima! I hope you're blessed with a peaceful married life ahead..

Ridhima: Awww Thanks Atul!

She parted from the hug as Atul quickly walked over to Armaan for a quick talk. Ridhima looked at the man standing a little further away from them, ran towards him and hugged him tight. It was Shashank.

Ridhima: I'll miss you Papa. (she sobbed and buried her face in his arms)

Shashank: I'll miss you too, Ridhima. (He weeped) Tumhari kami bohat mehsoos hogi..

Ridhima: Aap apna khayal rakhna..Don't work overtime and eat your medicines on time. I don't want to hear any excuses the next time I come home to see if you've eaten the medicines or not. (Ridhima commanded, as she parted from the hug and gave him a small frown)

Shashank: Okay okay Ridhima..I promise you I'll take care of myself. And you take care of yourself too. (He smiled, wiping her tears away)

Before Ridhima could answer, Armaan walked over to the father and daughter. He held Ridhima's hand and smiled at Shashank.

Armaan: Don't worry Sir. I'll take care of her.   (He smiled, looked at Ridhima and winked)

Finally, after all the "I will miss you's" and "Take care of yourself's", it was time for everyone to head back home. For Ridhima, it was going to be a completely new place. Armaan's house or now... THEIR house.


Mallik House.

"Hum tummm ek kamreeee mein bandh hooo! Aur chaabi kho jayee!", Armaan sang happily as they both walked into 'their' bedroom whilst Ridhima blushed.

Armaan: Waise Ridhima, it'll be good if you left your shyness outside this room from now onwards. (Armaan giggled)

Ridhima: Shut up Armaan! I knew you were going to say something like that.

Armaan: Awww Ridhima, you know me so well! (He laughed)

Ridhima walked over to the bed and plopped herself on it as Armaan followed her and sat down next to her.

Armaan: Woaaah someone's in a rush to get started. (Armaan laughed loudly)

Ridhima: Oh My God Armaan! You're so sick! It's not funny okay! (Ridhima glared at him in mock anger).

Stomping her feet, she got up from the bed and walked over to the sofa which was placed on the side of the room.

Armaan: Arey...Ridhima..I was just joking yaar!  (He followed her, frowning.)

Ridhima: Well it wasn't funny! Hmmphh! (she said, faking her anger, looking on the other side)

Armaan: Urmm..Well...I found it funny..You should have seen your face! (Armaan couldn't stop laughing and nearly fell of the sofa. After a short while, once he had finished laughing he saw her glaring at him in anger) Okayy okay Ridhima, enough of this drama now..Are you coming or not? (He rolled his eyes)

Ridhima: No! (She was still looking away from him)

Armaan: Fine, I guess I'll have to take you myself then. (He rolled his tongue in his mouth)

Saying that, Armaan picked Ridhima up and placed her on the bed. Ridhima gasped at his sudden action, and held her breath. Armaan got on top of her, caging her, so that his hands were placed on both sides of her, leaving her no place to move. She watched him moving closer to her and whispered "Armaan". He, on the other hand, decided to ignore her and placed his lips on hers and waited for her response. She felt him linger on to her lips and urgently search for her response. Ridhima finally responded with the same amount of passion. She placed her hands on his head and ruffled his hair as they kissed passionately. Armaan kissed her hard, tasting her, savouring her..He bit her upper lip a little hard and unexpectedly it started to bleed slightly. Seeing this, he pulled out from the kiss and kissed her smoothly on the bit where it was bleeding. As Ridhima saw the concern in Armaan's eyes for her, she pulled him in a big tight hug, not wanting to let go as Armaan whispered "So shall we get started?". They both laughed at his words and he sensually moved his hand against hers so that it was brushing her hand all the way through and unzipped her wedding dress from the back making her take it off, sending shivers down Ridhima's spine. Before Ridhima could respond to his touch, Armaan nuzzled deep into her hair, placed small kisses on her neck, took hold of the small switch next to their bed, switched it off and pulled the blanket over them.

It was the day SHE became HIS.


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