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AR os : Unknown Future

"Help him, please!" she pleaded as she stumbled in the white walled emergency room screeching for attention. "SOMEONE, please help him!" she screamed but failed to get any attention. As people walked by they stopped and stared at the man who she was supporting. His face was distorted, covered in concentrated blood trickling down his face onto his chest, staining his white shirt, and black vest. His body was bruised; beaten black and blue with nothing but pain and numbness to surround him.

 She screamed frantically trying to get some help, some attention, but failed as the doctors within the area seemed to be missing; anywhere but here they were. She lugged him along to the waiting area laying him across a row of seats, running up to the receptionist, panting for air. "Miss, he needs some attention, please! Get someone out here. He needs CARE!" she cried, pleading to get him some attention to cure him of his pain. The receptionist replied with anything but the right answer. "I'm
sorry miss, you'll have to wait. The doctors are currently engaged in other activities. Take these forms and fill them out, we will have him treated soon." She said calmly. Ridhima was bewildered as she saw the nurse acting so tranquil about this. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, FILL OUT THESE FORMS?! ARE YOU BLIND? He's laying on those seats with blood streaming from his head, bruised and wounded, but YOU are WORRIED about FORMS?" she screamed even louder. As she prepared to speak on, she suddenly heard a deep voice booming in her eardrums; that voice, it was so distant but so clear. "Get that man some attention, NOW. Nurse, call the ward boys and get this man some treatment, stat!" he ordered not waiting for her retort. The receptionist scowled, clearly annoyed at the attention given to this strange woman, but paged away nonetheless. Four ward boys were seen running into the waiting area to pick Him up, place him on a stretcher and rush him away into the operation theater. The doctor took a step forward to Ridhima and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Miss, your," glancing at her ring, "your husband will be fine." He said trying to assure her, somehow ' anyhow. "We'll do our best, okay?" He said. Ridhima turned around and looked into his eyes as she sobbed. "Save him, okay? He's my angel, I need him." And with that she turned around and walked to the doors of the operation theater.

She sat on a bench outside of the operation theater with her head in her hands. Her hair falling loosely around her face covering her completely, shielding her from the cruelty of the world; ironically the biggest of all was happening before her eyes. Ridhima sighed as she thought back to the morning which seemed almost a lifetime ago.

She was in her mother's bedroom gazing at her mirror image; looking at her dress, looking at her surroundings. She couldn't believe it, today was the day. It was finally here. Her wedding day was here, where she would finally unite with the man she loved so much. She twirled in her wedding dress as she gazed at the simplicity; but the intricate details, sewed in with little jewels and beads. It was perfect, and just how she wanted it. It was a strapless white wedding dress, with a scooped neckline and a slim a-line silhouette. It touched the ground layered with lace, with a small, but elegant bow around the waistline, tucked to the side. She gazed at herself in the mirror with only one thought engulfing her mind, Him. What will he think of her wedding dress? She would have loved to rush into his room to show him, but it was deemed to be bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding, hence the hesitation. Ridhima twirled in circles thinking back to their first meetings, and how quickly their love had built. As she giggled to herself thinking to their basketball court meetings, she suddenly heard a knock on the thick wooden door. "Come in!" she squealed with delight. As soon as she fell quiet, she felt the atmosphere around her stiffen; she felt the positive vibes approach to an end. "Tum? What are you doing here? That too, today?" she asked curious and bemused. "You know why I'm here, Ridhima... I want you. I need you, Ridhima. Don't make a mistake, don't marry him!" She was completely baffled, unaware of the mysteries God was dawning upon her. "Listen, bud, I'm marrying Him, and no one on planet Earth can stop me today, got that? We've suffered enough without each other; I don't need a second man's opinion on my marriage. Understand?" without waiting for a response, she continued.  "Good, now leave quietly, or stay for the reception. You're more than welcome to as long as you keep your ridiculous behaviour in check. Now, can you please leave my room, I need to get ready." He simply stared at her, and noticed the drastic changes she'd gone through in less than three months. She was so much fiercer; taking initiative and authority. God, this woman was nothing like the one he'd proposed to on the dock. This one was... revolting. "I wonder why he's even marrying you..." he muttered shamelessly. "Like you would know what love is? You're simply a sex fiend, hence my rejection to your proposal. It was never about sex nor the money for me, Seth, it was about love. That was lacking in our so called 'relationship.' I don't think we were ever meant to be, He's accepted me for my flaws and imperfections. He's accepted me for who I am. He's the one who's descended into my life like an Angel; he's mine, Seth, and I don't think you'll ever understand that..." With no further words necessary, he left the room silently.

Ridhima smiled to herself as she felt confident shutting Seth up like that, but nothing could compare to the happiness awaiting her today. She was suddenly snapped out of her thoughts as she heard a loud thud upon the wooden door, she murmured a low, unenthusiastic "come in!" as the man on the other side walked in, until she realized what he was doing. "Hey! Get out! Out, out, out!" she said pushing him out the door, closing it behind her, and bolting the lock. "You're not supposed to see me before the wedding! It's bad luck, na!" she said with a hint of annoyance in her voice. "I know Ridhima, but I couldn't help it... I needed to see you!" he replied. "... I know, I did too. I can't even explain how I'm feeling right now. So many emotions are flooding me, I'm so overwhelmed!" she said exasperated. "I know how you feel Ridhima, I'm going through a turmoil of emotions myself; I'm just counting down 'till the moment you say 'I do' and I can hold you in my arms..." he said looking far in the distance. "Soon, Baby, soon. For now, you've got to go before someone finds you, and we get in trouble!" she said giggling. "Okay, bye Love, see you at the altar!" he said grazing his hand across the door, as Ridhima shivered on the other side sensing his touch. "I love you." She slowly mumbled thinking he had gone away. "I love you too!" he said grinning and ran away before she could say no more.

"I do!" she repeated enthusiastically portraying a thousand emotions through her eyes as He gazed at her. "I love you." He softly whispered. "You may now kiss the bride!" Said the priest, and with no further hints required, He scooped Ridhima in his embrace and pulled her into a soft but passionate kiss as he poured all his emotions out to her. He snaked his arm around her waist as he pulled her closer, deepening the kiss, only to hear coughs from around as they were suddenly aware of their surroundings. Ridhima blushed a crimson red as He simply grinned like a fool. The night went on as the guests took turns dancing with the bride and groom, ranging from Ridhima's parents and friends, to his. It was a room filled with laughter, love and happiness. Nothing could go wrong, nothing. Ridhima was dancing with her best friend Nikhil when she saw a hand make its way in between the two. "May I steal My Lady, Nik?" he asked gracefully. "Sure thing, bro, she's all yours. You look gorgeous tonight, Rid! He's a lucky man," he chuckled walking away. "Mm, it feels so nice to be home," she said wrapping her hands around his neck. He pulled her closer inhaling her intoxicating scent. They danced to the song, swaying to the beats smiling at each other. The night couldn't have been any better. "Ridhima..." he spoke softly, whispering. "Hmm?" He pulled her closer poking his nose into her hair as he found her ear. "Let's leave..." he said fiddling, and nibbling on her ear. "Really, where?" she said excitedly as she tightened her grip around his neck. "Let's go for a drive or a walk... something. This crowd's making me go crazy!" he said as Ridhima suddenly pouted an "oh." "Oye! What did you think I meant? Besharam." Ridhima giggled as she flashed her ring in his face. "This right here is my license to all the besharmi in the world, Mister!" He chuckled at her dramatic manner and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "Alright, I really want to leave though. How about a walk or a drive? Your choice!" he said smiling at her. Ridhima couldn't resist the temptation as she quickly made an escape plan with Him and fled to Nikhil letting him know about their escape. Nikhil couldn't help but laugh at their desperateness. "Haan, don't worry. I'll cover for you two losers. Be back soon, alright! Don't want to raise too much suspicion. If you both aren't here soon, we'll leave, and your reception will end up a flop!" He said calling out to her. Ridhima giggled as she fled down the stairs leaving through the back entrance in her wedding gown. She suddenly felt a pair of arms take her, pinning her to a brick wall; the exit of the building.

"Mrs. Ridhima?" he spoke carefully. Ridhima snapped out of her thoughts and looked up to the voice calling her. It was the doctor. "Uhm, yes?" she spoke carefully. "My name's Dr. Scott and I'm currently in-charge of your husband's case." Ridhima fixed her eyes on him as she suddenly realized he was the man earlier who took her Angel into the operation theater, setting things up for her. "He's in the Intensive Care Unit as we speak, and his case is pretty critical. In order for us to proceed, we need you to fill out his forms. Can you just go to the receptionist and fill them out, please?" Ridhima nodded her face sullen and white. All the emotions within her were drained. Lifeless and exasperated Ridhima made her way to the receptionist. She asked for the forms only to realize that the earlier one was no longer present. This new receptionist was more kind and careful. "Mrs. Ridhima, these are the forms. If you need any help, or anything at all, just let me know." She spoke sweetly. Ridhima smiled a small smile at her as she made her way to the waiting area, filling out the forms. She whizzed through them as she looked at the last blank, her signature. She felt her moments with Him sparkle in front of her eyes as she signed the forms, letting out a lone tear. Ridhima fixed herself up as she took a deep breath inhaling a fresh dose of oxygen. "Control yourself, Rid. If he's going through so much, this is nothing. He'll be fine, He'll be fine!" she chanted to herself quietly. Ridhima strut her way to the receptionist dropping her forms off asking for Dr. Scott.

"Come in!" he spoke. Ridhima made her way inside while Dr. Scott asked her to take a seat. "Please be honest, what are his chances?" she asked as her body shook fed up and appalled by the lies and consultations that He would be "alright." "To be perfectly honest, Mrs. Ridhima, it's going to take a lot of effort and willpower on his side. He's coming through slowly, but we need him to continue. In order for him to heal, we need to conduct another surgery soon. His internal bleeding is severe, and it's swelling. We need him to stay strong in order for us successfully perform the operation." He said gently. "Listen Doctor, do whatever you need to do but save my husband. I've signed my life over to you a few minutes ago, but I want him back by the end of the surgery. Fully conscious with his heart beating triumphantly, okay?" she said slowly but fiercely. Dr. Scott nodded as he placed a hand on her shoulder assuring her. "We will do our best, I promise." He spoke as he walked out of the cabin. Ridhima followed him out heading to the waiting area, sitting down on an empty seat in the corner. Ridhima looked at the clock; 1:04 AM. She sighed as she thought back to her moments with Him.

"What are you doing?" she asked giggling. "What does it look like I'm doing?" he replied as he traced his finger down her face, caressing her soft lips rubbing his thumb over them. "Perfect." He murmured. Ridhima blushed while she leaned in taking his lips into a deep kiss. She tasted him as she licked his lips asking for entrance. He reciprocated while Ridhima moved her tongue in deeper devouring his mouth tasting him in spots she had never before. She found his tongue as they danced, and fought for dominance, ending with a triumphant Ridhima. He let out a soft moan as Ridhima giggled throwing her head back. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back giving him better access to her neck. He laid fervent kisses along her collarbone impatiently reaching the hollow of her neck, sucking on her skin causing Ridhima to erupt with a loud moan. He quickly placed his hand on top of her mouth as he calmed her down. "Come with me..." he said taking her hand leading her to their limo. They tumbled in as Ridhima fell flat across the seat with Him on top. He chuckled as he placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "As beautiful you look in this wedding dress, it'd look better on the ground," he said picking her up slowly reaching for the zipper at the back. Ridhima gripped his hand quickly as she softly whispered into his ear. "Not now, we're almost at the hotel..." He reluctantly gave in as he compelled himself to force his hands away from her. He couldn't help it but pull her onto his lap. Ridhima giggled looking into his eyes. She slowly glided her hand down his face shutting his eyes, and slowly placing a kiss upon them both. He gave her a small smile muttering a quiet "I love you."

Upon entering their suite, He pinned her against the wall exploring her back; pulling the zipper down exposing her all to him.  He roamed every inch of her back roughly pulling the delicate wedding dress down to her knees, as Ridhima shook it off. She felt weak as she lost sense to him. Aroused to such an extent she continued to let him explore her body while she simply took in his presence feeling more loved than she had ever in all her life. Ridhima suddenly felt herself being spun by his tight grip, causing herself to be crashed into his deep chest. Their bodies fit together perfectly, moulding together to fit two pieces of a puzzle together. He scooped Ridhima as he placed his arms under her knees, swinging her to the bed. Ridhima rolled on the bed lying with her naked body, with only a diamond ring shining away while He hungrily pounced on her diving into the nape of her neck leaving fervent kisses in every visible area possible. "Are we having s**tty wedding sex?" She asked faking innocence only to find her husband chuckling at her while he quickly shrugged his coat off as Ridhima helped him out of it, unbuttoning his vest and shirt pulling it all off leaving the two naked. "Natural beauty, that's what I love about you." He said, while Ridhima blushed a crimson red, "I could say the same about you," she reprimanded while she pulled him back to her, devouring his lips crushing them into a deep and passionate kiss as they poured their uncountable feelings to each other.  Ridhima dug her fingers into his back as she pulled him closer to herself deepening their kiss. He shrugged his pants and superman boxers off as they snuggled into the silk white sheets. They rolled their bodies together as they moved in synchronization moaning and groaning together fulfilling their desires for the past two years. He grazed his fingers along her thighs as Ridhima moaned intertwining her fingers in his hair pulling him closer to her, moving inside of her, completing the deeds of marriage. Ridhima pulled him close as she placed soft kisses along his neck while He moaned taking in the pleasure and bliss of marriage. "s**tty wedding sex... this reminds me of something." He spoke huskily. "We saw it on One Tree Hill, Baby! When Naley got married." Ridhima said as she giggled and pulled him closer claiming his lips to hers as she softly but subtly bit his lips. He winced as he suddenly felt the blood oozing out whilst Ridhima simply laughed and took his bottom lip sucking on it, drying the blood away. "I love you, Ridhima," he stated as he kissed both her eyes promising her that no tears shall shed from them; moving onto her lips signifying that no bad words or curses shall spill from these beautiful lips of hers; kissing her hands symbolizing his heart which sat within the reach of her hands, promising her that he would never leave her, no matter what. He subtly grazed her legs and feet promising her and reminding her that his heaven lay at her feet, and he would have it no other way. His love, his life, it was all her now, and he would promise himself to her for the rest of eternity. "I love you too, Hubby." She said as she softly kissed his lips claiming them to herself once again as they kissed strengthening their promises and vows.

Suddenly Ridhima heard a shrill ringing from the distance but upon close investigation she realized it was the phone ringing at the reception desk. She sighed looking at the clock; 1:34 AM. She walked to the ICU doors, and unconsciously placed her hand on the clear glass seeing her Husband of only a few hours laying on that uncomfortable mattress being treated, struggling between life and death. As she reminisced over past times she felt the door being opened and she saw one of the nurses come out. "Nurse! How's my husband doing? Will he be fine? How's my Angel?" she asked all at once not giving the Nurse to breathe. "Mrs., I can't say anything right now... he'll be fine, hopefully, but keep faith." She said as she whisked away. Ridhima sighed in agony as she had no other choice but to it and pray. Ridhima took a seat once again, staring at the clock moving ever so slowly. 1:36 AM. "Could time go any slower?" she said as she mentally cursed herself.

"Ridhima, where are you off to?" He asked bewildered as he suddenly felt the warmth and comfort he felt for the past little while leave him. "Oh dearest Hubby, we are off to the reception! People must be wondering where we ran off to, and Nik can't cover for us forever! Get up, and move that booty, we've got to leave!" she ordered as she dressed herself again only to feel her dearest Hubby's arm circle her waist crushing her to himself. "Listen, Mister, we've got to go, and I want no naughtiness, understand?" she said as she tried to shrug him off only to feel him nuzzling in the nape of her neck, and leaving soft kisses. "Ugh, stop! I won't talk to you... I mean it." Having said that, she finally caught her Hubby's attention whom quietly muttered a "whatever's your command, Lord Wifey." He groaned and whined childishly while he got dressed only to feel a slap on the shoulder and to see himself dressed and presentable as Ridhima finished the needful. "Alright, now that's like my man!" she smiled, pecking him on the lips. He caught her by the waist pulling her in for a kiss as he walked away. He suddenly stopped Ridhima, looking her in the eyes with his cocky grin muttering something remotely audible. "You see, in this relationship, I get the last kiss." Laughing, Ridhima ran to him hugging him tight and kissed him on the lips as she intertwined her fingers with his, and walked out of the room as a complete, married woman.

Walking outside of their hotel, they soon learned that the limo they arrived in had headed back to the reception party assuming the couple was there. Unaware of what to do now, the two settled on walking back. "Which way, Baby?" she asked. He pointed right while Ridhima pointed left. Taking her husband's choice to be the better one, she followed him as they walked hand in hand on their wedding night heading back to their reception. "Mm, Baby, this area seems so secluded..." she said shivering feeling the goose bumps creeping up her arms. He simply laughed as he took his coat off and shielded her from the wind. "Oh, you know how I like it; the more secluded, the better. Sirf mein aur tum, you know what this means, right?" He said winking. "Oye! Enough besharmi, we have to go to the reception, alright?" She said slapping him slightly as her hubby dearest chuckled. They walked the path together as they suddenly heard a few cars screeching and halting in its spot just a few meters away from the newly wedded couple. Ridhima seemed unaffected as her Baby suddenly wrapped a protective arm around her, and walked with her snug within his side, along the road paths walking back, trying to avoid any contact with these goons. As they walked on, they suddenly heard faint gun shots and howling. Turning around, Ridhima was shocked as she saw a few lifeless bodies scattered across the road path, and was shocked to see random men holding guns pointing them right at the two of them. As He scanned the area he saw that there was no way out; they were surrounded with so many men, and so many weapons, there was no clean way out of this chaos. "Ridhima... run!" He shouted loudly as Ridhima had no choice but to do as she was told. Running away from the sudden spin of events, she felt around for His hand only to feel nothing but the wind whisk through her fingers. Turning around she screamed his name. Upon hearing no response, she ran back to the scene, seeing her husband lying across the dead cold cement breathing his last breaths tainted in blood all over, as his white shirt was drenched leaving no trace of life. Shocked, and bewildered Ridhima ran to him, pulling him onto her lap softly but urgently patting his face trying to bring him back to life, trying to sway him away from the doors of death as she chanted his name over and over again only to see no reactions. "Baby, baby, jaan, wake up! Please wake up!" she screamed, screeching for someone to help. She looked around and saw the goons hesitantly running away.

She screamed, cursing them for doing this to her Life; for ruining such a blissful day. How could they? Repulsed and angered, Ridhima was out of her mind and confused. She sat crying at his lifeless body, only to hear chocked coughs and soft murmurs from him. Remembering their vows from earlier on in the day, Ridhima decided to act upon them, and not give up. To be beside her husband and support him through thick and thin, through the good and the bad, through poorer or richer; no matter what, that was her duty. Ridhima wiped her tears, and stood up undefeated and picked up her husband supporting him and lending a shoulder to him as she dragged him to the closest locality possible. Chanting to herself that he would be okay, and that harm would falter, she dragged him to the closest area possible. As they landed upon a street of houses, Ridhima slowly but confidently screeched as she begged for someone to help. Many cars drove by, honking at them to get out of their way, or for them to move, but no one offered to help. As Ridhima started to give up hope, a young boy around the age of eighteen drove by, and reversed halting his car beside the couple, and calmly asked them to get in. "My name's Lucas, Lucas Scott. My father's a doctor at St. Marie Hospital, he can help you. We'll be there in a matter of a few minutes..." he said as he drove on. Ridhima's emerald eyes were brimmed with tears as she tried to wake Him up, but he stirred from side to side clutching at Ridhima's hand tightly pleading for safety and comfort. Soon enough they arrived at the hospital. Ridhima thanked Lucas and pulled her Husband into the hospital with herself.

"Ma'am." He called quietly. Ridhima looked up, snappeing out of her thoughts, and saw it was Dr. Scott. "Yes? Is he okay?" She asked hesitantly. The doctor nodded his head slightly and gave her a faltering smile as he replied. "He'll be fine, Mrs. Ridhima, but as of now we're waiting for him to gain conscious within the next 24 hours; they're very critical for him." He stated. "He'll make it, doctor, he'll make it. He's my Angel. He'll make it." She said smiling through her tears. The doctor led her into his private room and seated her beside him as he showed her the necessary buttons in case of any developments or emergencies. Ridhima thanked him as he left.  She sat there for countless hours as they ticked by, slower than ever. Ridhima sat there reciting passages from Hamlet to him as she remembered how many times a day her Baby would quote Shakespeare just to see that slight tint of pink within her cheeks.  Ridhima smiled at the faint memory and clasped his hands to hers as she silently prayed to God to give them a miracle on this night and save her husband. Ridhima sobbed the early hours of morning away as she fell asleep after many prayers.

Jerking awake suddenly, Ridhima looked at her surroundings, taking in the atmosphere and the environment. With the thoughts rushing back to her, encircling her mind with the deadliness of the scenario, Ridhima shivered. She looked at her husband as she caressed his face, silently placing a kiss upon his forehead, caressing it once more as she got up to leave. She unclasped his hands from hers and gently placed them on the bed when she suddenly felt a tight grip hold on to her. With a gush of relief, her nightmare was finally over. The tears that had been stopping themselves finally broke out as her brimmed eyes were red and puffy from her sobs. She turned around quickly taking in the moment of relief and rushed to him, crushing her body to his, never letting go. She gazed into his eyes as they sparkled a shiny bluish gray while her smile made its way up to her eyes. He pulled her into a tight embrace as she poured out all her anxiety and fear over the past hours and placed several fervent kisses upon his face, neck, anything in access to Ridhima. "I love you, I love you, I love you! Don't ever leave me again, I love you!" she chanted over and over again. "Do you think it was easy for me? I love you, Jaan, I really do" he said as he pulled her in for a soft but deep kiss. He bit her lower lip as he tried to soothe her, and calm her down, but Ridhima was hungry for her husband and couldn't wait no longer. Parting their lips for air, Ridhima sighed a breath of relief as she softly spoke his name, "Armaan."

The End.

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