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Chapter 28: Obsessed...

Riddimaa was sitting beside him – Malik residence – yes they were married and some ritual's were Being done. Riddimaa's head was bowed down a bit as she had Big Golden Duppatta over her head – that even made a veil over her face – its been over 4 hours that they were tied up together.

And Arman really made fuss to take his wife in room while the others were making it more impossible when FINALLY, Naina – Entered "Bass enough its already 1 at night – I think you all should let the new bride go and rest !" Every looked at Naina angrily "I meant – billy bhai sahab – bachi has to wake up around 7 for more rasam and all" Naina fumbled

"haan yea baat tou hai" Billy said looking at Riddimaa whose viel was quite big "Chalo Kashish take her to her new room" Kashish smiled and helped her in getting up with that Arman got up too with a cheekily grin "App kahan chale" Sujhal and Billy holds him from back "Nahi mujha jana hai Nahi mujha jana hai" Arman whined like a baby hitting his leg on floor "chal lets have a shot of drink first" Sujhal took him to a small bar in lounge.

"Yrr now I am going to my Wife !" Arman spoke, firmly drinking the drink in one shot. "acha chal ja" Billy let him go... "Kya dad …! kyun jana diya aus ko … we didn't even pulled his leg properly" Sujhal complained "Sujhal – I didn't wanted to get this teasing thing over board ! Didn't you saw how dipressed he had been from last 7 days... let him enjoy!" Billy filled himself a glass "Dad... when are you getting married?" sujhal spoke to which Billy spit his bear "You have lost it !" Billy went away angrily while Sujhal sat their thinking over his father's lonely life.... after his mom's death – his dad had never ever thought about any girl err woman.


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Ahem Ahem
"Jaa Rahi hoon Jaa Rahi hoon – chill rakh thori !" Kashish shouted after hearing his unreal cough "Riddimaa don't let him....." Before Kashish could complete Arman took hold of her arm and took her out of the Room "Bitch – did I told your husband not to get you pregnant? Don't spoil My Wife" Arman spoke glaring at her "Oye Moron ! Listen" kashish smiled "Take care of her" She politely said

"OH will – now byeee" he smiled at – shaking his head he walked up to her.

He pulled off her veil to see another a much transparent veil that was her Dress chunnri .he smiled keeping the golden a side – he moved the red one up to her head and saw her eyes closed with lashes "Riddimaa" he whispered with a gulp "hmmm" she looked up at him – pressing her lips "I don't what to say.... uhmm you look very beautiful – I have been waiting for this moment …. for I don't know how long..........................." he ended cuppig her one cheek he moved forward, placing his lips over her when the nose big round pin came in middle making Arman giggle – he very carefull pinned out with her help for sure... "why did you even put this big" he commented "you didn't like it ?" she asked in low vocie "Ohh I did – jaan... but look now its stopping me from kissing..." he spoke, shamelessly. Putting it on a side, she felt his lips over hers.... he broke the kiss …. once he was satisfied with it – he helped her undo her red Duppatta and opened up her hair..... which were quite long but not much... "You did a cut to your hair?" he frowned moving a hand in them... "a bit... .yes" she whispered feeling her heart beat rising up with his every move "I don't you too cut them again" he rubbed his nose in her hair side way....

her went up at her back for opening her necklace – she opened while he picked it up with earing and kept it on the side table.... taking her hair to one side he made lay over bed and leaned over her – going down to the crook of her neck … he stayed their – she felt an unknown sensation in her body as his breath touch her across.... she made a plead – trying to get out of his hold... as he leaned – pushed his body against her ensuring that she could not push him away.... or get herself free now....

Feeling his passionate kisses on her neck she gasped, as he could not control the demon with in him - feeling herself deeply – equally enjoying his love – she kissed the skin that was near her lips – she bit his ear lob while he was busy kissing her neck

he moved away rubbing his ear – he looked down at her with a grin – she lowered her eyes and got red – with embarssment .. feeling his finger over her chin – making her look up – she saw an unknown lust – love – passion in his eyes. He moved closer turning to other side of her neck – he kissed her ever soo lightly... leaving a trrace behind she felt a tuck at her Bridal dress's top...

one he felt her long fingers making pattern over in his hair he sealed his lips with her...... the white satin sheet on bed was all getting messed up and she in red in middle of bed – he felt heaven in his arms... he smiled and pulled her making her sit while he sat in front of her.... "Should I?" he asked before proceeding – seeing her eyes lowering, she blushed as she knew what his next step would be...

He stroked her waist up and down, making her numb. He was testing – teasing her, eventually wanting her too Say Yes – which she wasn't saying and was giving a yes through her action. He knew as much his body carved for Her touch – Her body equally carved for his touch. He pulled her in a hug – and hushed her hair to side – touching back – he touched the thread – pulling it - he felt her top loosing up – he kissed her shoulder pulling down her top from shoulder he heard her constant gasp... he bit her over her nap pushing her down bed – he gradually pulled her top of her -

taking out his sherwani – he kissed her throat moving down to her chest - he went down to her ribs – caressing it through his thumb – stopping over her stomach he left a trail of kiss...he opened up the Undergarment – and she let out a hard – moan – as her top was left loos against her chest, she felt naked – gasping at the thought.... Arman leaned up crashing his hard frame with her delicate one.. he pulled up the garment and soon she felt the knot around her waist loosen up to her his bare leg brushing hers …. he took hold of her palm that were over her chest "I love you jaan...."

 He interwining their fingers, he pressed her hands over the bed and pressing his body right over her...... she turned stiff and tried to get out of his hold – her breathe had stopped over her throat.... she couldn't let out the breathe... "Relax jaan – I promise to stand faithfull till eternity – swear on God – Swear on You – swear over world" he whispered leaving a trance of kiss – love bites near he chest. Feeling his lips over hers she felt good – relaxed – he didn't pushed he kissed her softly – smoothly. His tongue went through her teeth – soon their tongue touched and they kissed in sync.he kissed her hard – once breaking it he went down to her neck …. touched her softness – he felt her getting stiff under him – he loosened his grip over it..... he went down to her belly – he kissed it – feeling it jiggle..... he tried to nibbled it ….. he left damp print over her body

 "Arman – I need you please" he heard her voice – low voice which echoed in the room

that was it – he need to hear that – he wanted to know WHAT she wanted ! She felt him nearing her face – rubbing off her thighs – she held his hair – afraid of future pain she would be getting "Armaan" she gasped, as she took hold onto the bed sheets and left his hair, with a rough- tight grip.he moved in a sync with her - He bit her all over her body kissed her all over her face – making her relax … soon the love night of their came to end – he parted away leaving her in shudder again... he pulled up the duvet over them – pulling her over him he rubbed her back – eased her ….

made her relax....after mumbling sweet nothing both close their eyes and went to a deep slumber. Waking up around Five – she looked at him, his eyes were fixed on her "you didn't slept?" she manage to speak. "Tried … but having a heaven beside me – I was afriad if she left me" he told her with a frown "Matlab?" she frowned, feeling his hold around her waist tightened under the duvet – her hands landed over his chest "I am afriad to loose you know..." he whispered kissing her once again.....

they fell in the obsession of one eachother.


7:00 am

"good morning...." he whispered feeling her eyes opening up – she smiled and kissed him back.... as she felt his lips over her. Breaking apart "Arman – Did any one told you about my Morning clothes" Riddimaa asked while encircling her arms around his neck "yes – its in my wardrobe...." pause "Riddimaa – I heard you be going to your parents house today?" he asked to which she mumbled nose – rubbing her nose with his

"Then when would you return" he asked keeping his face over chest as he made her lay down and leaned over her "uhmm app mujha lena aooga Arman...." she whispered, moving a soft hand in his hair "Riddimaa your mom is not standing here ! Don't call Me App !! pleasee!" he bit her skin "ouch... ok ab hatto !" she pushed him and got off the bed while tying the sheet over chest while he kept on looking at her with a smile...

"I be back...." she whispered and walked in the washroom -

After a while Arman Saw Riddimaa stepping out in a beautiful sari – she smiled seeing him smiling at her "How do I look?" she asked. "very pretty ! But not as hot as you looked in bed" he chuckled and got off the bed with a sheet and went in the bathroom... after kissing her over lips. 'God – why do I feel soo satisfied with life...' he thought while standing below the shower.... "Arman... I am going down – app ajana ok" she said – while he shouted in ok....


Love Maha

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