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Chapter 29: Obsessed...

Arman had felt satisfied – yes indeed he was... the life he had been running behind is right beside him. He smiled walking down to see her perfect Wife working around the house making breakfast for his family. He show a dimplish smile to her as her eyes wandered over him..

she cocked her one eyebrow – saying in a eye talk 'Impressive' and he bowed his eyelashes in a 'Thank you' both let out a chuckle and joing over break fast... she took a sigh and filled the glass for him of orange juice and served him the breakfast "You not eating?" he asked "oh yes.... I am starving." she commented and took a seat beside him.

"So? Arman …." Kashish eyes lowered in her plate while addressing Arman "Yea..." he replied in a similar manner "So... you know – what I mean?" she gave him a look and then looked back at her food "No I don't – please explain." he said, while highly ignoring her. "Oh wait a sec... wait sec" She left her fork over her plate with a thud when Arman interupputed her "Don't you wanna tell Riddimaa how you guy's had your nuptial night" Arman commented shamelessly. "ARMAN!" Naina hit him from back

"Why don't any one say her anything ! I mean – look at her ! Bitch !" Billy hit his arm

"No one loves me....." Kashish let out loud cry "Oh shut up Lousy cow" Arman commented "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Kashish shouted while making a crying voice "Sujhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll" she let out another cry of Her husband name "What is it Time? Is the baby coming ??? is it the Time" Sujhal came out running up to her "Kashish is it the dilvery time" Sujhal stood beside her

"Oye chup kar ! She is only 4 months Kutta !" Arman commented "Oh... why the hell shouted Kashish" Sujhal asked angrily... all the while Riddimaa left her food and was looking helplessly at her elders, both were equally ignoring the three... "No one loves me …. Aur aur... no one Loves Our baby.... they all hate Our a baby" Kashish let out a longgggg cry

"Hormones problem" Arman commented just to get a smack by Riddimaa over his arms... Riddimaa got up and walked up to Kashish. "Kashish believe me – this all is wrong for the baby." All looked up at the baby. "You know, you have complication in this Deleivery -i dont – we don't it turn out bad for you – this all crying – weeping effects the baby equally as much as it effect's your Health. You both are grown up and soon having a baby. I really want you" Pointing at Sujhal "to take care of her – look at her mental stability. Its important ! Warna the consiquence will be bad !" Riddimaa weeped off Kashish few tears filled her plate with fruit and re-filled her juice glass

"and Arman, please Appologize – no one from now on hurts or mis-treasts Kashish ! She is going to give the first heir to Malik Family Remember" Her cheekily line made every wide their smile "Ok Sorry Kashish" arman left his food and walked up to her – kissed her head and then cheek "Sorry" pause "I want a boy – so I could play cricket with him !" Arman went back to his chair. "I want a girl ! Sujhal always says he wants a girl !" kahish told him when he sat across her

"Oh then I will be good with girl too ! I will teach her how to make boyfriends how to handle few at one time" Arman ate his egg. "Oh know you aren't gonna spoil my child !" Kashish retorted "They aren't gonna stop Riddimaa -you go and have food" Sujhal said – she took a sigh and went up to her chair.


"Acha Arman – come at like 5 in evening?" she looked at herself in the mirror before stepping out. "ok – I might be late... Mom said to collect the tickets for honeymoon and all" Arman rubbed his face with towel. "Ok ok..... but don't forget to pick me... haan" she did a little touch up to her lips....

"Ok jaan..." he turned her around and kissed her neck... "Arman ….! I have to leave right now ! Chodo !" she pushed his apart and left after giving a kiss over his cheek "oye hoye..." he said in a daze manner.

He went behind her to drop her up till her car – which was sent by Shahank to pick her up, 'Rituals !' Arman thought, letting out a sigh. "Bye...." he hugged and made her sit in the car....

once the car went away – he looked Kashish sitting alone in the swing – he walked up to her and told her too move "No I am fat ! You won't fit !" she commented "ok thori jaga dou please" he made a puppy face. She melted and gave him space "I missed the old time..." Kashish said randomly "which time … college time?" he asked looking at the cloudy wheather "a bit.... that too but when we use to live in london together …. then you moved her with mama.... 6 years back …. when Me and Sujhal got married – I miss the London time.... I wish we could live that again." Kashish said keeping her head over Arman's shoulder "Though, we are living here ! The same way we use to ! I mean its look like home here !" she commented

"Then live here for ever na" Arman said giving her an Arm support from back "I can't naa – have to go back" she whispered with a single tear "you would keep me separate from our house first baby?" Arman asked, hopelessly – moving his hand away from her he look at her "Arman – my life is their !" she looked at him with the hope that he would understand. "What ever Kashish !" he annoyingly went in.

'OMG.... Kashish, Sujhal and the baby will leave us again! Oh no.... I want the baby Here !' he saw a few tears falling off his lashes 'Man...! why always me !' he whinned and jumped over his bed.


7:00 in the evening

"Hey Everyone – I am sorry I am late..... Sorry Riddimaa – traffic I tell you" Arman said seeing a puffed up face of Riddimaa – he looked at her while sequeezing his eyes... and then smiling as she turned away her face "Arman – she had been waiting for you quite long." Padma said, while hugging him "Beautiful – yea tumhari beti naa bohat nakhara hain isa k ! uff – chalo ! We have to leave... their had been forecast of heavy rain" he said and informed "Acha maa bye..." riddimaa got up hugged every one and told them she would be coming soon to meet them

Sitting in the car – he said bye to everyone giving each of them the respect.She smiled – seeing him getting in the car – she turned her face blank once again. "loa... now its pouring rain... close the glass.." he said – pulling up his glass and soo did she...

"Arman – its raining hard..." she heard the rain drops over the roof. Falling as thuds... she gulped seeing people running from one place to other. Arman pulled his sleeves up – looking at the traffic jam.... he hit the horn angrily. She gulped – and moved closer to Arman clutching his hand "don't worry" he whispered. "Ar..mann" she spoke in a broken voice "hmm?" he looked where her eyes were and notice that their car was filling with water... she gasped loudly and pulled her feets up …. "Shit !" He opened his door and Pulled riddimaa out with him.

"ah...." he feet turned the water over road was quite much their feets were dipped in it - "Take your shoes" he said while holding her hands giving her support "Arman... I am scared" she whimpered taking off his shoe … "Don't be – mai hoon naa " he gave his hand and walked pass the water – the water touched by their knee... making riddimaa embarce him tighter.

Getting in a shadow... "Riddimaa we should stay here for a while – but we can't stay here much – this all made up of hay..... this won't survive last" he said moving his mobile up to find network. "Arman – please let go home quick" she broke up with silent tears "hey... relax mai hoon na... " he engulfed her in his arms "Hello ??? sujhall" hearing a broken voice "take us out of here yrr... ! You listening ? Hello???" pause "Shit" he aggressively threw the phone away.

"Let's move … we can't stay here..! no we Can't" arman got up and took hold of her hand – walking in road with water – they saw home... Yes their home..... "MOMMM !!! SUJHAL OPEN THE DOOR" he shouted hitting the door with his hand "Oh Arman...." Naina flunged in his arms "I thought I losted you – Whole Mumbai is drowning.... I..." Naina broke down in his arms "Shhh.. Mom we are fine – God, it self drop us home – hear we were just close to Our house and we didn't even knew.... that" he hushed her and Soon, Naina looked at Riddimaa all drenched "My bacha... you ok?" Naina took her in arms "Maa... I … I was scared...." she mumbled while clutching her tight "shhh.... its ok.... You are safe....Chalo... get in" Naina took them in – made them settled on the couch – Kashish sat by her -rubbing Riddimaa's numb fingers

"Its had been Almost 5 hours! You know" Kashish told Riddimaa.... though Riddimaa shivered a bit but made a nod "maa... Riddimaa getting cold – she need to change!" Kashish told and helped Riddimaa to get up "I am making soup for them – help her Kashish" Naina shouted. "Kashish – app jao rest – I will manage" Riddimaa stopped near the stairs and told Kashish to go "Par..." kashish Tried to protest "Please …. baby ko rest chaya..." Riddima spoke – Sujhal came and gave large bottle of whine to Riddimaa "yea?" she frowned "Arman k liya – he needed – he's up" She nod and walked up holding the stair rod....

she was still scared – close to death … many time falling off in the rain – though she loved the rain but not such – it was a horrible experience – Remembering it made Riddimaa cry... Leaning over her room's door – she locked the knob and leaned over it – falling down – she opened the bottle and drank it

"Riddimaa?" Arman came out in dry clothes rubbing his head with a towel "Arman... I … I was scared to loose you......" she cried – he walked up to her took hold of the bottle placing it – on the table he took her to bed – made her sit … "its ok.... we are safe" he whispered – diming the light he pulled off her wet saree... off her – keeping it a side he took her in his arms and walked in washroom

she just manage too hold his face in her numb palm's and place her lips over his – she cried silently

He Actually – Equally understood the pain she was going through – A wave of separating had touched their hearts – one or twice when ever in that intense water their hands separated their heart beat stopped – she use to fell off her feets but soon Arman use to handle her – out their in flood....

Tum Mile Reprise (KASH)

(KASU) – will put soon ! (KAJEN)

Tu Hi Meri Hai Saari Jameen, Chaahe Kahin Se Chalu
Tujhape Hi Aake Ruku
Tere Siwa Main Jaau Kahaan Koyi Bhi Raah Chunu
Tujhape Hi Aake Ruku
Tum Mile Toh Lamahe Tham Gaye, Tum Mile Toh Saare Ghum Gaye
Tum Mile Toh Muskuraana Aa Gaya
Tum Mile Toh Jaadu Chha Gaya, Tum Mile Toh Jina Aa Gaya
Tum Mile Toh Main Paaya Hai Khuda

he came out with her – she was in her night suit

in his arms – he lead her to bed – keeping her on bed – he moved to drink when he hold her hand – pleading him not to leave her "Drink...." he smiled – she looked down embarssed a bit.... he filled a glass for himself – though they shared.... almost emptying the bottle – Arman lowered over her – caressing her back – he felt her body relaxing a bit...... its been almost over a day to their marriage and on their first day they had realized what they meant to each other

Tujhame Kinaara Dikhe, Dil Ko Sahaara Dikhe
Aa Meri Dhadkan Thaam Le
Teri Taraf Hi Mude Yeh Saans Tujhase Jude
Har Pal Yeh Tera Naam Le
Tum Mile Toh Abb Kya Hai Kamin, Tum Mile Toh Duniya Mil Gayi
Tum Mile Toh Mil Gaya Aasara
Tum Mile Toh Jaadu Chha Gaya, Tum Mile Toh Jina Aa Gaya
Tum Mile Toh Main Paaya Hai Khuda

he caressed her hair.... looking her eyes h-he lowered and kissed her lips … nibbling them not only easing her fear but also telling about his own insecurites … hearing the thuds of thunder grew them more passion – the low voice of Music tingling in room left them more helpless -

he withdrew off her night suit and his own lower's …. he rubbed her body with his palm....... parting her leg --- they left to knew world – his face lower over the crook of her neck he bit her – carssed her softs.... making her moan – when he bit it …. she clutched his hair – while moving in the sync...

Din Mere Tujhase Chale, Raatein Bhi Tujhase Dhale
Hai Waqt Tere Haath Mein
Ho Tu Hi Shehar Hai Mera, Tujhamein Hi Ghar Hai Mera
Rehata Hai Tere Saath Mein
Tum Mile Toh Mil Gaya Hamsafar, Tum Mile Toh Khud Ki Hai Khabar
Tum Mile Toh Rishta Sa Ban Gaya
Tum Mile Toh Jaadu Chha Gaya, Tum Mile Toh Jina Aa Gaya

Tum Mile Toh Main Paaya Hai Khuda

parting away – he kissed her face – at every inch... making a wet noise while nibbling her under the duvet – he caressed her waist while dosing off in each other arms....

Next Chapter: they share a moment with sharing their insecurties....
Love Maha

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