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Chapter 30: Obsessed...

Getting up around 9 – she shifted in his embarce – hugging him tight enough in his hold – she looked up at his face – he was in a deep slumber anyone could make out the way he had a blank face – Riddimaa placed her hand cupping the other side of his cheek. She smiled, brushing her body with his – she leaed up to his face – she gasped – feeling his cold fingers -holding her through waist – she looked up at his face – it still looked the same – she shook her head – kissed her forehead and turned around to look for her cloths.

Looking around she saw her nighty was on floor over her side - she took hold of her sheet, next to her chest bend to take her nighty. She pulled it over her head and pulled it down getting up she saw it was way to small just ending right below her hip – wondering whose nighty is this? She walked up to washroom.

She never notice all this time Arman's Eyes had been following her – he had even started walking behind her – and they had almost walked in the bathroom – Riddimaa turned to close the door behind when Arman did it for her "Tum? Yahan ! Abhi tou bed par... I mean..." he sealed her lips. "Subha Subha itna bola matt karo – bass pyar kara karo mujha !" he hold her tight in his arms and looked down at her passing her naughtious simle ever, with dimples "Arman … tum na..." she pushed him through his shoulder just to feel his hand behind her waist getting tighter

"ab – am I here naa – tou lets have a bath!" Arman pulled her down below the shower and on the knob of it – without waiting for her reply. Though she wanted to say no – just for teasing purpose but he didn't even gave that permission – she shrugged, as his and rubbed her wet night suit – back …. pulling her closer "Can I ?" he asked while pulling her dress "no...." she mumbled getting red.

He smiled and hugged her while enjoying the steamy bath..... though she in cloths.but they had quite a lot of fun …. in their own way.


sitting around the house – they saw the rain pouring as harder as it could – all friends jumbled up having coffee – enjoying the wheather while sitting in front of the open veranda. Riddimaa in Arman's Lap .. Anjali in Atuls – while Muskan and Rahul sat at floor – Rahuls head in Muskan lap.....

soon Kashish walked in – with Sujhal – Riddimaa made space for them and got off the only comfortable chair, whom on they sat – Riddima sat on floor and called Arman to hear. He gave a angry look to Kashish and and went down on floor -

"What's wrong with him?" Sujhal whispered sitting first and taking Kashish in his arms "Don't know........" Kashish avoided the topic – while over the other point, Arman leaned his over Riddimaa's lap – and kiss her belly in process though it was quite visible due to saree. And he took quite advantage of it – he pulled it up leaned in – and touched her skin through his lips – making Riddimaa muffle his hair – and then grabbing it in her fist "Ahhh..." she let out a sigh

"Kya kar rahe hou Arman – Stop irritating Riddimaa..." Kashish spoke in teasing manner – Arman got up from Riddimaa's lap – and looked at Riddimaa, who had lowered her head – in embarssment. "Kashish, don't you think you interfering in my Business – it would be really good if you could just stay off – Away.... from me …!" pause " I don't want any one – in my life!" he spoke aggressively and went away up to his room...

All were damn quite.... no one dare to look up – whole day Arman had tried to keep up his patience as in the morning – he himself had heard Kashish talking to Naina over her going back after the pregancy and all. He felt like crying – he didn't wanted them to go – esp. not the baby... he was getting attached with imaginative dreams of his being with Riddimaa and the baby ! First baby of family.... but Kashish was breaking this …. he hated her for doing this to him -

on the other end, Kashish sobbed in Sujhal's embrace – he looked at Riddimaa, who was equally shocked as other...... "Riddimaa could you plea...." Sujhal said "Mai jaati hoon aun k pass" she mumbled and went up to the room.

Reaching up she looked around the room and saw him standing out in the gallery getting wet – she rushed "Arman – andar aoo !" she spoke firmly "Riddimaa leave me alone for a while" he said not looking back at her - "Arman Andar Aoo ! Right NOW !" - he turned deaf head – she sighed and walked out – holding his hand – she pulled his wrist – but he jammed it over the railing

"Riddimaa please Mujha …." He tried to speak when in the pulling procedure – Riddimaa feet slipped and she fell over the marble "ahhhh" she let out a cry.. "Riddimaa..!" he rushed down – and took hold of her "its all because OF YOU !" she shouted I hate you she added and stood by her self and ran inside . "Ow" he said hitting his own head – he walked in to see a wet Riddimaa pulling her saree out – and weeping at the same time

she took hold of her saree and threw it in a basket that was in the washroom it self. She walked up to her wardrobe – picked up a light yellow, saree – and walked past him towards the washroom when he stops her "sorry... I didn...." she moved her arms away and walked in the bathroom to change

he walked behind her and saw her taking off her blouse "Rid.." He walked up to her "Arman !" she glared at him - turning around she kept her hand over her shoulder to safe her blouse from following. He sighed, "i am just upset.... and I thought tum – tum mujha samjho ge..." he let a sarcastic chuck and went out …. leaving a worried Riddimaa – she though changed her wet saree – but didn't tied the saree around walked out in yellow petite coat and blouse – and saw him sitting at bed edge – looking at empty place – she placed her saree over the other side of bed and sat beside him "Kya hua" she asked, sitting just beside him and moving her arms over his thighs to relax him "Kashish is leaving us and going back to London" arman said looking at empty space.

She sighed, she knew this would be coming – she had talked to Kashish and Kashish had asked Riddimaa to talk to Arman about her departing – though Riddimaa didn't knew the intensity of their relation but gradually when time passed and all over the shaadi time – she had seen how much they liked each others... friends are like this, they can do anything for each other when the tern True – good friend come...

Riddimaa picked her saree and stood in front of him – he looked at the saree, taking it in his hand and then up at her – with pouted lips face "make me wear !" she said cutely... he smiled and wrapped it around her – while she kept on giving him instruction – in a while Arman forgot Kashish and the fight while he began to get naughty – after wrapping it properly Riddimaa told him to put it over her shoulder – when he left it over her waist – and brushed his lips over the place where he had bitten her before – he kissed her – leaving her gasp behind. He grabbed hold her from the side waist and kissed her over her navel – her hands went up to his thick hair – she caressed him – with shut eyes.... they both were tune up for the mood when

Riddimaa heard the faint voice of giggling – she frowned and pulled Arman's hair. He looked quite annoying – she bend down "Arman – I guess some one is outside Our room" she whispered in his ear "who?" he whispered back while taking her in his lap – he kissed her cheek "the gang !" she made a suspicious face "hmmm – I give them a damn !" he replied and lower himself over the bed – and took her along with him – she laid over his top "abhi I just wore a saree – now don't spoil it !" she frowned "Riddimaa – its soo nice wheather and on second we are just married like – two days only.. I have the right to romance !" Arman told her back as he tried to kiss

"Nahi naa Arman" she pushed - "I want to enjoy the wheather out !" she tried to push him while he took a turn and settled her beneath him - "ufff..." she hissed as he bit her near her chest "Chodo …." she felt him touching her across the body – the giggling grew much "GET LOST GUYS!" arman shouted

"Arman what are you doing" Riddimaa hissed at once – feeling an electric passing through her vessel as he pulled her saree up to her thighs "what do you think? And Expect?" he looked at her as she pulled her self up "Arman – I am tired aur neecha... sab... what will they think....

"Riddimaa – I who matter the most here !" he said pulling her in his arms "yes Arman – I know that but we live with a family here ! We have to go along them" Riddimaa freed and came out of bed "what will they think....!" she added, as a matter of fact "Fine ! Do as what other do !" Arman went out – he need to have some one right now – just beside him and she was showing him cheek .

So what -? he need her …. and so did she needed him then what the hell ? He ran a hand through and joined a giggling gang . "WHAT?" he shouted at them – all got quite 'phela yea kashish going new and now Riddimaa keeping herself away from me ! I hate this all tiny biny problems.!' he thought

He stared at Riddimaa who hold her ear and mumble sorry – he ignored 'now miss Riddimaa – you would beg me to hold you and I would show you the cheek – then the table will turn and me is gonna Enjoy this hotty Riddimaa !!! huhhahahhahah' he thought, devilishly – thinking what will her pretty sexy wife do to make Arman happy

Though he was Not angry but a little Annoyed – he would surely take a good advantage of Riddimaa's need – which was he only !


Late at night …. After dinner every one had stay in the house due to rain – Nonstop rain …. Arman walked in the room – pulled off his shirt over his head – and walked around the room. He had notice Riddimaa sitting on bed with a duvet over her legs. Riddima got on the bed pulling off her duvet – she walked up to him

he looked at the remote in her hand – she stood in front of him and moved his hand up to the deck she played the music and walked up to the side table of the room – mostly shutting the lamps ….. but they glowed with a faint light in them …. she walked up to the glass wall in their room which was actually a door to gallery she opened it the curtains off it and saw the rain drops hitting the glass she – moved her hands up to her waist and opened the gown – she pulled it off her shoulder, passionately – her back faced him.

Dont come in her trap Arman ! Remain angry and watch her making you g....." his mouth slightly opened up to see her in a backless Night suit …. his eyes descended over her bare back – piercing through her spin – she felt a wave passing through she turned her back and saw his passionate eyes – as if he just shaked of her spinal cord.

(Kuchh Khaas Hai Kuchh Paas Hai, Kuchh Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai
Kuchh Duriyaan Najdikiyaan, Kuchh Hans Padi Tanhaayiyaan
Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai, Kya Aitbaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Kya Yeh Bahaar Hai, Kya Intjaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad) - 2
 she walked up to him – leaning over her body – Arman turned
his hand into a fist and didn't dare to touch – she sighed and took
his hands in her hands – kept that fist below on her waist – back ….
slowly due to music his fist opened and grabbed hold of her body.
She pulled herself up to his ear – bitting it she mumbled the last
two lines... he smiled and rubbed his hand – feeling the silk suit
moving with his hand along.

 Kuchh Saanz Hai.., Jaage Se Jo Kal Soye Alfaaz Hai.., Chup Se Nashe Mein Khoye Nazar Hi Samjhaaye, Yeh Guftgu Saari.. Koyi Aarju Mein Hai, Angadaayi Pyaari.. Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai, Kya Aitbaar Hai Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad Na Inkaar Hai, Na Ikraar Hai Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
he took her in his arms and took her to the bed – he lost the bet.
He always will – he could never win her – he couldn't say no to him
– talking was not their cup of tea – they use their self to tell how
much they loved – seeing them, loving each other like this anyone
could get obsessed – they acutally were obsessed with each other.
The way they kissed – touched eachother – with equal love –
tention was not so easy for every couple – they different – different
obsessed couple

Kehna Hi Kya..,
Tera Dakhal Na Koyi Dil Ko Dikha..,
Dil Ki Shakal Ka Koyi Dil Se Bhi Meri,
Ik Shart Yeh Aisi.. Laage Jeet Si Mujhako,
 Yeh Haar Hai Kaisi.. Kyun Yeh Pukaar Hai,
 Kyun Bekaraar Hai Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai,
 Pyaar Hai Shaayad Jaadu Sawaar Hai,
Na Ikhtiyaar Hai Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai,
Pyaar Hai Shaayad....

He kissed her over her chest – pulling it over her arms – it laid carelessly
over her waist – while the up one was bare – he touched her sensously –
which left her with moans of his name – he kissed her in a way that she was
getting more obsessed about him – she couldn't tell how much his kisses
were making him …

 Pyaar Hai Shaayad Kuchh Khaas Hai Kuchh Paas Hai, Kuchh Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai.. Pyaar Hai Shaayad, Pyaar Hai Shaayad, Yahi
pulling of her night suit he rubbed his bare with her - and made love to her – hissing together they touched the peak of love.....

Next Chapter: Honeymoon!

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