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Chapter 31: Obsessed...

After two days – they finally got the ticket and they were on their way to Honeymoon for switzerland. Riddimaa had kept an open wish to go out of India.... something where the wheather is cold... And finally agreeing upon switzerland – they were head off too it...

day had landed around the day time and were enjoying the shopping though Arman requested Riddimaa to go and few lingrine – but she rejected and ran away by the shop. Arman ran after her – took her to some decent shop - "Ridddimaa I will be back" he said and went out of the shop.

She knew where he had gone – 'possibly to buy something disgusting – I am not gonna wear it' she thought, firmly.

"shall we move – I am starving!" Arman came back after good 15 minutes. "Hmm – yea I am done – pay the shopkeeper" she said. While holding bags in her hand – he smiled, paied and went after her... "Hey chalo lets go their – that resturant" Arman told walking beside her. "ok.... Arman?" she rolled a tongue in her mouth "hmmm jaan" Arman said absentmindly while texting a friend. "What's in the shopper you holding?" she said – as he had a shopper tightly clutched in his fist "You will found out in the room – can't show right now – its embarrassing you know" he looked up – winked at herm then looked down at his cell phone.

"Arman - I told you before and I am telling you again....." she turned mum as the waiter brought the food, once he walked away Arman started eating "Arman – I am Not gonna wear that thing !" she pouted and crossed her arms over her chest "We will see !" he grinned "I am not even gonna eat !" she said angrily "OK … its your favouraite italian pasta !" he said, teasing manner "tchh – Assa thori hota hai – I said naa mujha nahi pehna !" she whined and poured some pasta in her plate

"we will see naa Riddimaa!" he added teasingly "Armmmann !" she whined even more. Thinking how will he force her.


"we will walk to the hotel ! Its just 5 min's way" she insisted "ok – acha suno, Riddimaa abhi tou we are on honeymoon and no one knows us – and on top of it I am your husband and" he was interuppted "kehna kya chate hou Arman?" she frowned "okk – soo I want my wife too wear this dress – and show me." he pointed at the shopper while entering the hotel and then the elevator "Why do you think that I am soo sweet? Haan?" she shook his chin sweetly "Never !" she stomped her feet and walked in the elevator "Riddimaa !" he ran behind her in the lift

"Come on yrr ! Why can't you do this for me!" he frowned as the door closed a british man, looked at them with a cock eyebrow "NO Arman!" she replied – turning her arms over her chest "Excuse me ma'am is he disturbing you!" The man asked, helping "YES ! Throw him out" spoke without bothering what she met "She is My wife ! Boy – stay out of it !" Arman said to the man "Ohh – I thought you annoying a beautiful lady" the man complimented and walked out as his floor came "What was that?" Arman asked her "Don't annoy me Arman!" she said with a sad look

"fine Riddimaa – if you wanted like that then ok – I am kool !" they came out of the elevator – Arman stepped a head – opened the door, threw the night dress outside the room and went in... Riddimaa, who trailed behind him – picked up the shopper and walked in. she notice that he had thrown his shirt over the floor.

She shook her head – and picked it. Keeping it over bed with shopping bags along with that one too over the corner on floor – she walked up to him. He flipped the channel's in hurdle. "Arman I am sorry" she leaned over him – giving him a side hug – she wrapped her arms around his waist and kept her head near his chest. "Forget it Riddimaa – now I am not in a good mood please let me watch t.v !" he said pulling off her arms that was around his waist "Kaha na bab sorry" she turned his face through her palm and took hold of her ears making a cute face "No... NOW leave" he said angrily. She shifted a bit back.

Taking a gulp she got up – looking around the room she notice the door was left a bit open. She locked it and walked up to the gallery. Standing in the gallery – she notice mostly the room's gallery was having couple having bare – engulfed in eachother. Her eyes fell over a couple, who were hugging and making out – kissing eachother in their garment only. She felt awful while looking at them – she notice Arman without shirt standing beside her and goggling the same couple.

She bit her lips and turned around – leaning over the railing while Arman's hand crossed – entwined together and bended over the railing - "I won't do such thing – like that !" she mumbled. On the other end, Arman smiled – remembering she hates the thing's too flashy – but at home – she was way too comfortable. He needed to talk.

"lets go in – I want to talk" he brushed pass her – she didn't like the tone at all. Gulping she stepped in – and saw Arman sitting on the bed – while placing a pillow behind his back straight. "Sitt !" he pointed at the place – infront of him. She went and sat in front of her – he took her hand. "Riddimaa -you didn't like the place?" Arman asked

"Asa nahi hai Arman...." Riddimaa said looking down at their hand "Tou ? What's wrong – you didn't felt uncomfortable when we were at home – u wore small suits, remember? The time we came from rainy day..." he pointed "i wan't conuious enough at that time – didn't even knew that you had bought one like that" she twisted her nose. "I don't like this type of cloths...." she added "but its just you and me.... no one else – or you don't feel comfortable around me now !" he asked

"Arman mene asa nahi kaha..." she looked up at him – a bit disappointed "Tou Riddima? Kuch kaho tou ….mjha bhi tou pata chale what's going on in your heart and mind." He asked leaving her hand "Tum kyun ek dress par tamashah kar rahe hou!'" she got up took the shopper - "this is the one naa?" she asked standing in front of him "Fine I am wearing it !" she stomped towards the washroom when he stopped and snatch the shopper.

"Riddimaa" he started aggressively but quiten up for a second – looked at her with hurtful eyes "Thanks but ehsan mat karo..." he smiled and walked towards the t.v and sat by the shopper – he watched the t.v

Riddimaa had unknowingly hurt him and his feeling. She felt guilt popping in her heart – she felt ashmed of her self – she leaned on floor beside the bed... covered her face with her palm and shed tears.Arman turned his eyes – when he heard her sobbing – his eyes fell on her. He sighed and walk behind at bed – and took her in his arms "ok I am sorry... don't cry baba !" he sat on the bed with her in his arms – she left her face and hid it in his arms "bass na Riddimaa – its ok.agar tum nahi pehana chati tou its ok... you don't have to cry !" He sighed as he heard her cry getting more and more – she hiccupped once in a while.

He shook – like a swing trying to subside her crying but she had started to tremble – their frist ever fight had left the floor shaken up. She wasn't even listening and kept on crying – thinking if that's how they fought over such small issue in life if they had some more big real problem how would they understand eachother – how will they compromise....

after a while – she kept her head over the joint of his chest and shoulder while his arms hold her tight enough – he leaned over the bed of the bed. He looked at her face – and her eyes, sheding silent tears. He use to clean them – they stayed like that for a good while – understanding what eachother were doing wrong. Making conclusion.

They appologized and went for a small nap. Leaning over the bed – they both hugged eachother – snuggled together. They slept in eachother arms... though it was just 7 or something around but they were drained out.


"Dinner k liya bahar chalain?" he asked wearing a yellow t- shirt "hmmmm...." she came out of the bed – she still wored a saree - "Arman what should I wear?" she asked "what ever that you Like!" He spoke, firmly "suggestion dou naa" She insisted "Nahi Riddimaa, you might not like my suggestions" HE added jelling his hair "Arman...." she walked up to him "i said, I am sorry...." she gulped feeling guilty "Ok ok … chalo we will see what you have" he took her too the cloths

Finally selecting a saree once again – they walked down to resturant for food. Arman talked randomly about his college and she told about her college life. When "Arman mujha room mai jana hai – tum kahana kah kar ajana... Mjha mama kou call karni thi." Riddimaa got up, a bit abrutly "huh? Acha ruko I am coming too …." he said finishing up his plate "NAHI... I mean nahi tum kahou ! I will catch you – when you will come up naa till then I would talk to mama.... warna you would get bore" she kissed her cheek and ran before he changes his idea

"Tchh – Kya hua hai esaa ! Why is she acting soo werid ! We just came today and her mood swing" pause "is she having... ohhh...." he made his mind to ask her once he go back to the room 'that's why she went to the room – she might wanted to use the loo' he thought. Shooking his head; he began to eat....


he opened the knob - "its already open?" Arman frowned and walked in to see the room Lighten up with candles "Riddimaa?" he whispered coming out of the room he saw the name of room plate "345" he read it "yea its mine !" he comfirmed and walked in – locking the door behind he walked up in – his hand went up to the button to turn on the light when he felt some one  stoping him – feeling her presence – he new it was his Riddimaa "riddima what is all this?" Arman asked. And finally a quite Riddimaa took him to the bed – making him sit their she open up a light that was attached over at roof – lighting like round down – stage light – it was dim – but good enough to find out what Riddimaa was in...

he looked at her, smiling – she winked and smiled back "Oh tou yea hai mama's call ! Han" he heard her giggle and walking up to him "Stay there Riddimaa" He looked away "kyun" She asked stopping at her place - "I don't wanna hurt you ! You look way too sexy !" he commented glancing at her – he noticed her walking up to him

"sorry Arman – about morning – I wanted to wait till night – I didn't knew that my little teasing would grow such a big mis- Understanding." she spoke standing infront of him "I am comfortable to wear anything in front of you – but afternoon thing was all planned to tease you but you grew quite much angry – I am sorry" she appologized while he kept on looking at her

"hmmm so all that drama was acting - I don't wear such cloths …. and then fighting - weeping?" he asked standing up with a firm face – she gulped "nahi Arman – matlab haan Arman.... thora acting tah – but when you grew angry – when we returned to room..... that just happened it self – I had never thought to had a fight" Arman with a fake anger went out in gallery...

Their room - now no candles - you could just imagine!


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