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Chapter 33: Obsessed...

It was Almost the end of 8th Month of Kashish – they had forgotten the bitter moment, Arman And kashish. Sujhal had done all the formalities of Hospital as the time could be any moment – so with the help Of Riddimaa, everything was done -

Arman and Riddimaa had decorated the Babies Room in the house too – though Arman totally said that it is not necessary – its a wastage of time and money – she is leaving any way and to it Riddimaa cheekily Replied

"won't we have the babies our own babies?" she leaned over him – pushing him over the wall in the upper floor corridor – out side the room, near stairs which lead down at lounge "uhm aa... we... surely would .. .have..." he fumbled seeing her pulling his shirt out. He looked at her fumbling "Riddimaa jaan – I know you want me badly – but jaan this is not our room – any one could come any momen.........." be he could speak he felt her lips brushinh his throat – he closed his eyes and hold her – by encircling his arm around her waist

"you know – you are trying to seduce me in the middle of house and you even know I have four devils in the house and you even know if they saw us they would not leave me in peac...." before he could continue Riddimaa kissed him over his lips ...Arman had it enough he pushed her apart pulled her in the room.

Locking the knob – he thrushed her over the bed – she looked up with a tiny glint over her lips – he get rid of his shirt and jumped over "Now don't say I didn't warned you – you started this now deal with the consequences...." he said bitting her throat – moving to the line of her tee - the shoulder joint, he pulled it off her shoulder – biting her - leaving damp print over her skin - getting a bit agressive but when he felt the Tee cannot move any more his hand reached over her waist – holding it he pulled it – over her head.

"Arman – suno.... I didn't wanted to go soo far – its day time !" she tried to hold his hand - "You should have thought that before - yo ustarted and i would be happy to end it " he took out his hand from her grip and took hold of her bare waist nuzzling his nose in her nap – he heard her groans. "Arman Stop – its tickling – your stupid beard !" she pushed him – his his chest …... his hand went up hold her arms, from below her armpit.... her hand lait straight up - he brushed his chin near her throat "oww gross no !!" she moaned "how about this?" he went near her chest "stop it …. ahhh" she moved in his grip – he mercilessly moved his chin over her soft body – and kept on hearing her moans – which surely left him delighted.

"Jaan...." he laid his face over her chest – her arms wrapped over his head – moving her fingers in them – they sat close to eachother after the teasing moment "hmmm" she replied while burinng his face deep in her – he had kept the duvet over him and they were with shirts... and were feeling a glint of cold due to Ac.... "can't we stop Kashish?" Arman asked

"Arman – we can't force her – we would surely try. I mean, okay I will talk to her after the baby is here but the final decision will be her's ! don't be upset – we would be having children too, who would call you daddy..." she was interuppted – Arman came out of the duvet as his head was under the cover "and you will called mama" he placed his chin over her chest and looked up at her throat...

"yes...." she replied and pulled him up to her level and kissed him – rolling under the cover they talked and teased eachother...


"Kashish you liked the room?" Arman asked once all the work was done "Absolutely Arman – its tremendous" Kashish Looked around the room – touched the bed "Kashish – every single thing in here is brought and selected My Arman" Riddimaa told and stood beside Arman while the Parents checked out the room in awe "Though Riddimaa helped a lot guys" Arman added hold her by waist "yea I mean I have to listen is totally banter all the time – yapping yapping ! Ufff" Ridddimaa teased him when he grinned and pulled her closer

"Acha? Batun Kashish ko while doing the work of this room what you did?" Arman whispered while Sujhal looked at everthing... precisely Arman had laid lots of pictures of whole family – Kashish touched the photos with her palm – and let out a single tear "now do also want to leave this house ? This family?" Sujhal asked whispering from behind – he tone was soft yet full of anger -

on the other end "what did I do Arman?" she whispered back, inncocently "you don't remember?" he asked "No...." she replied "Acha tou I will tell Kashish that you forced me on this small bed for making lo.." she placed her hand over his mouth "Arman, sharam karo !" she turned scartlet and looked around the place and saw Kashish and Sujhal whispering

"Acha ab mai sharam karun? Well, jaan I don't have that thing – and once I met a besharam girl like you – jou thori bohat thi naa vo bhi chalee gaye" Arman spoke and got a smack over his arm for it.

"Kashish chalo you should rest now – its over time – you had been moving from here to there from early Morning." Riddimaa spoke leaving Arman behind.

"hmmm..." Riddimaa held her hand and took her out "ahhh..." Kashish moved her hand over stomach "uhmm Riddimaa" kashish said looking at her eyes "ahhh Its the Time ! SUJHALL!" she let out a cry and took hold of her stomach …

"ARMAN !! COME Out !" Riddimaa shouted Both ran out and held over the half faint – crying Kashish – she was taken to the car – while Riddimaa informed the hospital and then text the whole Family – Naina was not at home, for that Billy stayed till she come – then they would come together.

The four made the way to hospital – both the guys sat back with Kashish while Riddimaa drove the car "Kashish just relax – mai hoon ok" Sujhal held her one hand and rubbed her face with his hanky "Aur mai bhi hoon – it better be a boy Haan !" Arman spoke helding her other haan "Sujhaaal !! SLAP HIM!" Kashish said while sujhal did as he said

"Bhai Kyun mara !! is Bitch k kehna par !" Arman forgot about Sujhal left her hand and looked across at Sujhal "Yrrrr Riddimaaa, said to do exactly same as Kashish says" Sujhal explained "Bhai yea ghalat baat hai -!" Arman argued

"sorry yrr – chal la" Sujhal gave him a bubbled gum "Ok you forgiven" Arman took the bubble

Kashish looked at the both end – quitely and then the blast "AHHHHHHHHHH ! You both FORGOT ME !! I should the center of attention" she pulled both of them through their tie's ! "oh yea sorry ! – relax relax babY" sujhal helf her hand and so did Arman – both kept on assuring her with sweet nothings.

Finally, Reaching hospital she was carried over a wheel chair to the operation theatre...


"Riddimaa, I hope everything turns out to be good" Arman sat over the bench … with her hand in his – while Sujhal had gone in to be with her wife. "Arman don't worry..... everything will be good." she moved her hand over his – to relax him soon, the family walked in Riddimaa had brought a cup of coffee for him "Do you want me to go and check it out?" Riddimaa kept a hand over his shoulder "will they allow you in?" he asked looking at her as she stood in front of her "I work here Arman – they won't stop – I be just back....

As soon Riddimaa walked in the whole family heard Kashish voice – which was over the limit – all looked tense …. Arman walked closer to the door and stood there till Riddimaa comes out

as soon she came out "Kya huaa.." he whispered "Arman the baby is quite up – Kashish isn't pushing it . It will take time...." she told and they sat near on one of the bench "I am worried..." he whispered "Kuch nahi hoga – she was under me ! She was healthy the baby was healthy – I checked everything Arman ! Everything will be good and smooth." she rubbed his hand to hush away the goose bumbs that aroused over his hand...

Riddimaa got up – when she felt something in her – she kept a hand over her chest near her throat "Kya hua....?" arman got up at her sudden way - "I guess, I will puke..." she whispered – held her mouth and ran to the closets loo …. Arman turned and looked at the operation theatre – a voice of child could be heard

every one smiled – Sujhal came out with the baby – in his hand in a white towel "its A boy!" sujhal raised it up – while everyone clapped and whooped.... only to be told by Nurse to lower there voice …. "can ...i...." Arman bit his lower lips – he looked around for riddimaa where was she ! Why is she back ?

"aww aww aww... he is like me" Arman commented "Haan tu jou sarra din Kashish k samna tah – The boy had some looks like you!" Sujhal kept a hand over his shoulder – both laughed at their own joke … "Arman badmash ! His looks could not come out now ! Let him be at least 1 year old then he would show how he looks and on whom he had gone !" Padma commented "where is Riddimaa" Sujhal asked

"She went to loo – wait I will go and check – take this" Arman passed the child to nurse and went to look for her – she sat beside the bench of the loo "Tum yahan hou?" Arman took hold of her hand – made her get up - "its a boys ! Kashish having a boy !" Arman told her while pulling her towards the the baby....


Kashish was transferred to a room and everyone was in the room – while Riddimaa had excused her self and went to the gyne... "I want you to test me doctor! I guess … I am pregnant" Riddimaa told to the gyne.... "OK – come along with me" Doctor took Riddimaa with her

while over the other end, Arman was busy adoring the child in the cot – Kashish was told to rest as she was exshauted and Sujhal sat over the corner on the couch – the family had left to their homes.... and would come next day to meet.

"Arman" sujhal whispered in the room from one corner – Arman left the baby and walked up to Sujhal "where's Riddimaa?" Sujhal whispered when arman sat by Sujhal "Duty !" he told and leaned over the couch "You should go home too!"sujhal told "ehhh? You wanna romance!" Arman whispered back "Duhh ! Isn't it clear !" Sujhal replied, shamelessly "let her rest !" Arman spoke "I know, I just want you to rest too" Sujhal said "its been over 5 hours" sujhal whispered when Riddimaa and a nurse walked in – Kashish eyes open up but Riddimaa patted her lightly "Go back sleep – you need rest !" Riddimaa whispered to kashish and patted her head

the three remained in silence – while the nurse cleaned the baby dress – as it was wet....

"Go home both of you" sujhal told "I can't – uhmm I have .. duty yeaa duty!" Riddimaa lied, she wasn't going home before – the report were in her hand... though Arman had caught her lie in instant ! It was clear. He smirked and said "me too – I am not leaving the baby !" Arman said getting up - "Lets go for a coffee Riddimaa" Arman said, firmly. Looking in her eyes – she looked up at him, she was scared – if he got angry or something that was not suppose to happens...

she made a nod and walked along him to the canteen. "what are you hiding?" Arman asked taking hold of her hand "Uhmm.me? Nothing..." she looked up at him – a bit shock "Don't try to act smart with me, wifey..." he pulled her closer through waist "Arman, if you have forgotten – then let me remind you. This is hospital and I am a senior doctor here ! It doesn't look good !" she pushed him a bit away "ohh the image would be destroyed nahi?" Arman chuckled and sat beside her in the canteen... order two coffee.


They sat near Kashish – and talked to her when Riddimaa walked in the night to check over her before going home "How are you now?" Riddimaa cupped her face through one hand over her cheek "very well now...." Kashish whispered "great – you look good right now... after two day I would discharge you probably" Riddimaa, after making her eat a medicine – she told her too relax and sleep for a while... told everything important to the nurse and walked out of the room with boys "Sujhal, I think I should be here with her – I would be a good help for her with the loo and all...." Riddimaa spoke

"Nahi riddimaa, its only about six hours – and you coming back to duty" Sujhal "You need rest for tomrrow's energy "I guess, Sujhal is right ! We have to be here tomrrow any way !" Arman told, seriously "Ok – take care of her – we...."

"Ma'am the reports ! Its here" A nurse came running "but the doctor said, that it would take a day more" Riddimaa confused and looked nervous worried about the people behind her "Ma'am, Doctor said to give as the reports were out and she said to congraulate you" Nurse went away with a smile

Riddimaa's mouth opened up a bit and she stood there shocked – both the boys came in front and looked at her shocked face. "why was she congraulating you?" Arman asked... not getting any response he shook her "huh?" she looked at them staring at her

she shook her head and pulled the report out of the envolope – she fumbled her lips trembled as she read the report "Kya hua Riddimaa?" sujhal asked taking hold of the report from her hand. She tried to take it back but till then Sujhal read and smirked

arman snatched From his hand read it "Congratualtion Mrs. Riddimaa Malik you are pregnant !" Arman read frowned "WHAT !" he looked up at Riddimaa.......................


NEXT CHAPTER: Great Moments of AR .... and the baby bits too .... but the thinking thing is does ARman need the child? now....

Love Maha....

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