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Chapter 34: Obsessed...

"Congrats Riddimaa" Sujhal gave her a side hug – though notice the other too looking up in eachothers eye. Understanding the situation he stepped in Kashish's Room to tell her about the news too. Arman broke eye contact and read the report precisely. Riddimaa sat down on the bench "Its all my fault – from past few weeks I had been neglecting the medicines – only if I had been a bit c-careful..... she broke down keeping her palms over her face" Arman kept the file beside her on the bench and sat in front of he, kneeled. Holding her hands – he rubbed off the tears. They remained in that position

"Now what?" Riddimaa broke the silence "Look Riddimaa, truly saying didn't expected this soo soon – its only 5 months you know, though reading the word that here in your abdomen my blood is growing up every second makes a gust feeling in my chest – I truly, wholeheartedly feel great in side but looking at side are we Ready?" he looked up at her which showed a similar fear – or you can say much more fear than Arman.

"I don't know.........." she whispered while bitting her lower lips. Arman got up pushed a file a bit away and say beside her engulfing her in a side hug. She buried her face in his chest and sobbed. After a minute Sujhal came out to check on them "What With you two?" Sujhal stood in front of them with an angry look – while the two look up at him a bit scared as he towering over them. "Why the hell are you crying, mind too tell" Sujhal looked at Riddima.

Seeing him scolding her, she broke more and sobbed harder "oops – I guess, I over reacted he hee" Sujhal left out a nervous laugh, got a hard glare by Arman – soon Sujhal kneeled down and told her "Riddimaa, AREn't you happy?" Sujhal looked at her "I don't know...." she whispered "What do feel tell me?" Sujhal asked, helping the poor soul "I don...." She was interuppted "Stop repeating that good for nothing phrase and come along with me..." Sujhal held her – made her stand and took her in the room the first baby of the family.

"take him" Sujhal said. Arman trooled behind them. "He cute..." after the whole day – she notice the baby Now... due to her own problem she had unknowingly neglected the baby "Take him – Pick him up" Sujhal whispered and winked at Kashish, who knew what he was doing though they heard Arman And Riddimaa's talk which they were talking out side the room and Kashish and Sujhal thought to help them.

Riddimaa bit her lips and moved an arm around the baby – the baby moved in his white cloth that was wrapped around him – his eyes opened – he moved his hand near her neck - "Touch his hand" sujhal whispered. Riddimaa ever soo lightly touched his small palm that was in a fist. "aw..." she let this word out to see his sooo small fingers "I don't want to hurt him – he is soo delicate" Riddimaa tried to give Sujhal the baby but he shook and said "No.... what do you know now Riddimaa? Still Don't know?" he whispered. "Arman, why don't you join her" Sujhal told him. Arman shruggered and walked and stood behind her – empowering her hands from lower they held the child – Arman placed his chin overr her shoulder and looked at the baby giggling.

Sujhal took backward steps still looking at them "Arman did you saw how he sequeze his eyes..." she whispered "yea.... it feel's good" pause " he is soo soft...." he added softly looking at the baby, who had blue eyes..... Arman's other hand rounded across Riddimaa – and he touched the baby's small fist – trying to feel it – open it "don't hurt him arman..." Riddimaa shoved him off – glaring at him....

"Riddimaa let me see too naa" She moved her back towards him and made clicks of her finger over the baby getting his attention. "Sujhal Kashish tell her to let me have the baby too...." Arman whined dieing to touch the baby...

soon Sujhal winked at Kashish – and walk pass Arman, who frowned at the way Sujhal walked up to Riddimaa, softly yet firmly took out the baby from Riddimaa's hold – she looked up at sujhal with a shock look. "well, what do you feel about the baby in you?" Sujhal asked while giving the baby to Kashish

Riddimaa gulped for minute she thought some one snatched the baby from her – Her Baby.... a new feeling lingered in her heart "What do think about abortion huh?" he whispered "jii?" she looked up shocked even more 'how could he say that?' she thought 'I want my child' Riddmaa thought "well, you both don't look quite happy with the news – thats the other end then" Kashish stepped in "Kashish we are happy – but the only thing is disturbing us, is that its too early..." Arman said, while Riddimaa had few tears "Riddimaa come here" Kashish called her

Riddimaa sat silently over the stool beside Kashish bed - "You know – why me and sujhal fought all the time?" Kashish spoke – seeing Riddimaa replying in No. she contiuned "Because when ever we would promise – something like we won't fought tomorrow – our half day would go thinking if we don't fight then what hsould we do? I mean we enjoyed our half College life while dating and all. They we had a great and happening 3 years of our life ! Ignoring the baby all the time.... thinking if the baby came – we won't have time for each other – Sujhal remained far away from me – and got attached to business... and me ? I got business with my fasion designing... later always we felt Some THING Missing! What we never knew – we got separated – he bought a new flat and left me – we thought and thought for almost an year what went wrong? What was the thing missing between us" Kashish ended and looked at the Sujhal who sat beside her .

While Arman near Kashish feet with anious look … "We came here – we remember your words up till now Riddimaa – whether you had forgotten 'Live the moment you are in.....' you always said that.... we lived the moment we were in ..! and once we knew what we wanted, we loved eachother like no tomorrow" Kashish blushed remember – how they loved eachother after they had come back to India. She looked at him when he kissed her lips for a second as both of them remembered the love making days …

"and once we found that I am expecting – that was it … those nine months you might have notice Arman running for me from here to there – but Sujhal? He worked totally hard on me …." All chuckled "he use to help me at night when I woke up – sweating – vomiting" Arman twisted his nose.... "he was there with the bad times of my pregnacy" pause "and then I realized the vow he took to be with me in my bad time – yes he fulfilled that vow !" she sighed "And I will always !" Sujhal whispered

"Heaven Riddimaa, do you know heavenn? Its right near my chest right now" Kashish placed the baby face near her chest and took a sigh of relief. Didn't you felt that a moment a go?" Kashish asked. Riddimaa looked Kashish and then Arman, who smiled like a geek. Before Riddimaa could reply 'That she really felt something unusal while holding the baby she asked Arman "why are you looking at me like that?"

"Well, I am – trying to know what you want now!" Arman spoke perfectly which surely was clear to Sujhal and Kashish that he is ready for this experience of life "Well, Kashish – I felt heaven too when the baby was soo near to me... but isn't it too early?" Riddimaa avoided Arman's confusing question.

"Oh so you want to go over my path – enjoy for three year then end up getting parted then some making you meet – in a flash day .! And then your sleeping love wakes up – you end making love – and then you say finally I got what I wanted ! DON'T you want to learn by OUR mistake" Kashish ended just to see a shock face of Riddimaa and Arman while Sujhal pacified Kashish

"You just gave a birth too a baby – hell ! You have lots of energy ! I guess My ice cream treatss everyday work nahi" Arman laughed loudly "SHUT UP ARMAN !" The couple shouted while Riddimaa got up in daze and walked up to Arman....

he stopped laughing and cupped her face with a satisfying smile "don't worry – we won't be separated ever – lets just enjoy the moment we are in" he spoke softly – leaning over he kissed her while she did the same – parting away they walked out with the file clutched in his palm – making a silent promise to himself.

Riddimaa stopped and walked back to Kashish "one more thing..." Riddimaa asked with a nervous smile "yeaa..." Kashish encouraged "does it really hurt while the time of delivery" the boys chuckled "well honestly speaking – I felt like I was near death Riddimaa – but once the nurse gave the baby in my hand – I felt the pain is nothing in front of this" Kashish told.

That was it – Riddimaa knew once she held the baby in her hand – all her pain would fly off !


Reaching home they changed in their night wears – Arman settled over the bed and placed her over his lap. His back leaned over the back board of the bed – with pilows.Riddima placed her head in the crook of his neck – their hands entwined over her abdomen "what are you thinking Arman...?" Riddimaa asked kissing his chin

"what will the baby? I mean girl or a boy" he asked out of blue "does it matter?" she asked kissing him on nap. "No – you know the word curiosity !" he pulled her shirt up left her hands which fell over the side – both of them looked down at her abdomen – arman placed his finger near her navel – keeping palm over the abdomen – he wandered his hand over the place while Riddimaa looked at him – she felt her pj's thread rolled up in his finger – and looked at his fungers which opened the knot. "Arman...." she gasped with heavy breaths

she felt his lips over her nap – he rubbed his nose – smell her fragnance. Her hand empowered over his hand over her abdomen – he made animated designs over he bare stomach. "Arman...." she moaned as he bot her soft skin – once getting hold of her skin between his teeth.......

he sat up straight over the bed – his hands went down below her knee – he picked her up slightly – making her lay on the bed – he pulled his all weight over his elbow and looked at her – while laying side way – he moved the strand away "I wish to make Love too you right now..." he bend down capturing her lips – she placed her palm over his cheek and mumbled between the kiss "please.....make love to me!" she said. She felt a tug to her pj's.... - which soon she felt was in his hand and was thrown beside the bed on floor – he had pulled up the sheet over them – before proceeding his hand pulled her shirt out over her head and he did the same to himself – their bare body entangled together – she felt his feet entwined with hers – he locked her palm – while entwining their finger together on the bed

"won't this create any problem for the baby" he broke the kiss – parting her thighs.... he rubbed it – to warm it … "no.... I am – in 2 month..." before she could continue she was dragged to other world – world of peace...


getting up at six in the morning – they looked at eachother and smiled "I am really waiting for the baby" Arman mumbled once he lead her to the washroom while she was wrapped in a black sheet – she blushed and went in the bathroom along with him

after having a good bath – they put on their cloths and went to hospital – to meet Kashish and tell them

"Hey Kash...." Arman leaned over kissed her head - "Hey Arman, what do you thought about the baby?" Kashish asked impatiently "Well, we are ready for it Right?" Arman hugged her side way – she made a exciting nod "I Am excited" Riddima told Kashish - "Yes who won't be ! Well now its vice versa I will have to pamper you...."

all laughed together enjoying the best moment of their life – right with the first baby of the family.soon naina and billy came – they to got informed about the Riddimaa pregnant – all hugged kissed the couple....The patient's room – was having a moment – they all laughed teased.... and waited for other day to dawn with more happiness...

the camera moved out of the room leaving a happy family to enjoy themselves – and we all would catch them up soon enough ! !!!



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