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Chapter 35: Obsessed...

The day went by and soon almost after after two weeks Kashish was brought home... "Kash – now you will be staying for more nine months as you have to take care of Riddimaa nahi?" Arman asked, holding the baby – first baby of the house in his arm.

"Well Well – Mr.Arman Malik – yes indeed for nine months but... after that..." she smirked and walked up to her room while Sujhal Balancing Her "You just wait and watch Kash, after nine months you your self will not be able to leave us !" Arman commented and took the baby with him to the lounge. "Arman you should stop forcing her – let her decide on her own" Riddimaa tried to calm him while taking seat with him on the couch. "Riddimaa please not the same lecture again – I don't want our house 'first' baby to just go away ! And I have a back up plan too !"Arman smirked and played with the baby. Making cute – adorable faces.

"What Plan?" Riddimaa asked out of curiosity "Look the baby boy Of themcould be hooked up with our soon to be coming princess ! In this way we will live together here only ! All of us ! And our daughter too be living with us after marriage!" Arman explained and calm the whimsy baby in his arm.

"Arman could you give me the baby?" Sujhal came up "he need to be feed up !" Sujhal told and took the baby "Arman, You have lost it !" Riddimaa commented once Sujhal walked away. "Kyunn?" he asked taking a turn – he kept his head over her lap and looked up at her

"I mean – the baby in me is – is only 2 and half months and you are planing the marriage ! And on top of it if its a boy ? Then ? Would you get Kashish baby boy married to your boy? I mean ewww !" Riddimaa looked down at him

"Shut up Riddimaa ! And I know its my baby – I just know its a girl and if its NOT then we would make love again till we get a baby girl you know its never that hard" Arman laughed and rubed his palm over her thigh – signaling her

"Gross ! You are sick !" she pushed his head of her lap and stomped away. "Hey – my neck ! Man – some one rightly said – women turn mad during pregnancy !"she walked pass the couch and took the first pillow near her and threw it at him.... which he catches magnificently...


Night Passes By While Talking About Yuh,

In Your Obsession,

Life Passes By While Thinking About Yuh,

In Your Obsession.

I'm Lost, My Love, In My Obsession For Yuh...

one day -- night !! Girls were waiting for their hubby with food set up on table, and then sharp at 11 Sujhal walked in with a little glints of water drops of rain over his suit.

"Sujhal do you know when will Arman be reaching home?" Seeing Sujhal grinning "Stop making faces ! app ghar agyae - why didn't he came back with you?" Riddimaa blasted at him - as he pulled of his coat and took his place over the table

"Sujhal why aren't you telling her about Arman?" Kashish sided Riddimaa. "Aree yrr - i don't know - he said he has some more work in office and would come late...!" pause "And he gave a message for Riddhima Not to wait and should retired to bed !" Sujhal spoke while gulping the food in haste.

Riddimaa held the 2 month Akash in her arms, a month back - they named the baby, Arman named the baby, precisely. "Fine - i m going in the room... with the baby." Riddimaa looked at Kashish, who allowed her to take the baby....

"but... kahana tou kahlo...." Sujhal said just to get a hard glare from her.... "Why are they always angry !" Sujhal shrugged and ate his food.


Arman walked in the house - all drained up in the rain.... 'Hmm i guess they all r sleeping.' he thought and walked in his room to see Riddhima and Kashish talking with Akash sleeping on the bed beside them.

"Hey...." he mumbled pulled off his coat - wet drained coat. "hey Arman bohat jaldi aagye...." Kashish commented picking up the baby - "change and do eat both of you ! before sleeping, esp. you young lady" Kashish pointed at Riddimaa - while ruffling her hair.

"hmm..." she smiled back. and looked up to see - Arman staring at her. "Say bye to Chachu..." Kashish said to the sleeping baby in her arms. He gave a side hug to kashish and kissed Akash over his head....

closing the door he pulled out his shirt and threw it on floor. pulling out his tie and belt - he walked up to the closet "Your night cloths are in the washroom - hanging .... behind the door..." he had ignored her and walked in the bathroom.

she gulped - thinking of the fight they had 2 days a back was still being pulled up. 'Was it really my fault.?' she thought getting up - she took his wet cloths from the floor, when he walked out of washroom changed in his three quarter shorts and a black. she went in the washroom - placed his wet clothes in the drying machine and went out after closing the light.

"I have eaten from outside ! you can go and eat the food..." he commented and laid on the bed with the blanket over him - she stood near the bed and looked at him while he laid with close eyes... she would have skipped the food if - if she was Not pregnant.

she turned and walked out of room. Reaching down stairs - she took out the food for herself - placing it in her plate - she placed herself on the counter, in the kitchen and began to eat mild food rather swallowing it. Tears brimming out of her eyes

-Flash back-

"Ridddimaa ! isn't it pretty?" he showed all the shopping bag... scattered over their bed. "Arman not again - you just bought everything and the SameThing AGain !!!" she replied with annoyance while cleaning her face - as she had just vomited in the washroom.

"what yrr ! i shopped only for a baby ! and you saying like this" he felt detached - he folded everything and back in shoppers. keeping the bags in the baby room... she shook her head and ran in the washroom 'again'

-End of Flash back-

she washed her plate and drank a glass of water and went out in lounge. which finally lead her to her room !

she looked at him sleeping in bed - peacefully. She took a shawl and walked out in the balcony of the room. he turned and looked at her - he had not eaten ! and he was Not sleeping.

-Flash back-

"Hey Riddimaa - look this? i bought this car set of our baby - its just launched and this is the first piece...." he blabbed.

she ignored and spoke "How much?"

"Not much !" he spoke and told the servants to take the huge set up in the room

"How Much Arman?" she spoke, firmly

"Ufff - teacher ! only 12000 indian currency ! i imported it from Dubai ! you know" he went in kitchen for a glass of water. "I can't believe it Arman !" she spoke angrily.

"What Can't you believe?" he chuckled "you have wasted sooo much money on baby things !" she walked up to him in kitchen and served his food on table

"Yrrr this our first baby ! ok - and what do you expect ? i m like going to be father of this child" he point at her belly and then took a seat

"That does Not mean that you would go out and waste the Money in Unimportant goods !" she placed food in his plate. while he kept quite and finished his food "Riddimaa - i guess you are over reacting ! you never said me too stop shopping for you ! wasn't that Unimportant? You waste show much of money on yourself did i ever said you to stop doing that?"

"What do you mean by that ?you trying to tell me that i waste Money?" she spoke

"You taking it all wrong! i mean, i m .... i m just buying things for my baby - whats your problem!" he ate his food.

"So its Your Baby only.? not mine ? Arman your attitude to unborn baby is like this - i m worried once the baby is in world - you would spoil him !" she commented getting up from the table.

he pushed the plate away. a bit... "what do you mean ? do you mean that i m going to be a bad father" he looked up at her "eat your food" she turned to go in the kitchen "i lost my appetizer..!" he commented, huffing.

"Fine !" she took his plate and threw it in the garbage basket kept in the kitchen - he looked at her angrily and walked away.

-End of Flash back-

Riddimaa sat in the gallery of her room - a shawl wrapped around her - it had been 3 months for the baby now - and for the first time - they had a fight over this baby ! 'I was right ! it was wrong to have a baby soo early !!! what was i thinking?' she thought with tears...

on the other hand, 'is this baby bringing us closer or ......' he thought with a sigh 'i can't believe it we fought?' he thought - his eyes went up to gallery and saw her sitting quitely. how he wanted to go and pick her up and kiss her but......... the thing she spoke that day had shattered him to do anything for her or for HER baby.

-Flash back-

Riddhima walked in the room to see few things kept on the side - huge boxes.... Arman walked out of the washroom "now what is this?" she asked him, she thought after the little tiff between them yesterday would stop him.

"Nothing for you ! i can't believe you are jealous by Our own baby !" he commented throwing the towel on couch while walking in the room without shirt - only in his three quarter shorts....

"Arman ! how could think that?" she walked up to him. "Joking Riddhima ! and besides, that is my baby too ! i can buy the whole world for the baby - without even asking you" he spoke, arrogantly and sat on the bed.

"Arman, look - i hate to say this - but i m not liking all this at all ! why don't you save money for our baby's future.!" she sat beside him "why are you worried about the future ! future is all secured he moved her hair away and kissed her neck - rubbing his pointed nose over her neck, he bit her ear lobe.

"Stop it Arman ! i know, Sujhal told me that you people having lots of problem in business !due to - due to destruction of soo many factories ! and i even know that you sell one or two lands in the process to save your fathers dreams - which hardly seems to be possible" she spoke, getting up from the bed.

"Look Riddhima, i will make it all worked out ! you don't have to stress yourself over this issue !" he tried to calm her down.

"No you understand ! why are you wasting money Arman ! why are you not getting me ! we are almost at the point to get poor ! all your factories are burnt away into ashes ! one is working which is half burnt ! and you all our working hard but can't make it work out - ! only to save that one you sold other two ! i mean, who will take the responsibility of the two babies" she roam in the room thinking her child and Akash...

"Riddimaa - look i know what i m doing, ! you are always worried about one thing or other !first you had problem with the gifts i buy for our baby and now this" Arman got up from the bed and hold her in his arms.

"Arman - smajho ! Save the Money!" she spoke politely. "Fuc* I don't wannna Save the MOney !!! we have plenty !!" he almost shouted.

"NO WE Dont !" pause "Don't make your self a fool !!! or Mee !" she shouted - soon huffing while holding her abdomen - she sat on the bed. "Listen - you stay off my work - I KNOW what i m doing!" he spoke.

"I don't trust you" she mumbled "what did you said ?" he turned back at her - grabbing her arms he made her stand and looked at her with burning eyes. "I can't leave everything up to you ! my baby will be out in coming 6 months - i have to go for work again !!!" she spoke looking at him

"You don't trust me - over this child thing? you think i m NOT capable of taking care of Our child?" he spoke, angrily.

"I know you can ! but you are not being sensible enough at this point !" she spoke softly.

"and hows that ?" he asked "Arman, why don't you just stop wasting money in saving that half broken factory..." she spoke softly "You have wasted lots of money over it - the factory has lost its root - you could have made another factory with good base ! you are not understanding the sensitivity of the situation - Sujhal's account in null ! Kashish had planned up to open a boutique here ! just to earn the money

Your Account is almost going to be null up ! whom are you fooling up?" she pushed him away. "I will do it ! you don't have to worry - just take care of the baby" he soften a bit and walked up to him "I guess, you will not understand me ! i will have to do something for my baby." she turned to leave the room

when he turned her around "Our Baby !!!" he left her arm with a jerk and turned away "you know what?" he turned towards her again "forget it !" he walked out of the room leaving a crying riddimaa on bed

-End of Flash back-


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