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Chapter 36: Obsessed...

Few more days went by - when finally the guys got good news about 'the broken factory'. They went home and told Billy and Naina.... Arman finally after soo many days - took a sigh ! The builder had finally made a design which would make the roots of the factory on land strong once again !!! but it required money and this was the last chance ! if they lost now... they would loose everything.

"I think keeping this home at bank - is wrong ! what if it did not worked out !" Kashish came out with the baby in the lounge. "Kash it will,believeme" Arman said taking the baby from her. "No Arman - Kashish is right ! you should think over it again" Riddimaa walked up to him - and sat beside him "Dheko Riddimaa - you don't know anything - stay out of it !" he scolded her.

she looked around and then at Arman - she felt humiliated.... she got up "mai .... ati hoon" she turned and walked in the room "Arman tu naa ! i m noticing you have been very harsh towards her !" Kashish scolded him "Kash - what should i do? huh? she is the who is fighting with me from last a week over the money !! i mean, she literally wanted to say she Don't trust over the baby !" arman got up - moving a hand in his hair.

"Arman, it does not mean that you keep on humiliating her ! she had even stop eating properly ! in your arrogance you both are destroying your marriage." billy pointed out.

"Think the way she is thinking Arman" Shujhal spoke while looking at the plan "why the hell all of you are tell me ???" he shouted "Arman She is YOur wife ! she has the right to speak - tell - order on everything of which you are part of ! sort this out or it will surely apart both of you !" Naina spoke walking in the kitchen

Arman sighed...


in evening he went up in the room to see her still crying while sitting in the bed. he sighed - bitting his lips.... he locked the room, pulled of his shirt. he moved her blanket and picked her up.... settling on bed - he kept her in his lap "Leave Me Arman ! I said Leave me !!" she tried to push him away. he very carefully pulled her shirt of her head - but she pulled it down with maximum force..... "Chodo !!! what ARe you doing !!" she tried get out of hold. finally, Arman got rid off her shirt.

he pulled her close - pulling the blanket up to her shoulder - his hand moved perfectly over her back..... she finally stop protesting of leaving her - leaning over his chest - she hit him after every interval - and sobbed at the same time too...

he had closed his eyes and wandered his face in her hair - tucking her shots - she trembled " i so want to do it !" he mumbled "no Arman !" she mumbled, getting scared about the baby...

"Fine atleast we can feel eachother? can we?" he parted her away and looked down at - with preiecing eyes... "I don't know..." she blushed and hugged hiding herself in him.

they stayed like this for a good hour.

"I am sorry Arman - i trust you - but i m just worried." she spoke finally. "I am sorry too Riddimaa - i know i can do this - just last chance please? be with me?" he mumbled pulling her face up. "i am always with you Arman - and this is the last chance - after it ....." she looked away. "after it everything will be great !" he added and locked her lips with him....

"You getting bulky" he teased between the kiss "shut up!" she spoke nibbling his lower lips.


"Mr. Sharma - hows the work going ?" Arman kept on going to the sight - checking out every bit - every corner. he was building his fathers dream again ! In no time plans were ready - and it's work was started..... and at the same time Riddimaa stepped in her early 5 months.... Arman had finally came to realize that making her eat ice cream was not only thing he has to do ! like he use to be with her while her tantrums are being done - he use to be with her while she puke - while she cries - while she feel's negative about their relation; he just had to listen all this

'God What will happen in coming 4 months' Arman thought exhausted as he walked in the house to see everyone in lounge but Riddimaa missing......

"Hey maa.... hey guys...." Arman greeted. Everyone replied back happily "where she?" He asked "where could she be?" Kashish retorted "Why can't any one answer me straight....?" Arman moaned and turned to room -

"She upstairs Crying...." Sujhal exclaimed "Kyunn?" Arman looked back "Kashish scolded her !" Sujhal spoke again - Kashish spanked him.

"Arman i can explain............" Kashish tried to speak "No need Kashish - i know you would have scolded her on good." Arman replied and went in the room

"Hey Riddimaa" he spoke, happily. She looked up while sitting on bed - at once got up and ran to him "easy -- easy" he smiled while hugging her "Arman tum kahan tah?" Riddimaa cried while rolling her arms around his neck "Office mai tah Riddimaa..." he rubbed her back. "but why are you late....." she cried more.

"Uff... rona band karo Riddhima... aur challo we will sit and talk...." he tried to apart...

"Nae..... we will stay like this....." she sobbed while keeping her nose in his crook of neck. "But ...Ri...." she began to cry louder "Ok ok.... as you say princess..." he mumbled and hugged her. after a good 10 mins. "Can i go and change? then we will be sitting like it ok?" he asked. seeing her sobs subsiding..

"Why do you wanna go haan? are you bored of me?" she pushed him apart. "nae Riddimaa, i m just tired....." he spoke, trying to speak logically. "i know, Arman. once the wife get pregnant ! Man forgets her for some sexy women ! i can't believe you would be like this." she shouted and cried even more while sitting on the bed.

"Riddimaa please yrr - i am seriously tired....." he spoke tiring... "so what should i do?? i m holding this heavy baby in my abdomen AND ITS MORE TIRING TO HELD IT IN HERE !!" she shouted.

'oh no not again !' Arman moaned took off his cloths and changed in the room in too his shots..."Arman..........." she spoke in the dark room - after an hour or soo... " hmmmmmmmm" he replied "make love to me..." she mumbled to him in bed.

"WHAT?" he switch on the lamp to see her -Pulling her night dress off her head. "what what???" she looked back keeping the blanket on her chest, after throwing the night dress on floor... "Riddimaa jaan .... understand we can't - we CAN'T!" he spoke

"Arman nothing will happen to the baby, trust me - i am a doctor" she behaved like a lustful women. Arman got off the bed. wearing his shirt he ran down stairs and knocked Kashish's room "Wake Up lazy bum!" he knocked.

"kya hai Arman..." Kashish came out while yawning... "could you go and sleep over with Riddimaa ... she is litterally asking me to make love while she is in her 5th month.... " Arman whispered... "uff - Arman, you just stay close to her... and don't do it ! she will sleeping after 15 - 20 mins.... and leaving her like that is not good for her mental stability... its just hormones problem - be with her and control yourself... and say yes yes to whateve she says... you understanding?" kashish asked. Arman nodded and went back to the room

he saw her sitting on the bed looking at him... he came pulled off his shirt and get in the bed... "where did you ran ?" she pouted her lips... "No where - just to kitchen for a glass of water..." he went near her and pulled her bare body close him. he sighed, knowing very well how difficult it would be for him just make her sleep and not To do ' it' while having her all himself ... like this...

he felt her leg crawling over him... fixing over his thigh - she pulled him close "Arman you are still wearing cloths ..." she whispered biting his ear.... "I know - let me have enough of you then i will think about it ..." he made an excuse... and rubbed his palm all over her back ... "come over me..." she told him "why not you come over me..." he replied pulling her on top of him - worried about the child...

he mingled her body with him - feeling her hands moving randomly on his chest - down to his trouser. he felt a gush to just do it ! but soon he felt her jumping of him to his side... and holding her stomach "kya hua Riddimaa ....?" he looked at her shock face.... and her hand on her stomach.... "is something wrong..." he turned her ...."Arman the baby kicked" she whispered... " the baby kicked.... ouch...." his hand went in side the blanket - she kept his hand over her stomach "gosh the baby kicked Riddimaa !" he told her excitingly, as he felt the baby's feet

"lay down ...." he spoke and pushed her down on the bed - taking hold of his shirt that was on floor he made her wear..... "i guess you should sleep for today... the baby had finally woke up ! soo you would be having sleepless nights and kicks..." he told while hugging her side way .... 'thanks got bacha today you saved me !' Arman thought and never gave a chance to Riddimaa to speak again....


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