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Chapter 38: Obsessed...

"Arman, Mjha Kahna dou... warna mai tumhe kah jaunge !" she pointed her finger at him as he took every bite from her hand when ever she use to bring a bite in her hand close to her face.

"Riddimaa, jaan - essa Kahana sae pyar bharta hai." Arman smiled cheekily

"Mjha nahi bharnaa Pyar... aur durr rahoo warna mai chilaun gee..!" She glared at him and began to eat rice.. "Koi baat nahi - yea ghar mera hai - logg mera hain - sath bhi mera hee deaga... Chilo !" he grabbed her waist, smoothly... parting it - he caressed her side bare waist.. "Arman !!!" she fumbled in his arms. "Chodo MUJHE !" She shouted

"Aree yaar - sorry na Riddimaa Kitna gussa karoge.?" he pulled her closer "Arman dheko..." he choked. "chor dou..." her voice cracked and Arman left her at once. "I am sorry... I am really sorry..." he left her with a jerk. 'Ooo It back fired man !' he thought; moving closer he began to close her buttons... "Sorry jaan - please don't cry - its not good for the baby... I was just making you feel good - you had already cried a lot today... I was just making you feel good - I m such an Idiot that I made my princess cry... sorry" he closed her buttons and took her face in his palms. Kissing her forehead, few times he sucked her tears.... kissing her cheeks he look straight as her to see her giving a small smile. He smiled back

"Riddimaa..." he began.. "i was thinking to go out for 2 weeks?" he asked. "Oh Arman - I soo wanna go out" she fell on him "i knew you wanted to go... why didn't you said it before...?" he asked rubbing her back while enveloping her in his arms. "You were busy with your work..." she mumbled while rubbing her nose on his bare chest. "hmmm... I am really sorry Riddimaa, that I m not near you while this stage... of our life." he sighed "No Arman, you are always near me when I really need you !" she looked up still in his hold. "You all stood by my side even when I puke... and I know - it might disgust you but still you keep on consoling me every morning... so what if half a day you are not with me but always at the bad part of my day you are their ! And I love you for that !" she moved forward and pecked his lips.

His Dimples grew up making her smile and pecking his dimples too. "You know -' I love to be like this...." she added looking up in his eyes, with longing. He tightened his hold - ' taking a sigh -' he kissed her lips, she moaned his name between the kiss, while keeping a hand over his cheek. "ahh..." she moved away "The baby always kicks you when we are in middle of something !" Arman looked down at her belly, irritatingly making Riddimaa giggle...

"Look now your mom- ' laughing at me... "he made her sit comfortably on couch -' and bend down to her bulk baby "can I jaan?" he pouts while looking up "aww Arman off-course.... you don't need to ask..." she felt bad about her previous behavior. "Hey Baby..." Arman kept his palm over her shirt... feeling babys leg. His eyes got a bit moist "i really don't believe this sometimes Riddimaa... the baby is actually in hear. Arman felt the baby's palm right over in his own hand ' as if they were giving high five !

"moving forward he kissed her belly "good night baby... please don't wake your mom today -' she had hardly slept for past few weeks..."he mumbled near her belly... getting up straight -' he made her eat more and ate itself too...

"Chalo -' today I will tuck you to bed." Arman came forward to pick her up "Arman..." she spoke slowly "Yes Jaan" he smiled back while looking down "you tuck me and make me sleep '- every day !" she pointed out with a giggle. "Today its special Jaan...." he winked and picked her up. "Arman whats special?" she looked at him confused... "its almost 7th month to our marriage... and to our courtship a year. But that had already gone.... ! Than whats special ' -you birthday? No it had time rite now... mine went by ..." she kept on blabbering while he kept her on bed keeping blanket up to her chest -' he went to his side -' he sighed and went closer to her. Keeping a hand over her mouth "Chup !" he looked at her.

"its 6 month to your pregnancy ! Idiot ! Its special" he whispered kissing her cheek. She looked at him and smile. "Aww... come here I wana hug you tight !" she moved her hand around his neck and hugged him -' he chuckled and hugged her back. "uhmmmm Live would have been never sooo beautiful with out you !" She added "Love you" he replied. She smiled and kept her head over his chest "Good night...." both mumbled, clutching on eachother they drift off.


Next Morning.
"Riddimaa my tie...?" he shouted -' she came and give it in his hand "what?" he looked at her and then at tie "Arman Kya ha ? Lo naa Tie apni -' tang mat karo subha subha !" she blasted at him "jaan you have To 'Tie' the Tie !" he circled it around his neck while taking a sigh she came forward to 'Tie' it !
"Arman ab jaldi karo !" she turned around to go down stairs "Riddimaa Belt !" he shouted. She sighed through her nostrils angrily; turning around she saw his puppy face. "Armannnn... !" she walked up to cabnet. "here !" she gave it in his hand

knock knock

"haan?" Riddimaa went and open it "kya hua Kashish ?" Riddimaa asked. "Arman kou bol na -' he is band from the office for today. Papa did that !" Kashish saw Arman leaving his belt half done in frustation "aree yarr '- Chachu Kahan hain?" Arman walked up to him "he is sleeping.." Kashish turned around but again looked back at Riddimaa "you look beautiful -'." Kashish kept a hand over her cheek "I guess you will glow every day now -' its the best stage of Pregnancy '- when Women's every part start to glow up -' and man can hardly control" Both giggled -' Arman pass them dirty look and walked away.


"Chachu.... I told you na '- Riddimaa is not upset with me today ! I made her understand and we are going on a week holiday tomorrow -' so I have to go and look up at things today." Arman tried to justify
"Finally you taking her out ' good ' go and start packing ' Sujhal will handle everything !" Chachu passed a crying Akash to Kashish and Riddimaa, who was settled on couch looked at them with a smile

"But atleast let me go today !" Arman pleaded "Arman beta -' I understand you attention towards the work -' but don't pull it over you that much -' that you began too forget Riddimaa." Billy replied seriously

"Nae Chachu '- Arman is always near me when I need him...." Riddimaa spoke while sitting on couch. "still beta- ' Sujhal had left the work for all 9 months just to be with Kashish ' and Arman use to work day and night for him ' now when its Arman turn -' why don't he do the same as Sujhal did? I mean '- Sujhal would never say no Right Kashish?" Billy looked up at Kashish

"yes Papa '- he would never back off !" Kashish smiled while making Riddimaa eat conflux, who played with Akash. For a minute Arman looked at the gloomy side of Riddima '- who felt bad that Arman was near her as Sujhal was near Kashish !

"Ok -' I will talk to Sujhal first and till the baby I won't look at the office !" Riddimaa smile at him with glowed face and bright eyes. "I be back" Arman said while dailing Sujhal's number

"Hello Sujhal... is it ok for you to handle the work till Riddimaa's pregnancy..." pause "Thanks man ! Acha listen bring things home which you need to ask.... and you can call me too... is it ok?" Arman asked "thanks a lot -'. yr..." Arman kept the phone done "he is ok with it !" Arman announced and looked at Riddimaa, who looked at him 'gosh -' she look soo much glowed today -' kashish was right !' he thought, winking at her

he went up to his room to change in something comfortable "Do you need help?" Riddimaa shouted "no - I will manage !" Arman shouted back.


at 6 in the evening -

Riddimaa woke up from her afternoon nap and walked down stairs- ' slowly see all of them sitting on the din- table.

"kya hou raha hai?" she asked -' keeping one hand below her back as it has began to ache. Arman got up -' gave her hand. "we were deciding for a place for your trip" Sujhal spoke. Making her sit Arman took his seat beside her. "soo kya socha?" she asked looking at the brochures.

"i cannot take flights !" Riddimaa spoke. "we know ! We thinking to make you go some where near by road '-." Kashish replied "how about Shimla?" Riddimaa said. Every one looked at her -' even Arman.

"You wanna go Shimla...?" Arman asked "yea -'. only if you want!" she mumbled looking down. "off-course -' I will go where ever My jaan wants..." he smiled pecking her forehead -' while Kashish took few pictures off them.

"When are we going?" Riddimaa asked. "tomorrow !" Arman got up "but Arman - packing... ?" Riddimaa looked up at him "we will do it Riddimaa..." kashish said. "yea '- lets go... we will do it now '- and we will leave early Chachu... less traffic.." Arman said helping Riddimaa to get up "yes yes '- that would be great..." Billy and Sujhal walk to the lounge with Akash while Kashish went to bring bags '- and Arman and Riddimaa walk up their room

"Thanks Arman..." she looked at him with longing. "Shut up Riddimaa" he replied in the same sugary tone. She giggled and settled on bed. "So now?" Arman looked at her "Let Kashish bring the bag first." Riddimaa replied.

"here we go..." kashish kept the bags on floor and packed as par Riddimaa's instruction. While Arman just looked at them...


"Arman '- its cold nahi?" Riddimaa rubbed her arms in her shawls while looking at the mountains through her car. "Yea... hear take this shawl too.." Arman wrapped a big shawl over her, pecking her rosy cheeks.. "Sahab we are hear..." Driver announced.

"Acha '- ek minute. App sarra saman andar lae ayea..." Arman told the driver- ' coming out- ' he helped Riddimaa to come out. She wore a big cotton gown... "Riddimaa you should not wear this now '- its really cold here !" Arman told leading her to the cottage



"Arman its Beautiful -' is it yours? I mean do you own it?" she asked "yes its ours" he smiled moving a hand from behind and holding her from behind. "Its amazing... I love it..." She told "Ok -' we will come here on our first anniversary of marriage" he winked at her while she blushed -' as they walked up to the room down stairs...
"Arman '- why does the washroom has glass door" Riddimaa frowned. "i don't know..." Arman shrugged. And told the servant to bring the bag in the room, itself. Riddimaa kept quite till the servant stood. Arman gave him money and told him to go -' the cab driver went away -' leaving the car -' as it was Arman's -' but he had hired a man for driving it.... as he was way too tired.

"abb?" She asked pulling her leg up on bed. "first we would have a nap '-." Arman ran in the bed- ' jumping in the duvet he hugged her - and sighed with cold - making Riddimaa giggle... "Arman tum pagal hou..." she declared "pata hai - now sleep." he kissed her cheek.



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