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Chapter 39: Obsessed...

"abb?" She asked pulling her leg up on bed. "first we would have a nap …." Arman ran in the bed – jumping in the duvet he hugged her – and sighed with cold … making Riddimaa giggle... "Arman tum pagal hou..." she declared "pata hai – now sleep." he kissed her cheek..


"Arman wake up..." she shook him.... feeling no movement from him.. she shook him from shoulder "Wake up Arman !" pause "ufff....." she fall back on the bed as his arm tangled up on her body... between her chest and bulky stomach.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she shouted almost in his ear - near his ear.

"Ahhhhhhhhh KYA HUA" he kept a hand on his chest - getting up he saw a simple - calm Riddimaa getting up while keeping a hand - her palm over bed... finally sitting on bed. she smiled. "You are one lazy bum" she shook her head with a smile and got off the bed. "You are one terrible bitch !" Arman remarked while she looked back with a jaw fallen and wide eyes. almost coming out

"Arman !" she looked at him astonish. "baby close your ear your dad has almost forgot how to speak !" she glared at him - puffing her nostrils. "no baby hear how bad your mum is - she had almost plan to give your dad a severe heart attack." he glared as she let out a shriek.

"you were not moving - jammed up on me as if i was your pillow ....!" she crossed her arms around her chest, pouting her lips. "well well, you are one scummy thing ... fatty women - who won't count you a pillow !" he remarked, still irritated with her scream. "oo no no ... you shouldn't have said that Malik !" she pointed her finger - walking up to him. she took the water jar that was kept on his side table and poured it over his head.

"Gosh.... shit Women !" his hand shook "Don't ever call me Fat ! its all your fault .! You got me pregnant ! only if - only if we hadn't had Done 'THAT' - than "THIS' " she point at her stomach "wouldn't have been born !" she retorted.

"Oohhhooo - now all blame over me? who was the one that asked for it?" Pause "Ohh Arman - harder ARman harder .... oh Gosh Arman do it ... just do it !" he mimicked her "Arman how dare you" she picked up the close shoe from the floor while he jumped over the bed to other side "why what happen Riddimaa?" pause "Reality hurts jaan !" he grinned and ran across the room. "Arman..." she missed a step - and was about to fall back on bed when he ran and hold up on her waist, timidly. "gotch ya..." he smirked.

"and i gotch you !" she took hold of his collar. Standing over her feet straight she turned him around pushed him on bed and sat on his crotch. "Now where would you run Malik" she looked down at him with a smirk. "Riddimaa, you should be a bit careful look at the baby yrr ! its dangerous for you to play around like this" Arman fumbled up in words and make an excuse of being 'Extra cautious'

"Oh Arman cut the crap - ab mujha sa bach kar kahan jaoge basanti !" she spoke in grave voice like 'gabbar(an actor in film sholay) "Ahhh i m scared..." he teased her. "You should be .... "she bend over him "Riddimaa - don't bend" Arman stopped her, being serious. "then how will i bite you --" she pouts

"Why do you wanna bite me...?" he chuckled "your punishment idiot" she smacked his forehead "O" he spoke, and nodding his head in yes.

"Ok lets make this easy for you get up..." arman tried to get up, when Riddimaa stopped him and passed a suspicious look at him "Don't worry - i will let you punish me "he pressed his lips together. "OK ..." she look doubtful...

Sitting beside him she watched him sitting up on bed - their feets hanging off the bed, he pulled her on his lap "You are really turning fat !" he remarked feeling her weight on him. "Shut up Arman..." she replied turning her face towards him.

"Punish me Ma'am" he looked at her. "Ok... first... uhmm Nose" she smirk and bit it hard. "Ahhh... aggressive." he commented rubbing his nose "well your comments were VERY Harsh ... rude - hurtful - sooo this is nothing" she replied with a sad tone.

"well go on bite me..." he announced. feeling her teeth on his neck. he jerked her hair back - making her whin "ARman !!" she shouted. He left her hair and kissed her all over the face. "no matter how fat you turn out - you still be my baby... my jaan - my sweetheart - my darling." he bend down her to her neck.... smooching it. "Stop it Arman..." she mingled her fingers in his hair. "I Arman malik, Declare that - i carve for you - i love you - i need you - i am obsessed by my beloved Wife Mrs. Riddimaa Arman Malik..." he kissed her right over her lips... she moaned as he bit her lips....

"Soo you regret and take your all harsh words back" she broke the kiss "yes... i do ... i do" he mumbled kissed her petals once again. "good - and that .... oh Arman just do it ... bla bla.... don't ever say that again - or i will make you carve for me for the rest of your life ! " she glared at him. "Sorry - i won't tease you on that part ! but i really love when you shout my name while i play around know what I mean … uhmm yea." he teased her

"Oh Arman Shut UP" she began to beat him with her fist - on his chest while he laughed loudly falling down on the bed - taking her along with him.


"what shall we eat?" Arman asked - while changing the channel "how about we eat Chinese - you make - i eat ! haan?" she turned grinning. "oh wow ! WHAT an idea ..." pause "NOoo !" he added

"Oh come Onn Arman - be a MAn !" she flamed him "oh Shut up Riddimaa !" he replied and kept his head on her lap... and went to a small nap while watching match...on t.v

"jaannuuu ! i m hungry" she spoke after a while... "ohkkay - pumpkin ... as you say.!" Arman took a sigh and got up - heading towards kitchen. "Let me come i will help you ..." she spoke after seeing him like this "great ! thanks" he pecked her cheek and took her in his arm up till kitchen. Making her sit a bit far from the stove he made her sit on the counter

"ARman bring vegetable from the kitchen - i will cut here ... and you will fry them up - under My instruction... !" she spoke firmly. "ok...." he did as he was told too...

He heard the T.v channel - commentary was going on about some match.... "Riddimaa jaan - can i go for 5 mins... please ??? its last over? please hun... i will do what ever you would say!" Arman left the stove and stood between her legs - as she was settled on the counter. "So MR. Malik promise that he will do exactly what he is told to do?" she kept a finger at the edge of her lips, while smirking. "yes yes - anything i promise !" Arman raised one hand in air and one over his heart... "very well then... go on - go and watch ..." she pulled her self of the counter very carefully - though Arman helped her once and ran out.... "LOVE you" he shouted "Love you tooo...." she shouted back "hmmm Mr. Malik i will soo not leave this bloody opportunity..." she grinned and pour all the things in the cooker.


"Dinner Ready Arman.... !" she placed all the dishes on table along with two plates, on their respective places... "You made whole dinner in 5 mins?" he was shock while louding the volume of television and taking the remote along with him to the two seat wood table that was very close to t.v

"Arman 1st of all put the volume DOWN !" she shouted and cleaned her face with her hanky-towel. keeping it on her lap she settled down on her seat, sighing "and second, its ALMOST 30 mins !! while i had been cooking alone ! JERK !" she again shouted. Taking the Hanky again she rubbed her forehead... and cleaned her sweat

"ahh well, i can explain... it happened like this that when i came out i found the bating team still had 5 over left... urghh - soo yea you -- understand rite.... come on lets eat... uhmm thats yummy" he changed the topic as he felt her hard glares.

"fine - i hope you don't forget the deal" she spoke - taking her fork... after pouring food in her plate. "which one?" he asked while gulping food in hurry and looking at match along with it... "ARMAN !!!" she spoke "Yea -- yea... wait" he closed the t.v "Bass... now tell me what deal?" he looked at her - totally frustrated.."WHAt?" he asked - as he saw her just staring at him.

"Forget it" she got up - with slight moist eyes... "now now... come here !" he hold her wrist and pulled her in his lap."I will make you eat.." he filled his spoon with rice and brought up to her mouth "No..." she looked away with moist eyes.. "I m sorry... won't you forgive your fantasy?" he spoke making pout face. "oh Here We Go again !" she rolled her eyes. and grunt over it...

"Ok come on.. now... you know i am hard it is to resist me!" he pulled her long cotton gown up till her knee.

"Ahh Rite ! as if that effects me... its been Ages Malik - now it hardly matters. your touch doesn't seem like the old times" finally she pulled the spoon in her mouth as her stomach gruppled. "oH my Gosh ! really?" pause "i thought you were dying to feel me pounce over you !" he teased her back "well, if you don't feel the same with me - i should keep my distance... will that do ok with you, sweetheart" he passed a grin "oh don't you dare ! Stay away from me ! or i will kill you" she grabbed his collar and smacked her lips over him. "uhm uhmm..." he tried to break the kiss but she didn't let him ... they continued to snog for a while...

"shall we eat now" he spoke rubbing his lips with his wrist. "ahh yes..." she sighed smiling, she asked him to make her eat. he smiled and did as he was said to.. though both equally wanted to forget the food and jump over the bed - but they completely understood that this isn't right !

And for the first time they felt wrong to come ALone - in such a beautiful cottage... as they could hardly control - the demons were kicking them to Just Do It ! but their heart cried For No... as they were willingly waiting for the Baby -their Baby... first indeed....



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