Thursday, 1 August 2019

Chapter 4 : Alone in this World??

Riddhima is sitting there solemnly, in the comfortable, warmth of her home. Though, she didn't look comfortable at all. Her eyes were swollen, clearly showing that she's been crying. Her hair from a nice bun has turned into a messed up wreck. Her beautiful face is a light colour of crimson because of the crazy day she has had. Right now she was thinking, thinking about the man who came this afternoon. Now, when she thought about it he looked familiar like she knew him. She sighs and goes back to writing in her diary.

Dear Diary,

I've talked a lot about my bad days; it will make me feel better if I could talk about some good days of my life. The best days of my life were when I was in boarding school. After the death of dad the duke sent me out to school in the France and that's when I met him, Armaan. He was the best person I met. We both were best friends since kindergarten. We were like a package deal, if someone invited me he would tag along uninvited because they know the bond between us two. These were the best years of my life until; I told him I was a princess. He didn't believe me and took me as a liar. This was just the beginning of the bad days. I went back after graduation and I was accused for being a traitor for trying to prove myself the king's daughter.

She dropped the pen without finishing the entry. "Oh my god," she said in a high voice." It was him, it was Armaan," she continued in utter shock. She picked up her phone and dialed a number."

Hello, may I be able to speak to Mr. Armaan Mallik?" she asked the man on the phone."Speaking," replied. "Armaan, Armaan oh my god Armaan it was you who came today not a court man."" Yes, it was me Riddhima," he answers in a monotone, despite the fact that she was practically screaming."I'm so sorry Armaan I really didn't recognize you.""You never told me about your father," was the only sound that came from the other line.

There is dead silence on both ends of the phone when Riddhima brought up the courage to talk."Armaan, I was afraid, I didn't want anybody to be sympathetic for me; I wanted you to like me the way I am not because I didn't have a dad." She said very shocked and politely."I will always like you for what you are, what made you think people won't like you," he answers politely." I don't know Armaan my subconciousness or something but I that was what was stopping me from telling any of you.""You know what, you are going to meet me at Central Street and we are going to have some old day fun okay?" he demands her."Okay" she replies and they bid their good bye.


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