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Epilogue: How to Kill your Husband


Their eyes clashed as the dim boardroom's light flashed on illuminating the surroundings. No emotions, no mercy, just challenge. Pure intention to win the current contract. Her eyes tore from her biggest competitor, her rival and went up to her PA who just finished the presentation and came up to her with an expectant look. She put him out of his misery by giving him a curt nod of approval.

"Thank you Ma'am. I tried my best." Her PA broke into a smile but she ignored him and looked back at her rival whose eyes were still boring into hers. She stared back with a raised brow and he followed her suit with an amused expression.

Armaan drummed his fingers on the boardroom table and looked at his business rival with a lazy smile. Man was she good? Her company's given a tremendous presentation and deep down he knew that the chances were high she'll get the contract. She deserved it and the funny thing was she knew she was good. He could see it in the haughty confidant gaze of her. Who would've thought in 7 years so many things will change and most of all Riddhima...

He still misses Riddhima and no one can fill her emptiness but he had to let her go and she was the one who taught him to do that.  Just like that even he let Riddhima go with a heavy heart...But it was for her own good.

His thoughts were broken with a foreign company's executive voice as he started to make an announcement about the final results on which company got the contract. All the eyes were on him and his rival as they were the only two companies who reached the final stages of bidding.

"After considering the pros and cons of both companies and off course after seeing the presentation, my company has come to a conclusion..." he looked around. "...That it would be much more efficient and profitable if both companies work together for this particular project." The foreign company's executive asked hopefully.

Armaan's eyes darted over to his rival who spoke before him.

"I don't mind working with Mallik Empires." She said professionally then her eyes met with Armaan. "As long as Mr. Mallik doesn't mind." Pure challenge in her gaze.

Armaan gave her a heated look and saw her eyes go dark in liquid heat. "I don't mind both companies working together as well." Then he gave her a lazy grin. "It's always a pleasure working with you."

"Me too." She mouthed with a glint in her eyes.

"Well that's brilliant..." the foreign executive went on and on explaining the project's detail.

As soon as the meeting finished, everyone stood up and started congratulating the CEO of both companies.

In the midst of people, Armaan saw his rival excusing herself and going out of the boardroom. He excused himself as well and went behind her. He could hear the clicking of her stilettos on the black granite as she made her way towards the elevator. Golden lights from the ceiling were shinning off her flowing black hair as he saw her hips swaying gently. Desire flowed through his veins. She pressed the button and the elevator's door pinged open.

As soon as she stepped in the elevator, Armaan ran towards the elevator, pushed her against the mirrored wall and heard the door sliding close behind them.

"Not so fast honey." Armaan drawled and smirked at her shocked expression but soon they changed into a knowing smile.

"What are you doing Mr. Mallik? My husband will see me. These kinds of things don't suit a married man like you." She breathed while loosening up his tie with expert hands and kissing his neck.

Armaan groaned. "No one can see us in the elevator and me and wife are not on talking terms so it doesn't matter what I do behind her back." Lifting her chin her with his finger he nuzzled his nose with hers.

"The elevator has cameras." She hissed in pleasure.

"Monitored by my men." He moved her hair from her shoulder and started sucking her exposed skin there.

She started opening his buttons while arching her neck. "But I don't cheat on my husband. He loves me a lot." She purred in pleasure. "Don't you love your wife?"

Armaan smiled against her neck. "I do but we're not on talking terms anymore. Told you. Now let's not talk about her."

Her laughter bubbled up in the steamy elevator. "But we're rivals and it's ethically wrong to sleep with your business partner." She said with a smirk. "And besides I wouldn't wanna mess with your wife. She'll kill me if she gets to know am the one who her husband is cheating on with. She's very feisty."

Armaan lifted her head up. "Don't say anything about my devoted wife."

"Ooh can't hear anything against your wife eh?" she taunted with an amused expression while caressing his chest with her red painted nail.

Armaan looked at her with narrowed eyes. "If you don't shut up now, then..." he stopped to think. "I'll tell your husband about your adultery."

She wrapped her arms around his neck breathed on his lips. "You do that and I'll ruin your married life."

Armaan laughed and lowered his mouth on hers. "Looks like we both deserve each other then." He said while leaving a trail of kisses over her jaw. "And anyways she's too dumb and foolish to catch me. She must be cooking and cleaning right now"

Armaan bit his tongue and hugged her tightly knowing very well what's coming next.

"ACHA KUTTE KAMINE?" She blasted and tried pushing Armaan away but Armaan kept her in his frame and cradled her. "CHODO MUJE. DUMB AND FOOLISH? KAMINE KHANE MEIN ZEHER MILA DUNGI AGAR MERE ALAWA KISI AUR KO DEKHA BHI TO."

Armaan laughed and kissed her head. "C'mon Riddhima, hamari shadi ko 7 saal ho gaye hai. Ab to mere khane mein zeher mila ne ki dhamki band karo."

"When you love someone, fight for it but if that someone likes somebody else, be a soldier. KILL THEM BOTH!" Riddhima lightly strangles Armaan and starts laughing.

"Offcourse wifey, what else can I expect from you? Low ridden things like sacrifices and giving before taking?" Armaan asked sarcastically. "Nahh they're out of fashion."

Armaan realised they are reaching the ground floor so he pulled her back and buttoned up his shirt and sorted his hair out telling her do the same.

Riddhima elbowed his chest. "Kya yaar Armaan. You never let me be professional in front of you. Ab mein RM group of industries ki CEO hu. You can't seduce your rival in the elevator like that." She placed her hands on her hips and huffed.

Armaan pulled her towards him and gave her a quick kiss. "Karunga! I will seduce my arch nemesis of business whenever I feel like." He cradled her in his arms. "You should thank me that I controlled myself in the boardroom otherwise the way you were looking me wifey, swear to god I would have kissed you senseless there and then."

Riddhima glares at him. "Khabar daar! In the office, I am not your wifey. I am the CEO of RM group of industries and your biggest rival. And Armaan who lusts behind their rival in the boardroom?" Riddhima folds her arms.

"We do." He winks and both them starts laughing.

The door pinged open and they both step out of the elevator and starts walking out side. "But I am angry with you. Remember you said it yourself that we're not on talking terms right now." Riddhima points out while poking her finger in Armaan's chest. "You fought with me yesterday cuz I cut open your toothpaste with scissors." She glares at him. "Bas yahi tha tumhara pyaar. Ab biwi se zyada tumhe toothpaste se pyaar hai."

They both step outside the building and wears their designer shades. Armaan puts his arm around riddhima's waist as they both make their way towards her car.

"But who cuts their husband's toothpaste like that Riddhima? Really what were you thinking?"

"You just pissed me off really bad in the morning, now how is it my fault that whenever I am angry your things come in my hands?" Riddhima asks and Armaan looks at her incredulously. Yeah sure!

"Next time you're angry wifey, remind me to give you, your things to ruin okay." Armaan said with a tight smile.

Riddhima swore under her breath. "Armaan sweetheart. I loved you yesterday, I will love you tomorrow but right now you're really pissing me off."

A wide grin kicked in armaan's face seeing Riddhima come in her usual self. One thing he can't take from Riddhima is cold shoulder. They reach riddhima's car in the parking lot. Armaan thought of calling it quits now. C'mon man they haven't been talking to each other since yesterday breakfast after Riddhima cut open his toothpaste in anger. Someone needs to sort their anger issues out!

"Did I tell you I still find you damn sexy in those little power suits of yours." Armaan backs her towards her silver Lamborghini.

Riddhima raises her brows. "Stop changing the topic." She narrows her eyes.

But Armaan ignores her and continues. "It brings old memories back. Remember our flight to Vegas." He nuzzles in her neck and she moans.

"You called me a dumb wife who cooks and cleans." Riddhima complaints. "I am not talking to you." But Armaan made that really difficult for her.

"Darling when was the last time you cooked and cleaned?" Armaan blocks her way by keeping his both beside her on the car.

That put Riddhima into some serious thinking. When was the last time? "Errr...kal!" Riddhima says confidently and Armaan rolls his eyes and gives her Are-you-kidding-me look. "I am not lying you know. Meine kal hi maid ki help ki thi."

"Doing what?" Armaan asked

"I changed our bedsheets cuz she didn't do it properly."

"Wow my little devoted wifey did sooo much work. You didn't get blisters in your hands did you now sweetheart?" Armaan ask sarcastically while kissing her pulse on her wrist and she pushes him back.

Their fight gets interrupted by an employer of Mallik empire. He beamed seeing both arch nemesis of cut throat business world romancing together outside Mallik empires.

"Congratulation Mr and Mrs Mallik. Heard you both got the contract. I must say Riddhima you were amazing and hmm Armaan bhi thik hi tha." Nikhil the company employ teases Armaan and hi-5 riddhima who was laughing with him.

Armaan rolls his eyes. "A fool flatters himself and a wise man flatters the fool." Armaan says with a sweet smile lightly pecking riddhima's lips. "And me being a wise man, will also flatter Riddhima. Yes Mrs. Mallik, you were outstanding today."

Next second Armaan felt a punch in his stomach from Riddhima. "God made coke, God made pepsi, God made me. Oh so sexy. God made rivers, God made lakes, God made you...Oh well, we all make mistakes" Even Riddhima couldn't resist adding her little poem.

Armaan complained. "Riddhima sweets, do you see Nikhil and his wife? She kisses him every time they meet. Why don't you do that?"

"I would love to but I think Nikhil's wife will not like it very much." Riddhima gave flying kisses in nikhil's directions. "muah muah muah. Nikhilll darlinggg aao naaa" she fakes a moan.

Armaan's jaw drops and he pulls her back from a frightened Nikhil who was shaking his head vigorously in a no.

"Riddhima, meri wife se pehle Armaan maar dalega muje." Nikhil mutters looking at a narrowed eyed Armaan. Who could've guessed that they are the same business rivals who were kissing eachother's faces off in the elevator? Talk about split personality.

"Correct so wifey don't even think about cheating on me." Armaan glares at her and she sticks her tongue out.

"Acha? And what about that little adultery talk we had in the elevator. Us waqt to biwi ko bilkul bhul gaye the aur apni business rival se romance kar rahe the"

"Par agar business rival itni sexy ho to usmein mein kya kar sakta hu?" Armaan pouts.

Suddenly Nikhil coughs and Riddhima looks at him frustratingly. Kamina hamesha kabab mein haddi ban jata hai. "You guys are in so much love." Nikhil complaints enviously and Armaan snorts. So much love! Yeah right he should have seen the shreds of his toothpaste yesterday morning!

"To us mein tujhe kya problem hai kamine?" Riddhima glares at Nikhil. "Even you're married."

"It's not the same anymore Riddhima." Nikhil sings his sob stories. "When we were first married, I would come home from the office, my wife would bring my slippers and our cute little dog would run around barking. Now after 7 years it's all different, I come home, the dog brings the slippers and my wife runs around barking."

"Why complaint?" said Riddhima, "You're still getting the same service!" and cracks up laughing seeing Armaan's and Nikhil's shocked faces.

Suddenly Armaan thinks of putting Nikhil out of his misery. "I understand buddy but you should be happy." Armaan says and Riddhima narrows her eyes. "Meri wali to aaj tak meri slippers nahi laayi rather my slipper always comes flying at me if Riddhima gets angry." Armaan said sympathetically.

 Riddhima rolls her eyes. "But I am a very non violent person Armaan." She says while batting her eyes. "Also if the world was ruled by women, there would be no wars. Just a couple of nations not talking with eachother.


Riddhima climbed out of the car and glanced wistfully at the gracious large beautiful mansion house that she had fallen in love with the minute she'd first seen it. It's owned by her and Armaan now. The feeling of her own house was still overwhelming whenever she sees it. This was her achievement and she bought half of the house with Armaan. It's been a few years now that Riddhima exited from Mallik empires and started her own small company but as she was a Mallik now, she had no shortage of financers which included Armaan. He was very upset to let her go but he knew that it was her dream to become a CEO of her own company so with a heavy heart he let her go from his company to pursue her own dream. There were some struggling months but as she mentioned before being a wife of the CEO if the biggest business man of India she got lots of financial help and soon her struggling days finished and she reached the heights where hardly any woman reached in the cut throat male dominated business world and her only rock hard support who was always behind her saving her from all the down hills was her none other than her husband, Armaan. Many people said that their marriage won't work out now they are biggest rivals but both of them made sure that business never came at home. At home they were like any other normal couple fighting and making up but once they're in their business mode no one could tell that they're happily married couple. Rivals in boardroom and lovers in bedroom. After all it's every girl's fantasy to fall in love with her enemy whether she admits it or not.

Strong arms suddenly closed around her, and she gave a startled cry when Armaan swung her into his arms. "Lost in your dream world wifey?" he asked nuzzling in her neck.

"Never kiss your lover in the garden." Riddhima giggles. "Love is blind but neighbours aren't"

Armaan stops the flow of words from her by bringing his mouth down on hers. But before he could deepen the kiss, they heard little footsteps approaching them.

"MUUUMMM DAAADDD." A boy of 7 ran towards the couple and Armaan dropped Riddhima as a reflex. "EEEWWW."

"Neel!" Riddhima shouted at her 7 year old son who was closing his eyes. "Why are you shouting for?" flustered with the sudden change in atmosphere. One minute she's kissing Armaan and the next, she's dropped on the floor and to worse her plight her 7 year old son has seen them.

Armaan chuckles picking up little Neel and gave him a sloppy kiss who burst in to pearls of laughter. "Dad you're strong man." Neel feels Armaan's pumping muscles. "You can pick up me as well as Mum."

A red colour reached Riddhima cheek and went into a darker shade when Neel continued.

"And also you're an awesome kisser dad! Right mum?" and broke into little giggles seeing his mum's eyes all wide.

A moment of silence and all of them burst out laughing. Approaching the naughty pair son and father, Riddhima greeted little Neel with kiss on the cheek as Armaan took her in by her waist.

"Bohot naughty ho gaye ho Neel! Kaha se seekhte ho yeh sab?" Riddhima asked taking off her shoes and throwing her handbag on the couch.

"My friend next door." Neel sniggers.

"How was school today Neel?" Armaan ask his son after coming from his room after getting into more comfortable clothes and slumps on couch next to Riddhima who was watching TV. Neel runs up to his dad and jumps on his lap.

"AWESOME!!! I had that kick- ass moment when the teacher thinks you aren't listening and calls you on but answer the question right. IT'S LIKE WHAT NOW. BITCH ;)"

Riddhima was drinking water when she hear neel swearing and spits the water out. "NEEL! Who taught you that B word?!" Riddhima asks angrily and Armaan also glares at him. Little Neel's face wilts like a winter flower and starts crying.

"Neel beta swearing is for loosers." Armaan explains him sternly and Riddhima keeps glaring at him.

Neel takes a small hiccup and answer meekly. "My friend next door."

That's it! That broke riddhima's dam of patience. "KAHA HAI VO NALAYAK?!"

She storms out of her house and walks towards their fence adjoining the neighbours fence and shouts at the top of her lungs. "PATEL KI BACCHI BAHAR AA!" she calls her neighbour Mrs. Patel. "AUR APNE NALAYAK BETE KO BHI SAATH LEKAR AA!"

Armaan rushes outside behind Riddhima and try to calm her down but her lid was already blown off. Mrs Patel also comes running outside looking flustered.

"Kya hua? Kyo chilla rahi hai aapki biwi Mr. Mallik?" Mrs patel asks Armaan giving evils to Riddhima.

Riddhima pushes Armaan out of her way. "Kamini, Armaan se kya poochti hai? Mujse baat kar! Tera nalayal beta mere Neel ko gaaliyaan sikhata hai! Teach him something nice for a change."

Mrs. Patel snorts. "Mein to apne bete ko sikha dungi but what about my window glass your son smashed while playing cricket?" she complaints and  Armaan shakes his head in annoyance. Oh man kaha phas gaya!

"Arey ball hi phenka hai, koi bomb ko nahi daal diya tumhare ghar mein jo itna uchal rahi ho." Riddhima defends her son. "Aur agar baccha khelega nahi to tumhare jaisa mota ho jayega. Grrr" A scowl followed her list of expressions.

Armaan saw the fight between neighbours was going out of hands so he took money out from his wallet and offered Mrs. Patel the compensation for her broken windows and drags Riddhima inside the house.

"Now leave it wifey. Neel won't do it again okay? Calm down and here drink some water." He fetched her a glass of water.

She heaved a tired sigh and slumped in Armaan's arms. "I don't want to do any mistake while doing Neel's upbringing."

He kissed her forehead. "Riddhima you shouldn't worry so much. And so what if you make any mistakes? Everyone does after all life doesn't come with an instruction booklet."


Next morning Armaan and Riddhima wake up with a loud crash of something breaking. They both rush towards Neel's room and saw him scratching his head and yawing loudly. They scanned the room to see what happened and saw a broken alarm clock in the corner of the room.

"Neel...?" They both huffed simultaneously.

Neel scratched his head and looked confused. "Just had a fight with my alarm clock. It wanted me to wake up, I disagreed. Things got violent. Now it's broken and I am awake... Not sure who won."

"NEEELLL!" Riddhima picked him up and took him to the bathroom with a laughing Armaan behind.

"Armaan what are you laughing at? Dekha yeh kaise bada ho raha hai?" Riddhima gave neel his brush and he started merrily cleaning his teeth.

Armaan kept laughing at his son's humour. "Riddhima man he so reminds me of you."


Neel walked with a swagger as he entered his class and sat on his seat with a style.

"Hey Neel you got a haircut?" one of his class mates asked him fawning over his godly looks.

He gave her a mean boys-are-the-best smile. "No it grew shorter."

And that shut her up.

After the class started he kept looking outside the window without taking his book out. His teacher got annoyed and approached him.

"Neel where is maths book?"

"At home." He answered with a cool grin.

The teacher frowned. "What's it doing there?"

"Having more fun than me." He answered with a sad face.

The teacher was gob smacked for a moment commending the little boy's wit but the teacher inside her took over and she shouted at him for back answering.

"But I just answered your question." Neel said indignantly.

After a lot of frowning and scowling, he got a paper and the teacher continued with the teaching.

Neel got sick and tired of the questions his teacher gave him. In frustration he wrote a little letter in his answer sheet.

 "Dear Maths,

Stop asking me to finding your x. She's not coming back. You're so annoying. Now we know why she left you in the first place.

 Sincerely, Students not Private Detectives."

Suddenly his friend came up to him sat beside him. "Hey neel where's your book man?"

Neel rolled his eyes. There we go again! Why can't people just mind their own business. "My maths book has committed suicide. It had too many problems." He said while wiping a fake tear from his eye.

His friend looked at him with sad eyes. Weirdos! "I am sorry neel. Give my hearty condolences to your math's books family."

Neel looked at him with weird expression. Is it just him or the world around him has gone nuts? "When I die I want my tombstone to read BRB, LOL :P"

"You're so cool Neel. I heard our teacher say to another teacher that you're too smart for your age." His friend said in awe and neel just lifted his collar proudly.

"It's all genetic man." Neel says haughtily.

His friend looked confused. "What does that mean? Gen geni what?"

"I don't know what it means but that's what my mum tells the teacher when she complaints to her about me being too smart." And they both started sniggering.

Suddenly Neel remembers something. "Hey you know what happened yesterday? My neighbor knocked at house at night 2:30 am. Can you believe?! Lucky for him I was still awake playing my drums"

The teacher peeks into Neel's book and reads the little 'letter' to Mr. Maths.

"NEEL! WHAT IS THIS?" The teacher shouts and neel closes his ear. "Why are you being a pain for me?" the teacher sighs in frustration.

"The truth is everybody is going to hurt you. You just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." Neal taps her arm sympathetically.

"Neal last warning. You better sort your attitude out." The teacher shows him a ruler. Is she trying to scare me with that plastic ruler? Man she should come down my house and see my parents!

"I haven't got attitude problem. I've just got a personality you can't handle."


Neel took his bag and slung his around his shoulder and started walking in a swagger. Just before he left the classroom he said,

"I am selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worse, then sure as hell you don't deserve me at my best."


"Nautanki! Ek number ka nautanki hai tumhara beta!" Riddhima shouts at Armaan while throwing a pillow at him.

"What did his teacher say?" Armaan ducks and escape the pillow.

"Kya kahegi vo jal kukdi. Just cuz her daughter is dim wit who hangs over Neel's every word as if neel will marry her one day out of pity." Riddhima bitches about Neel's teacher who called Riddhima in from her office and gave her a long lecture about her son's long tongue. Now how is it her fault that her son is too clever to handle? Is it just her or the whole world is conspiring against her? Someone up in the heaven really hates her! Must be her dad. But she thought he went to hell?

"What the hell? Neel is seven!" Armaan shakes his head

"I hate that teacher and her whole khandan. Khabar daar agar Neel ne uski dim wit brace face beti se shadi ki."

"Riddhima he's seven sweetheart, not twenty seven!"

Riddhima ignores him. "Aur khabardaar-" Armaan quietens her by placing his mouth on hers and rolling her down on the bed underneath him.

Riddhima's gasp was muffled beneath the firm pressure of armaan's mouth on hers, and shock rendered her immobile. His lips were warm and powerful as he kissed her with an expertise that caused her heart to slam against her ribs. He moved his hand from her chin to nape, while his other hand settled on her hip and urged her closer. He did not extent force, and she could easily resist but her body had the will of its own, and it craved even closer contact with most mesmeric man she had ever met.

His tongue traced the shape of her mouth, playing havoc with her equilibrium as Armaan carried on his unhurried exploration of her mouth. She gave up thinking and just melted in his arms kissing him with equal fervour. Tongues fought for dominance as they both played havoc with each other's senses.

She had no idea how long the kiss has lasted. It could have been minutes, hours. While she was in his arms, she lost all sense of time. That was exact reason why she told Armaan to behave strictly professionally while they're working in office. She got the title of Ice princess in between business executives as she always carried herself with a cool grace that no men wanted to mess with. It took her seven years to build such serious image in the male dominated business world where women were just used for secretarial work and Armaan also tried his best not to break her ice queen exterior while they're in the boardroom talking business. But him being Armaan, he could help but steal a kiss or two while no one's looking. Not that she minds ;)

He lifted his head and kissed her forehead lovingly. He sat up while pulling her with him and then he kept a small pillow on riddhima's lap and rested his head there.

"Aaj bada pyaar aa raha hai." Riddhima leaned against the bed backrest and caresses armaan's head. "You know I was thinking about the day Neel was born."

A chuckle escape armaan's mouth. "You nearly murdered me that day along with the nurses and the doctors."

She hits his head lightly. "I wasn't that bad as well okay."

"Oh who are you kidding. You screamed the whole hospital down and embarrassed me to the core."


A loud scream pierced the night's silent air.


Armaan jerked up from his sleep and on the light lamp only to find a very pregnant Riddhima panting and screaming next to him. "What happened? You're okay?" he asked while cupping her face with panic written all over his face.

"My water water broke...MY WATER BROKE AAAHHH" she pulled him by his collar and screamed in labour pain.

"Oh my god." Armaan tried to calm his jumping nerves down. "We need to take you to the hospital."

Riddhima screamed even louder while holding her stomach. "AUR NAHI TO KYA KAMINE! MUHRAT KA INTEZAAR KAR RAHE HO?!"

He fetched riddhima's pregnancy bag which they kept ready as soon as she came in her 9th month and made Riddhima stand up from the bed. "Sweetheart relax and breathe deeply."


That frightened Armaan even more, so without thinking he swept Riddhima off the ground and hurriedly carried her downstairs towards his car. Carefully placing Riddhima in the backseat, he started his car and pressed the gas pedal zooming his black Mercedes towards the hospital leaving a trail of smoke behind.

"We're nearly there Riddhima. Have patience babes. Don't worry everything will be okay." Armaan kept assuring a screaming and shouting Riddhima in the back seat who was squirming in pain.

Soon he reached the hospital and instantly Riddhima was transferred into a wheelchair and was taken to a delivery room with Armaan following in her wake.

It was like patience was no longer riddhima's friend. "SAB ISS KAMINE KE WAJAH SE HUA HAI!" Riddhima pointed at Armaan and scowled. "YOU FORGOT TO TAKE PROTECTION THAT NIGHT AND LOOK! NOW I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE PAIN OF CHILD BIRTH!"

Armaan wanted the ground to open up and take him in. Riddhima was seriously embarrassing him. "Riddhima baby calm down."

"CHUP KAR CALM DOWN KA BACCHA! AGAR AGLI BAAR MUJE PREGNANT KIYA TO MEIN TERI JAAN LE LUNGI" she knocked the little table over which was next to her as the nurse made her sit on the delivery chair.

The nurses were giving him awkward looks as Riddhima was discussing their sex lives in public, rather screaming. He just laughed nervously. If Riddhima wasn't so much in pain, swear to god he would've have strangled her by now.

"Okay okay I won't get you pregnant in future promise. Now shush muh band rakho apna." Armaan puts his palm on her mouth and her eyes go all wide.

"Mhhnmmm sdfhhhkmmm mhmnmmh!" she tries to speak but only muffled voices come out. When Armaan still doesn't take his hand off her mouth, she bites his finger.

"OWWW Riddhima don't act jungli now please." He complaints while rubbing his fingers.

Riddhima pulls him close by his collar. "I WILL KILL YOU ARMAAN MALLIK!" and screams in his ears.

Hearing the loud commotion, a few doctors come in and look worriedly at Armaan and a few frightened nurses who didn't wanted to disturb Riddhima.

"What's happening here? Why are you shouting so much?" the doctor ask her sternly.

Riddhima leaved Armaan's collar. "ANDHE HO KYA? CAN'T YOU SEE AM IN LABOUR?" she lashes at the doctor and Armaan apologises on her behalf.

"Okay Mrs. Mallik calm down now. I know you're in pain but you should understand that this is hospital and you can't make so much noise."

But Riddhima keeps crying. "Muje mummy chahiye. Muje mummy chahiye." And hits her head on armaan's chest. "ABHI ABHI ABHI"

"Babes I'll call her but you have to co-operate with the staff, otherwise how will the baby will come?" Armaan kisses her forehead. She takes a loud sob and nods in submission.

After half an hour of screaming and shouting and pushing, finally Riddhima gave birth to small baby boy who had armaan's dark eyes and riddhima's fair complexion. All in all a total package and the baby angel for daddy Armaan and mummy Riddhima.

"He's looks like a porcelain doll. So delicate." Riddhima looks at her baby in awe. Dressed in hospital gown, hair tied in a messy pony and face glowing yet tired with the child birth. She looked gloriously spent as she held her little bundle of joy in her shaky hands. Both of them had no idea how to be ideal parents or how they will even manage but Armaan sat beside Riddhima and kept his firm hands under her shaky ones telling her that they both are together in this through his gestures.

Riddhima looks at Armaan and feels a stab of guilt for shouting at him before. "I am so sorry Armaan. I shouldn't have shouted at you like that." She said pleadingly. "Sometimes I feel like that I don't deserve you. Why are you always so nice to me?"

Armaan chuckles lightly and give her a side hug kissing her cheek. "Don't you ever think like that Riddhima. I love you for who you are and these mad behaviour also comes under that category." Then he says cheekily. "But you did go overboard today with your behaviour."

"Armaaan!" she complained and hugged him tightly.


Armaan and Riddhima smiled to themselves remembering that fateful day when Neel came into their lives.

"You killed it that day Riddhima."

"Atleast thank me for not actually killing anyone."


Next day their new project was starting on which both Mallik empires and RM group of industries are working together. Riddhima's heels clicked on the black granite as she made her way towards CEO of mallik empires cabin. The staff greeted her warmly and she always had a soft corner for this office's staff so she can never manage to pull her ice queen exterior in front of these people. They knew her before she became all famous and rich.

"Good morning ridz." The receptionist greeted her with a bright smile. "Heard you'll be working with Mr. Mallik for this new project. Man that's amazing."

"The executives couldn't choose from between me and Armaan." She laughed and kept walking.

She opened the glass door of the CEO's cabin and barged in with a cool smile as their gazes met with a spark.

"Aah Mrs. Mallik." Armaan smiles professionally. "To what do I owe this pleasure of your company today?"

Riddhima rolls her eyes. "Your memory is very weak am afraid. We're supposed to be attending a meeting together. Just thought it would be more appropriate if we go together."

Armaan walks around the table and heads towards Riddhima was still leaning against the door jam. He pulls her in and closes the door behind her. "You can't blame me for my short memory. What can I say do? My wife has plagued them."

She gives him an amused smile. "I thought you weren't on talking terms with her and what a pity. You forgot your mistress already." She pouts as he pulls her closer by her waist. "You forgot out our little business affair already?"

"Who said I forgot you?" he nuzzles in her neck as she gasp slowly. "What you do to me Mrs Mallik...should be against the law."

Her laugh was strained. "I don't think your little devoted wife will like your extra marital affair very much."

Armaan ignores her and looks at her intently. "I don't know why people call you an ice princess? If they see the feisty side of you, then not even kidding you'll scare all those hardnosed business man away."

For a moment she came out of her character. "Armaan yaar. Character mein se bahar mat nikalo. Abhi mein successful business entrepreneur Riddhima Mallik hu, tumhari wife nahi." And pinched his nose.

Their moment was disturbed by a message on the intercom which reminded them of their meeting which both of them would be attending.

"Chalo phir meri business rival. Ab kuch kaam bhi karle." Laughing to themselves both exited his cabin and made their way to the boardroom in a cool business facade. So that was their way of handling their complicated lives.


The Mallik family of 3 was sitting on the dining table having their dinner with a lot of bantering going around. Riddhima was asking Neel about his homework and he was keep changing the subject.

"Your teacher also said, you're not bringing your books. What's up with your behaviour neel?" Riddhima ask sternly.

"You can't believe my teacher. You know what she said the last time I forgot my pen?" Neel take a mouth full of pasta. "No Pen= No Notes No notes = No study No study = Fail Fail = No Diploma No Diploma = No job No job =No money No money = Poor Poor = Skinny Skinny = Ugly Ugly = No marriage No marrige = No children No chlidren = Alone Alone = Depression Depression = Sickness Sickness = Death Lesson : Don't lose your pen you will die"

All 3 of them started laughing much against riddhima's will but this little dude has got their wit and humour that she couldn't help.

"Okay guys I've thought that this weekend we'll go out of town somewhere. What say? A mini holiday?" Armaan ask and neel jumps excitedly begging his mum to say yes.

"Okay okay but on one condition." Riddhima said. "Neel will be a good boy and do all his homework on time."

The little boy makes a face but then thinks deeply. "Okay fine but I will not hold any further responsibility for my nutcase of a teacher."

"Neel I am warning you. You better behave warna boarding school bhej dungi." Riddhima threatens

"Yes Neel and you know how mean the teachers are in boarding school. You won't even get to meet Mum and Dad." Armaan explains and Neel shakes his head in a no.

"No no I'll be a good boy. Promise." He kisses riddhima's cheek, then armaan's. "Where are we going for the holiday?"

"Shall we go somewhere different this time?" Armaan ask and Riddhima nods enthusiastically.

"Let's go France. Haven't been there since I was a kid." She said.

"What's France mum?"

"It's a place honey with Disneyland."

"Awesome!" Neel screeches. "Am I going to see Scooby doo?"


 The French Villa they hired was a stunning provencal-style house, set in beautiful grounds and commanding spectacular views of the coastline of the Cote de Azur. It was dark when they arrived and Riddhima was instantly captivated with the sight of the house, lit with lamps illuminating the whole house.

Neel was asleep when they stepped in the house and Riddhima followed Armaan around the house, taking in large marble floored rooms. They entered the master bedroom which had another bedroom adjoining to it where they placed a sleeping Neel and silently closed the door.

Still in dazed with sleep Riddhima only made a token of protest when Armaan swept her in his arms and carried her to their massive circular master bedroom which was dominated by an enormous bed.

"You're sleepy?" Armaan asked

"Not sleepy enough"

His mouth quirked up. "For?"

"What we're going to do tonight." And she took his mouth with hers and captured his senses in a long drugging kiss and felt him smiling against her lips.

When he finally broke the kiss and lifted his head to stare down at her, she traced her tongue over her swollen lips. One kiss was not enough. She wanted more, and she slid his fingers in his hair urging him down on her. But instead of claiming her mouth, his lips trailed down her throat, to the pulse beating frantically at the base of her neck.

"You skin feels like silk." He growled. His voice rough with desire. "I am going to eat you tonight." He came near the bed and put her down as he began to unfasten the her buttons of the dress and Riddhima caught her breath when he pushed aside the material of her dress and his mouth came in contact with her exposed breasts. "You're beautiful." He muttered rawly

She pulled him up and he saw molten desire in her eyes. Pushing him over the bed, she climbed on his taut stomach and started opening his shirt buttons kissing her way through his chest. Sliding her tongue up and down taking Armaan to a whole new level of ecstasy. Her mouth crawled up to his ears and she bit his lobe snapping his patience. Scooping her over him and making her lie flat on her back, he climbed on her and before she could protest, his mouth found hers. Desires licked through their veins like wild fire as their tongues thrust against each other.

He deepened the kiss taking it to a whole new level which was fragrantly erotic, and she melted against him and wound her arms around his neck. She couldn't wait now.

"Please..." Riddhima melted in his arms as his erotic exploration continued.

Abruptly Armaan stopped the mind- blowing foreplay and muttered a little sorry while springing up from the bed. "I can't wait either." He replied huskily. The image of this rumpled with love Riddhima drove his mind off whenever he sees it. Even after 7 years it still fascinates him how riddhima's ice cold exterior melts once she's in his arms and she transforms in to a sensual sex kitten.

They both shrugged off their clothes and locked their gazes with each other as they stripped. He climbed on top of her taking her in with powerful thrusts and Riddhima had an incredible feeling of fullness as Armaan slid deeper and deeper as he took her to another world of intoxication in his arms.

Armaan lay limp on her for a while as she stayed slumped in the bed enjoying armaan's warm body on hers. "My god- That was amazing." He mutters in her ears and she smiled weakly.

"It was indeed. Can't believe even after so many years, the passion's burning like an Olympic flame between us." Riddhima gave out a strained laugh.

"And it will keep burning till our last breath." Armaan whispered. Then suddenly said, "Was that too cheesy?" and both started laughing.

Getting off from her body, Armaan slept on his back and both fell asleep at the ceiling together holding hands.

Next morning they woke up and went to the beach playing there till mid afternoon. Then packing a day's stuff they took a tube to Paris as that was Neel's wish. Enjoying their day in Disney land with his favourite cartoon characters and fearlessly sitting on all the roller coasters surprising both his parents.

They thought of finishing their day on Eiffel tower, so they shot upwards in the elevator. "Mum did you see how high we are going to go?" Neel asked excitedly while hopping in his dad's hold.

"Yes sweetheart. We're going really high. You enjoyed today?"

"Yes yes definitely. I also met Scooby doo."

They reached as high as they could on the Eiffel tower and stepped outside only to be amazed with the breath taking view of Paris which looked ant like from this high.

Riddhima held armaan's arm and brought her close seeing Neel playing around with the telescope.

"What happened?" Armaan asked

"I...have to tell you something." She said seriously. He nods her to continue. "Your business rival won't be competing against you for the next few months."

"What? I don't get it." Armaan asked flustered. "You're my rival."

"Exactly you see, my husband won't let me work once he gets to know that he's going to be a dad...Again" her serious face broke into a wide smile.

Suddenly the comprehension dawned upon him and his jaw dropped. "You're..." He couldn't believe. "You're pregnant?"

"YESSS" she jumped and hugged and tight.

Armaan couldn't control his happiness as he passionately hugged her back. "Oh my god wifey that's the best news ever!"

"I know, first I was like 'YEH SAB USS KAMINE ARMAAN KE WAJAH SE HUA HAI' but then I was like our family do seem a little incomplete and Neel needs another sibling as well." Riddhima laughs seeing armaan's face.

He pulled out of the hug. "You were going to blame me again?" hand on his hips.

"Tumhe nahi to kya padosi ko blame karu?" even she had her hands on her hips. Suddenly Neel came and tugged both of them.

"Will someone tell me what's happening?" Neel asked. "You both look as if you're ready throw each other off the Eiffel tower."

"I am not talking to your dad. He's just being a cry baby." Riddhima turned around.

"I am not talking to your mum. She's blaming me again." Armaan turned around as well.

Little Neel scratched his head. "Blaming you for what?"

Armaan bit his tongue and Riddhima growled. "Oh nevermind. By the way Neel, you're soon going to get a little brother or sister." Riddhima came and kissed his cheek. Armaan also ruffled his hair.

"Wow you're pregnant mum?"

"Neel!" Riddhima shouts. Okay fine she was pregnant but isn't her child a bit too smart for his age? "Yes I am."

Little Neel sniggers. "Then dad ek kiss to banta hai." He said while slapping armaan's back while he was bent down as if he was his mate. Armaan smiled and kissed Neel on his cheek lovingly.

Neel moves back and shakes his head. "Not me dad. I was talking about you kissing mum. Uss din ke tarah." He winks at the couple who had their jaw dropped. "My eyes are closed." He covers his eyes with his small hands and a grin plastered on his face.

Before Riddhima could shout again, Armaan took the opportunity and pulled her into a small brief make up kiss which even Riddhima couldn't resist.

"Okay that's it time's up." Neel opened his eyes and both of them moved back. "Told you mum, dad's an awesome kisser." And the seven year old ran off.

"NEEL KA BACCHA RUKH!" Riddhima huffed and started chasing him leaving a very happy Armaan behind contended to see this sight in front of him. He couldn't ask for more.


"Riddhima calm down. The orange ice lolly you're craving for is finished." Armaan took hold of a hysterical Riddhima threatening the shop keeper. "We'll buy something else."

A seven month pregnant Riddhima pushed Armaan away and stormed towards the shop keeper. "KAMINE MERI ORANGE ICE LOLLY KAHA HAI? MEINE KAHA THA NA KI BACHA KAR RAKH NA."

The meek little boy shuddered seeing a pregnant lady attacking him. "I am sorry Ma'am finish ho gaya. Kal pakka mein aap ke liye bacha kar rakhunga."

Riddhima was in no mood. It's either orange ice lolly of this particular brand WARNA SAB JAHANNUM MEIN JAO! "I will kill you. You sold ALL my ice lolly. KAMINE MERE BAARE MEIN BIL KUL NAHI SOCHA." She shook the little boy with his collar.

Armaan trying his best to control his laugh seeing the sight in front of him. If the ice princess cool Riddhima is scary, then a pregnant Riddhima takes fear to a whole new level. "Leave him Riddhima. We'll buy your ice lolly from some other shop." He tried to pull Riddhima and the little shop keeper begged Armaan to take this crazy psycho out of his shop.

He had to drag his wife out who was throwing the crisps around kept near the door. So typical!

"Armaan. I. WANT. ORANGE. ICE. LOLLY." Okay so now it was armaan's turn to be riddhima's next poor victim.

"No Riddhima you will not hit me!" Armaan warned her while shoving her in the car.


"Why god why? Kis janam ka badla le rahe ho?"


Riddhima just gave birth to a little girl after a lot of screaming and shouting and hitting. You know how Riddhima behaves? Armaan had to bear all the complaints of angry doctors and scared nurses. This time Riddhima nearly pulled one of the nurse's hair off. Her explanation:

"I was in pain." He scowls when Armaan stands there with his hands folded.

"Riddhima that's no excuse! You nearly made the poor nurse bald this time."

"She can always wear wigs."


Their fight was broken as the nurse brought her baby in and along came Neel and her mum and sisters with a beaming Billy mallik.

"Mum she's like an angel." Neel said fascinated by his little sister. "I will protect her from the big bad world."

Seeing the little boy become mature all of a sudden, riddhima's eyes filled with tears of joy. Armaan picked his little boy up as the nurse put a tiny baby girl in riddhima's arms.

"Mum can we name her angel?" Neel pleads while bouncing in armaan's hold. "Or what's the Indian name for angel?"

"Pari..." Both Armaan and Riddhima said it then their gazes locked with eachother. "I think that's a perfect name." And Riddhima winked and gave Armaan a flying kiss surprising all of them around. A series of fake coughs were produced to stop the love birds to go any further.

"Okay okay fine. I was just showing my love to my hubby." Riddhima said while tugging armaan's hand to sit beside her on the bed.

Armaan grinned while shaking his head. One minute they were fighting and the next they were making up. That was their beauty of their relationship.

Simin jumped taking out a camera. "Okay now everybody, say cheese. I think we have a Kodak moment." She grinned capturing the bickering couple with their son and daughter.

Armaan kissed her on her lips quickly when nobody was looking but they didn't see a camera taking their another Kodak moment.

And they lived happily (aside from a few normal disagreements, misunderstandings, pouts, silent treatments, and unexpected calamities) ever after.

All the love


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