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Epilogue : Obsessed...

"Finally, we are here back..." Riddimaa looked around the same cottage which she wished to come as for her second honeymoon. "be careful about Sneha Riddimaa" Arman placed the bags on floor and gave some tip too the driver.

Looking at her wife mesmerized by the house he smiled and locked the door. "I be back... you both settle down on couch ok" Arman announced and picking up the bags he trolled away towards the room "hmm" Riddimaa made animated faces to the baby in her arms. She was almost 6 months when finally both the parent decided to go for a week holiday. To the Same cottage.

"Riddimaa? Could you come up here? I need help?" Arman shouted of the room. "I am feeding Arman... !" Riddimaa shouted back. Leaning her head on couch with close eyes. "eh... ? Nice" she heard his voice, and looked up startled.

She placed her sari back over her shoulder and covered the baby Sneha in the Sari as shade to cover her body. "What are you up to Mr? In a towel roaming around?" she looked at him disappointed. "Whhatt.? I look hot" Arman commented back, moving his arms up and bending forward as a try to make her show his muscular – hard body. "Arman, at least stop behaving like a teenager.. ! Now you are a dad !" she emphasized on the word Dad.

"Riddimaa, Don't act like an old mom ok... what are we? A young couple.... whose marriage has lasted for an year....? a bit more than year..." he commented falling beside her on couch. "Precisely 16 months... !" she retorted. "Exactly... see... we are still counting are marriage in Months... not in Years !" Arman pointed and tried move away her sari... to get a sneak peak of her darling daughter and of course her wife too

"Stop !" Riddimaa moved Sneha away. Giving it too Arman... Riddimaa corrected her dress and Went to the room to get Arman some dress. "Your mom is turning cruel to your dad ! Sooo unfair !" he complained to her daughter, who smiled and showed dimples...

"aww... not to worry sweetheart your dad will surely bring the good Riddimaa back." Arman kissed her forehead and walked in the room with her.

"Here … Now change.. !" Riddimaa placed a simple dress for him … his casual shorts and a vest... "If feel cold get hold of some sweats ok... it in here" she showed him. And went in the washroom with sneha "Mama and sneha will take a bath now hai na... Snehaa" Riddimaa talked to her daughter making her giggle

"hey I wanna join too... can I?" Arman ran up to them... "No... boys not aloud... only girls" Riddimaa showed him tongue and went away leaving Arman with a puppy face.


Seeing two angels playing along the bed side, Arman felt ignored. "I guess we were gonna celebrate this journey as our second honeymoon" he taunted. "does that mean, I have to put sneha away? Ignore her ?" she retorted back

"NO.... I never said that... its just that you know I am sitting here for past 30 minutes... still you choose to sit on other corner with sneha... we could have sat together..." Arman pointed the negligence he felt from Riddimaa in last 6 month.

The sudden unexpected words out of him had hit her across her face. She looked at him shocked. He looked not the usual thinner? Lonely? 'OMGoSh …. due to sneha I have tremendously ignored my husband.' Riddimaa thought. Licking her lips, she moisten it – and looked straight at him while he passed same burning eyes to her
standing up she made her way to him. He looked reluctantly... relaxing his eyes and the burning sensation in him, he turned his face away. Feeling her weight beside her on couch "I am sorry" She mumbled looking down at the angel in her arms. "I never knew I had been ignoring you" she choked "Sneha … its" she looked up to see his hand reaching to sneha, with love. "its a huge responsibility. I am afraid if I will be able to do it" she sobbed.

"i am trying my best to prove my self good mother... but I extremely forgot that I had an idiot husband, who was dearly waiting for me and never even came up to me before with sch Complain" Riddimaa cried when Arman circled his arm around her shoulder and embraced her in a side hug... soon she rest her head on his chest and sobbed

"I am sorry I should have came before" he said. "yes … you should have" she spoke, with slight sobs. "Its not your fault..." he spoke "No it is not … mine.." Riddma spoke.keeping the baby steady in her lap....

"I am sorry..." he mumbled nuzzling his nose in her hair, slightly kissing her in her hair "Its ok... "she wiped her cheek with her hands.... and moved away. "So..?" Arman pressed his lips together. "hmm so...?" she gulped looking down at Sneha. "Should we...? you know..." he couldn't help but grin like a fool.

"What about sneha..." she was blushing. "make her sleep..." he whispered right in her ear. His teeth getting hold of her ear, biting it slightly. She giggled and walk away in the room to make Sneha have her meal – so that she wouldn't disturb at night. When they are in 'Middle' of something.


Arman looked satisfied, as seeing Sneha on separate bed... with stuff toys all around her and Riddimaa sitting on bed wearing a simple Black laced Gown. And a Mobile in her hand


"Hey Kashish...? I was waiting for your call... I am good – yea both of them are good..." Riddimaa looked at her side as she felt his body near her. Her body tensed up as it did for the first time. She never notice it had been long time when they had have sex. She blushed at the current thought

"haan we ate.... hmm planning to go out in the temple – where we last time went... yea... how is everyone at home...?" Riddimaa asked, Arman moved her hair away from her shoulder. And pulled the single strip off her shoulder nibbling her she tried to push him away... but he never moved.

"Acha... aur..." Riddimaa replied the call. She felt his hand over her chest... cupping it... pressing it with tender care... "uhmm...." she spoke over the phone. "Kashish... she call you later" Arman grabbed the phone, and soon cut it off. "Arman..." Riddimaa landed on bed while Arman came over her. Nuzzled his nose in her chest... "Uhmmmm" she groaned feeling his fingers rubbing the ti*s.

His hand lash up to her shoulder – he softly pull off her silk dress of her chest till the waist.

When Sneha began to cry loudly...Riddimaa pushed Arman pulling her dress up... she Ran to sneha. Picking her up – she went out in the balcony with the baby blanket around her baby. Arman banged the bed.. and laid down straight on bed.

After couple of hours.... he felt some one was shaking him. He had fallen to small nap... seeing Riddimaa bending over him – and her hair, falling off her one side. "Shhh..." she placed her finger on lips and told him to get up from the bed. Arman looked around to see Sneha sleeping beside him on bed.

Arman happily got up and went with Riddimaa she told him something in her ear, which he didn't get it... she shook her head and sat on floor, it had carpet in deed.. "Aoo... !" she called him down on floor with her hand. He smiled and slipped down on floor. His back touched the bed. "so..." she started. Bending her weight over him. "here...?" he asked. "do we have an option?" she asked with a slight grin.

"nah... baby need more comfort then we...! we can surely enjoy ourselves here too..." Arman whispered making her lay down on carpet. Kissing her nose tip he – captured her lips, smooching them – he slightly brought her lower lips in between his teeth and bit it lightly. "uhm." she whined, "Riddima you not aloud to make a single noise.... if Sneha woke up – she would take you away from me..." Arman whispered, sucking her ear lobe. "Tch..." she pushed him slightly back and stared at him with pouted lips. "Arman, if you kept on biting me and you except me not to even moan?" she whispered kissing his cheek in between making him simle. "jaan... what can I do... ?i hardly could resist you... you are soo damn Fuc*ing Yummy..." he cupped her cheek and kissed her lips, making a wet noise.

His hand worked over her bre**ts... her moans and groans touched the peak, when Arman knew if kissed her further she would let out a long groan. So with a hand movement he kept over her mouth and sucked her neck, bit it lovingly, she hissed and moved under him "I guess you have forgotten the pain in last 6 months" he teased her, while licking the damp he created. "What ever." she looked irritated. "I want to be on top..." she spoke. Arman turned and pulled her body on top.moving his hand over her back he pulled her zip of till the very end while Riddimaa was busy pulling his shirt buttons. "why are you getting so irritated?" he asked stopping his hand over her bare back "This... place.... I can't..." Riddima got up not caring about the dress that was fully open from the back.

"You know I can't wait... I am human being too....i just soo want you." He whispered settled behind her on floor.she pulled her knee up – keeping her elbow over and fist over her forehead like devdas... Looking back at him and then at bed where sneha slept. "I want bed." she said.

"Ok wait..." Arman got up, he ran to the extra cupboard in the room, picked up the pile of cotton filled white duvets... keeping one over the other.. making it huge till it grew up as a moldy foam "Wow... thats great." Riddimaa described, holding her dress she jumped over the bed. "Do bring an extra sheet too" she spoke blushing "ofcourse jaan" he replied passing a sexy smile, she giggled. And lay down on the most comfortable bed.

"We would sleep on this every time... its most soft and comfortable than the bed.." Riddimaa whispered cuddling in his arm as he laid beside her... "oh gosh … finally I have you and the bed... ofcourse we will sleep like this every night..." he turned and nuzzled in her neck "every moment..." he whispered pulling her dress down as slowly as pink panther tips on floor. "uhmmm... I love you arman.." she whispered biting his ear lobe. He hissed and pulled out the dress away...

taking in the pleasure of having her all up to himself, he looked down at her soft abdomen... reaching down he kissed it, it was still a bit jelly but he loved it... he rubbed his nose over it … while his hands wandered over her thighs... white milky. She hissed as she felt him dragging his body up to her, intentionally "I love you..... I need you … now" she whispered moving in a slight pace as his hand moved beside her inner thigh... caressing her softly. "oh God..." he whispered feeling her skin in his palm. " I Love you and only youu jaaan" he kissed her down her neck.... moulding her br***ts.

She hissed, her eyes fired up – her balls made a role in her eyes as he went in her... his lips captured hers... they soon moved in rhythm... and Arman in between took a sigh as he got what he had been waiting dearly for a long time – he cuddled her neck, while his hand stroked her outer thigh as he kept on making love to her....

her hands aimlessly moved around his back... Arman finally finding the sheet covered both of them.... and they kept on showering immense love to each other till they were not only breathless but blissful too

"love you.. Jaan" he whispered before going off to a slumber sleep. Riddimaa smiled with a bit soar moved closer, keeping her head over his bare chest and a silk sheet over them – she went back to sleep too.


Next morning

Riddimaa stirred and got up with thud... Sneha was moving – rolling over the bed, Holding the sheet around her body she ran to the bed. "Hey..." Arman shouted, feeling nothing on his body, getting up on his elbow he notice why Riddima ran so fast... seeing both the girls sobbing softly under the breathe. He wore his knee length shots and walked up to them.

Picking up sneha in his arm – he kissed her around his face "hello baby good morning..." he wished in childish voice, turning his face to Riddima who sat beside him. He moved his eyes on her body – telling her to look down. She did as she was told to... sucking her breathe in – she wrapped the sheet around her body, and tied a knot on one corner of her chest. Arman chuckled and walkout in the gallery after wrapping a baby blanket around sneha.

"Arman....? andar aoo" she shouted. "haan..." he walked in to see her still in the same sheet but she had taken bath. "Lao... give me sneha... she must be hungry..." she moved forward "I am more hungry" he told with knowing eyes. "yes but you can wait" she replied thinking he must be talking about breakfast.

"No I can't...! why can't you make me and sneha vanish our hunger at one time..?" Arman settled down in front of her on bed as he saw her getting ready to feed her child "Arman... kya bol rahe hou? How can I do that...? Pagal... after this I will go in kitchen for your Breakfast... ab please let sneha have her food warna she will not let me live in rest whole day." Riddimaa scolded. Feeling her child having her feed with hunger. Both smiled "she is realli hungry..." Arman spoke touching her head with love "hmmm.... I guess soo" Riddimaa smiled back feeling bless full... Arman moved forward and kissed her lips.

"I will go make breakfast today.." Arman said and went away. "Shirt tou pehan loo" Riddimaa pointed "Kyun …. can't you control yourself" Arman grinned and went away while Riddima shook her head and played with her baby.

"Arman itnaa time?" Riddimaa walked in the kitchen still in the sheet – she didn't feel like changing it. "haan... Sneha?" Arman asked keeping eggs and bread and other things over the table. "she ate her food and went back to sleep" Riddimaa told and made space on Arman's lap once he settled to eat.

"Aree wah..." arman announced and moved one hand in the sheet – rubbing his hand over her belly he kissed her bare shoulder "I will make you eat" Riddimaa said with love... "great..." Arman replied and ate with her hand in between she ate herself too... while Arman's hand kept on caressing her at places....

she hissed when his hand use to wander over her thighs. "Arman... Let me eat in peace." Riddimaa scolded. Feeling his hand in an inappropriate place... she turned and bit his nose "ahhh.." arman moved his hand away and clutched his nose.

Riddimaa got up to run when Arman hold her sheet – pulling it away. He pushed her back on the couch behind her... he jumped over her... and soon indulged her in making love with him. Her groans and moans were quite much due to short of place. But he loved it... he loved the amount of things and places he got to make love with her.

They cuddled in the couch... "Arman... bring sneha here... I can't walk" Riddimaa said. After an hour when they tried to dis tangled themselves. "Ohkay." Arman grinned, eyeing her body as she shook her head and brought the blanket sheet to cover herself on couch.

They both laid on the couch in sheet though with nothing... while sneha was kept in walker beside the couch. "Arman... T.V chalo" Riddimaa ordered. "yes Ma'am aur Kuch?" Arman asked as he brought a glass of juice for her... working around the house, in his shots – while she laid their "Haan bring one of your shirt..." she ordered. Arman nodded and brought. "Now make me wear" Riddimaa said with a giggled. Looked at her daughter who passed a wicked smile and turned her face away

"Loo... mama ko tou sharam nahi atii but her daughter got shy by her mothers behaviour..." Arman teased while pulling her arms in the shirt while Riddimaa closed the button her self "Arman I am tired ok... ! No need to get soo ..." pause "irritating" she added.

He chuckled and pulled her in his lap... both sat – fought over remote but end up kissing. Soon Riddimaa picked Sneha and settled on Arman's lap. The family played together. With fun and lots of masti...

"Riddimaa... tou ajj raat ka kya plan hai" he whispered as Sneha snuggled sleepily in her mothers chest "Wahi jou kal Raat tah" she whispered back seductively "hmmm.. I can't wait for tonight..." Arman groaned as it was only 5 in evening. "why should we wait till night aRman?" Riddimaa asked munching chips. While looking at T.v

"Haan yea bhi hai" Arman thought and picked Riddimaa in his arms while Riddimaa handled Sneha in her lap... "Soo janeman..." he teased. After keeping sneha on bad. He threw her on the same floor bed that they made last night.

"bolo Janeman." Riddimaa kicked his leg making him fall and laughed seeing him shock... both cuddled and reunited again "I ammm sooo babdly Obsessed about you..." he whispered, feeling her burning in the same same sensation...


And they Lived Happily ever After....

Love Maha.

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