Sunday, 18 August 2019

EPILOGUE : shades of luv

the two months weren't that bad, they talked, chatted almost every time they were free, timing n work commitment sometimes would create problems but then they tackled it well

sangivni was growing as days were passing and anjali was getting much better slowly showing sign of improvement... Slowly getting out of coma

as a duty of sister ridz had decided to marry off angie her sweet small sister as soon she gets fine thinking a changed life, a new atmosphere will help her to accept harsh reality easily

atul had agreed with her decision...being far then too armi supported her and together they decided to do angie's marriage ie kanyadan

within a month angie was out of coma, first few days were trauma for ridz as she made angie face the reality...reality of their father is no more...reality that she was in coma for soo long

as armi came back ridz felt relieved a month later, then soon angie got married to atul

AR first dropped the idea of get married along AA as ridz wanted to first accomplish her task...her father's wish, making sangivni world's best hospital but then angie forced mailed her while armi just struggled his shoulder saying whatever u want to do, do im fine with both at last she gave up married armaan following day angie got married

6 yrs later

life was more or less the same...there were some minor-major changes in their life but at the same time there were some things which were just the same

they were still the same, fun loving...loved playing pranks together n sometimes alone on each other...keerti still thinks they r kids all thanks to their unchanged behaviors but then her grand daughter dia always reminded her that AR r not kids anymore

shashank's dream was fulfilled by ridz, today sangivni was the biggest and best hospital of the world

and their love or rather relationship was different like before...different totally...they were still certainly not possessive, jealous seeing each other with any1 the end of the day they were together plus both knew where their limits...limits which they would never cross...they hardly STILL said cheeky stuff to each other like i can bring stars for u, i love u more than life nor they exactly said to wat length they can go for each other becoz they believed in doing rather than saying plus love cannot be measured, expressed in words...they were a living example of trust...a couple who hardly addressed each other jaan, sweetheart, etc cheeky words...they loved to call n hear dumbo and moron from each other as these words were more sweet...their life together would surely was a roller coaster ride becoz one thing they still loved doing was playing pranks it may be sometime on each other or sometime together on someone else...they wanted to enjoy their life how much ever they can...becoz u never know wat next thing will happen in ur life, wat turn is planned by god for them...their love was unconditional n less demanding, they gave each other total freedom ie independence as every1 needs space 2 live life fruitfully


keerti looked around, one of the the vase was shattered in more than 1000...ridz was chasing armaan while yelling at him "argh how dare u...u moron...i just wanna kill u" throwing everything which she got while chased him "gosh ur could u say that...argh" while armaan was laughing, making funny faces which was like applying salt on ridz's fresh wound

"ridhima wat did he do now" keerti asked them as now armi was using her as barrier

feeling now armi was turning her round and round to safe guard himself, soo now she was stuck between them finally she yelled at two grown up kids "will u both stop it"

A silence followed as she yelled at AR for a while both stood frozen in front of keerti with head bead down...folding her arms she shooted a questionery look at ridz

Pointing finger at him she reported as if keerti was the judge n they were here fighting a case against each other "mom armaan is losing it...he called me hitler and"

Interrupting in between he tried to reason plus teasing her further "mom hitler ko hitler bolna wrong hai kya...pura din hospital mein hitlergiri karti hai"

As he tilted he saw her face turned livid with rage, he chucked as she continued "MOMM...aaj patients, nurses ke samne mujhe hitler bula raha tha"

keerti looked from armaan to ridz as they continued "bumbo truth is bitter i know but u need to accept it" he said dramatically n grinned

"ARMAANN YOU R TOO MUCH" she yelled slightly but mentally laughed at their stupid argument which they both loved doing

glancing one last time keerti decided to take hold of this endless argument, "armaan u called her hitler naa soo now u have to prepare the dinner for all of us" as she finished informing him, she grabbed ridz wrist n marched off leaving armi standing with a frown while ridz laughed slightly thinking wat will he do now

but standing there with a frown he also admired her fighting spirit, he still adored the style with which she till now fights and plays prank with him, "well this was the charm of our relationship" he said to himself while walking inside the kitchen


As she walked out having a shower, she felt better much relaxed now after a hectic day n full of fun argument but loved the food cooked by him and their love-hate argument

Glancing at him while walking towards the dressing table she noticed he was engrossed within his laptop lying comfortable on the hammock bed

As the sound of the hair dryer fell on his ears he looked at her drying her hair and talking to angie on phone

Noticing the small frown on her face as she was finding hard to do both things together he walked towards her

As he kneeled down he grabbed the dryer n slowly started drying her hair with one hand while

His other free hand was caressing her silky hair by combing her hair with his hand, opening the some small knots...smelling the sweet smell of her freshly washed hair all together

She smiled seeing him from the mirror drying her hair she simply adored their sweet-salty relationship

Feeling his fingers now trailing on her slightly exposed back while his warm breath lingering on her neck and back, his sudden action stunned her heart making her mentally lost in him

seconds later feeling his gentle yet passionate kisses on her collar bone she narrowed her eyes as she was loosing herself, taking a deep breath she covered the phone with her palm

and warned him as she turned to face him "stop it im talking on phone"

he chucked mumbling "i will not"

seeing his eyes were piecing her, forcing her, begging her...she hung up the phone making a lamb excuse while giggling as he picks her up in his arms to love her yet again unconditionally

Seeing ridz eyes were roaming around or rather around the door he smiled n informed "dia is sleeping with mom tonight as mom brought a new story book for her n will read for her before she goes to bed"

Almost throwing her on their hammock bed mischievously he asks in a husky voice while covering her gentle body with his muscular body "don't u think dia needs a brother or sister to play along?"

Seeing he winks at her she laughs hesitantly while switching the lights off as they 2gether thought of adding a new shade to their life

LUV, Sonia

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