Friday, 2 August 2019

Last Chapter : Alone in this World??

She smiles after a long time, the smile which reaches up to her eyes. The blush was clearly visible on her face after his demand, and her energy was bringing a smile on every person that passed her while she was walking. Her long, hair was making others linger behind her. Her tight jeans were praising her beautiful curves as she stopped to meet Jake in front of the great fountain. She smiles as she approaches and clears her throat. He looks around but continues listening to his music. She smacks him for ignoring her and he looks at her with a shocked expression.

"Ummm…. Excuse me who do you think you are to smack me across the face when I don't even know you?" Armaan asks Riddhima, unknowingly. "Armaan! I'm Riddhima you know me since kindergarten," Riddhima exclaims shocked from the unwanted and unexpected answer. "No ways, Riddhima you looked so different in a gown this morning.""Yes I know I like to be different. Now will you say sorry or what?" Riddhima ordered him forgetting all her sorrows and princess rules."Whoa, okay cool it, I'm sorry, I'm sorry happy let's go or we will miss the movie." He answers both scared and tensed." Movie, you never told me we were going for a movie." "Do I have to tell you everything, now let us go!" he grabs her hand as we see a confused Alice being dragged into the cinema.

When being dragged she has the best thought in the world. She felt the support of somebody; she felt that she finally won't be lonely. Just then a horrible thought over comes the good thoughts! What if he is leaving soon? What if he doesn't even care about me anymore? What if he is just here because he found out about my father? What if… Just then her thoughts are interrupted by him calling her name, "Riddhima, are you okay? Riddhima?" She smiles again and says," Yeah, let's go," and then they leave for the movie.


All you can hear is the laughter of them two as they walk on the cool and soft beach sand bare foot in the breezing night of full moon. "Hmm… So tell me what did you do after I left?" she asked him still in a gigglish voice." Nothing, no really nothing, I did nothing but go home sleep, eat, and then sleep, eat!" He replies, and they laugh louder. He stops her by the ice cream stand and they have a seat at the table.

They smile and look at each other. She laughs out loud and says,Est-ce que tu vu? He laughed and says, Rein, juste comment content nous ts aujourd'hui aprs un longs temps. Even though, the feeling is mutual they know that they are meant to be.

They know that they will never leave each other's side because they know how much they both need each other how much they enjoy being together.

They knew that it would be almost impossible to separate again and so they decided to ignore the feeling of separation and continue talking in their favourite language. After all, they decided to part ways, only for the rest of the night.

It is not an art to have a million friends, but having one when millions are against is!
But respectably that one, has to be special, someone who understands and sticks to you like crazy glue.

Respect your friends and most importantly the special ones who stick to you like glue.


They decided to expand their long time friendship into the next step.

He was crazy about her. He couldn't resist the temptation of having her beside him all the time anymore. No longer could he wait for her to confess.

So that fortunate day he blurted his feelings for her on the roller coaster when he stared at her eyes shut tight as they went down the Behemoth!

Throughout the rest of the ride she couldn't believe what he had said.

Instead she took advantage of the only harness tied around their waist and turned her face to him and obliged herself with a kiss. A kiss that lasted the whole time through the ride.
What a day that was, he thought who confesses on a roller coaster.

But, that was probably the best opportunity, for him oops now I mean THEM!
Together, they now live in peace.


By: Jinil

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