Thursday, 1 August 2019

Last Part : How to Kill your Husband

"Is she alive?" Armaan forced himself to be still, to breathe.

"I think you should come with me Mr. Mallik." The doctor leaded him to Intensive care unit. His heart was squeezing with a barbed wire. Riddhima and baby were only two words echoing in his head. The moment he got news- he was in his room waiting for riddhima to come back from her 'Girl's night out' with her sisters- his whole world tilted.

His hands shook as opened the door of ICU. A tinge of relief fluttered through his still heart as he realised that riddhima is atleast alive. "First tell me what's wrong with her? And...and our baby?" questions, fear, truth, acceptance glared at him like a high voltage light.

The doctor picked up a clipboard with some paper tucked in and started skimming through it. Oh he absolutely hated it when doctors don't give straight answers. A feel of deja vu enveloped him as he took in the dim surroundings of ICU. Patients lying nauseously still, most of them had oxygen mask to control their breathing. A few odd nurses lurking around.

 "Mr. Mallik we are taking Mrs. Riddhima Mallik under an operation." The doctor rattled. "She landed on her back, so she has got some serious injuries on her head." and armaan stood absolutely still. "Fortunately she landed on her back, so the baby is still alive but riddhima's head is badly injured and there is a risk of her slipping into coma."

Armaan opened his mouth, fully expecting words to spring out but for once the tip of tongue was empty. He was speechless. Operation, coma, risks...

"Mr. Mallik we don't have time to waste. Please sign these consent forms, so we can take her into the theatres. With a watery gaze and shaky hands he took the consent forms and signed their fate off to the doctors.

Before doctors could disappear behind the double doors of operation theatres, he finally spoke with a trembling voice. "Please save my riddhima doctor. Please."

But he didn't break down. Gulping back the tears, he sat on the bench outside OT and sunk his face in his hands. Astonishment running through his nerves. Did all this really happen? Oh god what will something happen to riddhima? How will he live? He could clearly remember how his life came to a sudden halt when he heard about his mum's accident, how he broke down after his mum passed away. If something happens to riddhima swear to god, he won't be able to live.

No no. No breaking down! This is riddhima we are talking about. The fighter, the survival, his wifey. Has she ever given up in her life? No! With a hopeful hesitant smile, he waited outside OT with a new confidence.


Armaan's head snapped up and he saw his two sisters in laws and Padma weeping silently. In his pain, he totally forgot about them. "Hi..." deep breaths. Is this really time for a small conversation?

"OMG I can't believe this is happening. She was talking to me an hour ago and..." simin gasped as she remembered. "SHE WAS GOING TO TELL YOU HOW MUCH SHE LOVES YOU." And she broke down.

Armaan was having a hard time controlling his tears. Man he can't cry! No he's riddhima's husband. The same riddhima who is the strongest women he came across.


The red light switched off outside OT and the double doors swung open. Armaan jumped to his feet and ran up to the doctors and nurses scattering out of the theatres.

"Doctors?" heart thumping in his chest. "Is she alright?" yes no yes no yes no swung in his head like a pendulum.

"You would be pleased to know that the baby is safe, we did ultrasound and nothing abonormal there. When Mrs Mallik was brought to the hospital, she was suffering from cramps and serious comtracting but at the moment the baby's stable."

Armaan realised a pent up breath. Okay so his baby is fine. Suddenly he remembered riddhima, "And how's riddhima? She's okay right?"

The doctors shifted uncomfortably around his feet. Nooo he's not in the position to handle a bad news. "We saved her but because of the injury on her head, she's slipping into coma. We tried to keep her awake but it's hard."

"So she's in coma?" please say no.

"No." The doctor said. "Not yet. We need your help here."

"Anything for riddhima."

"She's not reacting to anything and that will eventually lead her to slip into coma. Her brain's working but she's in this stage called pre-coma and maybe that's due to the trauma. We can either make it or break it at this point."

"I'll wake her up. Can she hear me?" armaan was already heading towards riddhima's ward where she was sleeping peacefully. A sense of relief spreaded through his heart even though his fate was still walking on egg shells.

He sat next to her and kissed her forehead. "Riddhima..."

No movement. He was expecting riddhima's eyes to snap out and glare at him saying 'Kamina sone bhi nahi deta.' And smiled kicked around his lips.

"Hey wifey. Congratulations our baby is safe." He whispered in her ears. "Our baby's a fighter, just like you and am sure vo bilkul tumhare jaisa hoga." Tears trickled down armaan's eyes and dripped on riddhima's cheek. "utho na wifey. Get up and tell me to shut up and let you rest. Get up and tell me I love you. Get up wifey." Armaan rested his head on riddhima's chest and silently cried.

"Please don't leave me and go. Tumhara armaan mar jayega." Armaan begged with blood shot eyes but no response. "The baby needs his mum, you can't leave me and the baby alone. I won't let you okay!"

After talking to her half an hour, he gently pecked her lips. "I love you..."

Somewhere deep inside riddhima, a chord strung and she lifted a finger. The black world of oblivion was finally clearing out; the muffled voice she was hearing was finally becoming clear. A distinct voice was keep hammering at her head and telling her I love you? Doesn't that person know she's married?

"Shut up." Words flew out of riddhima's mouth. Eyes still closed but mind trying to put the pieces together. Ugh can't this person just stop talking for a minute. Her mind felt like it was in a hand mixer.

If it was possible, armaan's heart stopped. A small gasp left his mouth. "Riddhima?" he shook her. "You spoke? Oh my god YOU SPOKE!" armaan shouted. Happiness beyond his control.

Riddhima's head felt light and out of control. Okay this person is really annoying her now. Chup ho jaa kamine. She wants to think. Where is she? "Urghhh my head."

"Shall call the doctors?" armaan came closer to her. "Open your eyes riddhima. It's me armaan."

Armaan? That name is familiar.she's heard that name before. Where? "Will you let me think for a second. Armaan? My head hurts. Bad!" she lifted her hand and blinked.

Armaan pressed the red button to call emergency doctors or nurses. "Riddhimmaaa!!! Don't say you can't remember me. that's well unfair! Yaha mein tumhari yaad mein mar raha hu aur tumhe sochne ki padi hai?" armaan blabbered on while holding her hand and kissing it.

Her husband! That's it! "Kamine I didn't lose my memory or anything." Riddhima groaned as she opened her eyes. Even the dim lights of the room blinding her vision for a second, then her view became clearer.

Armaan realised a pent up breath. Phew! Suddenly a doctor rushed in with a stethoscope and grinned happily seeing riddhima moving head and blinking her eyes. "That's incredible. She's coming back." the doctor checked her heart beat and pulse rate.

Heh? Came back? "Where did I go? From where did I come back?" she mumbled sleepily and armaan grinned happily. Bas riddhima ko mauka chahiye bak bak karne ka. Even while she's semi conscious she can't shut up.

"Nowhere riddhima. You're fine young lady. Try to open your eyes." The doctor lightly slapped her face and riddhima's face cringed into annoyance. Don't do that! It's annoying. Kutta kamina.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Images of past came flooding back, her mind clearing the foggy shadow. The accident, her baby.

"My baby." Riddhima said with bewilderment as she put a shaky hand on her stomach. Feeling the bump right on it's place, she took a long sigh of relief but as soon as the accident scene, the flashing lights, the zooming car coming close, flying off the road, falling on something with a thud came rushing back and she shivered traumatically.

"Hush hush." Armaan came forward and kept a hand over his forehead. "Our baby's fine. You rest okay. The taxi driver who called 911 told me that when you landed, you landed on garbage bags so the impact wasn't that bad and you didn't miscarry."



Riddhima wept silently as she was still in trauma.

 "I love you armaan. I wanted to tell you that but-"

He quietened her with a finger on her lips. "I love you too and that's all it matters."


After a while armaan went out of the ICU ward and riddhima's sisters entered with flowers and chocolates.

"Good to see you back didi." Both sisters chirped.

Riddhima calmed down by now and she was lying down on the bed caressing her bulge. She nearly lost her child. I mean what were the chances of landing on garbage bags instead of the hard solid ground? In the excitement of reaching the florist and then to armaan as soon as possible she didn't even cross the road properly but then why did she have a knacking feeling that the car driver was either too drunk to see her or the person knocked her off by purpose. No no why would someone try to crash her?

"Simin what happened to the person who knocked me over? Was he drunk or something?" riddhima asked.

The sisters sat on the stool next to her and popped a chocolate in riddhima's mouth who took it happily. Chocolate freak! "Well that son of a bitch ran away after knocking you over. He didn't even wait to see are you alright or not." Simin hissed angrily. For some reason seeing a 'compassionate' side of simin made her happy considering simin is the kind of sister who go on a diet because you're fat!

Suddenly sarina said, "Well you taxi driver noted down his car number, so police are looking for that pig. Swear down man, once jeeju find him, he's so dead!" sarina said punching her fist in her hand.

Riddhima groaned and tried to move the images of the accident out of her head but they kept haunting her. It was like she was traumatised!

After a merry chat with her sisters, riddhima felt better and gave both of them a kiss as they went off and Padma came with tiffin for her darling daughter.

"I made all your favourite dishes riddhima, my fighter daughter." Padma said cheerfully.

 Riddhima smiled at her Mum- Muderess. Okay that was harsh!

"Is it masala wala potatoes mum? Has to be teekha teekha." Riddhima's mouth drooled seeing her mum's food. No one can beat your mum's food! As a child riddhima's family's menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it. So this is a treat man!

After talking about different things and stuffing food in their mouth, Padma gossiped. "I met a stock broker yesterday and he urged me to buy a stock that would triple its value every year. I told him, "At my age, I don't even buy green bananas."

Riddhima threw her head back and laughed. "Mum you're not old rather after this dashing makeover you look hot! Barbie will be jealous." Riddhima winked at her mum.

"A word to the wise ain't nessesary- It's the stupid ones who need the advise." Padma said smugly and riddhima raised her eye brows. Padma burst out laughing kissing riddhima's cheek. Bad joke! Not funny. Okay maybe just a bit.


"You scared the hell out of me wifey." Armaan said once he came back to her ward early morning next day. "I nearly died. You have no idea what I went through."

Riddhima smiled and caressed armaan's cheek when suddenly she felt the baby kick and her expression changed from loving to frustration. "Oww oww tu phir shuru ho gaya?" riddhima complained and armaan grinned kissing her tummy. "Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry" riddhima huffed.

"Wifey that's evil. Haven't you heard about always choosing the lesser of two evil?" armaan said.

Riddhima rolled her eyes. "Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before."

"How flattering." Ooh they're back. Armaan was loving their banter. Watch now riddhima will come up with something ridiculous.

"Do not let a flattering woman coax and wheedle you and deceive you; she is after your barn." Riddhima offered her words of wisdom.

"I am successful man. Surely I can afford a barn if it gets me the woman." Armaan flaunted hautily and riddhima coughed fakely.

"Behind every successful man, there's always a woman rolling her eyes." Riddhima rolled her eyes.

Both of them started laughing remembering old times how they didn't used to leave one chance of insulting eachother. Time and love changes people. Who would've they thought they're the same blood sucking couple who hated marriage and now can't live without eachother? True that they both have gone through a lot but c'mon what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

"And yeah sarina said that you were asking about that driver. Trust me riddhima once I find him, he won't live another day to see the morning's sun again!"

"Oh mere hero pati dev. Just chill armaan. See am fine, the baby's fine. Let the police deal with him." riddhima said strictly.

Armaan nodded his head like obiedient child. Not really. C'mon armaan and obedient? Baahhh! "Anyways, tell me how was your girl's night out with simin and sarina yesterday? Had fun?" armaan asked changing the topic. Uss kutte kamine driver ko to vo dekh lega!...did he say kutta kamina? Riddhima's influencial. He thought amusedly.

Riddhima felt a chill running down her spine. She needs to tell armaan. He still doesn't know. Suddenly the fearless riddhima who was never scared to lose any relationship, never thought twice before telling someone the bitter truth, who doesn't give a damn about anyone was scared.

"I am sorry armaan." She bit her lip anticipating the worst. She's never been this scared to confront armaan before.

"It wasn't your mistake riddhima and trust me once I find out which bas***d did this to you, I'll kill him!" armaan said angrily looking into space.

"No no I wasn't talking about the accident. I was...I was talking about Amar."


"I exposed him last night." Riddhima could feel like heart thumping against her chest.

"You met him last night!" armaan tried keeping his tone down but damn this not going good. "What happened?"

"I...I look don't shout okay. I am not in the mood to listen lectures. I just did everything for my sister." Riddhima fumbled with her words and armaan was glaring at her. Aur abhi tak to armaan ko sach bataya bhi nahi hai. Huh! Kamina dara raha hai.

"Is it that bad?" armaan asked suspiciously. Suddenly it clicked. "You went to the club to meet him yesterday not your sisters? You lied to me?"

Riddhima took a deep breath and spluttered out. All in one go. "I seduced him to make simin catch him red handed and it worked. Amar's out of the picture now." Desperateness dripping from her voice. She really don't want to make armaan mad.

His glare turned into a hurt expression as he gazed back at her indignant eyes with accusing eyes. "So you didn't listen to me? Right! Take care, I need to go." Armaan got up from his stool snapping back at riddhima and stormed out of the ward.

Riddhima stared at the slowly closing door warily. Okay! So her confrontation with armaan could...have gone better.


Riddhima was on full bedrest when she went home, India's home after a few days and things weren't exactly on the green side between armaan and riddhima. He stopped talking to her like before. No no he took care for her and visited her but it was like he's withdrawn himself. His behaviour was curt and formal. And it hurt. Real bad!

One day armaan came to their room with her food and medications.

"Armaan now quit it man." Riddhima tried. Desperately. "Ab maaf bhi kardo yaar."

Armaan popped a tablet in her mouth and gave her water. "I am keeping your dinner here. Eat it." He got up and stopped near the door. "All of it."

"OKAY THAT'S IT!" Riddhima shouted in frustration. "EVERYONE'S GOING TO HELL AND I AM DRIVING THE BUS!" the glass went flying across the room and crashed against the closed door. A few minutes later, a maid came in and cleared up the mess. Riddhima apologised and groaned.

Okay like you get the idea? Kamina kitna nakhre dikhata hai. So that was riddhima's everyday story. Armaan bring her food and riddhima try to talk to him but then he ignore her pleas and riddhima break a vase or two in frustration and yaada yaada yaada.

It was another one of those boring days where riddhima was killing flies around her and cursing her bed rest. Talk about everything going out of control. Armaan can be right stubborn butt at times. Suddenly her bedroom door swung open and in came a fuming armaan who threw his tie on the sofa and and sat there with a huff. Riddhima noticed he had hurt his eye over something.

"Someone hit you!" riddhima came running upto him and raised her hand to the side of the face. "Kaun tha vo kutta kamina?"

Armaan's right eye throbbed a bit. "It's nothing." He softened a bit. Man give her some slack!

"No! Look it's turning red and a little puffy." Feather soft fingers touched his spot, blowing on it. "Oh my god Armaan! You got into a fight?"

He didn't look guilty. "He deserved it. I would've have killed him if the police wouldn't have came on time."

Riddhima looked flabbergasted. What is he? Some sophomore? "What are you talking about?"

"Police found out about the driver who knocked you over-"

Riddhima slapped her head. "Oh eem gee! Bas hero banne ka itna shauk hai! Armaan everyone makes mistake, you don't have to go around beating the hell out of some poor guy."

"POOR GUY?" he laughed snidely. "That 'poor guy' was none other than Amar Rathod! He confessed that in the heat of the moment he ran over you. That bas***d!"

Riddhima's mouth opened. Never in her wildest dream did she think that someone will actually try to kill her. How dare he! Because of that amar's stupid heat of the moment, she could've lost their baby. Sala kutta kamina! "DID YOU HIT HIM PROPERLY OR NOT?" riddhima barked suddenly feeling really angry. "US KUTTE KAMINE KA MUH TOD KYO NAHI DIYA?" then muttered under her breath. "Kamina maar kha kar aaya hai."

Armaan looked at her indignantly. "Hello??? I nearly killed him and he punched me when I wasn't looking so mein aise hi maar kha kar nahi aaya. Okay?"

Riddhima went up to the bedside table and took out the first aid kit. "He could've put your eye out." Aww man he looked so cute sitting on the sofa looking like a school boy who just got into a fight.

"I seriously doubt that." Armaan said eyes glinting. "Afterall I live with you. Talk about gaining self defence experience baby."

Riddhima's heart fluttered seeing armaan coming to his usual self. Nearly there, nealy. "Don't make me angry armaan. Otherwise you'll have another black eye." Riddhima warned and armaan's lips twitch.

Riddhima took charge of armaan's eye. She pushed him down the sofa to sit in the middle properly and told him not to move. He complied.

She got ice from the kitchen and lectured him midly about keeping all your attention on your opponent while you're in a fight. He rolled his eyes. She made a ziplock bag with a hand towel as they didn't even have an ice pack. Another lecture came about always being prepared for life's emergencies.

She came to stand behind him, took his head in her hands and eased it back against the sofa cushions. Then she placed the makeshift ice pack on his right eye.

"Keep it there while look for some ointment and bandages in the kit."

He sprawled on the couch, leaning back as instructed and holding the ice to his eyes. He never imagined a woman giving him orders could be so sexy. But man he was badly pissed off at riddhima.When he said, stay away from that jerk, he wasn't ordering her around! God knows when her thinking will change. It was like she was so used to rebelling since childhood and making a place for her in her dysfunctional family, she's having a hard time behaving 'normal'. He needs to explain her that not all men are chauvinist dominant bas***ds who uses woman for their own leisure. He was not like that! She knew that offcourse but still... You know old habbits die hard. And anyways riddhima's never really been a family person. For her happiness means having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.

But he will explain her that. Okay maybe not just now, after he got pampered from his wifey. It's not everyday when riddhima treats him like a king.

She came back a moment later and he felt the couch cushions give with her weight, as she knelt on the seat beside him, bracing her back on the side of the couch as she leaned onto him.

Removing the eye pack she frowned down at him, her face maybe inches away from him as she inspected his eye.

"It's all red and puffy now." She frowned, sighing heavily. Her warm breath brushing across his cheek, his ear.

He shivered just a bit. Wondering what she'd do if he push her backwards on the couch, stretch out on top of her and start giving her a few orders of his own. Would she give him a smile and melt in his arms? More likely she'd try to hit him or probably just put his eye out. He ignored her for so many days.

The woman thought she was a champion kickboxer after all.

He suddenly started to laugh softly. "What? armaan what's so funny about this?"

"It's nothing." Armaan said. "I can hardly feel anything. I assure you. I am fine." As long as she didn't figure out where his thoughts were going at the moment.

She put the ice pack aside and came up with some kind of ointment, which she then very carefully spread with her fingertips along his eyelid, his brow and the side of his face. And as she got closer and concentrated hard on getting it in exactly the right place and not his eye, her body leaned into his side, one breast pressed against her shoulder.

Trouble trouble trouble

He could see the imaginery trouble neon sign blinking in the room. He needs to stay mad at riddhima! Ugh it's like she's seducing him in the name of playing doctor! Armaan don't succumb. Stay mad. She lied to you remember?

So what if she smelled so good? And had the sweetest gentlest touch in a little spitfire of a body.

He shifted his weight, thinking to ease away from her but instead set her off balance and her whole body fell against his. No question now. Those were her breasts pressed against him, her neck and her sweey, sassy Riddhima mouth right at the corner of his own.

She gasped in surprise, her eyes suddenly all big and round and so close to his, not blinking. Neither of them breathed for a second.

He could have her flat on her back in a second. Or take her by her thighs and pull her across his lap facing him, tight against him. He knew it and if he knew anything about her, she was thinking the same thing.

Disipline, Armaan. It's not just a word!

"Riddhima." He could hardly believe he was doing this. He eased her away from him, making her sit on the seat beside him. "I didn't mean to throw you off balance like that"

Riddhima looked all baffled and sexy.

"And I just don't know what you want here." He confessed. Was she seducing him purposely or is he just being a high on hormones teenager?

She seemed a little dazed, innocent. Damn.

"What I want?"

"Yes." He said

"I...I was just trying to fix your eye."

"Okay." He smiled what he hoped was I-understand-perfectly smile and not an I-wanted-to-jump-your-bones smile. "That's what I thought you were doing. My mistake."

"Mistake?" she frowned at him and then thought hard. Nope still no ghanti rings in her head!

"Look I am just...a guy, okay? And well when you get this close...touching me...I get ideas. Ideas that I am afraid were not the same ideas you were having, and...-"

Bang! And riddhima got it. "KUTTE KAMINE TUJHE LAGA MEIN TUMHE SEDUCE KAR RAHI THI?" riddhima towered armaan who shook his head quickly. Okay too late maybe. "You thought I was coming onto you and making a pass since I've got an opportunity? Since you're being moody margeret to me!" riddhima looked indignant as she looked at him with accusing eyes.

"Riddhima it's no big deal. You're my wife, you're allowed to hit on your husband." Armaan tried explain but she got up from the bed and marched into the bathroom banging the door shut.

He was an idiot, a complete idiot where women like her were concerned.

Riddhima sat on the bath tub edge and slapped her forehead. I am such an idiot! Armaan thought I was seducing him? Damn yeh idea muje pehle kyo nahi aaya? Why didn't I think of this idea before instead of lying on the bed like a bum and doing nothing! Now armaan baby, watch out cuz Riddhima's devilish brain is awake ;)


Dear Armaaan!!! *moans*

Have dinner with me tonight. I'll cook something nice...something very mouthwatering ;) *yummm*

7:00 pm...

Get it get it?

Lots of French kisses *groans*

Wifey ;)

P.S.- goof I hope you saw my double meaning behind this letter. Cuz I ain't writing this kinda embarrassing letter again!!!

Armaan let the letter fall from his hand and into his lap. He stretched out his hand over his large walnet desk and lifted a glass of water. After licking his parched lips, he drank the cold water and saw the letter again. Riddhima's also kissed on the letter towards the very end with a red lipstick. Has she lost it? No like seriously, what was she thinking when she sent him a lusty total turn on letter like this in the middle of office. And did she say she's going to cook?! Damn he should keep a fire bridgate and an ambulance on stand by. You know just in case. Riddhima's gone as nutty as a fruit cake .

Riddhima pulled out the pots and pans and froze. Now what? she can't cook anything more than POT noodles. Okay maybe if she try real had, she can pull off packet the microwave. But food? Dang! Kya zaroorat thi letter mein 'khood khana banaungi' likhne ka? Suddenly she remember that she learnt to bake a chocolate cake in school which even armaan loved the last time she made...well alteast until the furniture polish didn't started turning his stomach upside down.

By five, she ordered chicken curry and rice from the restaurant and took them out in the bowls so it looks homemade. Riddhima pulled the sheet cake out to cool. She'd frost it just before armaan come back from office. Everything turned out beautifully. Riddhima thanked her goddess of tasty food and the Saint of liars. Lets just hope armaan don't see the restaurant plastic bags and bills and headed upstairs for a much needed shower.

By six thiry, she had butterflies in her stomach and chocolate icing all over her. She'd inserted the damn beaters incorrectly and gotten a huge surprise when she'd turned on the mixer. Chocolate splattered the front of pink dress- which she brought it just for tonight's dinner- and on her face. Swearing under a breath, she grabbed a paper towel just as the doorbell rang.

Crap! Kamina half an hour pehle aa gaya? Noo fair! Swiping the chocolate off her face, she ran around the kitchen to find matches for the vanilla scented candle she kept on the table. She tapped her way from kitchen to the dining area and burnt the candle along with her fingers!

"Damn!" she shook her hand as if she could shake the pain off.

 The door bell sounded again. She sent all the maids and servants away so no one was there to open the door. Her plan to meet Armaan with a cool unruffled charm went into drains. With looking like this, even a tramp won't get seduced by her!

She hit the radio button and the dining area filled with traditional jazz. Okay time for a back up plan! She stripped off her chocolaty dress and slipped on her satin robe. Maybe she didn't look like an entrantress but anything better than a chocolate smeared dress right?

Armaan was about to take his own key out and open the door himself wondering where the hell is everyone, when riddhima flew open the door with a big stretched smile. A bit too stretched he noticed.

"Come in. I am just finishing up in the kitchen." She sounded out of breath.

Armaan looked at her suspiciously and walked in. He still had that 'sensual' letter in his back pocket. He was immediately assaulted by the sheer atmosphere of the room. Dim lights, vanilla scented candles,  soft jazz music in the background and damn! What's that nice smell? Warm buttery chocolate cake along with some curry. STOPPP!!! Cake? And that too made my wifey? Oh man he really don't wanna sit in the toilet puke all night.

"Smells good." He stepped into the kitchen. Riddhima glanced up. She had a spatula in one hand and a huge half iced cake in front of her. Chocolate frosting smudged one cheek. He forgot about food.

"Didn't I say 7 pm in the letter?" she said frowning as she scooped up frosting from the bowl and smeared on the cake. "But...but everything's ready. I am a very fast worker you see."

He took her in as she went back to work. She'd pulled her hair back into a bun. It might have looked severe except a few tendrils escaped to curl around her flushed cheeks. Her lips were pink and glossy above a tiny satin gown she wears for bed. Yeah sure she's absoulely ready. Armaan thought with a amused smile. Riddhima working in a kitchen was an image to behold. He might just take a picture and frame it to show his future generations that look saas bhi kabhi bahu thi...who could cook.

"Oh hello? I am looking for Mrs riddhima Mallik. Is she here?" armaan tried to keep a straight face but failed miserably .

"Ha ha very funny!" she put her hands on her hips

Then he noticed her cleavage from the lose robe. She was naked under that robe? She invited him to dinner wearing nothing but a flimsy little robe. His mouth went dry.

Riddhima turned around. Lips twitching and eyes glinting. "Would you like some wine?" she could see what effect she was having on armaan.

Armaan couldn't seem to be making his mouth work. His tongue was glued to his teeth. He couldn't swallow. His mind was trying to wrap around the idea that his wife riddhima was standing in the kitchen cooking real food and is completely naked behind that flimsy robe which his hands were itching to touch and tear open it. Easy armaan easy. Deep breaths.

"Armaan?" riddhima asked. "Wine?"

"Hmm? Yeah." He nodded.

She turned around tiptoeing as she opened the cabinet and took out two goblets. Her robe riding up higher and higher up her thighs. He had to clench his fists to stop from reaching to her. Hell, he needed to find some control, that unflappable Armaan Mallik control which he had long before he met this woman!

Riddhima completed icing the cake. She offered him a frosting covered beater. He shook his head and passed her a glass of chardonnay. She set the glass on the counter and then looked him straight in the eye before raising the beater to her lips. He wanted to shout, Stop, Don't do it, but couldn't prevent himself to stop the kinky torture of riddhima licking every drop of chocolate frosting from the beater. He even flinched when she moaned, "Mmm."

She spun around and dropped both beaters in to the soppy dishwasher. She looked over her shoulder and gave him the biggest come-hither smile. "Ready to eat?"

Armaan nearly came undone. Nearly.

"It looks delicious." He returned her smile with one of his own, one dripping with sexual promise. She looked both anxious and turned on- Good.

"Oh it is." She promised. "Go ahead and sit. I'll serve. For a change."

"Every man's dream." But he didn't move an inch. He pretty much blocked her way too. Penned in. Right where he wanted her.

"Go on. It will get cold." Riddhima eyes the pots and pans.

"From where I am standing, it looks pretty hot. Burning hot." Devilish smile spreaded across his face.

Riddhima seemed unfazed as she shoved past him, scooting out of reach taking the chicken curry out of the warmer.

"Damn." He muttered under his breath. He didn't think he could do it. He damn near shook with the need to throw her on the table and do away with the niceties. To hell with the dinner! Riddhima Mallik is playing with fire.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and headed towards the dining table. He'd do his best, but he won't be held responsible for not finishing the dinner.

He picked up the fork and scooped up some rice. She smiled as if anticipating his response. Then he felt her foot snaking up the leg of his pants sliding higher and higher until it reached his knee.

"Fire." Armaan whispered while swallowing a bite.

Riddhima's eyes as innocent as a schoolmarm's, taking a sip of chardonnay. "Pardon?"

"You're playing with fire."

She smiled, her foot still didn't budge. "I always liked playing with fire. Fascinating to see what would happen."

Armaan leaned forward and blew out the candles on the table, darkening the room.

"Why did you do that?"

"Because I don't want to burn the house down while I teach you why you shouldn't play with fire."

Riddhima screeched excitedly as armaan scooped her into his arms, heading upstairs to their bedroom.


After an hour both lay limp and exhausted glowing from the aftermath of lovemaking, on the bed.

"You finally did manage to seduce me." armaan said while dropping small kisses on her bare back as she lay spent in his arms.

"Well the cooking bit was a pain." Riddhima complained being her usual self and armaan grinned.

"You didn't cook that chicken curry and rice did you?"

Riddhima laughed shamelessly at getting caught. "Well as long as you got something to eat. Aur waise bhi khana mein banao ki restaurant ka chef, ki fark painda hai?"

Armaan grinned. "Well I wouldn't risk eating food made by you."

Riddhima pushed her elbow in his stomach.

"Anyways now that we're again on the talking terms, I want to tell you that I was really upset with you riddhima. You lied to me."

Riddhima turned around and looked guilty. "I am sorry armaan but I just wanted to help simin."

"Promise me that next time you won't put your life in danger again." Armaan said sternly. "And I am not ordering riddhima. I can't. Everyone's entitled to their own will but atleast you can listen to me. I am not the like the men from your family and you just have to trust me on that."

Riddhima smiled while pecking on his lips. "Offcourse I know that and promise I will never do anything which is morally wrong or which puts my life in danger. Anyways that amar dude was a physco." She sniggered and armaan rolled his eyes.

"The taxi driver told me that one the day of your accident, you stopped the taxi near a florist." Armaan's eyes glinted. "Why?"

Riddhima's sassiness flew out of the window. "I love you armaan. I love you so much that I couldn't put my feelings, desire and affection into words. Never leave me armaan."

"I promise you Riddhima, I'll never leave you as long as there's breath in my body. and I love you Always, Truely, Forever." Grabbing her shoulders he took her in his embrace. "I'll even let you eat the whole damn cheesecake whenever you want."

The smile on her lips was the sweetest thing he ever saw. "The whole cheesecake huh?"

"Every last crumb. Oh, Riddhima, I love you so much."

 To the world, you may be one person, but to that one person, you may be the whole world...


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