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Last Part : Inseparable


The beautiful journey of nine months was soon to come to an end. Armaan and Ridhima's life was about to change forever as someone special was going to enter in their lives. If only these moments could last forever; there wouldn't be a day which consisted of gloominess. Their life would be brighter than ever! They were both so comfortable in their to-be-parents character and almost never wanted Ridhima's pregnancy to come to an end. Although, they did want their baby to come into the world and be a part of their lives.

Throughout the past nearly 9 months, there had made so many memories that were unforgettable..

One of the moments that they both could never forget was the time when Armaan and Ridhima had gone to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. It had been a long day for the two of them and they were exhausted by the time the shopping was done. Armaan was the one to pay for the bills, so Ridhima decided to go and plop herself down in the car. As she walked to their car, a few boys were behind her, whistling at her. Ridhima was surprised at first as she didn't expect guys to be whistling at her, owing to the fact that she was pregnant. So she turned around and gave them a dirty look while they looked at her surprised. They were behind her, so they hadn't seen Ridhima's stomach. As realisation hit them, they all apologised sweetly, to Ridhima's surprise, and asked if she needed any help with the few bags that she held. As Ridhima had narrated the whole scene to Armaan, he had laughed his ass out. He could just imagine the whole scene, even though he hadn't witnessed it.

There was another time when Armaan and Ridhima were both talking in their bedroom and Ridhima, out of the blue had said "Armaan, can you wax my legs for me?". This had left Armaan stunned. He had asked her why and she had cutely replied "Because I'm so fat I can't even reach my legs!" with a frown. Hearing this, he had let out a big chortle while she pouted her lips at him. Of course, being the man he was, Armaan had happily agreed to wax her legs for her with a lot of naughtiness in between.

Then there was once a night when Armaan and Ridhima had both crawled up in bed to share their happiness and excitement about having the baby. They both talked hours and hours discussing about the baby and their future. Soon, they both had fallen asleep with Armaan's hand wrapped around Ridhima's stomach as if protecting the mother and baby. It was about 3AM in the night when suddenly, the baby had decided to kick Ridhima's stomach cheekily. Armaan had jumped and shrieked "What in the name of God was that!" At this, Ridhima had burst out laughing because he had felt the kick.

Another moment that the two treasured was the time when Armaan had walked into a Ridhima who was clad in HIS boxers and HIS shirt. The boxers obviously looked humongous on her and the shirt fit her very loosely. When he'd asked her why she was wearing his clothes, she had innocently spoken "Because they are the most comfortable pair of clothes ever! Screw my nighties!" He had laughed at her silliness and admired how sexy she looked in his clothes! Maybe he should make her wear his clothes after the pregnancy too?

Oh these memories! They were something which was going to be remembered in the long run. If only Armaan and Ridhima could live these memories again...if only.


Only five days until Ridhima was 'predicted' to give birth. Five eagerly awaited days.

 It was another earnly morning when Padma and Ridhima both were engrossed in a conversation in the kitchen. Ridhima was seated on a chair, as she found it really difficult to stand for long periods of time whilst Padma stood next to the stove, cooking. Ridhima fidgeted with her dupatta as she tried mustering up the courage to talk to Padma about her fears. Finally, she gathered up the courage and decided to have a talk with her...

"Maa.." She looked at her, as Padma continued with her cooking.

"Hmmm Ridhima.."

" Mujhe bohat darr lag raha hai." She spoke, nervously.

"Kyun?? Kya hua?", Padma asked.

She whipped her face around and turned to look at a tense Ridhima. Walking towards her, she seated herself next to her and caressed her cheek.

"Pata nai Maa..Kuch dino se bohat ajeeb si feeling aa rahi hai." She opened up to her mother.

"It's okay Ridhima. Aise sab ko hota hai. Mujhe bhi hota tha jab tum mere pet mein thi.."

"Haan...Par phir bhi. What if something goes wrong?" She looked at her worriedly.

"Tu bhi na Ridhima...Bass aise khayal apne dil se nikaal de." She shook her head. 

"I can't stop thinking about it Maa. I'm just..really scared. Like you know..the labour pains and all.."

Padma smiled at her anxiousness and caressed her hair lightly.

"Tum fikar matt karo. Sab kuch araam se ho jayega. Aur waise bhi..Armaan tumhaare saath hai toh kya darna??"

"Isi ka toh darr hai Maa..Armaan has so many expectations and all..What if I'm not able to live up to them...And I really hope it's a girl, just for his sake."

" Tum dono bilkul aik jaise hi ho! Ek taraf Armaan mujhse kehta hai ki I hope it's a boy just for Ridhima's sake and here you are saying the same thing!" She laughed.

"Kyaa?? Armaan ne aise kaha?" She asked happily.

"Hmm Ridhima. Usne toh yeh bhi kaha ke it doesn't matter to him whether it's a boy or girl. Jo bhi hoga...tum dono ke pyaar ki nishaani hogi.." She smiled.

"Woh kitna alag hai na?? Mujhse humesha larta rehta hai ki ladki hi hogi aur apse aa ker yeh kehta hai."

" That's because he's Armaan Mallik, Ridhima! (She chuckled) Waise tumne usse baat ki apne darr ki bare mein???"

Before Ridhima could respond Armaan made his way into the kitchen. His hair rested messily as he rubbed his eyes to clear his vision.

" Hello Ladies! Maine apna abhi abhi naam suna! Kya baatein ho rahi hai?", Armaan greeted, strolling into the kitchen.

He walked over to Ridhima placed a kiss on her cheek as she smiled and then did the same to Padma who caressed his cheek and spoke...

" Kuch nahi...Ridhima bohat dar - "

"Nahi Ma! Umm..Kuch nahi Armaan.." She cut Padma off nervously in order to stop her from telling Armaan about her inner most fear.

"Kuch toh baat hai..Kya hua Maa??" He questioned her, raising his eyebrows.

"Chalo...Ab ismein mein kuch nahi bol sakti. Ridhima hi tumhe bataayegi agar usse batana ho toh..."

Saying that Padma walked out of the kitchen whilst Ridhima glared at her angrily for giving such obvious hints to Armaan. If she knew him well, he wasn't going to let her leave until he found out what they were talking about. Boy was she right!

"Kya hua Basket?? Tum mujhse baat chupa rahee ho??", He sat in front of her so that she was seated on the chair and he on his knees. He cupped her face and prodded her to go on.

 "Woh...I.." She looked at him nervously.

"Tchh Ridhima bolo na.."

"I'm scared of labour pains!" She blurted out and shut her eyes tightly. Armaan, on the other hand, smiled at her cuteness and seated himself next to her.

"Hmm so Mrs Ridhima Basket Mallik is scared of labour pains! Why didn't you tell me this before?" He wrapped his arms around her protectively.

"I don't know..It's just embarrassing to have such talks with you!" She blushed profusely.

"Lo! Is mein kya hai?? Ridhima, I'm your husband! You should tell me everything about your feelings. There is no need to be embarrassed." He slightly hit her chin with his knuckles.

"Hmmmm It's easy for you to say that. But I find it extremely embarrassing..."

"Okay okay..But still..It's been a year since we got married and you need to stop being embarrassed of me! We're going to live our whole life together!" He smiled.

"Haan..I guess you're right. I should be a little more open with you." She finally relaxed a little.

"Hmmm..and don't worry! You'll be fine when giving birth and all. I'll be with you!" He spoke in a convincing tone.

"Thanks Arma ' OUCHHH!" Ridhima jerked, clutching her stomach a little. Armaan looked at her worriedly and started to panic.

"Ridhima!! Are you okay??!! Are you having labour pains?!Shall I take you to the hospital? Let me call Maa!!" Armaan panicked, terrified.

"Armaan! Relax! The baby just kicked me!" Ridhima laughed at his panic attack.

"Pheww! I got so scared.."

"Haha! You should have seen your face!" She giggled while he gave her an annoyed look.

Armaan was about to respond to her cheekiness when she heard another OUCH from her and winced in pain.

"Yaaay! Baby's been kicking a lot these days! Aur maro kick Mommy ko!" He said, punching the air.

"ARMAAN! It's hurting me and you're having fun!" She frowned at him.

"Awww but it looks like my baby's gonna be an awesome fighter" He chuckled.

From that point onwards, they continued quarrelling about the baby and then spent the day luxuriously.


Two days.

Only two more days until the predicted delivery was due. Excitement, happiness, contentment and anticipation were seen on everyone's faces. 

Armaan, Ridhima, Padma and Shashank were all seated in front of Television watching none other than Salaam Namastey! Armaan and Ridhima were engrossed in the movie as they could relate to the characters a lot whilst Shashank and Padma chattered a little while watching. There was pretty much pin-drop silence in the room as they all watched the movie. Shashank soon broke the silence.

"Armaan, Ridhima you both continue with the movie..Padma and I need to pay a visit to the Sharma's. They have been complaining since a long time that we don't visit them anymore." He smiled.

"Armaan..Agar Ridhima ke pain shuru ho jaye toh dhyaan rakhna.."  Padma spoke lovingly.

"Haan...Aur hume phone bhi kar dena." Shashank instructed.

"Jee Papa" Armaan nodded.

Soon the two of them left to visit the Sharma's after instructing Armaan on everything. Ridhima and Armaan cuddled up closer to each other now and continued watching the T.V.

After over an hour or so of silence, Ridhima's voice was heard.

"Armaan...Mujhe bohat dard ho raha hai pet mein.." She spoke nervously.

"Umm..Do you think its labour pain or just the normal pain?" He started questioning her worriedly.

"I don't know..It has been hurting a little since quite some time..But the pain seems to be getting worse" She explained.

"Okay..Let's wait some more time..We can't go to the hospital in case it's not labour pain..Just tell me when it hurts a lot okay??" He directed her.

He looked at her worriedly, not being able to rest his eyes on the movie any more. He was really scared to see her in pain ' something which he had hidden from her as well. For another half an hour or so, Ridhima continued complaining. Finally, when she started to scream in extreme pain, Armaan looked at her frantically.

"Armaan..Ahhh..Armaan..It's hurting a lot..I can't wait any longer..Please.." She gasped and screamed in pain.

"Ridhima..Tchh..Ridhima..It's okay..We're leaving now" He caressed her hair assuringly, held her supportively and they rushed towards his car, out of the house.


As they sat in the car, heading towards Sanjeevani, Ridhima continued screaming and moaning whilst Armaan tried to assure her that everything was going to be fine but all his attempts to console her went unsuccessful. He kept gazing at her to ensure that she was fine; her eyes were tightly shut as she held her stomach and winced due to the pain that she was going though. Armaan drove to Sanjeevani as fast as he could, his eyes concentrated on the road and Ridhima both. Silently praying in his mind for nothing to go wrong he steered the car to the right as they finally reached Sanjeevani.

Switching off the engine, making his way out of the car, Armaan held Ridhima by her shoulders protectively and voiced out to a ward boy who brought a stretcher, obviously knowing what it was for. Ridhima continued to scream and clutched the sheet that was now over her to acquire some peace and get rid of the pain.

"Ridhima..Don't worry. I'm here..Just be strong hmm?" Armaan tried to distract her from the pain as he looked at her distraughtly. He held her hand tightly as she gripped it and just gave him a mere nod. She was in no state to talk, as her pain was unimaginably getting worse and this was clearly understood by Armaan who was rushing towards the operation theatre with the stretcher.

He looked around in search of Dr Kirti who was going to handle Ridhima's pregnancy. It wasn't long until Dr Kirti appeared hurrying to the operation theatre where Ridhima was being rushed off to.

"Armaan, don't worry. Everything will be fine..You stay here." Kirti assured smiling, as she saw Armaan letting go off Ridhima's hand while she was taken into the Operation theatre.

"Umm..Dr Kirti..Woh..Kya mein andar aa sakta hoon?It's just that Ridhima was really scared and-" He looked at her pleadingly.

"Armaan, you know the rules of Sanjeevani. I'm sorry..I can't let you in." She sighed, patted Armaan on the shoulder and disappeared into the Operation theatre. Armaan brushed his hand through his hair and stood outside the door.

He looked inside through the small glass of the door. Witnessing the sight in front of him, it practically killed him a thousand times; tears rolled down Ridhima's eyes as she grasped the sheets and pillow to eliminate the pain. The only thing he could see was her face, as the nurses and Dr Kirti consoled her. Pushing himself away from the door, as he was not able to see the sight he wiped the tears that had welled up in his eyes.

Suddenly, he remembered that he had to call Shashank and Padma to inform them about Ridhima. Taking out his phone from his pocket, he dialled Shashank's number and enlightened him with the turn of events.


 Shashank was more than overjoyed with the news as a new member was going to step into the family. He narrated the happenings to Padma, who was really relieved and happy about the news that she'd received. They both made their way to Sanjeevani as soon as they received the news. On the way to Sanjeevani, they let everyone, i.e. the gang, know about Ridhima. All were ecstatic to hear the news and decided to rush off to Sanjeevani too.


Armaan paced outside the Operation Theatre frantically as he was worried. It had now been an hour since Ridhima had been taken inside. Still no news? He hoped she was fine. As he continued pacing from left to right, he saw Shashank and Padma walking towards him. He sighed in relief to see them.

"Armaan, kuch news ayi??" Shashank questioned eagerly.

"Nai Papa..Ek ghanta ho gaya hai. I hope she's fine." He replied, looking towards the closed doors.

"Tum fikur matt karo Armaan. Sab kuch theek hojayega." Padma spoke.

"Haan Maa..Parr woh kitna daree hui thi. Aapko toh pata hi hai na.." He looked at her uneasily.

"Hmmm..Don't worry Armaan, Sab pregnant women ko aise darr toh laga hi rehta hai. Bas tumhe usse support karna hota hai." She responded, caressing his cheek to assure him as he held her hand.

Before the conversation could continue the whole gang made their way towards them.

"Armaaann!! Just a little more time now, ey?!" Atul screeched in excitement. 

Armaan gave him a crooked nervous smile and nodded.

"Kitni der se ho yaha pe tum log?" Abhi questioned.

"About one and a half hour now" Armaan replied.

"Aur abhi tak  kuch news nahi ayi??" Nikki looked at him anxiously.

"Nikki!" Anjali glared at her to stop her from scaring Armaan. "Don't worry..It's normal. Aise bohat saare cases mein hota hai" She looked at Armaan sweetly.

"Haan haan..Tujhe toh barra experience hain na!" Muskaan joked, winking at Anjali to which everyone started laughing at.

Their laughs were disturbed by Kirti who walked out of the Operation Theatre, her eyes set on Armaan.

"Armaan...Ridhima's body is really weak. I'm worried that she might not be able to give birth normally. We might have to go for a Caesarean.." Kirti explained.

"But Dr Kirti..I think we should keep trying our best. I don't want her to go for a Caesarean, please." Armaan watched her in disagreement.

"But Armaan, we don't have time. We have to act fast. And Ridhima does not seem to be responding us anymore and  -"

"Can I please come in Dr Kirti? I'm sure she'll respond to me.." He requested, cutting her in between.

"Armaan lekin..." 

"Please Dr Kirti" He pleaded.

"Okay Armaan. I'm only letting you in because you're a doctor yourself in this hospital. Usually we don't allow the husband to come in."

"Thank you so much Dr Kirti!!"

He smiled at her widely and they both rushed back into the Operation Theatre whilst the others eagerly anticipated the news of the baby being born.

As Armaan hurried to the Hospital bed where Ridhima lay, a lump formed in his throat. She was lying there, looking extremely weak and breathing really slowly as tears unconsciously trickled down her cheeks. He held her hand and she looked at him as she felt his touch. He caressed her forehead and whispered in her ear "Come on Ridhima..I know you can do it..". He held her hand firmly, continued caressing her forehead as she moaned in pain. All of sudden, as if his one touch and whisper had given her all the strength and courage, she did the needful. Dr Kirti was taken aback for a minute as she saw Ridhima's sudden strength. She looked at her in disbelief as she thought that there was no way Ridhima was going to have a normal delivery, due to her slow heart beat rate, and smiled in joy as the baby made its way through into the world.

"C'mon Ridhima! You can do it!!" She slightly shouted ecstatically.

Ridhima gripped Armaan's hand tightly and looked at him in the eyes. He looked at her assuringly, and smiled through his tears which were welled up in his eyes, battling against him to trickle down.

In a matter of a few seconds, Kirti held the baby in her arms, who was crying uncontrollably, and looked at Armaan and Ridhima blissfully.

"It's a Girl!" She announced happily.

Armaan paced to Kirti and held the baby in his arms hushing her down. The waiting was finally over. He now held his baby and kissed her on the forehead. He stared at Ridhima in awe as the tears which battled against him finally came strolling down. Walking towards the side of the bed, holding onto the baby, he kissed Ridhima on the forehead and let out a soft whisper, "She's beautiful, Ridhima". Ridhima smiled at him through her tears and held the baby in her arms.

Their baby was so beautiful. She was fair skinned, with blue eyes just like Armaan. Her small eyes, with huge ravishing eyelashes tried to open up slowly. She stared back at Armaan and Ridhima who looked at her in awe. Her small hands still lingered on her chest and her feet still shaped into the position of how she was in the stomach. Her face broke into a small smile as Armaan and Ridhima continued gazing at her in happiness. She had a dimple. Just like Armaan.

"She looks like you.." Ridhima's face broke into a big smile.

"Does she really??" He looked at her overjoyed to which Ridhima nodded and they continued staring at her contented.

"I love you Ridhima" He finally broke the silence between them, taking her into a side hug and kissed her cheeks.

"PEHLEEEEE MEINNN" Muskaan shouted in mock anger.

"NAHIII PEHLE MEINNN" Rahul retorted back in the same tone.

Armaan and Ridhima were disturbed by their dear friends as they stepped into the room with Kirti and the Nurse following them behind who had left the room without Armaan and Ridhima knowing.

"Muskaan pehle mein! Mein uska chacha hoon!"

"Oye ullu ke pathe! Mein bhi uski chachi hoon! Aur haan..Masi bhi!" Her chirpy voice snapped back.

"No way guys! Mein uski sab se barri Masi hoon. So, me first!" Anjali wailed.

"Lekin mein Armaan ki best friend mein hoon toh pehle mein!!" Nikki butts in, out of nowhere.

"Guys! Guys! Guys! Calm down...Sab ko mauka mile ga us se milne ka" Shashank interfered.

Armaan and Ridhima looked at each other and shook their head, smiling, at their crazy group of friends who walked towards them quarrelling. Ridhima was now lying on the bed, the bed sheet covering her lower part of the body, whilst Armaan sat next to her holding the baby.

"Sabse pehle woh aapne Nanaji ke paas ayegiii.."Shashank exclaimed, as Armaan handed the baby over to him. Shashank played with his granddaughter whilst the others stared at the baby in awe.

"Awww she is so cute!" Muskaan said, glancing at the baby.

"Armaan, bilkul tum per gayi hain" Padma spoke, taking hold of the baby in her arms now.

"Haan, she has blue eyes too" Atul agreed.

Armaan nodded at them gladly and watched them take turns in holding the baby. He knew he'd get all the time to play with the baby once they got home, so he didn't protest to hold the baby himself. He just kept caressing Ridhima's forehead to ensure that she was feeling fine, whilst Kirti and the Nurse checked her Blood Sugar Levels, heart rate and etc.

Ridhima looked up at him and smiled. That one smile was enough to portray all her feelings. He still couldn't fathom the fact the he had become a father..and Ridhima a mother. It was really hard to believe, it all simply felt like a dream which had come true. The feeling that had hit him when he first held the baby was indescribable. It was as if, at that moment, it was only about him and his baby. The way her little hands moved and the way she blinked those blue eyes of hers with her long eyelashes got him rooted to the ground in admiration.

On the other hand, Ridhima's feelings were no different from that of Armaan's. She was so happy as the news of the baby being a girl was revealed. That's what Armaan wanted and she had actually given him that. The happiness on his face was clearly visible on his face and the tears that trickled down his cheeks were something she treasured. They were tears of happiness, and for her, it meant a lot. Just that one smile and look on his face was going to stay memorable for Ridhima.

It was a moment they would both treasure and cherish forever. 


Two weeks later

"Armaan.." Ridhima spoke, as they lay on the bed in each other's embrace.


"Isn't it time we think of a name for her? I'm tired of saying baby this baby that.."

"Kyun?? I think baby is a cute name!" He joked.

"Armaaaaan" She glared at him.

"Kyun...Tumhe jalan hoti hai na?? Kyunki mein Baby sirf tumhe bulata tha pehle..."

"Shut up Armaan! I'm serious!" She looked at him with a stern look on her face.

"Acha baba..I'm just joking. Hmm..I already have the name thought out." He enlightened her.

"Kya?! Toh tumne mujhe pehle kyun nahi kaha??" She questioned him eagerly.

"Actually na...You're going to think I'm crazy but I had started to think of names since the day you surprised me that you're pregnant and came to a conclusion too!"

"Yup..My husband is crazy. So no comments on that. But what did you come up with?"

"See, since it's a girl I thought of the name Rhea!" He announced cheerfully.

"Oooh I like it! But why Rhea? Why did that name come to your mind?"

"Welllllll, because it starts with you and ends with me" He looked at Ridhima who stared at him confusedly.


"Arey..It begins with R, for Ridhima and ends with A, for Armaan!"

"Ohhh! I get it now!!! I really like the name. Hum kal Maa se baat karenge aur woh Naam karan kee rasam bhi rakhenge!" She exclaimed happily whilst Armaan nodded at her.

"Waise Armaan, if it was a boy, what would you have kept the name as?"

"Woh mein jab hume ladka hoga na tab bataunga!" He said, winking at her.


Few Days later

Wails in the Mallik House were as Rhea cried. Armaan rushed over to the cot where she lay and picked her in his arms, as Ridhima followed him inside.

"Ale ale ale ale baby kyun ro rahi hai??" He asked Rhea rhetorically, "Don't cry princess, Daddy's here!"

"Armaan shayad ise.." Ridhima's voice trailed off as she saw the sight in front of her. She burst out laughing as she saw Armaan's face who was obviously angry.

"RIDHIMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Isse mein hi kyun milta hoon susu karne keliye!" He spoke in mock anger as he handed Rhea to Ridhima.

This was most probably the hundredth time Rhea had wet herself in his arms. He often got annoyed at this as it was always him who she would wait for to pee on.

Ridhima laughed at his state as Armaan muttered to himself, obviously complaining.

"Because she doesn't like you!" She stuck her tongue out at him as frowned at her.


Few more days later

"Awwww ale ale ale Kya hua Rhea baby ko??" Armaan questioned a crying Rhea, "Ridhimaaaaa!" He called.

"Kyaa hai Armaaaaaan?!" She shouted back at him from the kitchen.

"Ise sambhalo! Yeh phirse ro rahi hain." He frowned.

"Armaan...tum usse ek minute ke liye bhi chup nahi kar sakte." She moaned at him, walking in to the living room.

"It's not fair Ridhima. Yeh mere paas toh kabhi rehti hi nahi. Jab bhi mere paas ati hai tab rone lagti.." He spoke disappointedly, handing her over to Ridhima. As if she'd found solace in Ridhima's arms, Rhea stopped crying. "Aur dekho, tumhare paas aate hi chup ho gayi. It's not fair." He fiddled with his fingers to hide his disappointment.

"Armaan..yeh abhi bohat choti hai. And she's been with me since nine months so the attachment is more with me than you..." She explained.

"But I talked to every single night before going to bed. How can she not recognise me?"

"Armaan, she'll get to know you soon too. Tum fikur matt karo." She assured him as he nodded at her hopefully.



"Ridhima! Ridhima, kahaan kho gayi??" Anjali snapped her fingers on Ridhima's face to bring her back from her memory lane. Ridhima looked at her surprised for a minute and then smiled at how she had just been down the memory lane.

"Umm..Kuch Nahi Di. Bass yehi soch rahi thi ke waqt kitna jaldi guzar jaata hain. It feels like just yesterday when Rhea came into our lives.." She smiled at Anjali.

"Hmm..Main bhi jab Sonu ko dekhti hoon, tab yeh hi sochti ho."

"Haan..Sonu bhi kitni barri hogayi hai." She sighed.

"Wohi toh! Waise..Ab tum Rhea ko choti behan ya bhai kab dene waali ho?" Anjali teased.

"Di, Aap bhi na. Pata nahi..abhi tak meine aur Armaan ne kuch socha nahi hai." She blushed, "Aur yeh hi sawaal agar mein aapse puchoon toh? It's been 4 yrs since Sonu has been born now!" She winked at her.

"Pata nahi. Meine aur Atul ne bhi abhi tak kuch plan nahi kiya. Let's see.."

From that point onwards, the two sisters continued conversing about their married and parental lives for over two hours. They were soon interrupted by their dearest hubbies who had finished their boy gossip.

"Lo! Abhi tak tum dono ki gossip khatam nahi hui?" Armaan said, as he strolled inside the room with Atul by his side.

"Nope..Have you got a problem Armaan?" Anjali gave him 'the look'.

"No I don't but Atul sure does" He winked at her.

"Do you Atul?" Anjali glared at him.

"Mein...woh..I.." He stammered as she gave him that look and then they all cracked up laughing.

"Anjali..Tum abhi bhi Champ ko dara ti ho?" Armaan laughed.

"Haan..Waise hee jaise Ridhima tujhe dara ti hai!" She snapped back.

"Haan..Woh toh tum dono ki khandani aadat hai." He joked, to which Atul Hi-fived him on.

Anjali and Ridhima looked at the two men, with their mouths wide open, planning to retort when Atul destroyed their plans and interrupted.

"Acha ab Anjali, let's head back home. We've been here since long."

"Dadddyyy! I want to urmm..go home now." Sonu came rushing to Atul, sucking her thumb; an old habit of hers which did not seem to go.

"Acha...Let's go.." Anjali nodded in agreement.

Soon, Atul, Anjali and Sonu headed towards their home after bidding goodbye to Armaan and Ridhima.


11PM ' Mallik House

Armaan and Ridhima both crawled up into bed and lay there in each other's embrace, after what seemed like forever. Rhea slept in her cot next to their bed. They wanted to ensure that if Rhea needed anything, they can hear her easily and respond to her.

Armaan noticed Ridhima drifting off into her own trail of thoughts whilst talking to him once in a while. She would usually be chattering on and on about her day or anything random that would come to her mind. But today, she was acting awkward and unusual. Little did he know what was going on in Ridhima's mind..

Ridhima's mind battled regarding a question that she desperately wanted to ask Armaan. She wasn't sure if it would come out in the wrong way if she asked him. The battle went on for quite some time and her frowns gave her turmoil away to Armaan.

"Basket, kya hua? Tum itni chup kyun ho?" He prodded her to open up to him.

"Kuch nahi Armaan..Pata nai, aaj mein jab Di se baat kar rahi thi toh mujhe iss baat ka ehsaas hua ki waqt kitni jaldi guzaar jaata. I mean, it feels like we just had Rhea yesterday..."

"Hmmm..Woh toh hai. Even I can't believe it's been two years." He replied in agreement, "Is that all you were thinking?"   

"Umm..woh..Haan..I mean No..There was something else too." She fiddled with her words.

"Kya?" He said, cocking his eyebrows up.

"Ummmmm..Armaan..I don't know how to put it in words..." She mumbled.

"Tchh Bolo na Ridhima! Suspense kyun create kar rahi ho?" He brushed his knuckles against her cheek.

"Armaan isn't it time we give Rhea a small baby brother?" She blurted out in one go, leaving Armaan surprised.

She hid her face in his chest, her favourite hiding spot, and smiled. Armaan took her in his embrace and grinned at her cuteness.

"Woaahh..Umm..Well..That was unexpected.." He sputtered, "But I like the idea!" He exclaimed happily.

With that, Armaan pushed her away from himself and smacked his lips on hers. He kissed her passionately and she reciprocated in the same manner. Their tongues battled for dominance for what seemed like forever. Neither of them was ready to give up, which just intensified the kiss to a greater extent. Armaan placed his hand on her lips and pulled her closer to himself, without letting go off the kiss. Ridhima's hand explored his hair overpoweringly and slightly pulled on it as she accepted defeat. He pulled away from the kiss and hit his forehead against hers whispering, "I love you Basket!"


It is situations like these, when a couple encounters many problems in their lives but it's their love and support for each other that help them to overcome all their problems and obstacles. Armaan and Rdhima nearly lost their child, Rhea, but what got them out of the trouble was Armaan's support that he lent and the love they both had for Rhea. Their love for each other is indescribable and words cannot do justice to it. This is what makes THEM inseparable.



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