Saturday, 3 August 2019

part 1 & 2 : shades of luv


She cried again, yes she cried always 2day also her pillow was wet...wet with her tears...from last one yr crying is all she in her emtry home...she doesnt know what is a family what is happiness from last 1 yr...from last 1 yr or she is working or she is crying all alone ...yes she is alive but dead too...she has lost everything her dad, mom, finance, family, her happiness, smile everything...only thing she is left with is her small sister who is in coma she is living on a hope that one day she will see her sister out of the coma...she lives with sadness...sadness is all around her...1 yr back diwali night changed her life forever...a gurl full of life was now not more than a body without more she is seen smiling, giggling and laughing...very rarely any1 has seen her with a fake smile her eyes doesnt sparkle with happiness any more... Yes ur right she is dying every
movement...she is a changed gurl now...the gurl who was strong believer of god before now for her god doesnt exist...who believed in love now things love is the biggest pain in life...holding a photo frame she is crying all over again...thinking of her past yes she is crying again

who is she? Wat is her deep dark past? Find ur answer in next chapter


it was morning 6 a clock...the mist had  truned into light...getting up from her bed she walks towards wash room...her pillow is again wet this morning like always...after getting fresh she leaves for a walk, sadness gives her company...she runs around the garden with teary eyes remembering her past...the 1st time she met his finance adnan here, how their friendship truned into love, how they got engaged n how he broke the engagement n left her...soon after completing her 5 daily rounds she heads back to her emtry house...quickly getting ready she leaves for her duty leaving the breakfast on the table like always


After reaching her work place she picks up her lab coat, stethoscope from the locker room she heads towards her sister's room with the hope she may see a little movement 2day in her sister...with a desire to see her sister back from coma...reaching the room she again saw her hope's death...from past one yr she is seeing her hope, desire's death everyday no more she could see this...holding her sister's hand she cries again begging her to get up from her sleep "an..jali utho naa" she says while snobbing, crying all over again...after 15 mins her pager rings, she wipes her tears kisses her sister's forehead she says "bye anjali, mujhe duty pe jana hai" n leaves the room with moist red eyes


She enters her cabin and finds DR keerti waiting for her...hello dr keerti she said while sitting on the chair..."riddima u cried again" she said in return after seeing her moist red eyes...she immediatly digged her face in a file n said "no i didnt"...picking up the file from her hand she said "y r u lieing i can see ur eyes red riddima"..."yes DR keerti i cried again, n u know y" she replied crying again "i cant take all this any more, i hav lost everything, everything dad, mom, anjali my sister nnn..." she continued snobbing n crying..."i know everything riddhima everything; plz stop hurting urself, its been one yr but u still been living with all this, u need to move on n forget him, he cheated u he need only loved ur money n not u n u hav to face the fact" he said her angerily...the next movement to avoid taking about him ridz picked up her files n said quickly "i hav patients i hav to leave"


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